AMA Friday

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Ask Me Anything Friday! You ask the questions and we provide the answers. This episode is Highly entertaining but dials it down to provide serious responses to help you train better hounds, maintain health in your dogs, and increase your enjoyment while hot pursuit. 


  • Reproductive Health in Stud dogs
  • Effective corrections: Quality vs Quantity
  • Can Tuff dominate the Bigfoot population?
  • Possum hunting contests
  • Leg wrastlin and much more.

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[00:00:00] The Hounds XP podcast is fueled by joy Dog, food joy. Dog food has a rich tradition of supporting the Hounds man of America. Founded in 1945, joy is proud of its history and the relationship it has built with the American Hounds man. And in 76 years, there's never been a recall made with a hundred percent American made high quality ingredients.

Joy Dog Food has one of the highest calorie dense formulas on the market For 76 years, this Made In America product has kept hunting dogs in the field day after day, season after season. And when we say Made in America, joy has a long track record of fighting for American freedoms by being on the front lines against the animal rights movement and their extremist tactics.

Joy will fuel your hounds and fight for your freedoms fueled by joy.[00:01:00]

This is the Hounds Man XP podcast.

Good dog. Get that burn. Get that burner.

The original podcast for the complete Hounds, man. Get your.

The podcast that represent our lifestyle of extreme performance. [00:02:00] I asked you. Yeah. Good boy. Good boy. Ranger Uniting Hounds, man across the globe from east to west, north to south. If you're gonna catch a cat or a lion, you have to have teamwork. We take you to the wildest places on earth.

Yeah. So how many days a week can you spend on As much as I can, to be honest with you. Anytime that I get I'm out there. Join us for every heart pounding adventure on Hounds Man xp. I'll tell you, like I tell everyone else, I'm gonna hunt whether you're here or not, so you might as well be here.

Thanks for tuning into the Hessman XP podcast. This is Ask Me Anything Friday. This is where we take listener questions and we just [00:03:00] answer the questions to the best of our ability. A lot of times we'll find experts if they're to that are qualified to answer and some of the crazy questions that come in.

I'm not sure who the expert would be, so there may not even be an expert for that question. It may be completely subjective, but at any rate, we're gonna answer 'em all, even if we've gotta make up some of the narrative here. The whole idea is to get good information out, but also have a lot of fun, and I have got the life of the party.

Mr. Seth Hall from all mixed up joining me on this podcast. If you guys haven't been checking out Seth and Chad on all mixed up on Fridays you're missing it, man. It's a, if you just need to check out for a little bit and have some good laughs while getting some good information, make sure you're checking out all mixed up.

So the way it works when you see the picture [00:04:00] in our group, our Facebook group called Hounds Man XP podcast, Facebook group, when you see the picture of Tough and I, my yag terrier and I sitting in the truck, that's the signal, okay? That's like sending out the bat signal to everybody saying, okay, we need your questions.

And you start dumping the questions on us, and people go in there and they read 'em and they like, and all that stuff. It's not a place for you to go in and start answering questions. It's a place to ask questions. So that's what it is, folks and I'll leave that post up for, I think I left it up for almost 48 hours, se almost 72 hours this time just to let the questions keep coming in.

So here it is folks. This is gonna be an a m A Friday. It's fun, it's enjoyable. I hope you get a lot of laughs out of it and I hope you actually get some useful information out of this. Before we dive into the questions, I want to talk to you about a couple things. I want to talk to you about [00:05:00] Freedom Hunters.

First off, you've all heard us, if you've listened to this podcast for any time, talk about Freedom Hunters, the fact that we take America's veterans on these hound hunting adventures. Hounds Man XP coordinates with Anthony Pace to get that done. We've done bear hunts, hog hunts, deer hunts with hounds, all those sorts of things.

We've done it with freedom hunters and the veterans. It's really easy for you to get involved. All you gotta do is drop me an email and say, Hey, I'm spending a lot of time riding around in the mountains by myself, and I've got an empty seat in my truck. I actually want to help pay this back.

The freedoms I'm enjoying. I want to help, I want to help benefit one of these veterans. So freedom hunters keeps a database of veterans and there's veterans from everywhere, all across the country. So there's probably a veteran in your area, in that database that you could take a day or two out hunting.

[00:06:00] It's that easy. You meet 'em at a local waffle house, take 'em coon hunting, take 'em, riding around on the mountains, looking for lion tracks, walk 'em into a tree. A lot of 'em, it's not necessary that they get to shoot stuff, a lot of 'em are more than happy just to tag along and spend the day outside.

It's that easy. Folks, all you gotta do is drop me an email or you can go to our website, click on the Freedom Hunters tab. It'll take you in there. You gotta fill out an application which anybody with a third grade education can do and get the ball rolling. It's that simple. Hounds man XP does not make a dime on these hunting adventures.

It's just something that we do because it's the right thing to do. We enjoy our freedom in the country and we want to take America's heroes back out there and let them know what their sacrifice has bought and paid for. What better way than listening to [00:07:00] freedom ring through the mountains, chasing a bear, chasing a coon, chasing a mountain lion.

That's it, folks. That's all there is to it. I also wanna tell you why I gotta share a little personal side to this thing too, and this is long-winded. I know. I hope you're hang in there with me. Every once in a while you run across some folks that, that just see the value in what we do. And as a hound hunting community, that is usually a, it's been a difficult sell for us as hound hunters for a number of years, a few decades, trying to get buy-in from other hunting groups and things like that.

And Anthony Pace has opened up so many doors for us as Hounds, man. He's got us into the Shot show in Las Vegas where all the industry leaders are there and made sure that we made contact with some of the industry leaders such as we had a, we had an episode a few weeks ago with Jim Shockey, one of the most iconic names in the outdoor business.

And [00:08:00] we would've never landed that without, Anthony Pace and Freedom Hunters. He's connected to major brands. He's got friends. He used to work in this industry for a long time, and he unselfishly shares all those contacts with us. And let me spell it out real simple. How that transfers to success for us.

The more times that we can make contact with these industry giants and tell 'em who we are and what we do, then it adds to our influence and our credibility as a hound hunting community. So that's a real value for us is hound hunters. So if you've been sitting back and thinking, man, maybe this is the year, maybe this is it.

This is the year that I'm going to, I'm going to get involved and take a veteran hunting. All you gotta do is reach out folks, reach out to me, go to our website, go to Freedom's Hunter's website and just get the ball rolling. It's that simple. [00:09:00] If you're a business or a professional outfitter, just know that all of the donations that you make to freedom hunters are tax deductible.

So there you go. From field to field, check out Freedom Hunters, another company that I wanna talk to you about real quick, and I know this is a huge long pre-roll, but I've got a, I'm just excited I've, we've got several shout outs we're doing this month. Before we get to this a m a, we are gonna be in a double booth with Cajun Lights at Autumn Oaks over Labor Day Weekend, Richmond, Indiana.

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So I wanna reward our listeners who take in all of the podcast. So if you will send me an email and my email address is chris dot homan, and tell me the two companies that I mentioned in this pre-roll. Then I will send you a couple decals from Hounds xp. I know it's not much, but your listenership is important to us, and I appreciate you.

So there you have a folks that's a pre-roll for this month. I use it to share a lot of good information and we're gonna start picking that up with upcoming legislative information. So you're gonna want to tune into these com these pre-rolls to hear the latest breaking news. Guys, this is a box shaker.

Seth is joining me in the house for this. A m a Friday. Let's get the tailgate down. It's time to dump the box. [00:12:00] What? Hey what are you drinking? What is that fucking ginger beer. Ginger beer. How come it's not in a freaking Mexican burrow? That's what I want to know. Huh? Tequila and lime. Look, I got how many It'll, it will change your life.

We got some 16 ounce ritos over there, which are like those little clay jars, but I didn't wanna pour it in there, man. I just go straight from the can. You were drinking ginger beer during the last all mixed up. These things are good, man. We got 'em to make mixed drinks and I don't drink, but we have all these leftovers, so I was like, these are freaking delicious.

And now I just got a six pack of 'em laying around. I couldn't believe how good they were. They're like ginger ale, but better. Oh yeah. I've got a whole, I've got a whole case of them sitting right over here. Bundaberg, eh, this is, yeah, this is Goslings here. And it was funny because in that episode of all mixed up, I was like, it's like a Moscow mule, but less Moscow, more mule.

