Blackberries and Beagles with Mr. David Church

Show Notes

This week we take the Houndsman XP faithful to the blackberry thickets of the Pacific Northwest hunting rabbits with beagles.

Seth traveled to Oregon to experience a wide variety of hound hunting styles and techniques and on the last day came to hunt rabbits with those tiny troopers of the brush, Beagles. Seth experienced a day of great success with David Church’s and Missy Fix’s dogs bringing in 2 different species of rabbits caught by the beagles in those harsh thickets. Seth was very enthusiastic to sit down with David and hear his story with these wonderful little hounds to pick his brain about the unique aspects of hunting in the Pacific Northwest with these dogs and much more!

You won’t want to miss this one everyone! Sit back and listen to the roar of the beagles!


Show Transcript