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Seth is a man on a mission; a mission to find the coolest folks with Xtreme Performance hounds and share in their world. In an earlier episode of All Mixed Up Seth traveled to East Texas to blood trail wounded game with Danny Butts and Dustin Machado and had an amazing time and made lifelong friends with these 2 great gentlemen. Now he returns except this time to hunt hogs with Danny’s Xtreme Performance team of Hog Dogs. Seth brings his classic enthusiasm with Chad on the mic as he recounts this entertaining trip of his first time hunting hogs with curs and bulldogs. We also hear from Danny Butts himself about his thoughts on hog hunting and special guest Riggin Lane “The American Eagle”!
Start running in folks, the bulldog just caught an exciting episode!

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We all have that one special dog hanging out on the porch. He's just a little bit of this and a little bit of that. All these things you like coming together to make one superb dog. That was exactly what we had in mind when we made this show. Welcome to all Mixed up.

Chad. What's up buddy? Not much man. I'm just trying to stay warm. I got another dang snowstorm, but not enough to go chase a cat in it's all mud as soon as it hits the ground. So that's me. How about you? It is very windy, like 6% humidity. And about 80 degrees. So sucky, but hey, I don't like humidity.

And I was just in humidity and I felt like I sweat enough to fill a five gallon bucket [00:02:00] on my last adventure with Hounds Zone xp. So I'm happy to be home. I think my hounds are happy to be home. A cold front's blowing in tonight from this crazy wind. So it's supposed to be like 30 degrees in the morning and it's gonna stay cool for a couple days.

I think I'm gonna get one last hurrah with my entire pack until I have to switch to Saluki, only from the warm. I'm looking forward to it, man. I am and I'm glad to be home. I as you can tell, I look a little haggard. I was run pretty ragged in the last three days but man, I had a good time.

I can't wait to hear it all about it. I got a million questions, dude. Just shoot from the hit bro, cuz I'm gonna, I'm still electric man. I, I. I can't stop thinking about it. Yep. Here you go. Off the bat, what'd you think of like traditional Kerr leash and catch dog hog hunting? It's different from the lot of the other stuff, but what's your take dude?

So it was fun talking to all these guys. First of all, huge shout out to the East Texas [00:03:00] crew, Danny, Dustin Ymi, Henry London Reagan. All you guys are awesome. Thank you so much for hosting me. This was, you guys treated me like family. I felt it. And I really feel like, man, it was just incredible. It was so fun talking to everyone over the course of the three days because, I was like, Hey, I've hunted pigs before with all these weird ways cuz of all mixed up, I like to go out and experience off the wall or unique forms of hunting with dogs, thermal sight hound hunting and thermal rifle hunting and all this stuff. Night vision, the lead in traditional style, I'm saying out there quotes. I freaking loved it, dude. So the build up straight off man the first of all, it's during the day, which means a lot to me, dude.

Because I had, I love, hey plot twist. I love talking to people. And I talk to everyone when I'm all over Texas, north Texas, west Texas, east Texas. And it's funny how the [00:04:00] culture and the mindset around these pigs kind of changes. But one thing was, I've gathered is a lot of people are like, you hunt pigs at night.

Cuz during the day you can't find them. And I remember I mentioned that to Danny last year when I was there with Dustin and Danny and he was like, they don't disappear. Yeah, they're there. That's what the dogs are for. And I was like, this is my kind of guy right here. And I get the limitations of hunting why you have to hunt at night for certain styles of hunting.

I get that. That's when the pigs come out and they're in the open and that's what side hounds need. So no disrespect, obviously to my side, hound brothers. I just really love hunting during the day. And I'm gonna say this straight up, I love unhooking a bulldog, dude. Yeah, of course. You man.

Oh man. Ah the way they can just build up that tension. And Danny's dogs had a handle on them. His bulldog rubble. Yeah, rubble man. He was just like, not dragging me through the woods or choking himself out or anything, man. He just walked so good to the bay [00:05:00] and he stood there. He was pumped, dude.

We both were, I swear my electricity went through the leash and connected to his head. Maybe vice versa, I dunno. But man it was so awesome. And finally, if some, Danny was a badass dude and he'd sneak into the bay to get some sick footage. And then he would whistle and he'd make this whistle sound, and then I would just unclip rubble and the mayhem began, brother.

Oh my God. So I loved it, man. I loved it. I bet. Hey to me, the part I always liked about it was like that, you'd hear the bay or you see it on the Garmin, and you start getting closer. It gets louder and louder and everybody. We'll be familiar with trees. That's the same kind of thing.

You get closer and closer, but then you stop and you're like trying to make sure you're far enough out and like the anticipation all the way up to unc clipping the bulldog, right? I mean it, that's what that, that's the part, right? And then like, when you do it, it's just, oh, here it goes. Did you, were you guys right behind him or would you wait till you heard it?

The party start to take off running.[00:06:00] So that's the thing, man. So Danny really had the trip planned out. Great. I'm gonna give a sh a brief synopsis of what's going down and just interject where you need to, brother. Okay. Cause I'm gonna go, man, I'm so forth. I'm so pumped. But the first day so Danny, we had three days and Danny was like, I'm gonna take you to my my harder.

Because he's everyone kind of imagines Texas is just like pigs everywhere and it's just mayhem. He's I'm gonna take you some harder spots for the pigs. We're gonna have to have some races and we're gonna have to really find, and the dogs are gonna have to hunt. And so I was like, okay, cool. So we went to his first place on the first day.

I got into my plane from El Paso at five in the morning. Dude, we hit the ground in Houston and he was ready to go. I loaded up, we picked up his dogs and we headed. I met Dustin and Ymi out there. You guys are the bomb. And we hunted. Those dogs had to run out there and hunt, man. That's what surprised me.

So we hung back and we watched our garments and listened and covered ground a lot. And that's something else I really enjoyed. It wasn't [00:07:00] just all day Garmin screen staring. We moved a lot to anticipate where we thought the dogs were gonna be and where we thought the dogs were gonna go.

And we would sit there and listen for that bay and we hunted all day. Those dogs would check in. They'd run way out there and hunt dude way out there. At one point they were like over a mile away. And then they would loop back and we'd pick 'em up or they'd appear on the road. And then we would hunt and man, the pigs were tough to find.

And Danny, he's no quitter man. He's we're gonna go to the far end of this place. I know one last spot and I think that's where the pigs are. And we were with another guy named Blaine and he's super cool dude. And his dog's a really nice Blaine was already down in there and he's Hey, I'm seeing pigs sign, so come on down here and let's try to cast out.

So we cast out and Blaine's dogs. Finally, dude, no, I take that back. Danny's dogs. We were sitting in this beautiful little bottom US was chilling with Dustin and Ymi and Danny and Blaine. And then I heard it deed Danny. Was like, they're bae. And I was like, [00:08:00] oh fuck. Like after five hours of hunting and dude, his dogs were hunting.

That's another thing that I really liked. Danny's hunting big country. And he was like, dude, my dogs, they better go out and hunt. Yeah. And I was like, he let them out and they just took off, dude. And I was just like, wow. That is super cool. Quite the opposite of everything I experienced, because as sight hounds hunt close. They hunt close to you and you produce the game together. Hidden prey and they take off. But it was so crazy, man. Sniper and rayleigh, they busted up these pigs way out there, dude. And then we could hear that bark in the distance bark.

And man my heart was pounding, man. 10,000 beats a minute. It was time. So we hauled ass to where they were in that general area. And we led in, dude and I led my bulldog in and it was so fun, dude. We the, but the ke dogs caught the pig. Without the bulldog. Without the [00:09:00] bulldog. I was like, oh dang.

And that's the first thing I'm gonna say. Ke dogs can be way tougher than I expected. They really can tougher they know veteran ones know, some of them are just feather soft, and some of 'em are straight catch dog. I know a guy that bred blackout Kes and all of his curves would bay, and he had a black mouth cur that he leashed in like a bulldog.

And it was just a blackout curry. He'd get 300 yards out and unclip 'em in a catch vest and he'd run in there and catches like a, so they, they canned vary, based off the lines. It sounds like he's got bay dogs that will catch when they know they can do it. Is that kind of Yeah. Yeah. I mean he, he he had a kind of an assortment but he stays away from rough Kerr dogs.

Yeah. Which, hey, I was thinking a lot about our talk with Python Cowboy cuz Python cowboy really likes rough ke dogs and I can see why cuz those races can get a long way. Danny and all them kept staying over and over, man, I'm a good luck charm cuz dude they got on those pigs and they shot him down in 200 yards.

So I was like, great, this is awesome. I'm all spoiled. His curse caught this pig is about the size of a javelina, but it was a cool man because Danny's a pig hunting [00:10:00] wizard. He was looking at the garment and he could hear the barks and he was like, it's probably a group. And I, he's this is so funny, dude.

He was like go to the bay, Seth. And I felt like running, man, dude, I just took off like I was rushing through the brush at like full speed, right? And I was running through this really beautiful open patch. And then dude, as I got close, I just heard ah, the popping Yeah, dude. And like that I don't know how to describe that sound.

It's like a bunch of rapid grunting, and there wasn't a lot of popping. It was more just okay. And I was like, oh man. And he said that's their like rallying sound they made. Yeah. When that's right. I was rally. And so I was just looking through the bushes all pumped and I had my GoPro.

And so stay Patreon. It's all there guys. The footage is all there. But the herd broke and took off to the woods. And then I just heard the cat the curves barking stop for a millisecond. And then I heard the squealing, they had caught one. And I ran up there and by that point, Danny and them had come in with us and the bulldogs behind me, and yeah, [00:11:00] they'd caught him just straight up and it was just like a small one.

And Danny and the crew barred him, let him out. And it was so crazy, man. Is that this is what I really liked, bro. This was badass. So the curses had him cocked and we came in close. Danny grabs the pig by the back legs and he was so funny. He's I was hoping you'd catch him. I was like, are you freaking high?

No way. I'm not grabbing this thing. And it was only like 50 pounds, dude. I could have grabbed it, but I'm like, nah dude, I'm not grabbing a freaking pig. I don't know what I'm doing, man. I'm gonna get killed. And so he grabbed the pig. But he grabbed the pig man, and he was just like, he just yelled. He just yelled out to the dogs.

He's get ahead. And they just drop the pig and just take off, dude. Just roll out. And so it was silent. All the dogs were gone. And then he's tying this pig to bar him. And then we just hear bark, like off in the distance where they just rolled out and caught up to that sounder and baed another one, dude.

So I was like, that is so awesome. I thought, okay it's over. We [00:12:00] caught one. We're done. He's just get ahead. And they all took off and just freaking bae, another one that's some good dogs. Let him go. That's some good dogs. There's a lot of people that'll say they can do that, and it's not unheard of by any measure. It's. Hearing somebody say they can, their dogs will release and get ahead on their own. Like when you have a hog in hand. Now if there's no hog, you kill one, you throw it in the back of the truck, it's been a while, and you say, okay, go.

Yeah. All right. That's pretty standard. But like you say, have a hog in hand. A squalling flopping hog in hand, and I got this one. Go get the next one. That's when it's an efficient machine, right? There is that. Man, that's awesome. You got to see that. Yeah, I didn't, okay, so then what happened?

Yeah. Then what happened? So I freaking, I couldn't believe okay, I go into with no pr I have no idea what it's gonna be like, dude. Like I, I don't know. So to me, that was just like that's what they do. So I was just like, okay, cool. I can respect, I'm sure that takes a lot of training, right?

