From the Vault: Caring for Hounds on a Budget

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Shorty and Chris dive deep into caring for your hounds. Admittedly, neither are veterinarians. However, they have decades of experience with hounds, livestock and administering meds and preventative treatment to animals.

In this episode Chris and Shorty will discuss numerous products that will be helpful for the Houndsman to prevent and eradicate parasites from hounds and kennel space. 

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[00:00:00] The Houndsman XP podcast is fueled by Joy Dog Food. Joy Dog Food has a rich tradition of supporting the Houndsman of America. Founded in 1945, Joy is proud of its history and the relationship it has built with the American Houndsman. And in 76 years, there's never been a recall. Made with 100 percent American made high quality ingredients, Joy Dog Food has one of the highest calorie dense formulas on the market.

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What's up everybody. We got a great [00:01:00] episode from the archives for you this week. Caring for hounds on a budget one of the most popular episodes of houndsman XP ever and the reason I'm gonna run this episode is because Houndsman XP has been hunting our tails off the hunting was so good that we had to Take more time to hunt and because of that we did not have the episode ready for Monday Never fear you guys, because the recap episode from our hunting trip here in Southern New Mexico is going to be a great one.

Dare I say as good as caring for hounds on a budget? We have been treeing bears. We have been freeing bears. We have been dropping bears. And it was a blast. It went picture perfect. So stay tuned for that recap episode, you guys. And until then, enjoy this classic episode from the archives. Caring for hounds on a budget.

Let's roll right into it.[00:02:00]

This is the houndsman XP podcast.

The original podcast for the Complete Houndsman.

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uniting houndsmen across the globe, from east to west, north to south. If you're going to catch a cat or a lion, you have to have teamwork. We take you to the wildest places on earth. Yeah. So how many days, how many? As much as I can, to be honest with you, anytime that I get I'm out there. Join us for every heart pounding adventure on Houndsman XP.

I'll tell you, like I tell everyone else, I'm going to hunt whether you're here or not. So you might as well be here.

Who doesn't need to save money right now, these days, everything is going up up. And Shorty and I are going to discuss in this podcast. How you can save a few bucks here and there. Now don't be confused. We are not trying to get [00:04:00] anyone to take shortcuts. Or not. Give their hounds the most up to date, best care possible by giving you this advice.

We say it several times in this podcast, we are not veterinarians, we are just ranchers and farm kids that grew up in this stuff our whole lives and we can read labels and We see through some of the slick marketing out there, my veterinarian that I use, he makes a lot of money off of lap dogs and people's little fur babies.

And he understands Houndsman and he has worked with me. A lot of the things that we're going to talk about, but shorty has done the bulk of heavy lifting on this, the hard work. He's got a lot of knowledge. He's done a lot of research on this stuff, but we are going to talk about one of the hottest topics on social media and on the internet questions that get asked around the clubhouse and things that are [00:05:00] talked about, and that is cross label medications that we can use for our hounds.

And what I mean by that is. Things that you will find in the farm store at your local Orslon, Rural King, wherever you're shopping, Farm and Feed, Farm Fleet and Supply, whatever they call it in your area. This is all stuff that's available to you off the shelf. And we're just going to talk about a lot of those things.

So again, we are not veterinarians. We're not claiming to be veterinarians, but we've used every one of these products that we're talking to you about on this program. And As you will hear us say, if you have any questions about any of this, ask your vet, ask your veterinarian. If he won't talk to you straight up about active ingredients and things like that in the medications that are marketed for hounds and pets, then you probably need to find a new vet anyway.

But here's just some [00:06:00] down to earth, real life experience and ways that you can stretch those dollars and make them go a little farther. Maybe you'll have enough change left over to buy another hound. Or if you really want to make some end rows, take your wife, your girlfriend, your boyfriend on a nice dinner out.

But hey, I highly recommend listening all the way through this podcast. Before we get there, I want to shout out to a couple new sponsors that you are going to hear. I want to give a shout out and a big thanks to Joy Dog Food for fueling the Houndsman XP podcast. Seriously guys, I've been feeding Joy Dog Food now.

I was trying to figure it out the other day. It's got to be around 8 months now. And I've been pretty impressed. For the value and the performance I'm getting out of Joy Dog Food. I highly recommend it and like always, we don't take [00:07:00] sponsorship dollars from a company for products that we would not use ourself.

