A Diet of Nothing But Donuts

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It’s no secret that Seth and Chad are always looking for some new thrill! And what exciting news is coming to Houndsman XP from the All Mixed Up Crew?! You’ll have to tune in and find out! In this fun and fast paced episode Seth and Chad discuss the next page of All Mixed up, along with a breakdown of the best way to feed hogs, eating prairie dogs, and Chad’s upcoming pack of superstars! Fans of action will not be disappointed, this one is for you!

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We all have that one special dog hanging out on the porch. He's just a little bit of this and a little bit of that. All these things you like coming together to make one superb dog. That was exactly what we had in mind when we made this show. Welcome to All Mixed Up.[00:03:00]

Why am I so busy now? What happened to just going to bed every night and sleeping soundly? You know what I mean, dude? I used to lay down and just never even think about anything. And now it's like all this crap. Yeah, I hear you. I hear you. I wouldn't have it any other way personally, but it is stressful.

It eats at me. It'll probably kill me young, but like I can't help it at this point. I gotta have a million different things going. Oh, not me, man. I like to have one thing going and that's chasing hares. Is that right? Everything else is just, I gotta do it so I can afford to chase hares. Fair enough.

Fair enough. Got some stupid cold, you guys are going to be able to hear that. I've been trying to put off recording so that I can get rid of this cold, but I had to put Bryce, I had to kick the can down the road with Bryce from Deep and Lonely, Bryce Matthews, because I sound like a weird nasally freak, but couldn't put it off any longer.[00:04:00]

All mixed up, has to ride, brother.

wHat have you been up to, crazy man? A little bit about it, a little bit of everything. Still holding tight to the hounds until we get a little bit of snow. I could get out there and try and chase some kitties around now, but I got these other things that are a whole lot of fun. The warmth holding out means my ducks have stayed longer.

Generally, they're like, long gone by now. But I get to chase them around and do some game bird hunting and focus on dandy. And he's looking great, man. Yeah. Yeah. He's doing good. We got into a whole bunch of gambles quail here recently, took a little bit of a road trip. And got into a bunch of gambles quail and we got eight in one day, which is like really good for me, like personal, just with my own dogs.

And one day, we found a lot more than that. And I could have shot a lot more than that, but with swapping out the three dogs I had, that was. That was pretty good. Dandy got his two points, I guess two solo points and I killed two on the first [00:05:00] one and then a single on the second one.

And is he creeping? Is he creeping? He is, but we're not quite there yet. I think if I lived in a more bird rich environment, I'd probably be a little bit further along. Like his training, I believe his training is where it needs to be. But my problem is just a lot of people say, is your deer broke?

He's never run a deer. That don't mean he's broke. He has to run them. You have to correct him. He has to know that there's punishment that comes with that. To happen. And he's been really good, but I haven't really, he hasn't been breaking point enough and busting them. And he's just now trying that on for size.

So I'm correcting them a little bit and he's recovering quickly, but where I am, I have Chucker and dusky grouse. And with those, uh, I don't have so many to where I'll find multiple cubbies in a day or multiple grouse in a day, it's makes it hard because you need to. Punish him for busting, punish him for busting, punish him for busting.

And then he tries it the right way. And then shoot one for him and then you're off to the races. And [00:06:00] it's hard to find that many in a day. So that's why I went down there to do the quail. Cause I know I can get into multiples in a day and it worked out. It did had a good time.

Then the next day things were just horrible, but their feet were absolutely full of Choya and that three prong on stuff. Oh yeah. Three on Aristida. What's that? That's the genus. Oh, okay. Yeah. Whatever the heck that is, I hear, I'm not familiar with it. I just know that it gets in my dog's feet and my buddy's telling me it's bad.

If I stick my fingers in there, it sounds like I'm wrestling around paper with all the little, oh yeah, the little things, but I hear if they can bore their way in and cause abscesses, they don't travel like a foxtail or anything like that. They don't do anything seriously bad, but I hear they can work their way in and then abscess.

And then they. come out when the abscess drains, which none of that is life threatening, but it's a pain for the dog. So the first night I went out and got, Hey, this is the, you'll get a kick out of this. cAuse they [00:07:00] attach to the hairs, yeah. And then yeah. And then work their way in.

So I got an idea about going in and Getting a uh, like a beard trimmer or something and shaving all the hair out the insides of their paws, and I couldn't find one. That's not a bad idea. Yeah. So I couldn't find one. So I got I was just dead set on making this happen. So I got one of those like manscaping trimmers.

I was just going to say that, dude. To keep from like nipping their soft skin and their webbing, indeed. You don't want to nip that soft skin, dude. Yeah, so it was hilarious. So I came to the the cashier at a Walgreens or something with a set of tweezers, like some manscaping clippers, there's like a shaved kiwi or something on the box, and and the lady was like, got a big night planned? I Oh yeah. Big night. It's going to be, it's going to be very adventurous as evening, like I took it back. Did you tell her why for real you were buying them? No. I just want it out of there, like [00:08:00] not much for the city.

I'm like, Oh God, people are talking to me. I need to run away. So I got out of there and went back and clipped out the dog's feet and it did make a difference. Honestly. Oh great. It really did for the next day. Cause I went back out there and the dogs did trash the second day. They did horrible, but I didn't have all those.

What do you call them? Three? Is it prawn? So three on a WN. So there's like a risk it as the genus. And I guarantee the species that you're talking about is a risk to the Edson Cionis, which is like an annual three on it's called six weeks, three on. Okay. And your socks will be like.

Yeah, even my boot I had a hole where the leather got torn out of my boot, and some of the understuff was coming out and it stuck to that. It looks like a bunch of fly eggs that get to a dead whatever, and they lay all the little, they almost look like skinny pieces of rice, yep. So six weeks, three on is one of the worst ones. There's also some like cheatgrass that can do that too. But, and then there's some Buddha Louis species that are [00:09:00] annuals that will do that as well. But I'm telling you six weeks, three on is the worst one where I live. Your socks, just throw them away.

You're not getting the seeds out of there. They're the worst. I hate that stuff. Have you ever had a field of that? Oh, go ahead. Alright have you ever had dogs get abscesses from it? Nah, dude, cause I don't run we're Aristidae usually grows in sandy loams, and nah, it grows in good quail habitat, and it's, quail can eat the seeds, but where the hares typically are where I'm hunting, it's, it doesn't really grow there.