It does. But he starts saying, get ahead. They just took off. So I was like crazy. So I, this is how stupid I am, dude. I'll kind a little bish, right? So I climbed this I climbed this [00:13:00] tree. Yo, he's gonna let out this 50 pound pig bard. And I'm, I like climbed a tree, dude, to get away from him.

I'll admit it shamelessly dude, Danny. And then you've said it. Python Cowboys said it. Danny said it. He's dude, pigs, they're so overrated. I was like, I don't care man. I'm climbing this tree. Yeah. That is the best thing to do. A lot of people, try and outrun 'em or something.

That ain't gonna happen. You'll see a lot of veteran guys, if they're trying to ease in on it they'll take one hand and reach out and grab a tree and then go to the ne and go from tree to tree treaty. Cause general how you gotta do is get your feet up and they'll like yeah.

They'll run right underneath you, yeah. So and so you heard it here on Unds XP folks? I'm not, I would not consider myself a coward. Why do I need to put myself at risk? I'm just gonna climb a small tree and I'll be fine. So did the pig tree you No, it just took off. Did it go?

It just ran off the second he let it go. It just took off, dude. I wanted him to have a nice chop or something, I wanted the story where he like, he made was he Paul hoofs up on the tree? [00:14:00] Yeah. Dude. Alright. I was hoofs up on the tree. There you go. Here's the thing, we're gonna, we're gonna get down this road because the whole barring thing, it's the first time I've ever even heard of all that.

And I learned a lot and I really was pretty lucky cuz man, I saw some crazy stuff and we'll get there, dude. Cuz I wanna talk about the barring thing. Okay. But anyway, so like the bay happened, I'm freaking pumped. The, there's another bay off in the distance. And Danny's grab, grab rubble, let's go.

And I'm just like, hell yeah. So I jump out of the tree and I grab rubble and we take off to the buggies. We drive down the road a little ways and we walk in, we lead into the next bay and they have one bae, it's not caught. And it's on and off caught. And I, so I figured it was the same size as the sounder we just broke apart.

Anyway, he's just un let rubble go. And I was like, yes. Like I really wanted to let the bulldog loose, so I, I unclipped rubble and sent him in and that was badass. Dude. Pit bulls, they are, bulldogs are so badass. Dude I don't know. What is it about 'em that has that like mystique? [00:15:00] Is it cuz they're warriors?

Is it Cuz they're gladi. I don't know pretty much, man, and not much else. That's they're a little bit, a little, they're very loyal, but a whole lot of hate and a whole lot of goat for the critter. They've been trained and like all the extras shaved off, they're refined it, just grab it and hold onto it and never turn loose of it no matter what.

They're, man, man, I was just like I really, I just climbed a tree to get away from a 50 pound bar hog, and then this thing is like looking at a 400 pound pig and is yeah, I'm gonna take you on full, like head on with my face. I'm gonna bite you in the face and I with my face.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I agree, man. Anyway, there, there's something very. I don't know, very alluring about leading in those bulldogs. I don't know how to describe it. It's just cool, man. So anyway we catch that pig and man, we forgot our knives at the truck cuz I was so pumped. This is the problem, man. I get so excited that I think everyone else does too.

And so as soon as the buggy hit and we all just took off towards the bay, [00:16:00] right? We forgot our knives. So man, that's the luckiest pig in the world. We just let him go. We couldn't do anything to him. We would've probably taken him out of the gene pool, but we didn't have any ability to do that. So Danny just called his, because then dude, the, it was late in the day and I was like, Hey Danny, like these were long races.

He's so nice. He was like, we can keep hunting if you want. I can tell him to get ahead. And I was like, nah, let's let's call it for the day. I was like, I'm hungry. And then also man, we got a lot of hunting ahead of us. Let's save your. So he's like, all right, cool. So instead of telling him to get ahead, he just told 'em to stick around and they just stand there.

He, they came off the pig and then his crew dogs just stood there and circled around and just stood there. And then we let the pig go and we just called them and they just came with us back to the buggy and loaded up. And we took the bulldog back and loaded him up and we called it for the day.

And that was my first taste of coming into a bay. And dude, it's, that was a, that was just like dipping your toes in the water cuz it got way crazier. So we ended up catching 17 on the whole trip. Wow. Nine. Yeah. Yeah. So we caught two on the first day, two on the second day, and then [00:17:00] 14 at Alza. Man, it was pig appalooza dude.

He's I'm taking you to my favorite spot on the last day. So anyway, that was super cool. So long story. I just, man, it is awesome. Awesome. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it's the, you're, I like to talk about the walk-in too, and I know you've been referencing it a bunch and like how to quite describe it to me.

It's as you're walking in with the bulldog either pulling on you or walking respectfully either I'll take either, I like 'em too well mannered, but at that point you're, I actually find sometimes, I actually find sometimes as if the dog's pulling a little bit, you get hung up in the bushes a lot less.

Whereas I've had some that were like hyper respectful and they were like, healing beside me and they ended up on the wrong side of the tree, like every stinking time, oh, yeah. So it's almost pull a little bit, a very little bit. Don't pull me off. I want my, I'd like for. Like my wife to be able to pull them in.

Le walked them in, but I don't want, I [00:18:00] don't, but I don't want 'em so slacky, should they get hung up, yeah. And but then my point though is as you're coming in, as you're getting close enough to wherever you let that particular catch dog go from, wh what distances, he might not have even cared.

It might have just been case by case, but did he have a set distance did he like to turn loose from? So here's the thing, man, walking into the bay actually isn't as easy as you'd think because of the tangle of brush. Yeah. And I'm just gonna, I'm gonna say it right now, dude. East Texas brush sucks dude, like the briars.

So we, okay, so day one was a dream. We caught these pigs in a cattle ranch. The understory was clear. I was able to literally run it full speed up to the bay. That was awesome. The second day we're hunting in a swamp palm meadow thicket. And so Danny was like, we're not gonna catch a lot of pigs here, but there's big pigs here.

Okay. And so I was like, okay, cool. And the walk-in varies between a dream come true to a total on your hands and knees. Nightmare getting slashed. Dude, my arms are so cut up man. Yep. And I wore a heavy Wrangler [00:19:00] shirt to, to slick off those briars and claws and it still tore me up. Dude and g I'll be honest, I wasn't being super careful.

I was really excited and rushing through the brush, just protecting my face mostly. Yeah. But yeah, the, I also man at Pig Appalooza, I walked in on a bay. It's so stupid man. Cause I thought I was getting better, it seemed every time I walked into the Bay to try to get footage cuz Danny was like, go ahead and get footage.

So I like snuck up so I could try to get footage of the bulldogs attacking the pigs. And I was. Every time I was in the wrong spot or I just couldn't get the right footage, or I couldn't see the pig very well, I could just see the curves running around. So like then I was like, I'm gonna get a little ballsier and try to get really close.

And dude, one of the times at Pi Palooza they had this big bore, it was super, I walked into the wood lot and I could smell that stinky dude. Yeah. And I was like, oh man, there's a boar in here for sure. And I wasn't even close to the bay yet. Anyways. I came around the corner in the bay, I was like on my hands and knees.

And I came out into this like little clearing and I was looking [00:20:00] right at him. Point blank dude. He was like 30 feet away from me staring right at me. And he bolted, man. He bolted. I broke the bay. I was like, dang it. And I knew when I saw him, he I probably screwed up cuz I was trying to get too close cuz Kes were like whizzing around me and stuff like, oh, I was super close.

So patrons, I was trying to get some grave footage, but nah, I screwed it up. So there is like a happy medium. You do have to kinda like sneak in on the bay. I thought the dogs had him. I thought a bay was like, they had him bathed like he's gonna stay, but nah, dude, they'll break. Nah, they could break away whenever they want to.

It's like a laine bear. They'll have two or three dogs hanging off their hind end, like they'll, they can choose to stop, but if they see a human, a lot of times, especially if they've ever been caught before or pressured really hard they're gonna go if they can. Even with two curves hanging off their hind end, they'll just drag 'em through the bushes, and that's the thing, man, how easily he just plowed through that brush was pretty impressive, man. Those things are, pigs are badass. I, again, I'm saying it here first, but superior life form status. [00:21:00] I feel like Ferrell pigs can really give hairs a run for their money. They're incredible animals, man. They're badass.

And so what sucked is they stopped that big bo quick and then he just ran after he saw me, he was like, no way. And he took off. It took him almost a mile to get him stopped again. Yeah, I was like, dang, I ruined that. But everyone was super cool. They didn't care. But anyway yeah. So back to day two, these are like, it's like swampy bottom lands.

Very moist sludgy water. I didn't, Yemy told me straight up, he's anytime there's Paul Meadow thickets, it's gonna be like swampy mud. And so I was like, this ground was like 80% palm meadows, man. Dang it. We hunted quite a while before we finally got into the pigs. The dogs really had to hunt like long ranges.

Sniper ran like five miles, dude. Before he finally got on a pig. And he was ranging out a long way. Anyway we caught this huge bar hog, and when I ran up on that I just could not, I was not ready for [00:22:00] a bar hog. I didn't under, Danny talked about it a bunch. He talked about them and the whole reason about 'em.

And again, I'd like to, this is a good time, we'll go into that bars thing. Cuz to me that's like totally foreign as a guy who's hunted mostly in north Texas. Barring there, I've never heard of barring there. And here it's like normal, like people bar all the time. And that's like totally an acceptable and normal and very widely practiced thing.

Every property we went to, everyone's bar 'em, and we're just like, okay. And that's just what dude, this freaking bar hog dude, I, his belly was. 10 inches off the ground. Like this is the baddest pig I've ever seen. I can't even believe a wild pig can get so fat. They don't, he didn't.

That's all the, that's all life is to them then is getting fat, man. Yeah. They the phrase was they take their mind off ass and they put it on grass. That's the thing. And yeah. Yeah. I was just, [00:23:00] his cheeks look like a Vietnamese potbelly pig. Like he was like so fat. And the cutters, what surprised me is they can Yeah.

A huge teeth. Huge teeth. Yep. And I, I just could not believe that. And he's dude, they don't fight anymore. So when they stopped doing bore things. All they do is sleep and eat and leave everyone alone and just hide and just live their life. And so I was just blown away the size of this thing.

It was so fat and huge dude, way taller than a normal bore hog. But so clean didn't stink. Didn't have fleas on him or ticks or anything disgusting. He was super clean animal. And I was like, whoa. We tied him and left him and everyone's this is what we eat. Like all these guys were like, we come back and eat these huge bar hogs.

This is why we borrow 'em. Yeah. And I was like and the meat quality was unbelievable. So good. Yeah. They do a lot of cool stuff, man. I was really impressed with the herd [00:24:00] management. They, they mostly finish sows off. But if they have a particularly beautiful pig that has like beautiful markings or we caught one that was black with ice blue eyes.

How cool is that? That's that I've never seen before. So apparently that's really rare. Yeah. Yeah. Very. And so they were like, no, add him to the jean pool. That's cool. We'll let him out. And I was like, that is super rad to make cool looking pigs. And we barred a bunch of boars.

We only caught one sow and I wasn't a part of that catch, so they stuck her. But they let, we got, we barred all the bores that we, were like, Hey, these would be good meat. Barred 'em and turned 'em loose. And one boar that had like beautiful color markings, turn him loose, intact, and then otherwise yeah.

Intact. Yeah. Yeah. Because he is there were like, Hey, he'll make cool pigs, like cool, beautiful looking pigs. And so I was like, that's rad dude. Why not? And I think. I got my interviewer hat on and I asked, I said, why, why can you be in good conscious, let pigs out? And they're like around here it's not super duper ag.