And like I said, I've been using it for eight months. I've seen a big difference in coat condition and energy levels and a lot of different stuff. It's a good product. Highly recommend Joy Dog Food. The other new sponsor we have on board is Briar Creek Kennel. And they are a supply company. Jim Ridge started a supply company years ago.

I shopped with Jim when I was on that side of the state. religiously for all my hunting supplies and things like that. And as time goes on, Chris Gerth took over the operation there. I've known Chris for a number of years. He's a local guy. He's a down to earth guy. He's an accessible guy, and he's an honest guy.

He's gonna be straight up with you. And he's that kind of guy, too. He is not gonna sell you something that he would not use himself, or has not used [00:08:00] himself. Highly recommend Briar Creek. Welcome aboard. And also, as always, I want to thank our Patreon members. You guys are the heart and soul of this podcast and we really have enjoyed producing the crowdcast events for you and Thanks, we appreciate it.

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They got a lot of stuff to offer over at Cajun lights. Hey, shorty, we are going to talk about something that gets talked about a bunch on social media platforms and used, the internet, things like that. And how's been talking about this stuff every time they're around, it's going to be highly controversial.

But since it's already being talked about, we're going to discuss this from our perspective and the things that we've done, and we're going to talk about. I don't even know, is it cross labeling or off label medications for our hounds? How would you explain that? I guess I would say it's more cross label.

Because nothing that we're going to talk about is not used for hounds or dogs. It is oftentimes advertised differently. So one medication advertised for dogs is way more expensive than the same medication advertised for horses or cattle. So I would say probably cross label. And what's the [00:11:00] motivation here?

It's obviously to save money, right? Absolutely, that's one of the hardest parts about being a houndsman is paying for all this stuff. It's an expensive habit. The more dogs you get, the more expensive it gets. And every dollar we can save is one that we can put in that gas tank.

And with 3 fuel, we know that's important right now. I agree. And most of this stuff things that you go to the vet for and you get prescribed by your vet are marketed in a way to maximize profit margins on that stuff. And we're just, we're not veterinarians. We're going to put that right out there up front.

We're not veterinarians. We're not given anybody medical advice, we're just going to discuss things that we've done with our hounds with good success and really no adverse reactions to any of it. It's pretty much common knowledge, but we're just going to dispel some rumors and maybe give somebody some ideas.

One thing I would say is if you're only, if you're a guy with one hound at the house. [00:12:00] Then it's not that much cheaper just to go ahead and go to the veterinarian's office But we're gonna give you some ideas. Anyway, how you might be able to have some workarounds on some of that stuff But this is your baby and in your wheelhouse shorty So I'm gonna let you take off with it.

And another thing anything that we tell you here ask your veterinarian if it's gonna hurt your hand before you use it, because most of them, if they're good people, they'll tell you no. If they're just trying to bend you over and get every dollar out of you, they can. They're going to tell you, yeah but definitely have that conversation.

I don't want you guys trusting what we're saying. And again, like Chris said, we are not veterinarians, I started out categorized. This stuff, and I started out with Wormers because that's something that we all, no matter where we're from, that's something that we have to contend with.

Different places, different parts of the world are going to have heartworms. Some of them don't have to worry about it. But item number one I put down ivermectin. Now there are several different ways that this [00:13:00] is supplied, but know this, ivermectin for dogs, ivermectin for cattle, ivermectin for horses, ivermectin for humans.

It's all the same thing. It's just supplied in different ways and different quantities. And if I buy ivermectin, there's an injectable. There's a pour on and there's a horse paste. If I buy Ivermectin injectable at Tractor Supply Company for cattle or horses it's going to be labeled for cattle. The bigger the bottle I buy it in, the cheaper it's going to get.

And that's just something that you need to know. I've used pour on. I like the pour on. I don't like sticking needles in my dogs all the time. You're just going to have to do some math. That's something that I'm not going to do for you. But I will say, if you give Ivermectin, and this is consulting with my veterinarians, if you give Ivermectin in the mouth, you're going to want to give a higher dose than you would under the skin.

If I'm giving injectable Ivermectin to a dog, it's going to be 1 [00:14:00] 10th of a cc per 10 pounds, so half a cc for a 50 pound dog. If I'm giving that same dog injectable ivermectin and squirting it in their mouth, I'm going to give them a cc. And the reason is because their dog's stomach is so strong that it breaks ivermectin down so quickly in their stomach that they're not, you're getting a small percentage of it is actually going to work.