It's really an ideal place to hunt. I tell everyone it's mostly wide open, no terrible crap. Although I did just run in a play, uh, on Monday. That is I hate it. All the Albuquerque people go and hunt there. It's the worst. And they're all like, Oh, it's great. It's great. And I'm like, this place sucks.

There's you want to talk about Cholla, man. There's a species of ground Cholla that lives out [00:10:00] there. And they're like, they look like little tiny miniature barrel cactuses and giant clumps with like crazy, super long spines on them. That will just absolutely stick in and embed in there. And you're like little balls, a little bit smaller than a golf ball.

Yeah. A lot of them look like that. Yep. Yep. Yeah. Those were out there too. Devil's Club Cholla is what I believe they're called. And they, anyway, they are awful and everywhere and tons of low prickly pairs that are just like super tiny. Yeah. My dogs look like pin cushions. When we were done hunting that day, I freaking had to sit down with tweezers and pull out dozens of spines from Comet and Strider's legs.

It was awful. It was the worst. I hate hunting there, but I did get some pretty cool drone footage, dude. Anyway dude, how are your speed dogs doing? They're doing good. Starting to dust them off. Got the little Saluki's up and going. We haven't caught yet, but there's just. [00:11:00] The brush is still too thick.

We haven't had, it's gotten down way past freezing. We've been in the twenties already, but we haven't had any moisture tied in with it. So all the tumbleweed, all the uh, pigweed, all that stuff, the mustard, all of it's still standing really tall. We need a little bit of snow and a little bit of moisture and all that'll lay down.

Yeah. I hairs avoid those places. Are they in there pretty thick? Heck no. Like ours, if they're out, that's the first place they're going. Ours, mine, mine don't want to run. They want to go hide, that's most of them. Yeah. Okay. Oh, yeah. Yeah. The first defense is to hide for sure. Okay. That's what they want to do.

They want to get into the thick stuff as fast as possible. So that's where we see him. We went out the other day on the horse. Then I had, possum Daryl and the two Salukis whiskey and print. And we did 16 miles, on the horse and got into, what was it? I think eight or nine, and they only saw I think four of them and the race is more than I've seen in two months, dude.

Yeah. I know, but you get races on yours,[00:12:00] like mine were over in 200 yards, so until the moisture hits once that freezing and moisture, everything just, blah, it just falls over, but I need both. I've got the cold and I haven't had the moisture and the cold yet. As soon as I get both, then it's game on, so talk to me about Daryl.

I'm very curious to see how he's doing. He's doing good. He's doing good. Something I think is unique about him uh, at least what I found because I've had dogs. I had that Magar Agar that I got from Audrey Hisson. She's, she accelerated really well. She accelerated really well. She hunted really hard.

And there's a bunch of different things I liked about her, but up until. So far she has always been my fastest accelerating dog. And and possums got a good top speed, but it takes a little while to get there. And but he like, he gets going really fast and he's game for rabbits so far, he hunts really hard, but yeah Daryl, but he's game for rabbits, but he he really hasn't had time to open all the way up, but if a dog like chase after a little Dickey bird, they get some going and he thinks they got [00:13:00] something the way he like accelerates to get over there, or just, the dogs are ponytail pulling and they go after him or something about the way he just like each stride, each lunge, like he increases by five miles an hour, rather than a steady one, two, three, four, five, 10 miles an hour, it's five, 10, so the power is.

It's really something that I'm impressed with, and something that looks weird about it, though, is I find some other dogs have had trouble transferring that, almost they almost peel out, like a drag racer that just burns out and then it gets going, whereas he actually.

He can transfer it to the ground. He can grip the ground hard, hard enough to propel himself with the power he has. Yeah. And it's like all those pieces to the puzzle all at the same time. And I, when he's ripping out like that, is he throwing mud clods up? Is he throwing earth pretty good? Yeah. Yeah. Like the first few strides after that, he's, He's in on it is breeding true speed dogs, [00:14:00] like real hunting speed dogs.

And I'm telling you, those dogs are bred really similarly to Pronto and Calypso. He is going to be a beast dude. And then when those suckers can just blow up on a rabbit, dude I I sent you some drone footage and patrons. You guys know exactly what I'm talking about and stay tuned. Everybody else that's coming to YouTube.

A little later, our patrons get first access to a lot of this stuff, but me and Chad are going to be breaking down some of these races. Pronto and Calypso, they're almost seven, and they are still monsters. And like you were talking about, the way they can just rip up on one, especially my female Calypso, it's just crazy, man.

And there's just such a difference between, in my opinion, there's such a difference between a hot blood and a hunting speed dog. There's been bred just for hunting. The way they can read the rabbit the, just the way they move. The way they just blow up on one but still have a different build than a pure hot blood.

It's, it, [00:15:00] which is a racetrack greyhound, everybody. It's just crazy, and... Yeah, when you're, I'm sitting here grinning when you're talking about how Daryl can just rip up the ground. And the problem is that the same reason he's beating the ground so hard to get going, that is how he's gonna hurt his feet.

And keep him away from the rocks. That's all. I'm trying. I'm trying. I put him in my rabbit pen when he was young, and he spent a lot of time running around in there where it's sage, like waist high sage. And if he ever gets a lot of speed, he's just gonna wipe out and clothesline himself with a brush.

So I tried doing as much, and there's a lot of prickly pear cactus in there, so that he could learn that, Oh yeah. Don't do that, it hurts, and he just spent a lot of time there, and hopefully he took some of that, and learned from it. Yeah, but we'll see. See, he did do really well um, following behind the horse for 16 miles, though.

There's some sidehounds that can't even walk that far, so the fact that he kept up and still chased each time he was able [00:16:00] and loaded up when he was done and everything, like I was, that's what I was excited. I wasn't sure I was thinking I was going to have to turn back early, maybe specifically because of him.

I was thinking he might've. Burn out a little bit faster than the two Salukis that I got and then Possum who's part Saluki, but no he hang, he hung in there, man. He did good. He was a little sorry the next day, but I'll be honest, because I'm just knocking the dust off,

you're smart to, you're smart to take them to places where the races are short. It's way better to leg them up and get them conditioned on just like tons of little short races like that. Keep their excitement up. Keep them blowing up on a rabbit. He's primarily Greyhound with a touch of Saluki, right?