It's all [00:25:00] piney woods and palmetto thickets. There's no, they're not causing this crazy ecologic, or I'm sorry, economic damage that they are in North Texas where it's like tons of ag. And so in North Texas, they're just like, kill all of them. But there they're just like, nah, they're a resource that we manage just like a deer herd.

That's right. And so we bar Yeah. And I thought that's really cool. I really like culture. I love the cultures of people, how they change throughout the world. And I thought that was rad. They're like, they're breeding beautiful, cool looking pigs and they're putting out this extremely, highly valued meat resource that cannot reproduce.

And contribute to the overpopulation of the wild hawks. And then years later they come back. And they harvest him from each and it's 350 pound fat ass bar hog. Like it's chilling in the dirt. I couldn't believe it. It was so cool. It's paid dividends back. It's like an investment, yes. It's like a, it's a 401k. Yeah. Yes, [00:26:00] exactly. And we caught that Bar hog. We tied him and we're like, Hey, we'll mark him. We'll come back for him. And so then we loaded up the hounds, we took 'em back up to the truck and we, we let him rest. We took him back to the buggy, let him rest. And we hunted all day.

We caught another Monster Bar Hog Monster, monster Bar Hog. But they were like I got pictures of 'em, dude. He, they're just, they're like barrels on a foot tall legs cuz their stomachs are so fat. And we turned them loose. We were just like, nah. We'll, and we'll cash out this bank account later, dude.

We already got one big bar hog for meat. Let's just let him go. So we just let him go, man. I was like, that's really rad, actually. And the landowner was like, I love bars. He's the one, the landowner was like, bar, every bar you catch. We love bar hogs. We love eating them. And just bring us meat from Bar Hogs and we're happy.

And that's what we did. And it was really rad. So different strokes for different folks. I had, I'd never even heard of and Danny can borrow a hog really quickly. It's a quick operation, isn't it? You think you gotta oh, we need a, we need an [00:27:00] overhead light and set up a table.

No, it, you could do it on one leg if you're good at it, how fast was he hit it. 10, 10 seconds. Yeah, there you go. 10 seconds. Did he go back through the same hole or did he make another. Two, two slits. Okay. Yep. Some people go through Yep. And I don't think it really makes that much of a, but I don't know if, they'll cut one out and then go into that same hole and then off to the side to get the other one so that there's only one.

Oh, okay. But I honestly, yeah. The first thing they're gonna do is go slap it in a mud pit anyway. I don't think you're, I don't think you're saving anything. Exactly what Danny said. Yeah. It's a very, yeah, there you go. Great minds. Think like Danny he's the first thing they do is go stick their butt in mud.

I was like, yes. He's we, you cut you slash squeeze cut and then spray some silver spray on it if you have some and let him go. It didn't, he wasn't squealing anything. He was just like, nah. Yeah, he was just like, and took off so nobody ran off. Dude, nobody bit it though. No. No. [00:28:00] Oh, no.

Oh yeah. No. No biting dude. No biting. No biting, dude. Oh god. No biting, dude. They didn't get, they didn't try and get you to bite it off, huh? Oh man. I'm gonna have to time no biting brother. Absolutely not. I am. No. And you couldn't pay me enough to bite a pigs. Freaking testicle, dude. That is what, yeah. What is the tubes?

Absolutely not. Dude, I was climbing up a tree from a halina sized wild hog. You think about bite one's balls crazy.

You right? Ugh. No. Anyway, that's hilarious. Yeah, and I was like, I, and I asked the guys around the pig. I was like, Hey, would you rather be. Or just killed as a bore. And you, that was so funny, the answers I got. Chad, would you rather be barred and turned loose or killed straight up? It depends on the circumstances.

Is there an option to fight it out to the death? I don't wanna just be executed, but I throw You got your chance before the bulldogs. Yeah. They told me ahead [00:29:00] of time like, Hey, if you get caught, one of the two is gonna happen. Then I'd probably just find it out personally.

Oh, I'm gonna say it right now, dude. I'd rather be a bar hog. And I'll tell you why. Because once you're barred and you're stupid like a hog Yeah. You don't know any better. So you're just like, oh yeah, definitely. Your brain chemistry changes. Yeah. And you're just like, now all of a sudden I just want to eat and hang out.

I wanna watch the Gilmore girls eat chocolate and hang out. You know what I'm saying? Gilmore girls. And oh my gosh. And yeah that's fine. That's cool. That's so that's too, anyway, yeah. So this. The second bar hog we caught had an ear tag. Dude or someone who tagged him. Like numbered or, yeah, or was it a clip or an actual like cattle tag?

Like a cattle tag. Okay. Was it and here's another thing. Here's what's funny. When you really get into folks, some folks managing them, they'll actually do the the bug repellant tags, so they're numbered and they actually have, whoa, whatever you'd say. The, I [00:30:00] don't insecticide, is that the right word for it?

But a treatment. There you go. But whatever. But, and it's still not gonna keep 'em all off 'em, but it'll help with the lights and a bunch of other stuff, so sometimes you'll even get numbered treated tags, ear tags on 'em, that's pretty cool. Or, and other folks That's awesome.

Notch 'em, did they notch any, did, yes. Yes. We had notch hogs ears. Yes. Some of the bos had bar hogs, had notched ear tags. And that's like little signature, so sorry, not yours. Yep. Yeah. And that's a little signature, and there's some overlap in like highly populated areas, but for the most part, you could tell where Jimmy Notches his and Fred Notches his, and so on and so forth.

And it it's really neat when you, I, Hey, I bared this hog, this is one idea. Yeah, I did. So that's neat. It was. And yeah, that was, it was also really cool cuz Danny's kind of a pig wizard and he was he was cool. I like to, I'm gonna apologize to him right now on air.

I asked thousands of questions. I'm sure not set. No, it what I [00:31:00] know. But every time we'd get a bay, I'd be like, what do you think it is? Became like a running joke. And dude, I'll give him credit. He was right every time. And so you could just tell by the intensity of the bay, the barking and the way they worked it, Yep.

Yep. Okay, good. That's awesome. And so I was like, yeah, I was super impressed with that. But anyway we wrapped up day two. The dogs were pretty sore. Blaine's dogs didn't run quite as much as Danny's, but they still covered some ground cuz he got there a little later in the day. And Blaine's dogs actually bathed both of those hogs.

So thank you, Blaine. I'm glad you came, brother. We were just in the wrong place. And Blaine let out in good spots and his dogs were really nice. They did their job. So Danny, we went home. We were gonna have a crawfish boil, but we were too tired. I've never eaten crawfish before and I really wanted to, but I just, we didn't get to it, which kind of bumed me out.

But at the same time, I was super happy to kick it with Danny's family and hang out at their house cause they have a beautiful home. And it was very relaxing. So I'm happy we stayed in. It was really fun to just kick it at his house. And Danny was like, all right, I'm taking you [00:32:00] to Candyland. He's we're gonna go to a ranch with some cool guys.

And there, he's last time we there, we had did a 24 hour hunt and we caught 89. Oh yeah. And then boys are busy, huh? Yeah. Yeah. That's nice. He's literally, you're tying and running to the next bay as fast as you can move. So yeah, I was like, oh my gosh. Okay, we get to Candy Candyland in the morning.

I'm tired, but pumped. So we meet some cool guys. We we meet Henry, we meet London, we meet Riggin and we go out there, we start turning out dogs and dude, we have a bay in five minutes. So it was run up to the first bay. If you guys remember on the Insta Stories, I'm pouring sweat.

I, I literally could not post the stories fast enough. I ran, I walked into my first, we got into the bay. Okay. Everyone, I want you to imagine this with me. This is a cattle ranch. It's beautiful. Rolling, gorgeous rolling meadows. And then these [00:33:00] stands of like super thick woods in like a circle. So they're islands of heavy timber with watered bottoms surrounded by these gorgeous open pastures so we can just like haul ass in our buggies from one bay in this crazy wood patch to another.

And so all day long, they're just overrun of pigs. Their meadows are totally rooted, all. And so we haul as to the first wood lot. We get out, I lead in rubble. This has become my favorite thing you do is lead rubble in. So I lead in rubble and and I, and then they're like, all right, turn him loose.

I turn loose. Rubble. He catches the first hog we run up. It's a bore hog. I can't remember what happened. You know what? Honestly, I didn't stay for the aftermath. Everyone there was so much help there and everyone was so cool. They were just like just go, Seth. Go to the next Bay R Run Seth. And I was just like, yay.

And so yeah, I didn't have to do any work. And I'm sure a lot of the listeners already know, but guys, make [00:34:00] sure you're hunting with lots of young people. Cause those young guys. They were more than happy to do all of the heavy lifting and what great hosts they were. I didn't have to lift a finger.

They were treating me like a correspondent for 60 minutes or something. I was just, I'd get there the first pig this guy London, like jumped on this thing and just. I don't know what happened. I just took off running. And he jumped on it and caught it and then they were just like go to the next bay.

Cuz the dogs already had one. Another group bay. They, these, some of the dogs didn't have to even be told to get ahead. As soon as the bulldog hit, they let go of the pig and just took off. And I I went to the next bay and they released some bulldogs on this pig and the pig broke bay before the bulldogs got there.

And so this long foot race happened. So there's a GoPro footage on the Paton page of me just like running through the woods. It like full steam ahead. Running. I felt like a freaking thorough bread. I was like, this is gonna be good footage, man. I like jumped this creek. It came out all cool on the GoPro.

Ah, very nice. Anyway, it's so stupid. [00:35:00] So I get to the bay, I get to the catch the bulldogs caught the pig, they're way faster than you would think. Pigs and bulldogs. And the bulldogs actually caught the pig. And I got there, I was super sweaty, so I wasn't gonna run to the next bay yet.

And we got there and again, man they tied that pig and barred him and then let him go. And then we go up to the Buggys rest. And then, man, there's just Bayes everywhere. There's dogs, just, there's this woman I cannot remember her name. It's Regan's mom. I cannot remember her name to save my life, and I apologize.

She had a lot of really nice dogs. And dude, she's just I got four bays. Pick which one you want to go to. And I was just like okay. I look at the garment, I'm like, that one. So we just go to that one. And then I run in there and let, they had bulldogs and they had this old bulldog no who Henry had this old bulldog, and it's, it was like an eight year old bulldog.

And that thing, it did not care, man. You could tell he was showing its age. Hiss back legs were not as strong as it once was, [00:36:00] but. Just a fearless warrior. Absolutely fearless, I don't know. I was telling you about bulldogs. There's just something about I gravitated to those dogs and man, we unclipped him and he ran down there to, to catch this big hog, that bait in this big bore hog bait in a river, like in a stream.

And he jumped down into that water. And I don't know what it is, if the pig kind of like the boar, saw him and zeroed in on his intense body language or what, but those two just ran at each other and met in this creek at full steam ahead. Both of them just boom, hit each other. And of course the pig is way bigger and stronger.

But dude, that old boy got rocked, jumped up and just smashed into that pig. Nothing even happened. And I was just like, damn. Got him caught. Got him caught. Yeah. He had him caught. Yeah, dude. Awesome. And I just had great respect. I was like, dude, this old boy. Man, he's like the equivalent of a 60 year old man.

He's just give them to me. Let's do this. It was sick, dude. [00:37:00] I was just blown away by their bravery, their intensity. I don't know man. I just like bulldogs. They're cool. So anyway he got the pig caught and then, man, this guy London, he, I was on the bank. I'm not getting in the water dude.

No, I'm sorry. And this guy just ran and jumped on the back of this pig and just started going to town on him. I was like, this guy's just badass. He's on its back, just pop and just going to town on it cuz the, it was a dangerous situation for the dogs. They caught him in the water and the curves were piling all over him.

