A Busy Man with David McKee

Show Notes

If you are going talk to David McKee you better be able to walk and talk at the same time. David takes a rare break at the 57th Annual Grand American in Orangeburg, SC to sit down and chat with Chris. David McKee is the president of the Grand American, the President of the South Carolina State Coonhunters Association and the AKC Coonhound Program’s coordinator. David shares the behind the scenes efforts of putting on a major coonhound event. He also discusses the coordination of success for the South Carolina State Coonhunter’s Association. David talk about youth scholarships, the challenges facing small club events and how to influence law makers in his home state. Hold onto your hats, this is an episode that should inspire hunters across the nation. www.joypetfood.com www.shopbriarcreek.com www.dogrtreed.com www.sticbowoutdoors.com www.dakota283.com www.freedomhunters.org #youfollowyourhounds #fueledbyjoy Houndsman XP is Powered by Simplecast

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