The rest of it just gets killed in their stomach. That is directly from my dog bed. I've, the pour on. I I've always been a little bit, go ahead. I've always been a little bit lighter on that. I've always done the one 10th of a cc at per 10 pounds. Even in the ma when I'm giving an orally.

Never had, I always did too until never had a dog pop up positive. I live in heartworm. Type areas. So you can go down as far as one 10th of a CC per 10 pounds and be confident that you're still getting more than if you didn't give heartworm preventative at [00:15:00] all, and the thing, the reason I'm not afraid to give them that CC is because I was doing some research on mange a few years back and that same 50 pound dog you're given.

A cc and a half of ivermectin injectable once a week. And Orally? It is no injectable. Okay. But are you giving it to him? You're giving it to him, giving him a shot, or are you giving him to him? No, I'm giving him a shot. Okay. Sub Q, yeah. And so that's that's a lot of ivermectin. And I've always heard, be careful.

I do know your cow dogs can be Reactive Tibermectin, so if you've got a long haired dog, any, like your Border Collies, McNabs, stuff like that, be careful with it, talk to your vet about it, but but yeah It is a Nobel Peace Prize winning drug, and I want to say there's almost never been a human death.

By using ivermectin. So it's pretty safe drug, but but use it [00:16:00] wisely. And how many different forms of ivermectin have you used as far as, you talked about poron, you talked about injectable. Let's talk about the horse paste that makes, yeah, paste wormers. Yep, paste. And that's something it's easy to get.

That guy that has one hound this is one of those where you can go. You can go downtown and buy it, paste, and and and have, and save some money. You can definitely save some money by buying paste because one tube of paste often times is gonna It's going to be enough to do probably six or eight wormings for your dog, so it's not like it's going to sit on the shelf and go bad.

You should be given ivermectin if you're in heartworm areas, you should be given it once a month. You could buy a tube or two of ivermectin at Tractor Supply Company or Ace Hardware a lot of times has it, or at least out here in Texas and and you'll be just fine. But there is ivermectin paste that's just.

Ivermectin paste. [00:17:00] And there's also, if you're gonna do that, like oftentimes I'll go down to I'll use either RIN Gold or Equifax. And the reason is because it al it has Ivermectin in it, but it also has Presa Quantel in there. Yeah. And so you're getting tape worms and you're getting all worms, but Roundworm tape, worm Pres, Quantel, and the Pres Quantel gets the tape worms and As far as I know, I don't think anything else is does of the warmers, unless you give it to them multiple days in a row.

But I want to talk about something about you or talk about how to give this pace warmer. Cause you see a lot of different stuff out there being passed around and you see everything, put a. S squirt, a squirt a size of a pearl or squirt the size of a p or a pencil eraser or whatever it is, and put it in their mouth.

And a lot of times what happens, and I've done this myself, [00:18:00] is if you don't get that ring set right on that tube, when you're trying to squeeze this out, You can put half a tube in the dog's mouth before you know it. And then you're in there digging around in their mouth, trying to get the excess warmer out.

So squirt it out on your finger. That size, and it's going to be about the size of a pencil eraser or so. And then give that to your dog that way. Don't try to squeeze the tube and depend on those locking rings. Cause they don't always work. They're made in China by some five year old kids. Yeah.

Yeah. I'm not trusting that. Okay. So while we're talking about that, if you do choose to give it to him straight out of the tube and that ring slips and you give a dog a whole whole tube of this and I've done it and luckily I have a good vet friend that lived right down the road at the time I ran the dog down there.

He went inside the house. He grabbed a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. And a 20 cc syringe and [00:19:00] he filled that syringe with peroxide, squirted it down that dog's throat, waited a few minutes, the dog didn't vomit, he got another syringe full, squirted it down the throat, within probably 30 45 seconds the dog vomited and he said, there you go, you're fine.

Know that if your dog ingests poison of any kind or if you overworm it or you see it eat rat poison or something, that's one way. Again, I would, if I saw my dog eat rat poison, I would definitely get to the vet. But if you're a couple hours from the vet, get some hydrogen peroxide, get it down their throat.