And that's how apparently dogs get hurt. Yeah. No bulldog there to, to hold the head. So it was just big dogs. They had the bulldog there, that old one, but he's really old. Yeah. And then he's I didn't want to take a chance and get Aker dog hurt bad. And so he's just I had to finish the pig off.

Man, he, that kid is a badass man. He's tall. He is like six five. And he just jumped on that sucker and started going to town on him. And I was like, I am so glad these dudes are here. I was useless, man. It was a big bore and I wasn't [00:38:00] gonna grab him. Hell no. I don't know what I'm doing, dude. I got to the point.

Yeah. Anyway, the Hounds XP podcast network is powered by Cajun Lights. All of your lighting needs for hunting can be taken care of at Cajun Lights. They have three models of cap lights. I'm gonna run through 'em real quick. You've got the RO guru, which is their high end light if you're a competition hunter, and you gotta find that coon up in a tree and it's all riding on finding that coon.

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The micro gator is an ultra lightweight calf light. It's got all the features of a white light, red, green, and amber. I've used this light for everything from finding bear tracks early in the morning to coon hunting at [00:39:00] night, to working on plumbing in the house, changing. Tires on the side of the road. My truck doesn't leave the driveway without a Cajun light in it.

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They got a lot of stuff to offer over at Cajun Lights. That's one of the things that can like you say, that can happen if the dog's older or tired, like the bay break, like you said earlier, sometimes if you lease the, unclip the catch dogs and they're on their way in and they break and then run another mile and then, your catch dog's there, but tired, they can control the head a little less.

Cause that's one of the main points of the bulldog is to grab the ear and hold it. And as long as something's holding that head, still relatively still, they don't have the freedom of mo [00:40:00] movement to throw those tusks around. And that's when your crew dogs get hurt, and if the bulldog's tired or older, sometimes they'll walk with a, with the hog a little bit or sw move with them, as opposed to if he's fresh, he's gonna lock on and just hang and pull his hardest and, try and control the head and prevent the range of motion, that can get your other dogs in some trouble, yeah. No, I, it wasn't just for. To put on a show. He probably was, stepping up, oh yeah. And that's the cool thing. I really, these guys were so humble and cool. All of 'em, every single one of them. No. I felt like nobody was there trying to look like a badass. I felt everyone was really doing it right.

And yeah. He wasn't even, I don't know if he even knew I was there, but he was just there to protect those dogs. And I give that guy, he's a human bulldog, he jumped on that sucker and I was like, dude, this guy's a badass. And apparently not the only one because, and this is the last in-depth story.

I'll tell one of the bays we didn't get to one of Danny's dog's sniper was off running around he's a [00:41:00] recurring name, as you can tell, sniper's badass. So Sniper ran off and was hunting a different section of the ranch with some other dogs. And they bathed this hog. And this is just one of the ones we didn't go to.

We got a call, and this is when I and I first met Reagan. He was like They caught this monster Bar hog. And I could tell on the phone just the way they were talking and on speaker, that they were extremely excited. And I, they were like, this bar is the craziest thing I've ever seen in my life.

You guys need to come. So we were like, oh, dang. So instead of telling the dogs to get ahead, we come, called everyone in, let 'em rest for a minute, get some water. And we brought the dogs in. We hauled ass over to where they had this big bar caught. This guy, this kid Riggin caught, jumped on this bar and killed the bar.

It was so fat that his blade had trouble getting through to the hogs, like vitals. Yeah. But he obviously succeeded. Chad Reynolds, this bar was over 400 pounds and its tusks, looped around and came through its cheek and into its jaw bone. [00:42:00] Yeah, that's a big one. He's been around for a little while.

Dan Danny was like, I've been hunting pigs my like, for decades. And he is this is the biggest bar hog I've ever seen. And like everyone around was like, you're good luck, dude. I don't know what it is, but we've had more crazy stuff happen this week and this thing I posted pictures guys.

It's all, again, it's all on the Paton page. It was on theta stories. Those tusks look like handles. You could grab onto them and pick up his head. The tusks grew into his jawbone, so you can see the hole like through his cheek. And this thing, you couldn't even get a pin raised pig that fat. I mean you could duh, but I mean it had an eight so we butchered that all.

Obviously we butchered that pig for meat. Yeah. Eight inches of belly fat, dude. Eight inches thick. There you go. Anybody make a lard out there? Any work with that or did they put it to the side or heck, they probably had pins, I don't know. He was dead obviously, so I don't know, man, what.

I don't know. I have no idea what they did with the meat. Gotcha. Everyone gotcha. Was very excited. Let's just say that [00:43:00] everyone was like, oh my God, these are gonna be the best, like meaty, juicy. That thing was, it looked like a cow's footprint. His hooves were enormous. This was a giant animal and it belly now, Dude, I know.

I really was blown away. And there's a lot of jokes, Chad Reynolds, there's a lot of jokes about you on the so I interviewed Danny, obviously, and all right. We talked and he's making fun of you. Not making fun of, I'm making fun of. But he's they don't eat bore hogs there, bro. No.

They, if they got the bar hogs all over the place, and they're spoiled by choice and that's not a bad thing. Not like they're, I'm just saying if they have all the options, then yeah, why not? But it's, yeah. He's you can let Chad and the Florida guys have all those bar hogs.

Is that right? Oh, you'll hear it. You'll hear, please. Their, they sure as heck know what they're talking about over there. But yeah, it was it was amazing how clean. Those bar hogs were, I honestly, I'd prefer to eat a bar only cuz I was taught by Texans. So I see a bore hog and I'm like, Ugh.[00:44:00]

But I would like to do this, Chad, let's catch a huge, nasty, disgusting rank bore taint, bore hog uhhuh, and let's cook imbued. I want to have my man changed. I'm an adventurous eater. 100%. Man. It's too easy. Too easy. So anyway, what happen? We'll have to make it. Yeah, I would love to. I we barred we killed that last monster Bar Hog.

And then, anyways guys, we caught 10 more pigs. I had a, in this episode too, you're gonna hear a short interview with with my buddy Riggin. Here's 15. He's out there. He's been hunting since he was a fetus, quite literally. But he's a cool kid, man. I was so glad that boy was there. I was calling him the American Eagle cuz we got up to this catch.

And I was so glad that kid was there, man. I was beat from running around in that heat. I'm just not used to that humidity. And I he had two bulldogs that you could walk in. They didn't need to be led. They walked, they healed with him off and then off leash gave him the command. Yes. Off leash.

Good. Cool stuff. Nice. Yeah. And so I was really impressed. One of his catch dogs I'll let him explain. It's really cool. And I have it on [00:45:00] film again, but he just led those dogs in and boom they got this pig, they broke the pig, broke bay, the bulldogs, ran him down and caught him in the water.

By the time I ran around, got out there to see what was going on, this kid had already stripped down to his ski and jumped in there and caught that boho by the back legs in the water. And he was wearing underwear that had American Eagle, like huge in bold, like on the waistband. So I was like, this kid's the American Eagle man.

Oh, that'd make a great for advertisement right there. We oughta see that on Billboard somewhere, man. You wanna get sponsored by American Eagle? How's an xp? We got some badass little fellas out there smoking big Bo Hogs in their ski. Yeah, man, that was, that's nice. Yeah, so he's he's he's the one that killed that humongous bar hog.

And then he caught that big boho and tied him in his underwear. Regan glad you came, buddy. You're a fast little dude. You can work through the underbrush quickly. Glad you were there. Anyway, guys, that was it. I had an [00:46:00] amazing time. I am, it sounds like it. I definitely am going back and Danny was like, we're not gonna go to my hard spots.

I wanted you to experience it. And now every time we go back, shout out to Henry. It was his property. He is, we made great friends with Henry. Danny already knew him, but I felt like we got really close and he was like, you're welcome back anytime. Let's go hunting. So guys, next time I go back, we're going straight to Candy Land right off the bat and we're gonna just have an apocalypse right off the, a pocalypse.

Yeah. Nice. So it, it was awesome you guys. I had an amazing time and lead in bay dog, or I'm sorry, bay dogs lead in catch dogs. It's my favorite way. I'm gonna say it right now. You heard it? Oh gosh. You heard it here? Yep. Oh man. It's my favorite way to hunt a pig. Yep. Yep. It's awesome. So it was incredible.

Chad, if there's anything you need to ask me, ma'am, now is the time, brother, but I just laid my soul out. It was just so fun. Yeah, I got you. Gotta come next time. Oh, I got, yeah, I really wanted to go [00:47:00] this time too. I just could not swing it, but I, yeah, if, I'm jealous as heck. How about that?

So I'll have to, I'll have to make time for the next one, but I do have a few questions. What kind of curves? A lot of times they could be crossed up or the Manley Black Mouse or some Cata Hulas running around. A lot of times you can get mixes of the two. What were they working with there predominantly mostly ke dogs.

And then obviously in the interview with Danny, he's gonna break it down a little bit more, but, okay cool. Yeah. Yeah. But mostly curse. Yep. Mostly either straight up blackout, curses or some slight mixes and I can't remember exactly what the crosses were. But Danny broke, Danny breaks it down okay, good.

Yep. Let's see that, and then, like you said, side by sides, pickup trucks, like that's side by side around the king. Oh yeah, by sides of the king. You see some cool rigs cuz that you see some brilliant like glory. Yeah. Full red necky on some rigs sometimes. Some of 'em are super. These guys. Yeah. But every now and then you see some contraptions. Mine used to be hanging off the sides of four wheelers [00:48:00] where I'd have three or four dogs buckled down to the front of it, and that into the back as well. It, it could be pretty glorious. You guys had some witness sick rigs, man.

They had canam defenders with nice metal dog boxes and shout out to the bulldogs again, riding on top, clipped in, some of 'em, clipped in. Some of 'em not, some of 'em just rodee up there, but they rodee all day on the tops of those riggin boxes. And man, they just rode all day. We, we driving through crazy thick brush, they're smart.

They just ducked down, get underneath the rig box where they're protected, and then they just stand back up again when they're outta the. Like Whacka, they just popped right back up. Yeah. So yeah. Nice setups. Everyone had sweet can AMS and boxes and they were like, oh, Seth man, you need a razor.

And I was like, dude, I can't afford a can-am, bro. I gotta beat down old donkey of a buggy. I, mine's an old, it is 15,000 miles on it, son. You push the gas down and it doesn't roar, it coughs. You know what I'm saying? But it gets the job done side by side. It was awesome For the main form.

Oh yeah. Yeah. It's, that's one of the best ways to go. [00:49:00] There's light. Absolutely. You can get through all the mud real easy and the whole bit. Bingo. All that was mainly it. I was really curious and I look forward to hearing about the dog breakdown too. We don't have to answer that twice, but that and the rigs, that's mainly what I was interested in.

The bar hogs do. They, I, there's some people that actually have bar barring knives where the point's taken off of it, so the, it's a nice straight blade, almost like a shaving blade, oh, okay. I wasn't sure if you saw No, we just had fancy pants, things running around.

No, yeah, we, they just had good old fashioned sheath knives that made 'em good old fashioned bar hogs. And I like, I noticed some of the videos you were taking and pictures, the way they tied their pigs is different from the way I did it. And I'm, I've, I'm, I was really interested in how they did that.

It looked like a slit knot on one and then like hitches going to the next, and then, and then there was a length long enough to tie, up. Somewhere to keep 'em from standing up. Cuz they can, like ev I've had 'em shimmied inches from the front rights inches from the back left and the front lefts inches from the back.

