Cognitive Testing-How does Your Dog Learn?

Show Notes

The Journey travels to Las Vegas, Navada to talk with Cameron Ford of Ford K9. Cameron runs his own K9 training facility and is the host of the K9 talking Scents Podcast. Cameron’s path led him to the military where he worked a dog for the Air Force. While overseas he worked with the German Police and attended forensic school in Holland. Cameron was a police officer, then ended up as an instructor for the U.S. Navy SEALs. He has been very involved with numerous studies on how dogs learn through cognitive testing. He follows up the testing process with a training plan depending on how each dog tests out.  

Cameron and Heath discuss how cognitive studies show how dogs learn and different methods for training depending upon the results of the test. Does your hound learn through memory or inference? 

Let’s get this Journey started, drop the tailgate and grab a seat. This is a class full of information. 

Show Transcript