That I believe. Yeah, if he's bred close to Pronto and Eclipso, that's how they are. They're like 80 20. Yeah, I know he's 5'8 he's got a lot of hot blood. I know that. That I know. Oh yeah, he's got a lot of hot in there. And oh dude, he's gonna rip up on a rabbit. Oh my god. Yeah. And That's what I'm trying to like, Oh, that's the bonus of some of these [00:17:00] short races is that you can get into it a few times and they never really get outran.

They just, they're unsighted. They lose it unsighted, then that does it. I don't think that breaks a dog. I really don't. I don't know. I think you get unsighted again and again and again and again, and if anything, it might build drive, but I just don't think it hurts them.

Get it behind, just watch it, dust them, watch it out, run them. And then they just, I think that could break them down a little bit and not that it's going to ruin a good dog or even an average dog. Just if you're measuring, like what way, I'm like, I think I'm doing all right.

It sucks for me though. Cause I like to see longer races. It sucks when you get out there and you put. An hour or two or three into it. And you got two, 200 yard races out of it. It's breaking me down. How about that? The dogs are doing great. It makes me sick. All my coursers out there know exactly what you're talking about.

One time me and Justin were hunting dude, and it took us three hours to find this [00:18:00] hair. He comes up. And Pronto and Calypso swarmed him and had him caught in 15 seconds. And I just, I almost threw up like, it's just like all this time. And that idiot made one mistake and they swarmed him. They had him dude.

And it's they did great. The dogs did exactly what they're supposed to, but it just made me want to puke. It just sucks. That's the worst feeling ever. And or another one is like you jump a sub adult and they just moan down. You're like, oh man, I wish he could have grown up and been rock hard later.

You know what I mean? Yep. Dude, I've changed the game. I got this drone that I'm following the races with. So when I walk, I'm able to watch. Everybody knows that when I'm hunting on private land, I can take my buggy, but there's a lot of places I hunt where I have to walk and I can't get any of that good footage because...

I don't, dude, I'm walking, but now they got this drone. So I sent you that footage, dude. What did you think of that? Oh, it was awesome. That's incredible. I want to get involved in that. I want to, I'd like to see all of it. I'd like to [00:19:00] wear the little goggles, being there when you get to do both of it.

Just watching the video itself is friggin awesome. I eat those videos up, sometimes you see some of them from Over in Europe somewhere, or like? Yeah, so it's Spain. That's in Spain and Portugal. Yeah. They've been doing it, and those things are incredible. And I like what you're doing, and you're just getting started.

So it's only getting started. I'm a redneck. But I dig it. I dig it entirely incredibly. It's really something fancy, and how badass is that you can link up goggles to that? And so everyone, I gotta, I'm just gonna break it down. I got an FPV drone. It's first person view.

The problem with it is like everyone's attempted it and everyone's you can't do it. It can't work. And I'm like, yes, it can. It's just going to be a little inconvenient. But the way that this drone works is you put on goggles, guys, and you are seeing what the drone sees. So I'm not looking through a little screen.

It's like a first person surround view. And so I'm carrying this drone around on like in my hand, but the motors aren't running. And I'm just walking this thing, waiting for a rabbit to come up. And as soon as he [00:20:00] comes up, I... Set it on the ground. I start the motors and I get it up in the air and it usually takes me about six seconds.

And then I try my best to get it oriented on the dogs and hit record. And so it's worked out great. The first two worked out perfect. The last two, it took me a little, it was a little, I struggled a little bit to get on the race just because of various environmental factors, but it's still working.

And what's so cool is that like my guests can pull down my spare goggles. And see the race. So yeah, it's just so cool to see what the dude we had this race Okay, so everyone patrons everyone you guys are gonna be seeing this monday. I went out and we had two races The first one was okay.

The second one kind of stuck. But here's what's cool Dude, we're chasing this. This is the race with the drone. I'm way up. I got crazy altitude. The dogs are on The hair is pulling away from them. The dogs are exhausted. They just ran back to back hairs. They just ran a crazy mile and a half course.

Their hair got to cover and they got unsighted. And then we let them rest for 15 minutes. Of course, after we walked two hours to jump the first one, the second one comes up [00:21:00] like 15 minutes after the set, the first one. Oh, of course. That's just my luck. Yeah. Yeah. And so we're actually right by the Trinity site, which is really cool where they detonated the first atomic bomb.

So that's just a neat side fact anyway. They're on the hair and I'm watching this thing from like a hundred feet altitude, maybe, maybe a hundred fifty. And as they're chasing this hare, I look off to the right of the race, and another hare is running right towards them, like perpendicular. So you have the dogs running, say, let's just, north, and there's this hare coming out of the east, just running straight towards them.

And it slams on the brakes, right beside them, lays down, the dogs don't see it, pass it at full speed, and then it runs behind them, and keeps going perpendicular. I didn't notice that! That, is that in the video as you said? No, it's in a different video, yeah. So I'll be showing that to you. And so I was like, man what is that stupid thing?

Like why did he have to go right then? He's I gotta go right now. And just took off running towards the dogs. Why did he just stay hidden? I [00:22:00] don't know. Isn't that deer thing where they need the other side of the road, like right before the truck, yeah. It was so funny, as I was chasing the dogs, I was like, another rabbit just got up, and I'm like, what the heck, it's running right towards the dogs, and then it laid down, and then I was like, holy crap, so this other hare, the one they were pursuing, was on a dirt road, and it got way ahead of the dogs, right?

And It was going to get away a hundred percent. The dogs were exhausted. They were losing ground. I said, you know what? Screw this. I want to get some crazy footage of this rabbit. Cause my drone can go 70. So I just get it over the dogs and floored it towards this rabbit. And I freaking flew the, I flew the drone three feet above the rabbit.

So this is all on drone, dude, all of it. And the rabbit was like, And jumps into the bushes on the side of the road, lays down, and all the dogs just fly right by him. See that's what they used to do with my falcon! When the bird's there. It's ah, he, you can't get me, I can stop! That's exactly what he did. And I'd seen Hares evade Paul Domski's [00:23:00] goshawk, and they did the exact same thing. They start throwing their ears in like an erratic way, and then he just... Jumped into a bush, like a little tiny little bush and the dogs did not notice because he's far enough ahead of the dogs.