And they can get up [00:50:00] and they'll we're like inch, inch away. They can do it tip toe away, dude. Yeah. So that can, that's hilarious. That's something I used to like to do too, is just put a leash through the bottom and tie it up so that they can't really stand up or put 'em on a hill or something.

But I thought that though, with the yellow ropes, right? I thought okay. Yeah, we'll have to get them to come back later and break down the way they tie. Cuz everybody's got their own little style with that too. Their own little kung fu knot or whatever you want to call it, but I, we'll have to get, we'll have to get them to break it down.

It might be a trade secret some folks don't like to share. But I does cool though. But yeah that's all I got, man. Yeah. Great story. I can't hear the, can't wait to hear the rest of it. I pretty much laid it all bare man. I don't think I left anything out except for Okay. Just the repeat broken record of me leading into a, an obey breathing in my heart pounding and letting a bulldog go, but Gotcha, gotcha.

It's incredibly fun. I'm gonna openly admit definitely in my top four favorite ways to hunt with dogs, period. Like of all time. Yeah. So far that I've experienced on [00:51:00] these really wonderful travels I've had. It was amazing and I'm definitely coming back. So love the footage. If you guys love the footage, there's gonna be a lot more coming and maybe Mr.

Reynolds will be standing next to me and Chris Powell too. Hey, Chris is Hey, you better invite me next time. You crazy guy? And I was like, absolutely. So maybe it'll be a hound zone. Xp. Rondevu. There we go. And we'll have ourselves a good old fashioned H xp, a poca. That's it that hasn't gotten old yet.

Forklifts. So I dig it. Anyway, guys, I say, Hey let's roll in and let Danny Butts himself I interviewed him and I, I worked hard to make sure that my recap won't be a broken record. So you guys I asked him a lot of questions that I felt like I really wanted to hear from a, an expert dog, he dog man and pig hunter.

Let's hear it. Me and Danny Butts coming back. I'm gonna tell everyone now, we were gonna sit down and record in his house. We got home late every night and we were freaking exhausted. So this was recorded on the way to the airport. So there will be a little sounds of traffic in the [00:52:00] background, but.

I hope you guys can still enjoy it, hearing from Danny Butts himself. And yeah, just quick shout out again. I think this is really important. I met some really awesome people on this hunt and so I just want to give a quick shout out. Thank you Danny, for inviting me. Dustin Machado, you guys, you've heard him.

Southern Trackers. He's the who invited me to East Texas first treated me like family, made me feel really welcome. And I met Danny with Dustin. They both are southern trackers and you guys go back and listen to that blood trailing episode I did with Dustin and there's lots of bonus material on the Patreon page from that trip as well.

And so thank you guys. You guys are the best, Henry. Thanks for letting us come out on your land for p Apocalypse Pig, a Pza candy land. That was the best. So fun. And shout out to all the guys that came. London Riggin, all you guys. I know I'm missing a couple names. I apologize. You guys are awesome and you guys made it a great time and really showed this dusty, New Mexico Desert Rat.

How fun it can be in the Palmetto swamps. Without further ado folks, let's roll right into Danny and. Yeah. Thanks again [00:53:00] everyone. You guys, I'm gonna start this off by just saying this trip was so epic, so crazy, so horrific that we're gonna have to record on the drive to the airport. So there's gonna be some road noises, I'm sure we are gonna just have to deal with that.

We were gonna sit down and record last night, and Danny was like, no, because tomorrow's gonna be even more epic. That was today, and today was freaking crazy. See, I can't even, dude, today was so fun. It was a good time. Good time. I can't believe how many. Firsts you guys had with me here. I feel like a lucky dude.

Yeah. Yeah. You were very lucky. Everyone. Not everyone gets to catch listed bars and blue eyed hogs and teeth that wrapped back into the hog's jaw. Yeah. You heard it here. You guys, one of these bars we caught it's teeth like wrapped into its own jaw, like into its molars. Both sides. Very rare. [00:54:00] How? Okay, I got lots of questions here.

How's an xp, you guys, there's a lot of pig hunters in the house, and I get it. You guys, this is very fun. I want you, I'm gonna ask some simple pig questions. I want to get everything laid out. Sometimes with these interviews, the terminology, some people can get lost. So let's break this down. First off, what is a listed hog?

Listed Hog is a striped hog, like a ham. It's a Hampshire hog, so they have a. White stripe or a white band around behind their shoulders from their shoulders back. Okay. What is a bar? Hog? Bar Hog has been castrated or hog that's been castrated. So I didn't know that. I knew a bar was the term, but I never put it together.

That bar means like a neutered hog, and I always just thought it was an accent thing. Yep. Maybe I caught this bar and I was like, you mean a bore? No, a bar boy. And I was like, okay. So of course I didn't [00:55:00] say it. You mean a bore? But that's what I was thinking in my head. Okay. Bar hogs are neutered hogs, you guys, and we came across quite a few of those.

3, 4, 4 of them total. Why do people bar hogs? So we can eat 'em? They're very good eating. After you catch 'em, if they've been barred for a while the one that the teeth went back, they said they cut that off five years ago. Five years ago. The carcass quality is insane. Yeah. So fat. Very fat.

All they do is eat and sleep. The tur the. Is, takes their mind off ass and puts it on grass. Yep. Yeah. We call it a black hog with blue eyes, sky blue. Very blue. So crazy. Looks like he was wearing contacts, like blue contacts. I anyway, we got some of that outta the way you guys, I'm gonna say it right here.

This trip was unreal. So much fun. My first time hunting daytime pigs with the old school way you guys know here it all mixed up. I like to showcase the [00:56:00] offbeat, the path less traveled, but I couldn't help myself. You guys remember my blood trailing episode with Dustin Machado and Danny Butts here.

And Danny was like, oh, I got some pig dogs. And Dustin was like, you should come. And then I came and here I am and, yep. Daytime pig hunting. That's where I'm at. Why don't you introduce yourself, brother, and tell us a little bit about yourself, how long you've been running pig dogs. Danny Butts.

I've been around dogs my whole life. Hunting dogs my whole life. I guess I got my first dogs to raise up whenever I was about 14 years old. I'm 31. I've been raising my own dogs ever since. So I've been doing it a long time, longer than a lot of the people that do it nowadays. Just what do you love about pig hunting?

Oh, just being in the woods in general. Watching my dogs work. Yeah, they are. They're horrible. I'm just kidding. East Texas briars. Yep. Oh man. Briars are like a vine. A mesquite vine. Yeah. I tripped on like very much [00:57:00] 15 of those things. Not as much as Blaine's kid, but you guys. Good news. I tripped less than a seven year old.

Yeah, barely. It's so fun and it's so exciting. I was gonna ask you too have you hunted other types of hog hunting? Oh yeah. What? Off a boat. Done the marsh off the boats and been out in west Texas. Bunch of rock and mountain type stuff. Vander pool, utopia. Very hard country on your dogs and their feet.

I brought you to some of my harder stuff out here in east Texas, and then I showed you candy land. Oh, the difference. I'll take the candy land all day. Ever. Even my dog's being whooped from two days of hard to hard hunt. They still Yeah. Yeah. Still produce hogs over there. Easy. What dog do you think ran the most?

This trip? I'm gonna say I have my ju i my guest and I promise everyone, I'll be honest. Who do you think ran the most? Sniper of? Rayleigh. I was gonna say sniper. One of the two. Yep. One of the two. Sniper had a habit of just [00:58:00] going off and hunting and then we had to be like, all right, sniper, we're gonna leave you go to a bay and then come back four hours later.

Yep. Every time. Yeah, man, he can really cover some ground a lot. What do you like in a good East Texas hunting dog? They gotta have brains and bottom for sure. And a nose definitely helps with how much the hogs travel. But you've seen that kind of nose, you looking for not too cold, but something cold enough where they can trail hogs from the evening before or night before.

Something that'll know there's hogs in the area and go hunting and see if they can get, cross a different hotter track. Put pigs at the end of it. I don't know what you're talking about. Dude. These raises aren't long at all, bro. Yeah. Yours work yours as lucky as they come. Yeah. Danny and them.

Were everybody at camp today we're hanging out with, we're just like, wait, how long was your longest race? And I was like, I don't know, like 50 yards. And everyone was like, what kind of luck does this guy bring? You seen one today that was longer than the ones we had in my heart. Yeah. [00:59:00] Yes.

How long was that? The longest one? Because we caught 13 today, right? Yes. 13. No, that was 13. Caught by the entire, yes. I casted the dogs. They went 900 yards beta bore. We went around the bore broke. We got back to the gate where he had crossed the road. We were six tenths of miles from where they ba 'em, and then they're at 1.15 to where they stopped him again.

So that was probably, I'd say close to almost a two mile race, if not a little more. Yeah, that was fine. That was as a crow flies. Dude, I came in and ruined a bay. I felt like an idiot. Nah, you didn't it just getting in close. The hogs seen you. We didn't have the enough dogs in there to keep his attention.

Just a couple dogs in there on him and they said, go instead run in there. Four hogs are smart. The first pick. We were running a hard place, you guys, and the first pig like we found, was like in this wood lot and it was beautiful open for us. And so Danny was like running. Seth and I just took off running.

We busted a [01:00:00] group. The dogs picked a show down and got it caught. That's why I was telling you to run it. Go ahead and go. And I loved it. You'll see the video on Patreon. Everyone of my GoPros, I'm just like, like a Dang, I think I passed the catch dog. Yeah. Almost one of them. One of 'em.

Anyway. Oh, that poor old boy. Yeah. I I got some awesome footage and I just can't get over. How awesome. It's unc clipping a bulldog. That's a cool feeling. Oh, yeah. What do you like in a good bulldog? Because dude, you got a great bulldog. I enjoy rubble, man. Yeah. They gotta have a hard mouth. They gotta bite.

They gotta hold, gotta have a little bit of brains in 'em. I have game dogs. They're toned down by me, and when I get 'em from puppies, they're a little crazy, but I put a lot of work into 'em and get 'em to dial down a little bit. Yeah. But they, the main thing I look for is something that's driving a hard bite with some brains.

Once you get 'em ton down they get smarter to pay attention to stuff. Do you think. Is [01:01:00] any catch dog better than the American Pit? Bull Terrier? I'm sure there is. I've seen American Bulldogs catch just as good as game dogs. I feel like game dogs is what I want cuz they're not as big.

They're, if I do have to lead a dog in the woods, I don't want to drag me on the ground. So I use a pit. They're, some of them still drag you on the ground. I had an American bulldog, she caught just as good as any pit, but she would drag you down to the ground. She was a bigger dog. Do you think male or female bulldogs catch better or is it That doesn't matter.

Don't matter. I've had a little female pit that was 45 pounds or 4 40, 45 pounds and she would anchor any hog I had, they met the hog. Might be able to move a little more with a smaller dog on there, but she was gonna hold it. She wasn't gonna let go. I'm gonna shift gears. Tell me about the best hog you've ever caught and why he was the best.

It was a big bar. Everyone loves bars. Yeah. And he. You wreck some dogs Pretty good. He would the biggest one I've ever weighed that [01:02:00] I caught with my set of dogs was 3 93. It was a bar. We ran 'em for a couple hours and wait, a fat ass bar can run a couple hours. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Bar hogs can run.

Yes. There's people out there that say they can't, they'll run just as long as any boho if that hog knows what a dog is, it knows it's gotta run to get away from it. And they will do that. I guess all bars do because they didn't become bars magically. Yep. They know what a dog is. Some people catch 'em in traps and bar 'em, but a lot of 'em are dog caught and barred like that so well that they know what a dog is.