You will make them vomit that way. Yep. Yep. Good advice right there. What else on wormers, man? So from nivomectin, another heartworm wormer is going to be moxidectin. This is another wormer that can be supplied via liquid injectable, pour on, or the horse wormer version of it is going to be Quest.

[00:20:00] If you're given the injectable, It is a quarter cc per 11 pounds and you can give it subcutaneous or IM. Now the thing about moxidectin is, and somebody smarter than I, I haven't got to talk to my veterinarian yet on this but there is a form of mox You're going to have to tell us what IMS.

Explain what IMS. It in the muscle. Yeah. IMS is in the muscle. But this Moxie Dected, you can get it for dogs from a veterinarian. And the way I understand it is there's two, two bottles like your vaccines, where you mix it. So you take the content out of one bottle, put it in the other bottle, shake it around, and you can give that in the muscle.

And depending on the dose you give the dog it, it's a heartworm preventative for 6 months to 12 months, depending on the dose. One dose gives you 6 months, another dose gives you 12 months. I don't know if it's the [00:21:00] exact same thing. As regular moxidectin wormer, or if this carrier agent is what makes it last longer.

That's something I'm going to investigate, and on a future episode I should have some more information on that. But again, you can get it quest as a paste. You can use the pour on or the injectable at a quarter cc per 11 pounds for the moxidectin. And it is a heartworm wormer. From there, we jump down to these multiple worm wormers.

These are going to be your horse paste. Let me back up, let me back up just a second about Ivamec. So when you're given Ivamec, dogs hate, they hate it. It tastes horrible. I'm not going to tell you how it, I know it tastes horrible, but with the COVID thing, I know that it tastes horrible.

I will. Yeah. Yep. Yeah. Actually, the apple paste isn't too terrible. It's not, it's hard to get. They've got a new maple flavor out too, I think for the [00:22:00] fall. If they had it in pumpkin spice, I could get my wife on it. Briar Creek Kennels is your complete hound hunting outfitter. Boots, lights, collars, and tracking equipment.

Dog boxes, kennel supplies, collars, clothes, squalors. Whoo! They have it all. Briar Creek Kennel is a Garmin and Dogtree dealer. Owner Chris Gerth will ensure Briar Creek Kennel customers. We'll get top of the industry customer service, whether you purchase from their website or you find them at a major coonhound event, Chris and his staff will share expert knowledge and experience about every product they offer.

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[00:23:00] So when you just give straight injectable for cattle to dogs, you can get by with it a couple times, but they get to the point where they know what's coming and you're going to, so what I do. Is I go ahead and I've got a dish there Go ahead and squirt it in the dish And then you can pour a little beef broth in there a little chicken broth in there or milk Just a little bit of milk not too much milk because that could scour a dog But just enough milk and they will actually lick every bit of it up So it can be a little bit easier way to administer.

I've been doing it for so long and That it's easy for me to, it just is easy for me to give it to them straight up, right out of the syringe. And the other way you can do it is you can put that milk in a bowl and then just draw some up in the syringe with your IVA milk and go ahead and give it to them that way.

And it takes away a little bit of the burn. And that's normally the way. I will do it. Gotcha. I, for the same [00:24:00] reasons, my favorite way here that I've been doing the past few years is using the Poron. And I simply there's a little squeeze bottle, the one that I have, you squeeze the bottle, it fills up a little deal on top.

And I think the smallest dose on it's for a hundred pounds on the one that I have. So I just. Go about halfway up to that first line and pour it on their back just like you would a pour on for fleas or... And it just absorbs straight through their skin into the... Exactly. No, no sticking them with a needle.

No going down the throat. I've never used pour on. I've never done it that way. Yeah, I've done it for a few years now and it's by far the easiest. Let's go on into those other wormers, man. Okay. So for your multi worm for your horse wormers, you have your and there's a bunch of them that are just straight Ivamec.

The ones that I like, if I'm going that route. is quest plus, which is moxie decked in present quantile. This is a mector and gold, [00:25:00] which is I have a mecton present quantile or echo max, which is I have a mecton present quantile. If I'm going to go with one of those last two, I usually choose the. The equimax it's the same price and it's a little bit stronger.

The zimekron gold is 1. 55 percent ivermectin 7. versus The Equimax, which is 1. 87 percent Ivermectin and 14. 03 percent Preziquantel. Now, when you're giving them this to get enough Preziquantel in those dogs, like a 50 pound dog, you're going to want to give them a dose for a 200 pound dog. Or a 200 pound horse.

