Caring for Hounds on a Budget Part 2

Show Notes

We left you hanging but, the wait is over!

Chris and Shorty catch up and talk about how to care for your hound and other hunting critters on a budget. The economy is in the tank, gas prices outrageous and dog food is expensive. 

Shorty runs through a list of antibiotics, the types their uses and where to get them. Chris and Shorty have been caring for hounds for decades and have found sources for antibiotics that may not be labeled for hounds but they contain the same ingredients.

DISCLAIMER: Chris Powell and Shorty Gorham are not veterinarians. The information provided in this podcast is for reference only. Dog owners should do their own research and consult a veterinarian for any medical questions. Houndsman XP is not liable for any misuse of any antibiotic or for the medical care or treatment of listeners hounds.

“Our Code of Ethics is do your own research.” Shorty Gorham

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