Choosing the Right Bullet for your Shooting Iron

Show Notes

Do you want to start a good argument at bear camp? This is a topic that will get folks fired up. It rivals Ford vs Chevy and what color of hound you hunt with. We are talking caliber selection and bullets.

Caleb Barnett is the Firearms Trainer and Instructor for Underwood Ammo. Underwood produces high quality, deep penetrating, high performing ammunition for rifles and handguns. Caleb is here to discuss bullet types, their performance, design and their real world applications.

-are big calibers necessary?

-what bullets are effective?

-am I putting the right bullet in my firearm to be effective?

-am I shooting a bullet that will over or under penetrate?

We will stack up side by side comparisons of popular handgun calibers and bullet designs that are being toted to the bay ups and break them down with real world info.

Whether you are looking for your first handgun or you have been packing a hand cannon for years, there is valuable info here for you to chew on before you buy your next box of ammo.

Show Transcript