So to all those that are like, Oh cheating, please. He was going to outrun the dogs either way that he was like 150 yards ahead of them. They couldn't even see him clearly when he jumped in the bushes, they just kept running. And it was funny too. Cause Strider, one of my Saluki, he stopped because the drone stopped.

And so he was like, wait a minute. It's like he like turned around and started balancing around, but the hair just held like a rock. And I looked for the hair. I like gained altitude and started spinning the drone around, like looking to see if it ran off. And it was still there somewhere, but I don't know.

The hairs are hairs and they didn't find him. And I was like, yeah, whatever. Ninja managed man. Yeah. It was so crazy, man. So guys stay tuned. We're going to have a YouTube show where we watch this drone footage and we review it while we're talking about it. Like right now, but you guys can actually watch the video while we're talking about it.

So we're looking forward to that. There's going to be some cool, like kind of breakdowns of that. Cause there's a lot [00:24:00] that goes into a course. It seems simple. You know what I'm talking about, Chad? It seems simple, but there's actually a lot going on and those dogs are working as a team when it's going right.

Not when they're just getting locked up by one. tHat's incredible. I can't wait to see it. It's funny. I can't wait for more drone footage. I hope that thing's up in the air on everything you chase this year. I really do. It should be. But like for some reason, I've just, I've, I paint this picture in my head and I think it's hilarious because I know at some point.

You and two or three other people, maybe myself included, if I get down there for this, are going to be like sauntering along and all of a sudden a rabbit gets up, the dogs take off, we pull our goggles down and we're just staring off into outer space. Yes. It's, it's hilarious. And like a vehicle come by, I could see a vehicle come by and be like, It's a bunch of hippies.

What are those guys doing? It's just a bunch of hippies. You look like something out of Tron. [00:25:00] Yeah. You do. Those goggles look crazy. I posted a picture of the Houndstown XP group of us, me wearing the goggles and us all waving To the drone and it was like right in front of us. And yeah, it looked like something out of Tron.

The only thing about your fantasy is wrong is that you'll never see any people out there. It's like totally empty wastes with no human life. That would be a more accurate fantasy then. Because I, the less is better, man. That sounds fantastic. That's great. Yeah, I need to get a, I need to get down there with you, man.

I want to see this. Hell yeah. I want to see it. I really do. I want you to bring Daryl and your two Salukis. I want to get them out there and where I'll take. Place where those suckers have literally infinite space to run one down. Where I hunt, it's 15, 000 acres and the world is a pool table.

You've seen it perfect. And so it'll be all the space in the world. Your Salukis won't even know. They'll be like, where, what promise land am I in? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. They're going to just be like, what I have. All the space in the world to run one down. Don't. [00:26:00] Yeah, my, I show the, I show where I run to some of my friends who live in Nevada and Cali, and they're just like, your dogs are so spoiled.

And I'm like, no, the West Texas guys are spoiled. They're running on like ag, cultivated ag fields. Those dogs are spoiled. Dog soil, yeah. Oh, all my West Texas coursers that are listening to this, I envy your rabbit densities and I envy your cultivated fields. But I'm gonna be honest with you, catching one in the desert's harder.

I said it, and I mean it. Yeah. I'm jealous. I'm jealous. I got numbers. That's all I got. I got numbers. My terrain sucks. There's rocks, sage, and a whole lot of prickly pear. And a bunch of ravines that just come out of nowhere. If you get on them and chase race long enough to get to the dang ravine but I got numbers.

I got a lot of them, they're just, did you watch the videos I sent you of the races, dude? Of course I did multiple times each. All of them. I went out with my buddy, Justin, his three dogs and Comet, my young Saluki. And first of all. I [00:27:00] said this once as a joke, but I'm going to run with it to anyone who has seen comet.

Is he not dreamy? He's dreaming. Yeah. Yeah. I'm a fan. I'm a fan. Any sucker runs their dogs as much as you like you do, man. They either break and go away, stay at the house, find themselves a couch or something like that, or they're awesome. Like they don't. It just, it comes naturally.

And then, you got yours from good genetics to begin with and then ran the hell out of them. So yeah, they're all specimens, man. I I really like that sucker. The irony is my other Saluki's name is Strider, but Comet has this like huge wide open gate. He's got a really flexible back and he's just like when he runs, he's like fully horizontal with the ground, like parallel to the ground when he's in full extension and the way he just gallops.

Sometimes he makes me want to. See, here's the thing, like between the drone and the buggy, I see my dogs run 98 percent of their chases start to finish, which is like actually quite rare in the coursing [00:28:00] world. And so I get this really intense, deep data set. And I keep track of all this with those books I was showing you.

And comic makes me sometimes want to like, put my fist in a meat grinder from frustration because sometimes man, this is his thing. If he sees speed dogs up ahead of him, like Daryl pronto eclipse. So He's just do. I'm happy to just gallop around back here. Doesn't even look like he's trying.

He's just da. I'm just gonna let them whoop the rabbit down for me. But every time, I will give him this. When the race gets hard, and hard, rock hard rabbit status, that sucker always comes up and passes everybody and grinds that rabbit to death. I'm only saying Yeah, comet.

Yeah, dude. He's a huge air dog, dude. I got a video of him I think i've shown it to you where he four oh one four minutes one second He was on that rabbit from a minute, 50 seconds to four minutes straight, him and the rabbit just [00:29:00] locked in this freaking duel of who drops first. And guess what? The rabbit did.

It was awesome, dude. He's just got this crazy, insane, like, yeah, distance. He is a Saluki, but God, he's so good at it. My other one, Strider, he's more of a compact type and he's quite the opposite of Comet in every way. He like comes out, giving it a hundred percent every time. And I love that about Strider, that little sucker.

See, the thing that kind of annoys me about comet is even when those races get tough like that, he's it's he's playing chess with the rabbit. He wait, he's like waiting for the right time to strike. He's he'll just grind the rabbit down until it's exhausted. And then when it tries to make a mistake, he'll capitalize and dart on it if he can.

But what I love about Strider is he doesn't waste all that time. He like. Makes it happen. He's like blasting on the rabbit so hard that he like forces the rabbit to make a mistake He's not like waiting for it to happen. He makes it happen Okay, and so [00:30:00] like I really like that about Strider you open that gate He jumps out of that box and he is freaking blasting on that rabbit like a hot blood I mean he is right you can see he's 42 pounds.