I know. And [00:13:00] you had a perfect, you had a perfect opportunity to promote the Mexican burrow right there. The preferred drink. The preferred drink of Hounds Man xp. It's true. At least one person, at least one person. Yeah. Yeah. The we, we had that funny chat going and you were talking about those people cooking and to all the fans, there was like a cooking, it was a cooking show that Chris had sent to the group of all the H X P employees and shame.

Our IT guy was like, that's Seth every day, like just throwing random dead animals into a pot of oil and just Oh, yeah. Stirring and laughing and having wrench out on music, playing in the background, which is like half my life. I hear you, man. That's actually pretty cool. That's, those guys are nuts. We're not gonna promote the, we're not gonna promote the YouTube channel.

No. But because we didn't for a bunch of reasons, but anyway. Anyway. Hey, this is an all mixed up or no. Hey, I'm [00:14:00] using your title. What am I thinking? Ask me again. You're just that excited. I am. I'm that excited. This is an ask me anything, but if you haven't listened to an all mixed up. The last episode you guys did was, man, there's a lot of good dog talk.

There's just a lot of good laughs. There's a lot of good entertainment. I, I don't, if people are looking for a good time and they're not listening to all mixed up, it's, I don't know what to tell you. I appreciate it. Yeah. That was our mission the whole time was like, there's a great, we love to look.

I'm not gonna be able to teach like Heath or you can, but we really love to have informative stuff, but great laughs and good stories along the way. Oh yeah. Tyler, Tyler Sladen was definitely a great guest for that. He's done a lot of crazy stuff in a crazy place. Duke City, be crazy.

That's all I got to say about that. Yeah. I like the story about like getting cut off and stopped in the street by the El Camino. Yeah. Are you [00:15:00] wasting pigeons, bro? That's so freaking. Oh yeah. You trapping pigeons? Yeah. I've got the rollers right over here. You're not trapping my pigeons. Are you amigo?

Yeah, exactly. My name's Haas. Yeah that's like half of the people here. Oh my gosh. So crazy. Yeah. Yeah. Crazy stuff. I laughed my butt off through that whole episode. I think this one's gonna be just the same. I Okay. Yeah, because every time I post the, ask me anything, post on Facebook and you gotta follow the Hounds Man XP podcast Facebook group.

Go there. If you're following us there, you'll you can post questions when you see the picture of me and tough and. Just start bombarding us with questions and we get all kinds of stuff. Some of the stuff we've already answered, we've already answered it on other podcasts. And we can tell right away who doesn't listen to this freaking show and just free loads on our podcast [00:16:00] group because they'll ask us questions we've already answered.

So we've got like 8,000 members in there. It just listen to podcasts and you'll get your answer. And that's the first thing. The other thing is and we're gonna get to, I know, I'm gonna let you select the questions, Seth. Oh. I'm telling you man, you're, yeah. I'm gonna let you select the questions and I know there's one question in there that's gonna get asked, and it's from a guy.

I think he's made every, there's no there's way. He's a genius. He's a genius. There's just no other way to put it. He's a genius. For sure. For sure. And just so you know, we do reserve the right to call you out for being stupid and asking dumb questions on this show. This is totally off the hook, honest answers.

And if I don't know the answers, then I'm gonna make up whatever answer I come up with. And if you don't like it, go start your own podcast. I don't care. [00:17:00] But yeah, it's, yeah, you know it, man. You know it. No, I don't, I don't pretend to know everything. But I will in this episode. Some of the answers are pretty unknowable, really.

Oh, yeah. Yeah. But that's the pre-roll all bundled into this set up for the podcast. But I would just tell everybody, it's man, if you're not listening to Heath on Wednesday, You're missing a ton of stuff. And just because you're in the picture of a hound dog and somebody's running labs, I'm telling you dog training is, dog training, is dog training.

Understanding dog behavior is understanding dog behavior. The way you get in a dog's brain and manipulate the behaviors you want are the same. Whether you're looking at high performance police dogs to labs like we ran last week or to Coyote Hounds. It's all the same.

It's all the same. It's just knowing animal behavior and knowing how [00:18:00] to manipulate it to our own personal needs. And eighth covers it. Yep. I agree. And it's so technical. I couldn't agree more, and not in an un, not in an unpalatable way. I've learned how to, I just, from listening to the journey, I've learned better techniques in raising my own dogs.

This is the most recent one. Trailing off the charts about that one. There was so much. Starting pups in there. There's so many kind of aha light bulb moments. But anyway, yeah, I I've really enjoyed the journey for all of us. Yep. And then of course, Chad with your show, that guy's one, that guy's crazy.

That guy's one of the top animal trainers in the world. And anybody that's not tuning in to listen to what he says and reaching out to him and getting his direction. But he's offering it for free. All you gotta do is download the podcast. Yeah. But yeah, we reserve the right to call you out.

And here's the deal. If I get tons of messages asking questions and everybody needs to understand how social media [00:19:00] works, social media, and when we promote something like this, I'm gonna be on the selfish side here. There is a reason why we do things the way we do it. If you don't ask us on this post, I'm not gonna answer it on the, on this episode because your responses on that particular post drive algorithms, they drive content, they make things pop up on people's feeds.

And this is strictly the business side of this sort of stuff with Hounds, man, XP is when you see that picture of me and tough, and I've already answered the question if we're twins or not, I know he, he's much, that's what I was gonna say. Yeah. He's much better looking than I am. I get it. He's a crowd pleaser wherever I go.

But if you engage us on the actual post, when you see it pop up then we [00:20:00] will answer your question. Don't send me a private message. Don't send me an email. Step up, reach down, check your manhood. Don't be worried about whether it's a dumb question or not. We'll tell you if it's a dumb question or not right here on this show.

And we'll just deal with it. We'll just deal with it. I agree. And yeah it's a community of hounds, man, everyone, you're okay. You're safe. That's right. That's right. It's a safe place. I ask tons of dumb questions and stuff all the time. I'm not gonna lie. I don't walk around in this world or go into a hound engagement and, or a hound event or whatever and think that I know everything.

It's there's people there I don't know that I should know, but I just don't know who they are. You'll never learn if you don't ask questions, that's for sure. Definitely. Definitely. What questions? What questions piqued your interest, Seth? There was a bunch of 'em. And I always gravitate towards the funny questions and there's a lot of questions that have been answered already, like you had already said.

So I'm gonna move [00:21:00] around a little bit throughout this list. There's 25 comments on here, so thanks for the engagement, everyone that rolled up in here. But I want to start with a really great question that is the number one, why are there no possum competition hunts? This is from Caleb Roach. Why is there no competition possum hunts?

Because I've got a world champion grinner finding bulldog waiting to be crowned. So I guess the question would be, has there ever been a possum hunting culture? And why is there no comp possum competition hunts? I think there has been a possum hunting culture and it predates anything that.

There's very few people alive that, that actually experienced that, because it was 1920s and 1930s when they were just looking to put meat in the pot. It was largely Appalachia, even southern Indiana down into Arkansas, where the, you know what's, [00:22:00] you're gonna, you're gonna blow me outta the water here on the actual name, but it's the Virginia O Possum, and we don't need to get into all your geeky Latin names.

Chad called you out on last week, but he didn't call me out. He was in awe. Son, we all are Seth. We all are all the. So there was a culture that did that, and I'm, I guarantee you, that the ultimate contest for possum catching was whether you get to eat or not.

And are they good or were they just a necessity food? Has anyone eaten a possum that you know of, or have you, I've had a job my whole life, so I never felt the need to have to eat a possum, and no, I haven't. I've eaten raccoon, but I've never eaten possum. It's just one of those things that, that I've never I can eat a lot of stuff, man.

Yeah, no, it's just that when you kick it, when you know you've always heard the story kick a dead [00:23:00] cow and three possums roll out of it, it's ugh. Yeah, no, it's true. One time we were thermal pig hunting and I, we shot a pig the day before, and when we came up on that pig the next day, I saw heat and I was like, what the heck?