That bar we caught today, Henry said he barred that pig five years ago and Yeah, they caught him with dogs five years ago. He had an ear gone. Yep. And that was a dog caught one that he had caught with dogs five years back. He'd barred him and the hog was, had a top winter missing on one side and the other side was going away or whatever.

He said, I guess decay. Or whatever He said it looked broke and that's why those teeth curled back into the jaw. Yeah, so that was crazy too. One thing I've really noticed is [01:03:00] the like real like variability in the quality of their teeth. Some pigs have like super clean white tusks and others have like nasty rotten teeth.

I always think it's age too. Older hog usually has blacker looking at the bottom by his gums, nastier looking teeth. A lot of young hogs got, not teeths, not near as bad as the older hog does, you think they eat a lot of meat? These pigs? Yeah. They'll eat dead animals quite a bit.

They're pretty nasty. Yep. We've out there where we went today, I've actually caught a bore hog by where they dumped the dead cows and he smelled like a dead cow. Oh. Yep. My friend says pigs. All right, I'm gonna ask you another question. My, my really good friend says Pigs are so ugly cuz they eat skunks and rattlesnakes.

Can you confirm that? I ain't never heard that. I've never heard that. Man. I I totally interrupted your story about catching that huge bar. You said you ran him a couple hours and then Yeah, so I ran that one a couple hours, got him bathed, and then he [01:04:00] stayed bathed finally. But by the time we got permission to go where we had to go, which is in the lease next door, I got ahold of the manager.

We went off in there and got it caught. It was probably two hours he was bathed. So he was fresh again, two hours and he whooped some dogs. Pretty good. What gets a dog hurt the fastest? Because you, you taught me so much about bay etiquette and bulldog etiquette. Huh? What is, what gets dogs hurt?

Hunting. So if you have a set of dogs that ain't rough, that'll still help catch when the bulldog gets there. But you put in a dog that wants to be rough, that's not gonna hold. If it goes off in there and tries a dog that'll get the dogs that ain't rough cut up pretty bad. Why? Cause those dogs would think it's a bulldog trying to hit Oh.

To help catch and then they ain't got nothing holding on but them. So it'll, you can get your stuff wrecked that way. Define a rough car dog. Cause I heard that lot this trip. Not because people really had 'em, just because everyone was talking about 'em. Years back I had a bunch of rough [01:05:00] car dogs that I could kick down two or three car dogs and catch big bars like we caught this weekend.

And I went through a lot of dogs that way. But I had a pretty good set of rough dogs and it, three car dogs would catch a 300 pound bar easy and they'd get cut up. I'd be outta commission for a while. But that's, I, that's, I switched it up just cause people, more people were getting into hog hunting. Hogs are getting harder to find, hogs are running harder.

Back in high school, me and my buddies used to get outta school. We would go after school, hit a block of woods, catch two or three hogs, and go to the house. When I got outta high school, we would go. Same block of woods, drop down a set of dogs and run hogs for four or five hours before we were getting 'em caught.

So I had to breed different than I used to, breed a little bit looser dog that wasn't gonna pressure the hogs as much. Something that still wanted to grab a hold if they were running. But back up in bay [01:06:00] after grab a hold of the hog, if that hog spun around or whatever. That really surprised me is how much the, your curves really actually put teeth on that pig.

Oh yeah, they will. It is trying to run. They're gonna grab it. They're, yeah. And they were all in smart spots like the armpits and the butt hole, yep. And I'm not saying I'm gonna bite a pig in the butt hole, but if you told me, Hey Seth, you gotta run around and bite a pig. I think that's where I'm gonna try biting in that general area, that area running.

They're gonna grab it on the back end. If he's bathed and then bulldogs hit, we got a bunch of dogs in there, you'll have some young dogs grabbing by the arm. I really don't like that cuz I like to work Hogs. If you get a hog chewed up bad in the. In the arm or the leg or whatever, you can't really guarantee you that it's gonna be all right.

It could catch an infection and die. So I don't like my dogs chewing on the legs. But it happens. Young dogs do it, go in there and smack 'em on the head and they'll cut it out eventually. When do you think a ke dog hits his stride? On average? You mean like when he's starting to, you think Aker dog is [01:07:00] really getting into their skill prime, where you're like, dang, they're nice dog.

When does that usually happen? That depends on the dog. That chip that you hung with today, she was probably around a year old when she was really producing a lot of hogs for me. Her dad was the same way. The two half-brothers holder and sniper, they're the same way. They started real early, young on, and then I got some right now that are around a year old that are at a year old.

They were doing okay. Not near as good as what the older set of dogs I have did. But now they're getting to where they produced. Lot of hogs, being two year old dogs. So you just gotta pay attention to the dog, and know, be around them, what you're making. So what I know these, this changes a lot as you age, and how has your hunting styles changed, but what is your ideal dog right now for you?

Your ideal car dog. Ideal car dog? Yeah. Or what I have for my set, because I got some that are straight Kerr, and [01:08:00] then I got some that are crossed with Tri Hound, some Running Hound. I guess what's your ideal dog right now? Yeah. What are you looking for? What traits are you selecting for right now for, to maximize your current success?

Like Sniper. Oh yeah. He has plenty of hunt. He's got tough feet. Suer has really tough feet. He's got a good nose on him. He's fast. He can grab a hold of one if he's wanting to run, and he'll get back in bay. He's smart. To get back and play. Yeah. I really like that guys. This videos, Danny got some awesome video too that I wasn't able to get.

He'd be like, run in and get some video. Every time I showed up to the bay, I was in the worst spot. Yeah. There was like crap in the way and I couldn't see the pig or I was just like, in the wrong spot and they caught too early I don't know. So you got some amazing video and so did Henry. That will be obviously by the time you listen to this, it's on the page.

You're on page guys, so go check it out. But I was gonna ask you too I love to, when I'm interviewing a guest after these hunts, I love to delve into your history. Tell me the name of your best dog cutter and what you loved about him so much. It was it was a straight [01:09:00] car dog and the dog had more drive than any other car dog I've hunted with.

He was, he knew what I wanted him to do. I could hunt him around me, he would hunt with me or I could cast him no sign and he would still go hunting and go find a hog. He knew what to do, I guess he'd just smart, had plenty of brains. Plenty of bottom tough feet. Just really good dog. It, he got it done no matter what.

What year did you own this dog? Let's see. He died. He died four years ago and he made it to Rite at four years old. So I'm gonna have to look at the 20 2016. So recently. Yep. Dang. 2015, 2016. I'm sure I raised him for front of him. Yes. Yes. The Rayley and Sniper are both outta him. Rayley's nice.

Yeah, she's a good dog. I wanted Sniper to be the best dog only cuz I loved his name, but [01:10:00] honestly I think I, I think Rayley stole the show. Yeah, she did this trip. She, I like how she's bayed tight. There was a bunch of pups band with her and they all moved out when they heard our buggy come in and then she stayed right there with that pig.

But if that thing looked at her, she'd back up immediately. Yeah, that's what I was talking about. She, if it could. Us to run. She's close enough, she'll try to grab it on the butt. Spining, if that Hulk spins around, she's gonna back up and ba. Yeah. I really liked how Rainy was able to control a pig but also keep herself safe.

Cuz that's a harder question. I'm gonna throw you a hardball now. All right. Is there a forest fire here right now? No, they're burning. They're doing the underbrush burn right there, huh? Yeah, there's some smoke all over. Yeah. Huh. Those woods will be not why they should burn while we were hog hunting.

Yeah. Flush 'em out. Wow. It is super S smokey. All right. Underbrush burn y'all in these pine forests, so it's really healthy for the woods. And is that, does this hurt or help pigs you think? Probably helps 'em. Yeah. Burns helped [01:11:00] everyone. Yep. Huh. I'm surprised this, I guess the burns are Yeah, they're still fire right there.

Oh yeah. They will be surprised. This road is dumps and logs and stuff that fell over. Look at that one right there. Oh yeah. Whoa, that's dump. It's like a flame. Yep. Huh. That's cool. I drove through a forest fire once in Northern New Mexico and you could feel the heat through like the door panel. Yeah. And the right when we got through the wildland fire crews were like shutting down the road and they were like, did you guys just drive through there?

And we were like, yeah. They were like, how stupid are you? And we're like, pretty stupid. We didn't even know. We came over the hill and just whoosh had no clue. Was like huge fire. And we were like, let's get outta here anyway. Okay. Here's a tough question. Pick dogs to get hurt. Yep. What should a hog hunter do to prepare themselves mentally and preparedness for hurt dogs takes time.

I don't know how to prepare for that. You're talking I've been around it. Yeah. Yeah. Been around it a long time. [01:12:00] It just takes time. You, I don't know, I guess develop a way to just get over it and push a new one to try to be as good as the one you lost. If it was a good dog. This is not me saying this is a veterinarian saying this, but I will confirm.

You're a pretty good self vet. Yes, very. That seems to be a really good skill to have. You have to doing hog hunting as much as I do. You gotta figure it out. I was showing a lot of stuff from an old man that I've known for a long time. Whenever I was younger, I would call him up, Hey Mr.

Robert, I got a dog cut down. Will you come help me? Yeah, Danny, bring it over. I'd go over there and I'd just help him. And then that, I learned a lot from him. So what like what is the most common injuries to a hog dog? I've put guts in a lot of 'em. I've put guts back in a lot of dogs. Do you think that's really common?

Muscle cuts are probably the most common. Yeah. But as far as like bad injuries, I'd say guts. And then a [01:13:00] lot of muscle cuts are, yeah. I only saw superficial skin wounds on most hog dogs. And you got lucky cuz. We caught some hogs with good teeth. Dude, that one I liked. What? I liked what Reagan said.

Waspy. Yeah. We caught one that I feel was actually real waspy and Yeah. No dogs got, oh, that's not true. That's the one that hurt Rayleigh. Yeah. Sharp teeth and a fast whoosh flick of the head. Yeah, I, my dogs get orthopedic injuries, toes, wrists, that kind of stuff. But skin injuries are only from barbed wire.

But every hog dog I saw out there, he is, got a couple nick scars, getting nicked by a pig. Yeah. And do you think they learn over time to stay safe? Is that a Oh yeah. PS get hurt more. I've, yeah, I've had pups. Starting 'em in the woods is hard. If you don't show your dogs a lot of hogs at your house or in a pen or something, then starting 'em in the woods is hard cuz they don't know what they're doing yet.

I've shown puppies, pigs at the house, smaller hogs, and then [01:14:00] took 'em to the woods, got 'em hunting. Dogs, get in there, get baited on a big hog. They go in there and get a little close, get hit on the soap. Puppies, they get smarter as they get older, for sure. They figure out you can't get that close to 'em.

This question is one that has been raging. Alright. The counts of XB community after our episode with Python Cowboy. You're gonna hear it first right here. Secondly, on Housen X feet are big bore. Hogs good to eat. No, they're not. I don't care what anyone says. I do not eat a bore hog. I have in the past, and it was down in south Texas, a guy made poppers out of his backstrap.

I could smell it, but it didn't taste bad. He claimed that if the hog didn't stink, you could eat it. I still don't do it, just cuz I'm not gonna do it. I have bar hogs and big sales that I can go catch and get plenty of good meat off of. If I need meat, it must be a, it must be a Texas thing. I'd prefer a bar hog over any hog.

Not a bore hog. [01:15:00] No. I was trained to pick, trained my, all my masters were in Texas, so they were just like, bar bore hogs are disgusting. They're not for eating. Can you eat one? Of course. Are they preferable? No, but everyone says bar hogs are where it's at. Yep. Bar hogs are where it's at. All right, so the meat don't stink.