He's not very big Okay. But that little sucker can fly for the first minute and a half. He is like really blasting and I know Comet's faster than him. Comet is bigger, stronger and faster, but Comet's just no you go ahead and just run him as hard as you can. I'm just going to be right here.

I'll just wait until you start tiring out and then I'll go ahead. Cause even though he's a Saluki, Strider's still sprinting as hard as he can. And so he tires out at around two minutes. And then Comet's like. All right, I'm going to run this rabbit down. And so yeah, they're a great team. And I really want watching those two run.

And to me, they don't really shine until they've already run the rabbit a mile. So after they push that rabbit hard for a mile, that's when the magic starts. And you've seen those videos where I'm like going insane. You know what I mean? When they're really starting to beat them down. And even those comment will [00:31:00] take like a huge, powerful lead generally in the mid race.

There's something about Strider. He always comes back in at the end when it turns into a spaghetti bowl and Strider almost always picks that rabbit up. He's got a crazy gravity mouth. Anyway, I really wanted to, I really wanted to lay everybody down with some like background of my dogs. Cause you're about to be seeing a lot more of them, everybody from a video from the air.

And so you're going to get a little perspective of like how they do. And obviously Pronto and Calypso are my babies. I love my Salukis cause I can hunt the tar out of them. And you'll love that too, dude. Those dogs, they may not have as high a percentage. If you had a pack of Daryls, like if you had three Daryls, They're gonna kill more rabbits, for sure percentage wise.

But they're gonna be busted for a large part of the season, too, though. They won't catch more rabbits in total. Comet and Strider didn't have as deadly as a percentage as Pronto and Calypso, but they caught more rabbits because I was running them like three days a [00:32:00] week, and not little chintzy BS races.

I'm talking like multiple mile races, three times a week. You know what I mean? I read, I chased a three minute rabbit, which was a mile and a half, caught it, rested him for 45 minutes, walked him another 19, 20 minutes, jumped another rabbit, two minutes, 53 second race, caught him. Dude, you can't do that with speed dogs very easily.

It was cool. I was pumped. Yeah I really dug that race you had where where it was Pronto and I think your two Salukis, yeah, dude. Yeah. The king. The king. Yeah, that was nice. He's leading it and cutting the corners. They were still working to keep up with him, man. He was burning.

Oh, but dude, you saw And patrons, you guys know what I'm talking about. The way Pronto, he's so smart, dude. You'll see that with young speed dogs really bad. And I'm sure Daryl will be doing this once you get him into the more open areas. But speed dogs always overshoot the rabbit.

And they slam on the brakes, recover and run back [00:33:00] after him. If you guys listen to my episode with Steve Downs he's a greyhound hunter. And he talks about it. He calls it telephone polling, where like, when a greyhound turns a rabbit, They, they have to make up this distance. It's like a telephone pole to get back on the rabbit.

That's super exhausting for the hare and the hound. And so pronto, dude, he's seven almost, dude. He's over that. He doesn't telephone pole anymore. I love how when he screamed up on the rabbit and turned it. He just like weaves through it. He just weaves that turn. You know what I mean? He doesn't slam on the brakes and try to recover.

He just weaves through that turn, makes a big banking left and takes another shot on it. And then misses if he does and comes through the right. Weaves through gently on the right and then just gets right back on the hair fencing it because those salukis are right there they're right behind the hair cranking on it from behind but they just don't have that extra touch Of horsepower that pronto has where he can just overwhelm the hair, so in that video, I [00:34:00] was just it was just magic watching that technique him just weaving through that sucker and just just dominating him, really. When we have the video, you guys can see, this was a short course, Pronto just smoked this rabbit. It made it look easy, though, he did, dude. Yeah. I watched that video like a hundred times, and I just, Pronto is the best, dude. He's still the king of the prairie, man. He's still the king. I think the video is called the king grabs one. Yeah, it is. It is, but anyway, man, yeah, I'm just I'm blabbering hardcore, man. I just, you got to cut me off when I get talking about those suckers.

I just love them. And I just. I, you guys are gonna love the footage, but it's not, I'm going to stop. You know what app I use on my phone more than any other app besides the podcast app to listen to this here podcast. I use on X maps is the most comprehensive mapping system for hunters on the market [00:35:00] today.

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Yeah. But anyway, yeah. What are you looking forward to so much this winter? What are you looking forward to? Cause I'm looking forward to more drone footage. Really? That's it. I think I'm gonna take this [00:36:00] falconry season off, and generally I'm getting crazy pumped about chasing jack rabbits or whatever with the hawk this year.

But, so I really wanna get the more into more lions this year. I want to, I wanna tree some more lions that I have in the past. And it's generally my falconry that gets in the way of that. So now that, that's not gonna be in the way that's fine. So I want, and I live in Latin country, so I want to go more after work.

And then maybe take longer game bird hunts on the weekends, maybe travel just a little bit, and get into that. That's really what it is. I gotta, I got my hounds are peaked, to be honest, like next year, the age is going to start wearing it. I'm like my pack should be. And peak form this year, like just as much wisdom and experiences as a hound can get without aging too much, like how old are they?

Oh, I got some young females that are young, but like my my, my maid dogs, I think [00:37:00] they're peeking out at I think my oldest one might be touching eight. Oh, wow. Yeah. That'd be, that would be a way too old for my world or our world. Really? Yeah. Yeah. But like the bulk of the pack is in that six to seven mark, and with the endurance plotting, like efficient ways of moving over the course over the country.

Like they may not have the uh, piss and vinegar and I'm like the younger dogs do, but they move more efficiently. They know how to climb better. They know how to, like when they see when they're on a track and they get, and they're running it. anD it gets into that really because what happens a lot is we have these rock slides where it's like this little granite type boulders about the size of basketballs, just jagged, think of like a think of a triangle about the size of a basketball, and then just 600 yards of those just all thrown up in a draw and then put six inches of snow over top of that and now [00:38:00] run through it.

And that's hard. So every time they come down, the feet move a little bit and they go into these little draws and these little nooks and crannies, like running on a giant English muffin or one of those sound. One of those sound walls, like the little triangle. Yeah.