That pig's dead. And there was like six possums eating on it. Yeah. It was so gross. Ugh. Yeah. But in a weird way, they're cute. They're what? They're cute in a weird way. Plus they're only mar They're not, yes, they're, they are cool. They are cool because they're the North American marsupial and they immune to rabies.

They are they're a dead spot. They're a dead end road for rabies. Yeah. If, do you know why? Let's have it. They're go for it. They have a lower core body temperature than other mammals. Marsupials have a lower core body temperature. This genre and yeah. It's awesome. So they the rabies just can't survive in their their body.

It's too cold. The thing that we need to address though, is that bull crap that was spreading around on social media, about possums eating 70 million ticks [00:24:00] a day or some crap. That's crazy crap. And everybody's oh, we should save the possum because he eat 70 million ticks. Yeah. When you put a possum in a box and only feed it ticks, it's gonna eat 70 million ticks.

And that was the hook and the whole thing. It's kinda it's kinda like people saying with bats, they're like, oh, they eat 5 trillion mosquitoes a night. And I'm like, actually, most bat studies show that they mostly eat moths. I'm not saying bats aren't important, and I'm not saying mat moths or bats don't eat mosquitoes.

They definitely do, but, They eat a lot of moths, mostly here in this area of the world. They're a target species, they're an easy target. Imagine trying to catch a moth out there fluttering around versus a mosquito. A mosquito, yeah, exactly. A mosquito's and tiny. Yeah. Tiny.

And it's I'll fly around and expend a bunch of energy to, to zero in and catch something that's really tiny and hard to catch. Yeah. Yeah. Or I can get this whole steak dinner, golden Corral buffet. In one cecropia moth [00:25:00] bang and the thing too Nice. Your moth genre. Yeah. I we were just talking about this last night.

We have the ability to drive mosquitoes to extinction. We quote, have the technology and then there's people that are like we don't know the ecologic consequences of removing mosquitoes. And I'm like, if you're a species that requires mosquitoes to survive, you can go extinct. Two, I don't care.

Mosquitoes suck. Goodbye. I don't care. I didn't need you anyway. You're stupid. Like 5,000 of, yeah, 5,000 of 'em on the neck of the guy your buddy up in British Columbia. Yeah, exactly. He's the only person manly enough to survive with him, not me. Get him outta here and anything that needs him.

So anyway. All right. So that was the question I wanted to start with is the possum That actually piqued my interest for real. I wanna know was there ever a se because everyone's they're trash. And I'm like maybe they ingham's fun. It's one of those deals of it since I got a terrier.

Possums are cool. It's yeah, it. You talk about live action all the time. [00:26:00] I never, I don't know how many possums tough is caught. He's eradicated them around within probably a hundred yards of my house here, and he's just a beast on them. But as far as a possum contest, I've never really heard of an official contest on possums.

Hey, folks, when you've got great sponsors and great products, it's not hard to talk about 'em. And I want to tell you about OnX is where you go to get the most comprehensive mapping system in the hunting world. I'm telling you, it is a game changer for your hunting. It's gonna reduce the cost of having map cards for every state.

It doesn't directly integrate with your. Garmin, but I use it all the time. [00:27:00] If you can read a Garmin and then open up OnX, you can see exactly where your dogs are headed. Get property information, get terrain features, you can track where you've been. So if you're hunting in a new area, say you're headed to Au Oaks and you're gonna guide up there through a friend of a friend, and you want to know the area, you can actually prec scout that area, go in and hunt it, and.

It'll map your actual track. You can turn on that feature and it'll record it while you're out there hunting, pre hunting those spots. You can also find out who the neighboring landowners are. Contact them, tell 'em what's up. Tell 'em you're gonna be in there hunting and more than likely, you're gonna be able to gain access to more property in those areas.

I use OnX all the time, no lie. So you can go to the Hounds Man XP Click on the OnX logo on our sponsor page, and get your next Elite subscription and [00:28:00] use our promo code HX P 20 and you will get 20% off of your subscription for OnX Patreon members, you get a deeper discount when you join us on Patreon.

Know where you stand with OnX. We have some that are repeats, so I'm gonna roll through 'em and of course every time we always have at least one question that asks if you and tougher brothers. So we'll we'll pass that as yes. And so exactly. He's just, he's, here's a good question. He's the smartest one of the two of us.

He's got the higher IQ and he's better on possums than you. Yeah. All right, here we go. Anthony Anderson. He says, is there a certain age a male dog is considered sterile and can't produce good semen? I've heard this from someone and I'm curious if it's true or is the only way to know is to get a semen test?

Yeah, I think that there isn't a certain age, I don't think, and I'm no geneticist or doggy urologist here, but [00:29:00] there's some dogs that I've known of that were pre potent and had good swimmers up to 13 or 14 years old, and I know of others that have, tapped out at. Seven or eight years old where they went sterile.

In my opinion, it's a it's a general, it's too broad of a question to, to truly answer. I think a lot of it goes back to, the whole Bruce Osis thing and dietary and nutrition type stuff. And the key reproductive health is a real thing in the cattle and horse industry.

And I wonder how much people actually pay attention to reproductive health in these dogs. And I think by the time we start seeing the results of a dog that is a great producer, [00:30:00] then the ship is sailed. To really do the work. The he, the beneficial work on the front end to maintain that reproductive health, feeding a good diet, any supplements you need.

I'm sure that people that had dogs like Diamond Jim or Spanky or whoever it was, maybe Spanky was potent up till the day he died but if they could have bred him more or done things to increase his reproductive health, then they certainly would've done it knowing the impact that those dogs have had.

Lipper is one of the all time leaders, historical leaders in pup reproduction, more pups than anything I think. And you can't tell me that they wouldn't have wanted to enjoy some more. Benefits from breeding that dog later in life. So I think the real question is it a an age [00:31:00] thing or is it an awareness thing within the stud dog community that understands reproductive health and how to most benefit that stud dog could be reproductive.

Yeah. Yeah. And the key thing is I just from my extremely far view, I would say the best thing to do is yeah, take care of the stud and see how his father's, if you have any of that data, see how his father's perform later in life, and then get a semen test on him. Yeah. Imagine having a dog that, that you're getting 800 or $1,500 per stud fee worth your money to go check that out.

Yeah. Why wouldn't you? Yeah. Get him a, at least a quarterly visit to a reproductive specialist. To find out what his sperm counts are, things like that. Pretty valuable. Yeah, it absolutely is. It absolutely is. And a lot of times they're breeding those types of dogs, every [00:32:00] other, every three days, every five days, things like that.

Yeah. It's easily pays for itself. Exactly. Especially with the top producer, yep. All right. I'm gonna move us into a great question.

This is from none other than Derek Torman and of Outer Agenda. I wonder when we get to this one, he put down his meth pipe. He did. To type I'm serious man. This guy thinks in another dimension. No doubt about it. They're great questions. I'd get along great with this guy 'cause I love weird questions like this.

And before we get there, I'm gonna tangentially say when I was in Farmington for the Horses Hounds and Mules show I stopped by a head shop and when I was leaving I saw in a bargain bowl, it was like bargain bowl pipes, and I looked in there, it was all meth pipes for five bucks. I laughed so hard.

I was like, oh, Farmington. Okay, here we go. Derek Torman and says, if your dog tough, the YAG was [00:33:00] abducted by a band of roaming Sasquatch, would he be more likely to a integrate into their society? Roaming. Roaming, or roaming? Roaming. Roaming. Okay. As in nomadic, okay, roaming band of Sasquatch, would he be more likely to a, integrate into their society and eventually dual the alpha to the death and defeat it?

Henceforth becoming their leader, or B, never conform and be a constant menace until the perfect opportunity for escape presented itself. He would never escape. He would never escape. He's got mind control powers. So I'm going, since it's a multiple choice, I'm gonna go a, with a caveat, I'm gonna say that he would infiltrate the clan, lure the alpha male Sasquatch, into a situation where he would take his life [00:34:00] and then he would use his mind to altering powers to convince the others that, that he was not only justified in being their leader, but he would get complete buy-in from the whole clan of Sasquatch.

I was gonna say, see, he's already converted a Sasquatch into a fur mom. I'm talking to him right now. My feet aren't that big. My wife can tell you that. Oh, I was gonna make the joke, but you did. You made me too. Yeah. Yeah, that's a good one, Derek. I still think all the time about the walking down a road Bobcat on one side, two Bora Coons on the other.

