Bears Gone Wild with Brad Luttrell

Show Notes

For the new comers bear hunting with hounds comes with a lot of unknowns and questions. What gear to take, what to expect, how do hounds operate, what do Houndsmen do, and the list goes on.

Brad Luttrell, CEO of Go Wild, joins Chris to recap a bear hunt that he and Derek Towles took with Heath Hyatt and the crew in Virginia. Brad dives into the full details from gear failures to an all day pack out after the bear was down. He describes the feeling of abandonment when the hunters had to round up dogs, the epic struggle against some wicked weather conditions and his feeling of accomplishment after the day was done.

This is a must listen as Houndsmen need find ways to be more inclusive and indoctrinate new hunters in a way that they can gain experience and positive opinions of hunting with hounds.

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