Yeah. Anyway, so like when they run through the snow, they can't plot all that and like I have a dog that'll like, they can look through that and predict where the cat's gonna go. And just pressure it in another way. It's hard to explain without seeing it. They're not having to have to put their nose down.

They'll pick it up and they can, they they'll pick their nose up a little bit and they can predict where that line is going to go based off of the experience they've had and they're tracking. Don't get me wrong. It's not like they're picking their nose up and just running with their eyes, but like they can pick their head up and use their eyes a little bit.

And in fact, during the train at the same time. So anyway, the whole point is much more like next year. I'm going to be regretting not running them more this year. [00:39:00] I guess what's really going to happen. I had one of my dogs that got snake bit and it did some pretty damage, some pretty serious damage to his his.

Back left. I believe we got it healed. We've been roading them a mile every day, but it did a number on them. I've had a lot of steak bites where it's just whatever a little antibiotics and you're good to go, but this one did a number to him. He didn't put the foot down like two months.

It didn't even touch the ground. That foot would not touch the ground no matter what I did, it's finally back now and he was always a slow dog to begin with. That's my good dog. My cold nose rebar, and rebar. Yeah. Yeah. As my old faithful, like everybody get lost and you just hear him coming up like the caboose and all the other dogs in the circle back around and he would find the track.

Through all of them, they'd all kick snow in it and he would find it and they'd bring them right back to it. So he's probably going to be even a little slower this year. Cause of the damage, he looks a hundred percent right now, but I know it's just, five miles in he's, it's going to show its head again.

I know it is, [00:40:00] so anyway, we'll see. I'm excited about the lines. I'm excited about some more game birds. I'm excited to be away from falconry for this year, but I can't wait to get back into it next year again. Dude, I really want you to come down here. I do. You better come down here this winter time.

I'm gonna kick you in the nuts. Let's do it. I'm down. And now I got the truck ready to go. So I could stuff a few dogs in there. We could do whatever, man. I can bring your side hound or two. Yeah. Yep. And that'd be fun. And I could throw a bird dog in there too. And after we burn everybody out on the rabbits, maybe we can go shoot some feathers.

My house is amazing quail hunting, like literally right out my backyard. Yeah. We, I have about. Me about 35, 000 acres of BLM behind my house. It's my, it is my boundary full of quail. That's what I should own. I should own pointers because where I live, like directly where I live is, it is quail hunting.

Perfect. It's just amazing quail habitat and our population's crazy high. And typically. And yeah, dude, we can have a [00:41:00] ball out there. Quail hunting. I went out with Michael Sula's dog. He had a spaniel. And that was a blast. It was so fun. Oh yeah, Spaniels are a blast. As long as you have the numbers.

If the birds are there, the little cockers and springers and everything like that they're freaking, they're so manic, they hunt so crazy. Yeah, it can almost be too much sometimes, it's like a little, it's like bewildering. Yeah, it's like a little bouncy ball, if you could put it into a potato gun.

And fire like a bouncy ball into like a three foot cube going like a hundred miles an hour and just come back an hour later and you still hear that bouncy ball. You're like, dude, I think everything, I think Spaniels have the highest wags per minute of any dog. When that tail is going.

Dude it was an English finger spaniel and Millie's tail was like vibrating. It's wagging so fast. We call it hip hippo tail. Yes. That's perfect. . It's like that load to the [00:42:00] body just like it's insane. . Yeah. Hippopotamus tail. Just getting after it, man. Yeah. They're just so manic, so insane.

She would turn over every single pebble looking for a quail. And you could tell when she smelled one. Michael was like, she's getting birdie. And then seconds later, there they go. And I was like, damn, that's awesome. She found a downer. I wounded one and she found it. That was awesome.

Caught it and brought it back to us. So anyway, it was really fun. I get it. I really want to bird hunt with you. It's really fun. Yeah, it's really fun Now we just need to do it. So anyway, so yeah We'll have to we need to set a date and just pick a date far enough out so we can't back out of it Make it happen, yeah work be damned Let's do it.

Yeah. Work. What's work? I don't care about work. Dude. How's your deer, man? How's the meat? Have you had it yet? Yeah. It's been good. We had some, some roast and some back straps, like I'm looking forward to getting into the tenderloin, we did some stuff with the back stripes, sliced it thin,[00:43:00] rolled it in a little bit of, a little bit of flour, and pan fried it with some bacon grease.

Nice. Thanks. Thanks. That was fun, you can pretty much do that with a wood chip and I'd eat it, to be honest so, I don't know how much that speaks for the deer, but it was still delicious. That was fun. Let's see how much did you burger? How much of it did you burger?

a Fair amount. And I, and of course I came in when I dropped it off. I was like, all right, I want this. I want this in burger. I want this. And she was, what kind of meat do you want? I was like, I'm glad you asked. Here's the pig. I want you to put in it. Like this is what I want you to put it.

Yeah. I was going to ask if you cut in any fat to it. Yeah. Oh, heck yeah. Then pig fat. Yeah, they're, I love pork fat. It's so much better. Beef is good, but I just think pork is better personally. Yeah, if I'm going to eat steak, I like the beef fat on there, but if I'm, if I need to add fat to something pig fat.

I agree. That's the best, I rolled up with that. It was hilarious. She's and what do you want to add? I was like, I want you to add this. This pig, actually. Yeah. This pig. Not your pig. This pig.[00:44:00] Cause I I kinda, I'm a connoisseur of sorts with pigs, like domestic.

Wait. How? How? How? How are you a connoisseur? Because I feel strongly that I could taste the difference based off of what I feed him. And I like the sour wheat and corn. And I promise you it tastes different. How? I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna bear down on you. Obviously diet affects the flavor.

Call me out. But how does sour wheat and corn affect the flavor? Now are you saying it's distinctive from regular wheat and corn? Or are you saying it is just the wheat and corn? No, I think the sour wheat and corn plays into it. Yeah. Okay. Now I got a skeptical look. Let me hear it. All right. Skeptical.

Look, let me break it down for you. One. Do you enjoy a beverage? I do beverage at the evening. Would you, would it, Oh, would it affect Your happiness, would you say, like you're well I get my pigs drunk Seth Hall, Hey, you're getting them fat. aNd a drunk pig is a delicious pig.