I take Bobcat all day. Yeah. The whole thing is, what's crazy is that there's a podcast out there that is always like a top 20 podcast, and it's all about Bigfoot. It's all [00:35:00] about Bigfoot. I've been seeing Bigfoot, like believe stickers everywhere, and I don't know if it's like an internet thing for a metaphor for just like weird internet culture thing.

I don't know what it is, but Bigfoot manias taken over and luckily we do not have a big squashing culture here because the only big foots you're gonna find are down at the local bars. You know what I mean? They're very real here. So back when I was still working, part of our job was to patrol state parks and things like that, and I was patrolling through State Park and there was a truck there.

With a vinyl sticker in the back window. And it was a sticker of big, a Sasquatch obviously, and right under it's I believe. Yeah. And he, that's what I'm saying. He had, a few other identifying decals on his truck that, that made me believe that, or made me understand that this guy was a true believer.

And so I ran into these guys and they come walking outta the woods and they've got [00:36:00] backpacks on and they've got sticks in the back of their, stuck down behind them here. And I'm like, what are you guys doing? And they had sticks and they had calls and they had all kinds of stuff.

They were out there tree knocking. And if you don't know what tree knocking is, it's some kind of mating call it's the mark of the Sasquatch. They're out there, tree knocking, trying to lure. Sasquatch in to get a picture of him in Versa. Sale State Park in Indiana. Oh my God.

I don't know. Imagine how good a hunters these guys would be if they actually applied themselves to a real animal. Oh, it was crazy. But they were, and so how do I as a uniform professional law enforcement officer have this conversation with this group of people that are out tree knocking for Sasquatch?

I'm like, this is what I, and I think, where did you even get that they tree knock be? Are you trying to base that off other primate behavior? Like people are like, you can't get 'em on trail camera. They're so smart. They walk behind [00:37:00] trail cameras. I'm like, people walk in front of trail cameras and we talk and rule the world and fly in planes, but don't they have predator like.

Arnold Schwarzenegger predator type vision where they don't see the world like we do. They could see the infrared. Yes, of course. Yeah. A primate, supposedly a primate has some kind of enhanced thermal vision that other primates, including us, don't have. Of course. Yeah. They seem the thermal they can fly while we're at it.

Yeah. And turn invisible like predator. So anyway, when I was that stuff a kid, when I was a kid, we went and watched, I can't remember the name of the movie. It was probably, and this is really going back, but it was in the seventies and we went to the drive-in theater and watched this movie about Bigfoot.

And we lived right across the road from a place called Atterbury. It was a military installation and so it was this big wilderness area, thousands of acres right across the road. And my stepdad climbed up on the. Our bedroom was [00:38:00] upstairs and after the movie, of course, we were all flipping out.

We were only, I was less than 10 years old at the time. And we get back to the house and we didn't have AC and my brother and I are in our bedroom upstairs and all of a sudden we're talking about the movie and all of a sudden we hear scratching on the screen and all this stuff.

And so you've never seen two, a nine and an eight year old fly down a set of steps like we did Holy Smoke. If we'd back in the days, we would've been Instagram famous, for sure. At least my mom would've been, because it was it absolutely freaked us out. Yeah. Freaked us out. Yeah, I bet I that tremors freaked me out when I was a kid.

I didn't wanna walk on the ground for a while when I watched it. That one were like the, like worms under the ground that b rated horror movie, that became huge. Yeah, for [00:39:00] sure. I saw a post the other day that made me think, so again, it goes with this, you asked a question about what makes people think that Sasquatch would be into tree knocking.

How did Pixar come up with the sounds that dinosaurs make? Nobody's ever heard one. Yeah. Ah, one of those things that makes you go, true. Yep. They'll try to cover it with up some pseudoscience. That's the thing. At least the Pixar people will be like, yeah, we just made it up.

All right, here we go. Now. There was a lot of good questions here from multiple there was some repeat questions from other people, but I'm gonna go to one that I actually may be able to have some slight input in. Jacob Morgan, top contributor, by the way, says, if someone was looking to buy each of the following type of hounds, what would you say?

A good solid broke, top 20% catch the game by their self dog would cost. We're gonna start, here. We go with, there's bobcat dog, bear [00:40:00] dog, mountain lion, dog squirrel, dog coonhound. So that's quite a few of them. Maybe we can lump those in together as like small game tree hound. We'll keep coon dog out because that's its own thing with competition world, which can get it absurd, but let's say like a small game tree dog, like a cur or a feist or a hound.

Yeah. And if you're looking for top 20%, I think you have to take an average. I know of even, and I'm not, I hate to say even because.

Little ker dogs and good squirrel dogs have extremely high value, not only for competition, but for, just people that, that enjoy going out and hunting. It's not uncommon to get into five figures on one of those little dogs. It's, yeah. And I'm not talking like 10 grand, I'm talking, multipliers behind that.

Wow. You're looking at, you look at Bobcat dogs, I would say that a Bobcat [00:41:00] dog probably has one of the most difficult jobs to if you're looking at a top 20% Bobcat dog, one that, that can. Consistently unravel complicated bobcat tracks and put meat on the stick at the end of the track.

That is one of the highest callings a hound can have. They, those bobcats will, I've heard that so many times. Yeah. They will pull anything and everything they can double back on the tracks, run through the rocks hole up, shoot out the other end of a culvert. And it takes an extremely intelligent dog to do that.

And I think the, the sky's the limit on the price of those, I think it's just in the eye of the beholder of there's always gonna be somebody out there that's gonna pay the exorbitant anoma, anomaly of a price, which I've seen. Yeah, absolutely.

Absolutely. And some of it comes From [00:42:00] name and reputation, where the dogs are coming from and things like that. Yeah, high 15 to 20%, if you're looking at making a living with that dog, and this goes across the board and we'll get into the competition coon dog thing, 10 to $20,000 right now for that type of dog is not an, not at all uncommon.

Yeah. I I've always wanted to, Bobcats are actually pretty plentiful where I live, but everyone is just yo, don't start with them. That's tough. So I'm like, okay. So yeah, I was curious where that would be. What about a good Eastern Bear dog? What do you think the same kind of deal as the bobcat or not as valuable?

You don't think a bear dog is a bear dog is special. A dog that will chase a bear is not that special. You find a dog that'll chase a bear twice. And you got the start of a good bear dog. A lot of dogs will go out there and they'll chase a bear one time until the bear [00:43:00] turns around and looks at 'em, and then it's Nope, I'm out.

And it's just the nature of the, of that sort of game, with chasing bears. So you got a good start at possibly making something into a bear dog. But for years, some of the top bear dog bear hunters in the world have sold in North America anyway, have sold dogs overseas for a lot of money.

Japan, Sweden, you've had episodes where they were in, in Finland, right? Yeah. Or Sweden. Yeah, Sweden, Norway. He talks about a grizzly is a lot more intimidating than a black bear. And a lot of those dogs, they see their first grizzly and they go. Nope. Yeah. Perry England was on the show and he talked about hunting brown bears, Grizzlies, yeah, that's what I was thinking. So that's a great episode, by the way. Yeah. Yeah, bear dogs, it's all relevant to who's holding the checkbook and what they're willing to pay for it because I know Everett Williams in the plot [00:44:00] breed sold dogs across the pond, to Japan to to hunt bears in Japan.

Big. It was a big culture. That culture exists. That's awesome. Oh, yeah. Yep. That's awesome. I like how where you go, other places in the world, they had traditional breeds for bear hunting, and yet still they're all coming back to these kind of more American 'cause we still have the crazy hunting lines that are still going strong and a lot of the world doesn't anymore.

That's right. That's a lot of it. You listened to that episode we did with Para England. And some of the restrictions that they have on hunting alone. Just hunting, you gotta pass test, you gotta be certified, you gotta, you almost have to go through an apprenticeship type thing to, to even get your hunting license.

So there's a big hurdle to cross there. And then to hunt with the dog, you've gotta go through more certification. So you gotta have a lot of buy-in and a lot of investment in order just to get started. And [00:45:00] then where are you gonna find, where are you gonna find the dogs? That there's not a huge pool of those types of dogs in Europe or places like that.