Don't have that musky smell. Python cowboy Chad and the Florida crew. You guys need to give us some good convincing on why a big bore hawks good to eat. You ain't gonna convince me. Keep your bore hogs so you can have all the bo hogs you want. I will say the carcass quality of those bars was unbelievable.

The fat on that big one that we caught today, he was probably close to 400 pounds. And how thick do you think his fat layer was? I'd say four inches. Oh God. And it, when they were shoveling out his guts like, like pulling them out, gutting him? Yes. The call fat around his organs, his kidneys were like white, surrounded. I could not believe how much belly fat, all those bars have. They were as fat, [01:16:00] if not fatter, than any pin bar I've ever seen. Yes. Raised in a pin that's just eating, sleeping, and hiding in, in east Texas. What do you think finding a feeder that a guy don't hunt a lot but keeps going and he sits there and eats off that sucker.

Do you think that the barring culture here is pretty big? Yes. Yes, I do. I've never even heard of a wild bar hog in north Texas. Never heard of it. And I got here and everyone was all about it. Yep. Some, the place I took you today, they don't do it a lot over there, but they will do it when they catch a good bore hog for barring.

It ain't tore up bad by the dogs or something. They'll cut a hog out there every now and then on my leases, almost every bore hog I catch, I cut unless the people want 'em removed. And then I will remove 'em and I will go kick 'em loose in another spot and I will castrate 'em. I'll cut their nuts out.

Pigs are so tough, dude. Very cut his nuts off. And he is just like, all right, whatever. No squealing, nothing. Yep. He's just some of 'em squeal pretty bad. And then you'll [01:17:00] have some that just take it like a straight man, just not a pee. Yeah, man. Pigs, those are usually the ones that get up and try to eat you up when you let 'em loose too.

Oh the wasn't, they'll put you up a tree quick. So we, again, footage on the picture on page guys, but we let a pig go. And this is the last real topic I wanted to cover because there was a lot of questions I wanted to pick your brain around. I've already asked you most of these, but what, are you afraid of pigs or do you think their reputation's way?

Overblown, reputation's overblown? I'm afraid of pigs. I've been in a big group of hogs and yeah they'll rally up on a dog and they'll hurt a dog pretty good. But you go from there and hoop and holler and usually bust that group out and they'll scatter. They're not going to come after you and attack you like people say.

Now, if you. Have one bathe and you go off in there and get close and it's just a mean borehole. Yeah. I've had 'em run you up a tree and try to get you, but they're not just going to come to you if they see you 50 yards away and just try to tear you up. Have you ever had a close call letting them go? [01:18:00] Oh yeah.

A bunch. So they can't tear you up? They can. That's me probably cutting his nuts out. He probably pissed off. Wait, probably. Yeah. He's not a, he's not trying to give you a hug. Thanks a lot. Yep. Yeah, we we let a bar hog go. So there were some lucky pigs on this trip. Oh yeah. We let, oh yeah, we let a fair amount go because one, we forgot our knife on one of 'em, and then the other two were borrowers that were just like, all right, go grow up, keep lifting up.

Get bigger. Yeah. Kick bigger and fatter. But man, I you didn't have to convince me too much to climb that tree and quote, unquote, get footage. He, when I kicked him loose, he turned around and looked at me like he wanted to come to me. He thought about it a second, then he turned around and went the other way.

He didn't run off. He walked off. Yeah, he walked off. He. He gave you a good thought and then he knew he was the man right there. I was gonna go up that tree if he come to me. I saw I You shimmied up that tree like a damn squirrel. Yeah. Yeah. The, it was funny cuz everyone was like, Seth, find a tree and climb.

And I'm like, dude, all there is are these long, skinny [01:19:00] pines. How do you climb one man? You climbed it pretty fast. Yeah. You gotta shimmy up that sucker jumping. Hold on. What'd I climb? Hope your feet are higher than his mouth. You called it Yo Pine Joon. Yoon. Yep. How is that spelled? I really don't know.

Y o p o n I don't yoon. Yeah. I thought you guys were saying y pine No. Okay. Yo yoon problem. The palmetto thickets. Is that a preferred habitat for pigs? Yeah. A lot of hogs like palmetto thickets. I don't like band in palmetto. Thickets. Why? Hard to see the hog and then they can hear the dogs coming.

The bulldogs coming. You heard how loud it was when you kicked the bulldogs loose. 'em running through the ball. Metals very loud. I'd rather bay in a briar thicket or pine thicket. That is not crazy loud when you kick the bulldog loose. A lot of big hogs are smart and they'll leave.

What's the ideal place to bay a pig? Not in a fake world, fantasy world. Where is the best place that you can bay a pig commonly [01:20:00] best place? I like a dry river, bottom area. Big old oak bottom. Something that's open and the bulldog can see it. When he runs in there, he can pick his shot. He ain't got a, chance of getting caught up in vines in the hall, coming to him, meeting him there.

Oh yeah, that would be, I like the bulldog to run in there pretty easy and pick his shot. Where's the worst place to be a hog? I, so I bait 'em in washouts, like where the hog is underneath the bank of a washout in the middle of the woods. Like a little bitty dry stream, but just a water flowing through it.

Made a big washout, big hole, had 'em back up into the hole and fight the. Dogs that are in front of them. Oh gosh. And it always seems like a bunch of stuff gets cut. Dogs get cut up pretty good in washouts. What's the scariest catch you've ever made to help the dogs out? Crawling in a washout. Yeah. Head on with a hog head on.

And I had, we had two bulldogs on 'em, but it was, it again, it was a, I think there was a bore hog, actually. I was gonna say a bar, but I think it [01:21:00] was a bo and he was every bit of 2 75 big teeth. I was crawling in there and I was praying that he was not gonna rush me, that the bulldogs had enough attention on it.

They wasn't gonna rush me, but he come to me. But I was able to push on a bulldog and keep him from getting me somehow. Oh. Grabbed his back leg and I was pulling as hard as I could, backing out as I was going. And we got his back feet and him turned around and pulled him out of there. Oh yeah.

But that was sketchy. Is that the only time that's really ever happened, or you've done that? A few times I've had, so that was the worst one I've had. I've had to crawl in little washouts and stuff in creeks like that a few times. It's the smallest pig you've ever caught. Oh man. I told you about legged this year.

That salad didn't wanna stop. Yeah. Yeah. They were, they come out premature. So the size of a jack rabbit? No, I was smaller than that Relic. Yeah. I I went thermal pig hunting with rifles and I shot one about the size of an armadillo. Yeah. It is the only one that gave me a shot. And I was like, all right.

Yep. That's my smallest pig of all time. But it was a good time. [01:22:00] All right, last question. What do you we we had to pause the recording for a second. We got a call from the one and only Dusty Ma. Shadow the machete. Man machete. Now was a good time blood tracking. That guy wouldn't even be here right now if it wasn't for him.

Yes, sir. That guy is a cool dude and a character. And he's got the nicest dog you'll ever meet. Yeah. Very nice. He'll rip your arm off if you try to pet him. Dude, I need to get a sticker for Dustin's dog box though. Dutch likes me. It. If I have my slim gems that I made from the year before, my deer meat, slim gems.

That's the only time he likes me. Yeah. I, he never, we never got to that point. There's a, I got a good story where he had to ride in the back of the truck, in the back seat of the truck with us, because I brought one of my dogs and Dustin had a different dog in the other side of the dog box, so I felt like I was gonna be attacked the whole ride.

It was the most uncomfortable ride that I've ever had with a dog in that truck. [01:23:00] I felt like he was watching me and he was literally going to attack me from behind that dog. The entire trip gives the most hardcore side eye. Yes. He'll just be like, he has a good stare. Yeah. That's the only dog I don't like to look at in the eyes.

For one, he is loud when he barks and everybody looks at you like, leave the dog alone. Then if you don't, it's just, alright. He established dominance, but he is not the dominant person in the truck. That was a, it was a great time and I remember when I first met you did. I'm gonna, I'm gonna bust out some nostalgia.

Alright. You showed up to Corgan? Yep. Rip was a breath of fresh air compared to Dutch for the last day. Yeah. You can pay him. He's nice. Yeah, he's a very sweet boy. Yep. And all the best footage I got was a rip band. That's good. Because it just happened to be happen. Dance Dutch found all the dead ones and just by chance, Rick, we put down on any of the ones that were, like I said, you're the lucky charm.

Nothing, nothing's easy unless you're around Easy [01:24:00] bays. The deer that we tracked that whole weekend, we had only one broke leg, I think. Yeah. Everything else was dead. Yeah. Found dead. Yep. That don't happen. The deer that me and you Travis was Yeah. Yep. Yep. That was the only one that was broke. Leg deer. That, besides the dough.

I guess y'all got a dope. Yeah, I was gonna say that dough, if you guys remember that story, that was amazing. They caught that dough that was super red. Yeah. Anyway. Yeah. When I met you, Danny, all when I, Dustin was like, Yeah, Danny's got some hog dogs and I was like, really? You got some hog dogs?

It took you about one second to whip your phone out and your scroll bar of videos of your dogs catching hogs was like a thousand miles long. And you just kept showing me video after video. Much like me with my rabbit dogs, I've had iPhones for a long time. So everything goes up in the cloud.

You download your pictures off the cloud, you got pictures for years and years back. So I looked up at Dustin, he looked at me and just gave me a little bit of a nod and I was like, this guy's legit as they come catching pigs. And I [01:25:00] noticed none of your videos are at night. Yeah I hunt at night when it gets hot.

Just not a lot. You got a bunch of, I'm over bunch of shit eaters, but I'm over it. At night you were like, oh, we can catch pigs during the day. We caught 17 pigs during the day. You can catch pigs during the day. I'm saying it right now and I'm happy to say it. Bunch of foot warmers, bunch of junk. It's been a great.

Time. Danny, if you have anything else to say, now is the time. Rather, I think this is, we're wrapping it up. We're about to get to the house. Covered it all. I appreciate the heck out of it, brother. Yes sir. This was a hell of a trip. I will be back very, it's a 16 hour drive or an hour and 22 minute flight.

It's a no brainer. Hit the flight. It's a flight. It's a flight. I hate driving. I don't know how Chris does it. He's a crazy old man. So I will be back. You guys go check out our Patreon page for this awesome content from this trip. I love bringing it. I apologize I missed one week cuz I was on the road getting this content, but I'm gonna make [01:26:00] up for it.

I got a lot of content up there now. Awesome. Bay footage. Pigs running everywhere. Bulldogs doing their thing. If you're not a pig hunter, you guys need to check it out. It's amazingly fun if you are a pig hunter, I get it. It is super fun. An amazing resource out here that's available 24 7 to go out and harvest.

Get some big fat bar hogs. If you're Chad Reynolds, the crazy monster you. Can go eat some big fat bore hogs too. Let him have it. He can keep on eating them. You guys, thanks for tuning in to All Mixed Up. Catch y'all later. So we have a special little bonus on top of this. Is that right? That kinda left this?

We do. We do. I, after I met Reagan for the first time, what I met him and he had just finished up that huge Bar hog by the time we got there, that monster like growth into its own Jawbone Bar hog. He was sitting there and I was like, man, kid, that was [01:27:00] impressive. Like I, that was really cool. And he was super kind, respectful kiddo.

Dustin or Danny was like, yeah, this guy works for UND Zone xp. And his eyes turned into moons. Instantaneously his eyes got huge and he was being all super respectful. Bashful. And I was like, Hey, you wanna be on the show? And aw, man, that made my heart swell. You know what I mean? He was so excited, but he was being all respectful to his elders.

