Doug (Carl) Boykin: Six Decades with Hounds

Show Notes

Most people in the lion hunting world will recognize the name Doug Boykin. You know him on Facebook as Carl Boykin and his Instagram account is @azhuntingguide. Doug and his family are native to the state of Wyoming and now living in Arizona. Doug has been a professional out fitter and lion hunter for decades.

Doug is most noted for his story telling of epic hunting stories with friends and family. Chris is drawn in to the tales of catching lions in the dirt to deep snow, as only Doug can tell them. 

Chris askes Doug about the difference in dry ground dogs and hunting in snow. As an outfitter working in the deserts of Arizona and The mountains of Wyoming, Doug is well qualified to answer the question. 

Chris also asks Doug the BIG question; “Can lions pick up their scent?”

Show Transcript