There is here though, because luckily, quote unquote ammunition isn't that expensive yet, it's a lot easier to be a hunter here. Okay. And I'm gonna answer this one, if you don't mind. Mountain Lion Dog. Yep. I was just in Kirtland, New Mexico patrons, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

I did a behind the scenes with Chad, where we just talked about what me and Justin saw there, and I was shocked at how much those dogs could go for. And in the sight hound world, dog just isn't worth that much because it's not the level of training, the level of financial input. Look nobody's paying to hunt a jackrabbit.

Nobody you just, yeah, you're just chasing a jackrabbit. Exactly. But. I got you to agree to it. I got you to agree. Yeah. Oh, I'll tell you right now. Financially they're the most worthless animal that's ever lived. You know what I mean? Which totally debunks the superior life form. No, that's [00:46:00] the thing.

Oh, no. Do you think philosophers are rich? No philosophers. The greatest thinkers of our time are poor. They live in extremes. That's what I'm saying. Hare is this extremely noble, unbelievably perfect animal but then he's got a, but then Jordan, Peter, you think Jordan Peterson is poor. Give me a break.

He is not poor. Oh, he's not a philosopher. He is a philosopher. Yes, he is. Alto was a philosopher. He sat on a rock or 10. Yeah, Jack Rabbit. He lived 2000 years ago. If he made $5 a day, he was the richest man in his community. I signed the jackrabbit on a dude's truck. Okay. Oh, you ain't signing no Koons on people's truck.

I can't even, I can't even, I can't even understand that when I was driving through the, I'd drop off the Paloma Pass and get into Southern Colorado there, and Jackrabbits were running out to the road to give themselves up when they knew tough was in the truck. They had to give you a confidence boost, yep, yep. Yeah. Yep. Anyway, yeah, [00:47:00] so I was shocked. We, there was a dog from a very wealthy, I'm sorry, very wealthy, very famous lion Hunter and Mr. Biggerstaff and one of his intact bitches who was like seven years old and completely trained, ready to go. What you were just describing what Jacob was describing in this question.

Go for $21,000, right? Yeah. If you, and I was just like, holy crap. That's crazy. If you go on the horses, hounds and Mules site, you can see, they did a lot of promos on their top sellers and different things. And if you're listening to this go next year, it was awesome. Huh? I said, if you're listening to this, everybody go next year.

Oh yeah. It was awesome. Yeah. There were so many badass hounds men there. And what a cool crowd. It is our people, should I take time and describe why, tell why I wasn't there. You're in a good mood. Don't. It was airlines being jacked up is what it is. What it boiled down to, it really was.

I was, I spent four hours in the airport that day. They kept delaying my flights and then [00:48:00] rerouting my flights and my rerouted flights were delayed. And I was just like, you know what? You people can't figure this out. There's no way I'm getting on one of your planes. No way. So I just canceled I that I didn't want to get to Houston and get, get stuck in an airport for 36 hours for a for a two day trip. Yeah. Yeah. So it was that We missed you. A lot of people were asking where you were. They were like, we'll just settle for this weird jackrabbit guy and let him sign our truck. No, that Troy, you were badass. But there, hey, there were some people that did ask me to convince them why Jack rabbits are badass.

And by the end of it, they were agreed. That was easy for agreed. They were like, mountain lions are dumb as hell.

So anyway, I actually did not talk about rabbit hunting that much. I really didn't. I'm, I was actually, I'm proud of it, actually. Pretty I was pretty happy to just get into the dry ground world and I ran around with my microphone. So stay tuned for next month, you guys. I got a lot of really awesome footage.

And also go to the Patreon [00:49:00] page. You guys, I met a crazy subculture of mule people called Chuck Wagon Racers, and those guys are crazy and the ladies are even crazier. It was really rad meeting those guys and I got a lot of cool content from them too. Anyway, it's on the Patreon page. Yeah.

So let's get into the Kon dog side of it. I yeah. The Kon dog thought that's what I, the Kon dog. The coon dog thing has taken on life of its own. With the introduction of $100,000 haunts and different things. It's really pushed the price of some of these hounds up.

Yeah. And, but I'm still gonna say that I compare that to the horse industry. What horses sell for on average out there at that sale. Seth, what do you think? What would you say? I think the average probably was like for the mules actually sold for more than the horses, but I think the average horse probably about five grand.

So when you look at that, we, again, I, it's an easy comparison for me. I always [00:50:00] compare competition coon hunting to, like thoroughbred racing. Thoroughbreds thoroughbred horses that are track ready and potential winners and things like that are gonna sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars on average.

And so when I look at this competition Kon hunting thing it's versus just your standard coon dog then it's the same comparison because I'm not gonna go buy a horse off of the, off the track and think that I can take it to New Mexico and do the same thing that some of these tried and true proven mountain horses can do in the mountains, in New Mexico or Southern Colorado or wherever.

And while that horse might bring five to 10. Thousand dollars. It's definitely, and be a very good horse, a usable horse, something that I'm gonna, feel safe on something that's gonna do the job that I need it to do. It's not gonna [00:51:00] cost me what a horse running around a track is gonna do. Yep. The financial incentives.

Yeah. So that's how I compare the two, the anomaly of these competition dogs that are selling for 30, 50, 70 $5,000. I'm glad they're bringing that, I'm not gonna lie I'm happy that they're, that's people out there willing to pay for that. Yeah. I've got good friends that, that are above Blackwell is.

Is cashing in on that because he does good work. He produces good dogs, he hunts hard, man, that guy's a beast of a hunter. And you know that when you buy something from Bub, you're gonna, you're gonna end up with something that, that is above average in capability and potential to put you in the winner circle to, to cash those checks.

This isn't a dig against competition, coon hunting or the price of dogs, to get a top 20% dog that, that people can pay for 'em, what that should [00:52:00] bring. If you spend between five to $10,000, then you, for your average person that's gonna be a pretty nice hound.

I'm not saying he is gonna get you in the finals of the pro sport truck hunt or the a hundred thousand dollars hunt, but top 20%. Then I would say five to 10 grand should get you there real easy. Yeah. Yeah. And that's the thing too, is that's me and Justin had to let that soak in and process, but a lot of these mountain lion hunters are outfitters.

And so there's a great financial incentive to these dogs. So when you have a excellence pack, you're able to sustain your lifestyle and, make career out of it. It's just like competition coon hunting. The reason those dogs bring that much is because, one win can put you in the black on your investment.

Yeah. And it's all supply and demand too, right? Yeah. In my world a really nice badass long dog pup. Like 200 bucks. 250 bucks. Yeah. A really nice saluki puppy, like 1500.[00:53:00] I, Justin said the most expensive coyo dog he ever saw sold was five grand. That was young, trained badass on every angle.

And I agree. I can't even imagine, of course, eating dog going for much more than that. So anyway, yeah, I was blown away at that and I, first thing I thought too was like, competition coon dogs must be even more crazy. So yeah, I think one of the things that the coon hunting world is always judged, engaged their dogs off of what a dog can do in competition.

At least since the, I would say since I started hunting in their early eighties, 1980s, it's always how many grand Knights they have? How many night champions? Is he pkc? Is he super, is he super staked? All this other stuff. Those were all added factors because that's the value system that we had set up.

But you take some of these other dogs, these line dogs where the professional handler type thing and the competition, coon hunting thing is actually not that old of an idea. It hadn't been around that long. It was, it. [00:54:00] In the 1990s or the, even the early two thousands, it was, there were a few people around that, that were keeping the lights on and paying the bills with coon dogs, but it wasn't common.

And now you see a lot more people that have got the financial means to pay somebody to go out there and keep a dog in the woods every night. So it's actually created its own economy there. Not to mention, what these events like Autumn Oaks bring to a community. Yeah. That's like a $12 million weekend for the City of Richmond.

Yeah. Yeah. And true. So I'm glad When you were talking about when you started hunting, you clarified the 1980s. I thought it was the 1880s. So thanks for clarifying that. Whatever. Oh, man. All right. Next question. Here we go, guys. This one you guys would've never heard of Ben Lilly if I'd have been alive in the 1880s.