And my pigs, [00:45:00] they're drinking, man. I'm serious. Awesome. That's awesome. Where are you getting all this sour corn and wheat from? Are you souring it yourself? Yeah, that's right. I go and buy the corn and the wheat by the tote, which is a one ton sack, I bring it back on the trailer. I throw it in my connects and we have 10 five gallon buckets.

And we generally we use one, we fill one, and it generally takes me, a little over a week to get through, from one to the other. And by, by the time I get to that last one, it's souring, under ideal. Like under certain circumstances I have to add a little bit, like maybe some yeast or something like that to help ferment.

But I think it makes a difference. . And what got me going on it is that I used to go to the, donut shops and kolachi places and everything like that and get all the donuts to fatten up pigs, as free feed. And then I started slaughtering those and I know that it tasted bad. It tasted sweet.

It, the hogs I fed out on donuts, [00:46:00] and now don't get me wrong, they ain't eating anything else. And then some donuts, so they're eating straight donuts, those did not taste, I want to be one of your pigs. Damn. Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That tastes different. Dogs that eat that sweet bread, dogs, hogs that eat that sweet bread they don't, to me they don't taste as good.

Now I imagine there's, that's a personal preference, but I, it, the meat tastes sweet. Pigs should not be sweet, period. Not to me, but yeah, so a little bit of, a little bit of sour corn, a little bit of sour sour wheat, not a little bit, a whole lot of it.

And then at the same time I feed protein, I was going to ask if you feed your pigs meat, a lot of meat, a lot of me, like a lot of like downer slaughter meat, like from the slaughterhouses and stuff or what? No we kill enough here. We kill enough coots around here. That's right.

Yeah, that's right. So in order to stay legal, you pick the parts you like. And after that comes out of there, then they are all good. And I shoot non tox. So I just throw it in there, man, business [00:47:00] deal. They, it comes out the way it goes in just fine. So if we shoot geese, they get the carcasses.

We shoot this, that the chickens I got some neighbors that go through a lot of chickens, and anything that they, you know, any scraps of that, they get the coots, teals, mallards, man, they eat a lot. They know how to process feathers do the pigs eat feathers and all? Do they eat everything? When they're young, pretty much.

And I used to be worried about obstructions. Some kind of nah. They're professional eaters. That's what pigs do. That's their superpower. They turn what? Something living. Doesn't matter what it was. If it was alive at one point. So I'm talking grass clippings. Like sticks, like whatever, if it was alive at one point, their superpower is they turn that crap into bacon, that's their superpower.

If it was alive, they will make it bacon, sO yeah that's it. Sour corn, sour wheat, and a lot of protein, man. And I've had a lot of people, I've had some, pro barbecuers, people that's their hobby. That's what they do. They go to work, [00:48:00] they come back, they experiment on their little pit grills and this and that and everything.

And I thought I had something special going on, and I selected some nice cuts and let them take it back and try it on their own time. Don't try it here. When you're going to tell me what I want to hear anything, take it home and mess with it. And and they can tell a difference too.

They're about it. Look, alright, next time I come to your house, we're gonna slaughter a pig, cause damn, that sounds amazing. Pick a freezer! I got two, full, with nothing but pig, man. Two of them. Big stand up freezer. It's my favorite red meat, without question. I do slaughter and butcher all my own game.

I, slaughter I hunt and butcher all my own game, start to finish. And, sometimes I leave it... And so I killed a big buck last year and this is going to be sacrilegious, you guys, but hear me out before you go freaking out, but all the backstraps, I just ran them through a cube steak machine and turned them into like chicken fried steak.

Yeah, that's fine. And the reason I did that is because I also killed an Oryx this year and I have 500 pounds of meat in my freezer. So I was like, you know what? I love ground meat. I ground that whole [00:49:00] deer up. I left almost no muscle cuts. I just ground them entirely. Into burger or to what we call in Spanish milanesa, which is like chicken fried steak meat, basically.

Okay, and Tenderize it put it through the little yeah, dude. I got a cube steak machine It's got those rollers that have the teeth on it yeah and then you just roll you put a steak through a paper shredder and it just goes through it and Comes out perfect.

Anyway guys get one of those machines. They're cheap. L. e. m sells them the brand l. e. m And man, they make my dragon So effective. Yeah. And get a good grinder. You guys just spend the money and don't get a crappy one. I had a little one. All right. I had one called, it was from the brand Breco, B R E K O.

And that thing went through a lot of animals. I did an, it's a one horsepower grinder for quote unquote light, sometimes medium duty. I did a whole cow once through that thing. It was like hot, like smoking hot, but it worked and I used it for a long time, but I got a better one. I got a carnivore.

And man, dude,[00:50:00] I can destroy, I went through a whole elk in that thing. No problem. It was fine. It was totally fine. And get one of those ones are awesome. Anyway, yeah. So I turned that whole deer into burger and man, I just love burger. I left some of the burger just straight deer.

Cause sometimes I think it's going to sound elitist of me, but I don't like hiding from the taste of game. I get annoyed when people, I eat a lot of games, that's pretty much all I eat. And people are like, I don't, what is it gamey? I'm like, yeah, it's a deer. It tastes like a deer.

Yes, it's gamey. Like, why are we hiding from that? That's what meat tastes like. This is meat, man. This is real meat. Don't get me wrong, sour corn and donuts is pretty badass too. No donuts! No donuts! No donuts! Three months without donuts. It's very important. Just only fattening with coots and beer and that's right.

But, I just, I don't know. I get annoyed with that. I do. I get so tired of it. Is it gamey? I'm like, yeah, it is [00:51:00] gamey. It's freaking wild animal. What do you expect? But anyway, the deer is, I like a strong old deer like that. I do. I think it reminds me of what real meat tastes like irony.

Almost like musky sometimes. And I'm not a new butcher. Like I don't let any of those oils get into my meat or anything like that. That's super important with those old running bucks like that, but I don't know some people think Barbary sheep or all dad are like totally inedible and that's not true at all.

I've eaten rams that are just, Oh, like old worn out rams and they're fine. Little secret. And then I'm going to let it go. If you got to, if you got to feed squeamish people, folks. Get a crock pot or an Insta pot, garlic, onions, a strong brisket sauce of any kind of smoky liquid, smoky brisket sauce. Mix it all in there.