He's I don't know, and I was like, no, come on, we'll talk. This is tailgate talk style, you guys I always like to lead into my favorite question to break the ice is tell me three things you like about a good whatever. And we have a short little 10 minutes with Reagan here, you guys.

I wanted to throw him onto the main episode. So shout out to you, buddy. You're a little warrior yourself and I had a great time hunting with you, man. You got a bright future hound manship ahead of you. So let's just roll right into me and Reagan inside the tool shed cooling off from that hot, humid East Texas sun.

That's awesome. We just got done hunting here in East Texas, and I got [01:28:00] the American Eagle with me. Why don't you introduce yourself, brother, and then I'm gonna ask you. Three things you like in a good car dog. Introduce yourself to the Hounds Zone XP world. I'm Riggen Lane. I'm 15. I like to hog hunt and duck hunting.

Everything else in the in between. Yeah. You're a running around out there. I'm glad you came. This Good. Had his clothes off faster than I could run to the bay. There's a hog and water and I just looked up and he went from in jeans and a t-shirt to just underwear in what, five seconds? Yeah. Shit. It's good to have 15 year olds running around, being crazy for us sweaty.

Too much humid people like me. Yes, sir. Tell me three good things you like in a bay dog. One that's got the want and the drive to do it. Just naturally, just being a puppy, they just, you let 'em out in the yard and they're gone. They're just chasing butterflies and paying anything they see.

And then you want one with drive and you want one that's athletic that will go all day and [01:29:00] just really just has the the heart for it. Cause it don't matter how athletic your dog is, how fast he is, how muscle he is, how anything it, if you don't have a dog that has a love and a passion for it, there's, you won't be able to beat that dog.

It's just not gonna happen. It's just simple as that. And then you really just want something, I don't know, you really just want something of your dude. Like you can really, we usually put a decent handle on ours too, so like you can call 'em out, like they have a very good respect for you.

Cuz we've raised ours for. My mom's grandpa started this. So we've had these dogs in our line for a long time. So it's just bred into 'em naturally now that they're just athletic, smart, fast and have the drive and the willpower to want to go do it. It's just, they're usually natural.

Just go-getters. Tell me about that bulldog. You didn't have to lead in, he walked right by you. Like a champ. That's about, that's the weirdest fucking bulldog I'd ever seen up at [01:30:00] this point. That's, so we had a pretty good friend of ours. She she had found his dog on the side of her road and his name was Sloan.

And, she named him Sloan cuz the first day she got him, she put him in a horse trailer and he fell asleep in the Todd Sloan saddle. So she named him Sloane. She had him for a while and then he started chasing chickens and all the goats and everything like that. So she's I can't keep him no more.

So she brings him over to us and we have him and we've always trained a bunch of care dogs and catch dogs for people. And put handles on 'em. We start with him and he just naturally just went up there and smoked one. And then we also helped do guided help train duck dogs and stuff.

So we just integrated that from duck hunting from two different, sides of the spectrum into your catch dog. Cuz I don't know about you, but I get tired of getting drug around and hit by briars and everything I've only done it once, so I'm not Yeah, man. Golly. It's horrible though. But we, the b briars are terrible.

Yes sir. They're terrible. Yes, sir. I am not a fan. And then we really just taught him like that and start him off kinda like a duck dog. You were like with healing and here and [01:31:00] all that and he just learned naturally. And now how many dog is he? He's half border Colly and half. Pit. When I saw him, I was like, that's the furst bulldog I've ever seen in my life.

And that sucker can run one down in the field and will hit one, like a train in the woods. He's tough. I saw him hold that pig like nothing. Yeah, that big bar hog. He was holding him. It's, yeah. Tell me about the biggest pig you've ever caught. It's probably gonna be the one today that suckers.

Oh, you heard it here folks. Yeah. That sucker's probably about four 40. And I've caught some big ones. We caught some there at 3 80, 3 90 and all of above. But I ain't never caught one that was that big. He's almost four 50 teeth are like six or seven inches. They grow back into his skull. You don't get much bigger than that.

That big would, I'm, nah, I just burped on Mike here. I'm eating a kolachi cause I'm dying of hunger. I have. That pig was so crazy. It's, if anyone's watching the Insta stories was watching the Insta stories when this was being recorded, this thing's teeth were like growing back into its own jaw. [01:32:00] Done, took, put a hole in his skin and it's just like his skin's just formed around it and just it's crazy.

What do you like catching the most as a sow? A bore or a bar? It just depends on what I'm doing, like in a tournament. It don't matter to me, but if I'm out here, I want to like just hunt for fun. I want to catch a big waspy hog. What's a waspy boho? And they, you send the bulldogs and you just hear stuff breaking around.

Oh. And you know his own that we, when you park 200 yards away and you can smell that sound gun and you just hear a bunch of yiping in there and stuff getting whooped down and you gotta walk in there and he is big. Dude, I walked into one of those bays and I could smell that hog way before I could.

And that really wasn't even washed because you'll see 'em sitting there chomping their teeth and they'll go out to them damn care dog. You'll hear breaking care dogs getting thrown around. It's crazy. It's like when that, when we made that big boho bar hog off that top of that ravine, I came over here and I looked and his ass was like, to me and I couldn't, I was like, the only thing I could do, I just jumped on his back like a spider monkey and just went to him.

Cause I was like, that's the only thing I could do. Cuz the bad [01:33:00] thing about bars is, and boy hawks do it too, is they're like, they'll squat on their butt. You can't really get their legs out from under 'em if they're big enough. It's just cuz our dogs, they go up there and nip 'em on their ass to get 'em to stop and all that.

And they sit down and then they just sit there and wanna fight you and spin on you. It really ain't, it ain't fun. Now SALs, they're just big, they're just big babies. They're pretty easy to catch and kill or just even just for tournaments. But probably, I'm gonna say the softest hog that there is, like if you're trying to keep 'em alive, is gonna be a bar.

Just cause they don't have no. You know that one didn't have an eater on one side. Yeah. That And then they just don't, they get stressed out real easily cuz they're so big and they're so heavy. And that's just like with Sal SALs are pretty, they're good. They'll last more than longer than any of them.

But yeah, it's usually like that. What first of all, how long you been home, man? My mom was pregnant with me. Like she's only two days away from a due date and I was out there and then So you've been hunting since you were fetus? Oh yeah. Basically, yes sir. And then, maybe I was, you heard a bore hog [01:34:00] get caught by a catch dog when you were still in the wound.

Oh, yes sir. I was probably about two or three months old, and she strapped me. She used rat strapped me in my car seat on the front of the four-wheeler. And I, And ever since then I just kept going and done tournaments and just went all over the world doing this. And Danny said that he's you since you were knee high to a grass.

Yes sir. He's known. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. He's known me since I was itty bitty. Yeah. So I just grew up with a passion for it and I always will. What's the name of your favorite dog you ever known? Favorite dog. Ever known? Kurt Dog or Catch Dog? Let's do Kerr first. Ke Dog. Ooh, that's gonna be a hard one.

I'm gonna say my old dip. I used to have that she passed away. It's either gonna be solo, that dog, or dang. It was slick. His name was slick. That sucker was awesome. What made Slick so good? All of them, all of ours do it now, but it's just, he was just on a different level like I was talking about earlier.

He's just on a different level of love for it cuz like as soon as we catch that hole, he'd gone well for being. All of our dogs are [01:35:00] like that now, but he was just faster just somehow and he just he knew. It was weird cuz he knew every time like you be driving, go somewhere and he'd just start freaking out.

You let him go and he's gone and then you won't pick him up. You'll see him one time, you won't even see him at the bay. You'll see catch dogs and you'll catch 30, 40 hogs behind him. Not even just, you won't see him like he was. He's getting ahead as soon as the cop. Yes. Like it was gone.

Like he was rolling over just like that. It was crazy. What about your catch dog? Your favorite catch dog? Man, we had a bunch of good leadless dogs. I like Sloan. Yes sir. I love Sloan. I'll say for my right now, dog, it is definitely Sloan. But back in the day let me think. So we had one named Trooper and one named Buddy and they were both just like Sloan, they're smaller but full bulldog.

They weren't as hairy but man, that's gonna be a hard one. I'm gonna say gamble cuz that was the fastest, hardest hitting dog ever seen in my life. Like it is crazy. Ain't just like them, just Lila's and. [01:36:00] Probably a gamble for sure. He was awesome. I'm gonna ask you a question. This is not a trick question.

Yes sir. You afraid of a big hog? Lemme Okay, because I am, because I, okay. I'm not gonna lie to you now. I've ran in on big ass hogs before, like 3 40, 3 50, all that, and it don't phase me, but when I was still on top of that ravine up there and looking down at that hog, I was like, and it was only a split second decision, cause I had to get down there so nothing got cut up.

And I was just like and now I got tired at a young age. Don't hesitate cuz he hesitate you get hurt. So I was like, oh gosh. So I just, only thing I knew to do is I couldn't go around cause it's too thick. So I just freaking jumped on his back. And the mid jump I was scared, but once I was on him I was like, oh, I got him now.

But just, I was really scared of the fall more than it was anything. But other than that, not really. No sir. First time I saw this guy, we were coming up, his mom called Danny and was like, we just caught a hippopotamus down here. And so we showed up and the first time I saw this kid, He was riding, he had just got done riding on the back of this giant bar hog.

Yes. And I was like, this kid just killed a 400 pound bar hog [01:37:00] with a pocket knife. Yeah. By myself too. I was just like, it was just me. And then he goes aquatic in his underwear and reels in a sharp tooth more. That was, I was like, I gotta have this kid on the show. I don't care what's going down. We're calling it early.

I'm gonna bring this guy into the barn. We're gonna talk. Yes, sir. You you see yourself being a hog gunner for a long time. The rest of my life, yes sir. Yeah. Yeah. What is, what do you love about hog gunning? What is it? Just the, just one thing. I just love listening to the dogs. I love watching the dogs work.

And then I really love just hearing the dog's bay and then getting that adrenaline rush and then going in and putting your hands on a big one. There's nothing you can beat it. Other than killing mallards in the hole, oh yeah. Other than killing ducks. Yeah. Other than killing ducks.

That's, Two top things I'll do for the rest of my life. Yeah. You got a long very successful life ahead of you, hound hunting, but I can tell you, you've already got off to such a good start. Yes, sir. Thank you. Yeah, man, it's been it's been great here. This place, this property is unreal. Yes, sir.

This is my first time. So you've seen you've seen a lot more action than most [01:38:00] people. Yes. Yes, sir. Hey, it was awesome having you on the show, buddy. I appreciate the heck out of it. Yes, sir. And keep hunting. Yes, sir. For sure. Chad. I love traveling for this show and I love meeting people. I think one of my greatest passions in life is meeting people.

I, I love dog work. I obviously love dogs, the outdoors and animals, but I love people the most. Man I think people are awesome, so especially when you meet cool ones. So big. Shout out to all my friends in East Texas and that's all I got to say, man. My jaw's getting sore from just. And my heart's pounding just thinking about it again.

So I'll let you close this out If you have nothing else to say, brother, but I'm sure people are tired of hearing my annoying baritone. No, that was fantastic. Thanks for going there and gathering everything for us. It did. That was fantastic. I felt like I'm there with you, so No I, you got all me.

You got me all answered, man. I'm good to go. Let's let's let's hunt 'em hard and treat 'em my heroes. And don't get barred. [01:39:00] Don't get barred. Thanks brother. I'll catch you later. Yep.