He'd been like, Ben Lilly wasn't that guy. Didn't he? Didn't he used to run around with Chris Powell. You would've been the Coon King of the Northwood, or maybe you would've [00:55:00] ran to New Mexico, barefoot. I don't know. I guarantee you. Yeah. There were different standards back in those days.

Either the woman got in a wagon or she went home to mom. That's true. Or you just took off Barefoot and lived in a Lean two and the Gila and ate your dogs like Ben Lily did. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Yeah. There, Teddy Roosevelt wrote about him in his book about how when Teddy Roosevelt was near Lordsburg, New Mexico hunting pronghorn, they summoned for Ben Lily to come guide him and hunt mountain Lions with him.

And Ben Lily as always walked from the Gila to Lordsburg, which I mean, people Google, this is this crazy long distances of like pretty rough combination of forests and desert grasslands. And he showed up there and came in sometime over the night when Teddy Roosevelt came out of his tent. Ben Lee was asleep in a tree barefoot with all his hounds sleeping under the tree with him.

Are you sure? I think that was a Louisiana story. Oh, okay. I don't know. That's what I read. I think that was a Louisiana story you got. Okay. But I haven't read the book. But that's what I understood [00:56:00] about him when Teddy Roosevelt hunted with him in Louisiana. So he also summoned him in New Mexico.

I know he hunted with him in New Mexico for pronghorn when he was pronghorn hunting there too. But I, maybe I'm con, maybe I'm mixing up those two experiences 'cause that's too coincidental. But either way, Teddy Roosevelt, I do remember this, that he moved through the forest like smoke and I'm like, damn. Yeah. That's a badass. My question is, how long was Teddy Roosevelt there hunting pronghorn? Because if you think about the amount of effort it would've taken to, to get a message to Ben Lily, find him and then him walk back. Walk. Yeah. Yeah. We're talking about a month. Oh dude, that is okay.

Yeah. The distances here are vast, so just to find someone in the Gila would be crazy. Yeah. Yeah. Anyway. Yeah we spend a lot of time hunting in those areas of the world, so we, I think about that walk all the time. All right, next question. Josh Myka. He says, why does Seth live in a place that's hotter than [00:57:00] the gates of hell?

14 months per year? I'll tell you why. Two reasons. One, jack rabbits live here. Two it's actually only horrible for four months outta the year. The other eight months of the year here are paradise. They're so nice. Oh, that's the answer to that question. All right. Tyler Sladen, Josh Michaela, or Seth Hall in a rud mud wrestling match.

It's Michaela, it's Mc, it's Michaela. What'd I say? Mya. Oh, whatever. Josh, McKayla or Seth? Josh McKayla in a mud wrestling match using only legs. Chris, you're on the spot right now. I know. These are the real questions. Josh McKay versus Seth. In a mud wrestling match using only legs. What does that mean? I think it's where you like, lay parallel to each other and lock legs to try to keep each other leg wrestling.

Yeah. The good old leg wrestling. That's what I imagine. Good old leg wrestling. Maybe it's just like standup wrestling. But you only kick each other. [00:58:00] Yeah, Josh. See, here's the deal. Josh just thinks he's big. He's a little bitty feller, but I'm not Dynamite comes in small packages. I think it's gotta come down to, it's gotta come down to, who's got the most grit.

I don't know. I it's a toss up. He doesn't wanna see. I've seen now if you threw Tyler Sladen, if you threw Tyler Sladen in there, I've seen Tyler s Laden's legs. That guy. Walked around on tree stumps. He's got developed quad. That's, he asked, he looked down and he was like, who could I defeat?

That's, yeah, Tyler's five foot six and has 20, 32 inch legs or something. He's got developed quadriceps. Did you see him running across a roof on that freaking video? It was the short shorts at the at the TER trials. Carrier trials, yeah.

That really got you got you startled. Oh yeah. I he never threw his PT shorts away from Army basic [00:59:00] training or something. He's still wearing them. I think it's like my legs look good in these. That's why they start that tradition. I I feel like if it's a laying leg wrestle, I don't know.

I've never seen Josh in person. I'm not gonna lay my, I'm built like a saluki. I'm tall and lanky and skinny, so I don't know if I have any Yeah, you look like a, you look when, if you walk around in shorts, you look like you're riding a chicken. I agree. No, I fully agree. Is that who said I, are those your legs or are you riding a chicken?

Who commented on that Facebook page that said that? Oh, it was Nate Val. He said chicken Legged Desert Runner. And I was like, this literally perfect. It's Nate's known me my entire life or something. I am a chicken legged desert runner. A hundred percent. Yeah, that's exactly right.

Speaking of which, I just got off the phone with that guy this morning. I'm gonna go dig up some stuff with him this winter that'll be cool. But anyway. Yeah. So if, but if it's a standup leg wrestling match where we can't use our arms, but we're still like trying to knock each other down, I feel like I could do pretty good like that because I'm.

Pretty good kicker. I have a lot of m A under [01:00:00] my belt but I think I kick the shit out of him. If it's mud wrestling using legs. You're laying like side by side. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. Yeah. I don't know. Then I have no idea. I'm gonna go with body mass and say you got him, because pre-divorce Josh, I would've gone with Josh 'cause he had a little more heft to him.

And then after he got divorced he went on the whole fitness thing and shed some weight. Looks kind of wormy. Kinda wormy. I hope Josh give him the ivermectin. I hope Josh is listening to this. Every word. I'm gonna get a text from him and be like, where are you bitch?

We're doing this. Bring the GoPro. It's happening. It's happening. Yeah. Better do some better do some hamstringing curls for the next six months. That's right. That's right. We're running down here. Are there any dog questions in this thing? There are. There are like legitimate all.

There's [01:01:00] some that, there's some that have been asked before. So I'm going through them. We've already done that, but I'm gonna, I'm gonna have you just run through. Okay. Jacob Campbell every month asks a great question and this one's a little long, but I do want to go through it. It is not a repeat.

So Jacob Campbell says, Chris Powell, with your time on earth experience with big game and small game hounds, which is a good amount, he says, which do you think personally takes more disciplined brains, drive grit and stamina and knows also break down eastern versus western hounds? I know it's been beat to death, but it's important.

It keeps coming up for hounds men to realize. So what do you think, let's start with the first part of that. Do you think which, which takes personally more disciplined, brain drives great stamina, nose, big game or small game, big game. No doubt about it. No doubt about it. When you look at but I will give you this caveat.

I think there's also some misunderstanding there on the [01:02:00] side of the big game Hunter that, coon dogs can't make big game dogs and big game dogs can't make coon dogs. And I've tried to debunk that theory. You look at some of those most successful Walker lines, and we already mentioned Lipper.

Big game hunters are still looking for lipper blood up close in their pedigrees. Lipper was a U K C world champion coup now, but he put something in those pups that make big game hunters want those. Also, you look at Lester Nance. Lester Nance was a native of Indiana. He was the father of the tree walker breed by most standards.

White River King was one of the first tree walkers ever recognized and registered by U K C and N's. Blood is still a sought after bloodline in the big game house. Now, the reason I bring all that up is because I'm of the [01:03:00] belief that as far as tree locating things like that, I don't know why we're putting ourselves in these silos to, to think that.

Kon Hound world has nothing to offer. The big game world and the big game world has nothing to offer the Kon Hound world because the things that are lacking in a lot of the Western hounds is that lo and the thing that Western Hounds men are always looking for is that locating ability to locate a bobcat in a hundred foot ponderosa pine.

The thing that so many eastern coon hunters are always complaining about is the ability to actually run a track on a raccoon. So if you would take the locating ability of the eastern Southern, and I'm saying eastern and western because there's a big river that defied this country, I'm not getting into south of north any of that stuff.

Let's just leave it there. East versus [01:04:00] west. You take that eastern coonhound and take its locating ability and its intelligence to sort out a track. And find that animal in a tree and locate accurately and put it in the western hound, I think it could satisfy both cultures. There was a coonhound bred blue tick at the horses' hound and mules, and people really wanted them for that exact reason.

They said they were awesome tree dogs and even the term tree dog, east versus west is completely different. In the west people want a dog that's not gonna come off the tree and continue to, go rerun a track or find a new track to run. And there's a lot of tracking ability bred in generation after generation of those hounds.