Turn that bad boy on submerge it with water. The drill, put some oil in there, turn that thing on for eight hours, come [00:52:00] back on low, you could put your nasty ass Chad boots in there and they would come out delicious in that crock pot, dude. Yes. Yeah, a hundred percent. We're going to, we should eat a coot.

The whole thing. I think we should pluck a coot, gut the coot, and then we should like... roast the whole coot and eat it. I think we should do that. I'm going to challenge you right now on national radio. Yeah, I'm down. I got no problem. They're always coming and going, man. I, why not? We'll give it a shot as long as I have something else to eat in case I don't like it.

I'll try. I'll try any dead animal, man, and enjoy it, but I just, as long as I have a backup, cause I get hangry. I'm not gonna lie. I get real angry, man. I and my wife would fight each other to the death. I'm saying, so as long as I have a backup, I don't have to risk losing friends.

I don't want to do that. That would not be good. We're just fighting at your house. It just, I get nasty. So we'll have [00:53:00] something else. And then we get, like you said, skin on coot. Yeah. That sounds fancy, man. That, we need to have a Chad Reynolds sprint. We need to have like your pork, your deer.

A coot. And what? And a prairie dog! Yes! I ate a badger. We recently ate a badger. We hit it with the truck by accident, obviously. And we're like, let's give him a shot. Guys, badgers are not that good. They're not very meaty. And they taste like they smell. Like ass. Yeah all they do is eat prairie dogs.

Now you're gonna go right to the source? A coot, a prairie dog. Some pork and deer. We got game birds too, man. Oh yeah, and some game birds, duh. I got sage grouse, hounds, sharptail, chukar, and gambles quail in the freezer, man. Okay, of all those, what's the best and what's the worst? How many times do you hound doggers catch yourself thinking about an awesome hunt you had, or retelling the story?

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I'm still learning them. I'll be honest. Here's some truth. Here's some truth. Like I'm a little late to the game with a guard, with a game bird. I've been killing them for a while, but I haven't really been putting that much time into eating them. Cause you have pigs.

I do have pigs and I love bacon. So honestly I have different ways. I like to eat them, but I'm still learning. I'm not, I don't feel experimented. I get experienced enough to give it, give a strong opinion on that. Now go back to pig. Passes in session. I got some opinions on that, like I'll argue with people on it, yeah, and boar hog, rank boar hog. I'll make you lick your fingers, man. That stuff's delicious. I want to eat one. Bad. Yeah. Because I was only taught and raised by Texans out there in the pig world. Yeah, they're spoiled for choice. They, they don't want to shoot them because they're too [00:56:00] heavy to take back to the truck.

Them things are delicious. Shots fired by Chad Brown. Boy, man, we'll drag them things back with the horse and make them delicious. I promise, whAt's the secret? Are we not going to let it out? No, it's fine. Wash them. Wash them. What do you mean? Hang them up and wash them. They got that nastiness all in their skin, on top of them, they're rolling rank stuff.

Or taint. Yeah. Or taint. It's in their, it's in the skin. It's on their hair. Yeah. You skin them. You put that stuff through the fat, into the meat. It just, it's bad. That that, there's a few other things and we could probably make a show out of the rest of it, but that is, that's numero uno. Hang them up.

Get some dawn dial soap. Wash them like you're washing your hair, soap them down, spray them, wet them up, gather them up, what is it? Wax on wax off, operation, get them wet and lathery and then rinse the heck out of them, and that's. That's numero uno, right there, now if it's a little sal, I may just pressure [00:57:00] wash it, just spray it off with a pressure washer hose, but if it's a big boar hog I might even say I might not eat it if it's not washed first.

But if it is it could be they could be just good but that's critical my boys in the etx The east texas crew there you guys all know. They're like my favorite people ever. They're awesome I'm, not gonna lie. They're really cool people. I've talked to a bunch of them, you know They want you to come bad.

They were like don't come back with oh chad. I'm like, all right And so like you come back and we're gonna eat a boar hog. We're doing it. We do it. We'll do it cook it slow, you know wash it wash it And then, cook it slow, wait till the meat starts to pull, I'm in. I'm in. You can't go wrong with low and slow, you just can't.

That's what I was saying earlier. Yeah. I'm in. Let's do it. You're talking to a guy who will eat anything. Let's do it. I still laugh at Python Cowboy talking about how disgusting that python meat was. Yeah, it is horrible! That guy was awesome. [00:58:00] Yeah. Chad, we're running up on an hour here, brother. I don't want to, I don't want to bore everyone too much.

Guys, I want everyone, first of all, if you're not a patron and you're hearing me talking about all this drone footage, the Patreon page is where it is. And a lot more. I got all these bonus episodes called tailgate talks there. You guys support Houndsman XP. We have, we're right now we're focusing on the ballot initiative in Colorado and good news, you guys, a ballot initiative in New Mexico to alter and reduce the amount of mountain lions taken in New Mexico was defeated.

So that's good news. Game department stick with its original estimation of sound biology based mountain lion management and bear management. So good news. For us here in the land of enchantment. Thank you, John Rudder, president of the New Mexico Houndsman Association. He kept us in the loop with all that.

I'm really happy to hear that. But anyway, you guys that's where all that bonus content is. Patreon drawings every month where we give away gear to our patrons. And [00:59:00] yeah, we just want to make it worth your guys's time to join us there. And that's where all that footage goes first. And then me and Chad, we're going to be rolling out a YouTube YouTube show where we go over videos from our crazy lives.


I hope so, too. I know so, because me and Chad, we're crazy people, and we like to do crazy stuff. Especially Chad. I want to show you this fun stuff, man. I can't wait to show you, like, all the commentary is still there. Plus, you get to look at it at the same time. The worst part is you got to look at me and Chad.

That's tough. It is. It is. Hey, he's growing a beard. He's looking great. You went from Cave Woman Beard. That was my nickname. That's what you guys said. Cave Woman Beard. That was the name, specifically. I would never disrespect you like that. It's all over my social media. Dang it. People heard you.

And now it's stuck. I said you look like a Southwest [01:00:00] Gimli, okay? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Anyway. Brother, you got anything else you need to say to our people? No, that's about it, man. Can't wait. This is all a party. This is one more thing we're getting into, all the same talks will be there, but also some of this video stuff on the side.

So I hope to see you there. I hope to see you all there guys. Thank you so much for joining us here at all mixed up and we will see you next month. Peace.