A Wealth of Knowledge

Show Notes

In this week’s The Truth, we are joined by local coonhunting historian, and master storyteller John W. Brookman. Since the mid early 70s John has been a fixture in one of the premier coonhunting destinations in the United States, Mercer County Missouri, and most notably the tiny hamlet of Ravanna MO.  Ravanna at one time held some of the best dogs and houndsman on the planet, and the hunting history of the town, as well as the county surrounding it is a rich one. John knows this history like no other, and to get this history on record is something that I hope everyone enjoys as much as we do.  So join us this week for “The Truth,” only on the Houndsman XP Podcast Network! www.joypetfood.com www.shopbriarcreek.com www.dogrtreed.com www.sticbowoutdoors.com www.dakota283.com www.freedomhunters.org #youfollowyourhounds #fueledbyjoy Houndsman XP is Powered by Simplecast

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