Whereas a tree dog in the east is an accurate locating dog that sits on the tree. And when you hear an eastern coon hunter say, man, he was a great tree dog. It means he could, he [01:05:00] sometimes it just means he barked a lot. 140 barks a minute. I had a plot female named Rachel that, that was an abs outstanding tree dog.

She wasn't that accurate, but she was classy on the tree. She had belly up and she would belt them out and you never had to worry about her leaving. She was parked and she was there to stay. And when I say not that accurate, she was fairly accurate but not lights out accurate. She ne some of these dogs have never met a tree they didn't like, whether there was a raccoon sitting above their head or not.

I think some of that's, go ahead. Accurate is like, meaning they don't slick tree often, is what I mean. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, they may not, that sounds silly 'cause I didn't know that a hundred percent, but I don't have trees where I live yeah. Yeah. There's no trees so my end game here is you find a dog that can contract something like a raccoon.

Have a high percentage of accuracy be able to stay at the tree. [01:06:00] And that's a hard job. And to take it a step further, you show me a dog, a squirrel dog, a mountain curve, a face that can do that. I always look at it like this. I've sat in tree stands and watched squirrels bounce on this limb and this blow down and run around this tree and then go over here.

Interesting. And then I've sat there and I've thought, how does my squirrel dog ever narrow that down and tree and be accurate doing it? There's gotta be some brains there. And then you graduate up to raccoons and then you go to, a bobcat or a bear. I just think, I think we are very good at putting ourselves in silos and trying to say, I'm a big game hunter.

I'm a coon hunter. I'm a bear hunter. I'm a lion hunter. I'm a southwest lion hunter, and. We just need to look the big picture and realize that, that there are genetic traits that would benefit all of us if we just [01:07:00] break out of our own paradigm paralysis. Yeah. Which I think a lot of people are actually really good at too, I think.

I think they're getting better all the time. All right. And then the second part of that question, oh, actually you already did Eastern versus Western Hounds. You kinda already touched on that, so yeah, there you go. Yep. I think the hogwash of, the hogwash of dogs not traveling, and this is, goes to the competition, coon hunters that think that they're putting the most demands on running dogs up and down the road.

B, bear hunters, lion hunters, they put. Hundreds and hundreds of miles on dogs day after day where those dogs may never get outta the truck. Yep. So I think that whole conversation is a wash. If you've got a dog that travels well, you've got a dog that travels well, if you've got a dog that's gritty and I'm talking that true meaning of grit, not[01:08:00] gritty at the tree, meaning they're mean or rough at a tree.

I'm talking about a dog that, that has enough grit in it to make a bear, climb a tree or to bay a Mount Lionel alleged out cliff at, four or five feet or one foot. That's grit. Tough is gritty. My, my YAG is gritty to, without being suicidal about the whole thing, it's a fine line.

That's for those little guys. Yeah. And there's hounds too. Yeah. Yeah. That's like when I was first listening to this show as a fan way before I even worked for Hounds, when xp I would always listen to those bear hunting episodes and those, all those old school guys would be like, there's a fine line between gritty and dead.

Yeah. Yeah, there is. And they'd always say it. And I, that always, that kind of hit me like a meter. I was like, damn. True. Yeah. All right. This is a good question, and I think we're nearly done. Do ineffective corrections, desensitize a dog to hard corrections. This from Wesley Woodard. This is a great question.

Yes, it is. I'm glad you're at Wesley's. Wesley is a [01:09:00] student. I've hunted with Wesley a lot, and Wesley's always one of those guys that's, looking to learn. He's real good friends with Heath and Heath. He asks questions to Heath all the time. 'cause he does, he's not just satisfied with having the status quo.

He is always looking at taking his game to the next level. And in my opinion, it's not because I hunt with Wesley, but this is one of the best questions that we've ever had. So read it again and then we will, I'll answer it. All righty. I went away from it. I wanna make sure everybody gets this question.

Wesley Woodyard says, do ineffective corrections, desensitize a dog to hard corrections. And has anyone ever made a nice hound only using all positive training with no negative reinforcement?

I can't answer about has [01:10:00] anybody ever made a hound with all positive reinforcement? Because, obviously I don't know every hounds man out there. That's a good answer. But here's my opinion on. Overusing the correction or desensitizing a dog to correction. Heath did a really good episode on the journey with the trainer and I can't remember which one it was.

But they talked about extinction training, and they talked about correcting and it was used to correct, unwanted, absolutely bad behavior. I think that can be overdone, but I'll tell, I'll answer this question by answering a answer 'em with a story. When I was a canine handler, we went through canine school and we had a handler that was very vocal all the time, screaming and yelling, screaming at dogs, and never putting any real correction on the dog [01:11:00] or correcting the unwanted behavior.

It was emotionally charged, it was all just you. You never had to, you never had to try to figure out where this handler and their dog was because you could hear 'em yelling at the dog. And so the joke became, would you rather be nagged by that handler or take a shot from the eco? And everybody to the person was like, I'd rather just have the shot from the eco.

'cause that nagging stuff just goes on and on to no end. So absolutely you can desensitize a dog. I think it goes back to king Solomon in Proverbs of let your yes, be yes and your no, be no, and be consistent and effective in your correction. And make 'em know that you mean it. Does that mean you have to, let's talk on a scale of one to 10.

Does it mean you have to be at 10 all the time? No, but they need to [01:12:00] know that the wrath of God can come down on them at any time if they don't understand. Now, I'm not talking about, I'm not talking about beating and training. Dogs never belong in the same sentence ever or the same conversation as far as I'm concerned.

If you can't figure out how to manipulate the behavior of a dog, yeah then you need to find a totally different, you need some like personal help classes or something. Because you probably don't get along. It's like Ed Barnes said, in a pod in the podcast he did with me, he is if you show up to buy a dog and that guy's kids are unruly and a bunch of, little, bunch of little turds, don't buy that dog.

'cause he can't figure out how to control his own kids. He sure doesn't have a handle on. Yeah. And a dog is pretty simple in that regard. Yeah. Yeah. So I always look at it like that. It's let your s b s and your no be no and be ready and prepared to back it up every time. [01:13:00] There's no place for nagging and 'cause I think it does desensitize them if it's in, in canine handling.

When I always use the word fuey. That sounds gay and everything else, but I said it. I don't drink Bud Light. I'm good. I'm just staying quiet to let you train. Keep going. I'm just saying put, I laughing my ass off when you said ooey. Absolutely. It works. It works. It does. Now I use, ah, you know when I say ah, Tough knows.

That's exactly what I do. Hey, every, yeah. Every dog on my place knows when I say that, it's time to stop doing whatever you're doing. Yeah. And think about your next choice, yeah. Your next decision is crucial what you do. And that means the reason we use Fuey is because it's a word that's never used.

It, it's just not used. If I use the word no, how did you know all the time you're using this word and you can, the dog's brains don't work like that. But [01:14:00] when you use tone and a specific word mixed with body language, that's how you effectively they get it. Yeah.

Yeah. I've seen people that talk to their dogs too much and that's what I've always and I've been very cognizant about how I train my own dogs. I've been happy with my ability to handle my dogs since, but I've obviously improved immensely over the years, but, I've seen a lot of people, not a lot, I've seen people I've hunted with that talk to them too much, have conversations with them when they're hunting, don't let them go out and hunt instead of just like micromanaging their every step.

And I'm like, man, like that's just so dumb. Like those dogs, they just get, Chad, talk to me about that a lot. How dogs, he's seen dogs get ruined by over handling or talking to them too much. Just keep it simple, stupid. Like I say, that's exactly what I do, but hey, I'm like, hey, or ah, like when they make something, I don't, when they do something, I don't like a grunting sound and let 'em be dogs.

But, and then also make firm simple corrections. I don't like talking to my dogs [01:15:00] a lot when they're hunting or anytime like that. 'cause it, I always explain it to they only understand tone and body language and the words you've taught them. If someone in Chinese is talking to me, I don't know at all what they're saying, but I do understand their body language, their tone.

If he taught me that, like she, she means thank you. If he's, and it says she, I'm like, oh, so he's a little happy. You're welcome. Yeah, exactly. You're welcome. And if his tone is good. So anyway, yeah. And that's, I don't, I just keep it minimal and let him hunt and do their thing. Yeah. But then, correct.

