Bavarian Mountain Hounds: Deer Recovery Specialists

Show Notes

Deer hunters, have you ever loosed an arrow on that buck of a lifetime, watched it run away and then not been able to find it? The feeling of panic sets in as you lose the blood trail and as you work feverishly to find it again you get a sick feeling deep in your gut. As hunters we want to recover our game, it is our duty. Stack the odds in your favor by calling a blood tracking hound!

Heath joins up with Ken Parker of Central Georgia. Ken is a Fire Specialist with the Georgia Forestry Commission. Ken started blood tracking game animals with cur dogs and as he became more involved transitioned over to the Bavarian Mountain Hound. Ken has been working (BGS) for over 25 years. Ken is one of the co-founders of United Blood Trackers and served on the board for many years before stepping down to focus on the BGS club. He has been the chairman of the KBGS-GNA or Group North America for the last 13 years. This is a working group associated with the BGS club in Germany.  Ken is also currently the only judge in America for the preliminary test and is working on his 3rd BGS recovering wounded game for hunters. On average Ken takes 65 calls a year to help hunters. Heath and Ken discuss the history of the BGS and talk about the testing process and how a Breed Master decides on the breeding. If you are wanting to better your line or get into Blood tracking this is a must listen. Enjoy your Journey. 

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