When they try to do stupid things like chase a cow or something, one of the things that we need to keep in mind is that people are verbal creatures. We communicate verbally, we miss so much of the body language. Whereas dogs are primarily body language readers. They can read your body language, they can read the body language of other dogs.

And I've seen other dogs, you, you start mixing dogs together, strange dogs together, and you don't think anything's [01:16:00] going on. And then all of a sudden you got a balled up mess where they're trying to, pull each other's throats out and. Just, I'm talking at dog park type stuff and yeah, you go to the dog park and you watch this, it's ah, Dakota's never acted like that with another dog.

It's yeah, he is acting like that a bunch with other dogs, you just have never picked up on the body language or not queued into the body language. Yeah, and so you've got that aspect and then you've got the genetic makeup of the dog and how to communicate with the dog. When that, from the time that dog is a small puppy, comes right out of the, comes right into the world, still wet, mama starts teaching that dog things like the growl.

It's that means stop. So when you add, ah, that's my growl to my dog that I'm invoking a behavior that they already know. They were already [01:17:00] taught that. By mama when they were born. Yep. You're biting too hard on the nipple. Ah, don't bite my ears. Ah, and then when they're doing something right, you hear a whining and whimpering and this high pitch touching.

Yeah. The mammal mammalian reflex is activated at that point. The Happy Voice, the Mickey Mouse, mouse voice effective trainers will, when they're praising a dog, they don't say, ah, good boy. They say, oh, that's a good boy, good job. Mickey Mouse voice. And that, that invokes that behavior that they were learn, that they were taught at birth from mama as well.

Yeah. And that's the thing too, a dog with no negative enforcement that No and I'm gonna, I'm gonna say that with my experience and just what we know. I don't think, and when we say negative enforcement, I'm not saying beating 'em down like you've already said, but Right. You think of any human being in this world that has not learned through consequences of their negative actions.

[01:18:00] My dad never, it's impossible. Beat us down's. I, but he spanked us when we were bad and it felt like the wrath of Thor's hammer coming down on our butt cheeks. And now I realize he was probably just letting gravity fall with his hand. But with a dog, it's more to, it's more to it and not get it's psych logic, and yeah. There's got to be not getting anthrop anthropomorphic on it, but the concepts we're all mammals, yeah. Absolutely. I don't, there, there is no way dogs are not that far from not being domesticated animals and to think that there's somebody's fur baby that they're gonna understand.

Positive reinforcement all the time is unrealistic that you think the child, the world is a violent place except for the world that we are choosing to think that we live in, one void of violence and, but the world is a violent place and animals still understand that people are the ones that have lost perspective on that.

Go live in nature for one day and [01:19:00] actually look around with open eyes and you will see that it's chaos and insanity out there. Yeah. Every day. Yeah, for sure. And so that's the thing, positive reinforcement. I've seen, you've seen these new age parents that won't like spank or discipline a child.

They're only like sit down and try to have a conversation with them. They're five and they're basically a dog on two legs. They only understand, yay, good boy Mickey Mouse. Or stop it, like a little bit of a, I was the hell as a child spoken like the guy that has no kids. Hey, I was a kid once and my parents, my mom, she was not afraid to embarrass my ass in public, let's say that.

Do you know what I mean? And yeah, I was a demon as a child when I was first getting shots. My mom will tell you this story better than me. I should, she's gonna be here soon. I should have a record. I was sitting on the chair, my brother, oh, he got a shots. He was a little trooper. Shed one tear. My mom said I was sitting there.

As soon as I saw the needle coming towards my arm, I jumped up, slapped the shot out of her hand bit, the nurse closest to me, and [01:20:00] ran for the door as fast as I could. It took three nurses to hold me down and inject me while I was screaming. Bloody murder. Terrifying every kid out there in the lobby. And yeah that's me.

So anyway, can't talk me. So all the beatings didn't help you? Yeah, no. Did you do it again? There was no amount of positive reinforcement that was gonna get you through that moment, exactly. Exactly. So anyway, yeah, that was a. I think that's about it. Some of the questions are repeats like we were saying, so go check out prior, ask me anything they've been asked almost verbatim.

But hey, I'll tell you what, first off, better than that, I wanna say thanks for engaging though. So don't think that your questions are bad. I'm happy that you put 'em there. I would just add, listen to the podcast. Don't just use a group as a place to hang out, listen to the podcast. 'cause a lot of times the people that don't ask the same questions but get mentioned, have listened to the podcast and they know not to ask that question 'cause we've already covered it.

And luckily a lot of the same questions have been asked on [01:21:00] multiple podcasts over time. Yes. So you're gonna learn things. That's exactly what I mean. Yeah. If Heath hadn't covered it, if we haven't talked about it on an a m a, something like that, then by all means, and I'm just glad for the engagement as well, Derek Torman and you are like a next level thinker there.

For sure. All righty. He's, I think he's made every one. Of course, when you have the real questions, the questions that really need answers Exactly. That you're gonna get mentioned every time. Exactly. Exactly. Dog training. What is this? A dog podcast? No, I need to fight a bobcat right now. And apparently Josh McKay too.

Yeah, yeah. If there's anything that you have special that wants to make the list, Chris, now is the time. But that is wrapping up the Facebook group, my brother. Yeah. So again, thanks everybody for paying attention. We don't just, we get a lot of pleasure and have a lot of fun with answering the crazy questions.

But seriously, listen to the [01:22:00] podcast. If you need more explanation on a topic, just refer to it. It's Hey, I heard he say this. I heard Chris, I heard Chad, I heard Seth, whoever, talk about this. And I'd like a little more explanation on can you address this a little more in depth, or this is a special thing.

Yeah. Those are always welcome questions. If you're gonna ask me the most effective way to, to trash break a dog off possums that's already been answered multiple times, then probably not going to question. But anyway, check out our Facebook group. It is there to promote this podcast.

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Like we had Naomi Yates Hirsch. From Sportsman's Alliance a couple weeks ago and talked about some real threats coming to Colorado. We're constantly doing that. We're never gonna stop doing that because that's why this podcast was created. We didn't create it so that we could sell you merchandise or anything else.

We created it because we believe in our freedoms to, to hound, hunt, to hunt our hounds and hunt. Hunt in ethical ways. And that's why we do it. That's the only reason we do it. Yes, sir. Gotta be a part of it. Yep. Yep. If Heath is gimli, do you think Chad is Goum 100%. Who? He's standing over like a He's standing over like a my process?

Yeah. Yeah. What is he my ing over like a fancy training manuscript. Yeah. My precious, yeah. My process. [01:28:00] For sure. Exactly. That's how he is with his baby Saluki right now. Yeah, a hundred percent. And that little, what's that little Lou Wellens setter? Lou Wellins are like, oh, he's so cute for people, for they're for people that don't wanna say that they've got a setter, an English setter.

It's all try to spell it. Try to spell it. I thought it was l o u No, l e n isn't it? Double L's up front? I don't know. Yeah, double L. I'm not fancy Chris. I'm a rabbit hunter. E l a n. Lou Welln. I don't remember. Chad's classy. I'm not Oh yeah. Dirty. That's why he hunts Dros and Lou Wellins because you know exactly like sitting around with his tset, keeping his pinky in the air and smoking faux Cuban cigars and talking.

I will say he's got his own dog taxidermied in his living room, so he's pretty badass. He's a beast. That's the thing about Chad he can walk in those circles and then he can tone it down to walk amongst us. Knuckle dragon guys, like me. He is just, he's just awesome. [01:29:00] For sure. Yep.

All right. All right, let's wrap this up. Thanks everybody for tuning into the Haman XP podcast and watch for, I've actually set a calendar invite on my phone or a notification on my phone to remind me that we need to do these more often. And so watch for that iconic twins picture of me and tough in my truck, and bombard us with questions.

And we do the fun and entertaining one that kind of gives us an opportunity to to take the gloves off and be a more, a little more raw. So guys, thanks for listening to the Hounds Man XP podcast. This is fair chase.[01:30:00] [01:31:00] [01:32:00] [01:33:00] [01:34:00] [01:35:00]