Or 200 pound horse. Yes. If you don't, you're not getting enough presaquantel in the dog to kill the tapeworms. That's something to keep in mind right there. And and those are pretty much your horse wormers. There is some other horse wormers. [00:26:00] You can go with Safeguard or Panic here.

And this is going to be Phenbendazole. The thing about Phenbendazole is you're going to want to give it for three days consecutively, and it's going to be it's going to be provided in a liquid or a paste. If you're going this route, okay for, and I switch up, like I'll, I like to use different warmers throughout the year.

The Preziquantel I usually give in the spring and the fall just like I would my horses. And other than that, I'm using the Ivamectin or the Moxidectin monthly for heartworms. But then I'll bounce down here to the Safeguard or the Panacure. And I've got a lot of dogs, so I buy it in a big jug.

If you buy a gallon jug, it's, it's a couple hundred dollars, but you can do a pile of dogs that'll last you a year or so. And, but if not, again, go to that. Go to the horse paste. That's a, that's an easy way to do it. You could buy it for goats. But always whenever you buy the liquid in the bigger jugs, it's [00:27:00] gonna, it's gonna save you a lot of money right there.

Did I miss the dose you had for Safeguard? Cause that seems to be, that is so widely available. You can walk into any farm store and find Safeguard liquid. The liquid's gonna be one cc per five pounds. I'm glad you said that because I did miss that one cc per five pounds of body weight And you're gonna want to give it three days consecutively.

Some people say five days consecutively. I've done both but at least three days consecutively, so That's that's a good one. I use that quite often When I'm not using the Presaquanto, that's I go with the fentanyl. This is another thing that There's, you were talking about COVID, that's another drug that some cancer patients are actually playing with a little bit.

They say that it can kill cancer, I don't know if that's true in dogs as well but I do know of some people messing with it. But from there you can go to the Valbazin. This is [00:28:00] another Valbazin. Valbazin, is that how you say it? Yeah, that's how us hillbillies say Val we say Valbazin. Okay, that's probably more correct.

And this is gonna, this is gonna kill everything but heartworms. It's gonna be one cc per 10 pounds, three days consecutively. And that's another one that I I will use from time to time, especially if I don't use the Presaquantel. And the reason I switch up and I may be right or wrong, I don't know, but I don't want these worms building an immunity to anything.

Exactly. So I like to use different things throughout the year just to throw a curveball at them. I, and that's something that that's an old farmer trick. Ag, California sheep farmers, pig farmers have done this for years. And yet as dog owners, we go to the vet and we get the heart guard.

That's got the same thing in it. And we give them the same ingredients every month. And [00:29:00] things mutate, they, they evolve and build up resistance. I got, there's weeds out there that now that have built up resistance to, to glyphosate around up. So a living, breathing parasite can do the same thing.

So that's exactly why I change it up too. And that's why on the heartworms, that's why I've. Been once I figured it out that it could be used I've wondered for a long time, but hadn't done the research until here about six or eight months ago But that's why I use that moxidectin on the heartworms from time to just to throw that curveball in There's two other wormers that I want to talk about before we move on to something else and this goes back to We're at we're out of the horse wormers a traditional horse and cattle wormer.

So this goes back to the preziquantel And this is what I've been doing here lately is go down to PetSmart and buy Preziquantel Fish [00:30:00] Warmer. It's 99. 9%. Sometimes you'll find 100%, but it is Preziquantel Fish Warmer. And you can buy it in half pound five pound buckets and simply take that. And if you have a scale.

And you'll have to do the, you'll have to do the math your, yourself. I'm not going to do all that for you here, but I take bought some capsules from the health supply store, just your regular old gel capsules and pull them apart and fill them up, put, drop them on the scale until I get where I want to go.

So for a 35 pound, 35 to 50 pound dog doing it this way, you're going to want to give them 102 milligrams. Of Praziquantel 51 to 70 pound dog is 136 and 71 and a 95 is 170. Again, check this is stuff that I've got off the internet. Just doing research and it's got to be true. Yeah, exactly.

Can you, Hey, [00:31:00] I got a question. Can you load those? Can you load those gel caps up in your reloader? And that's exactly what I do. No, you do not. You put them in your reloader. No I take the gel caps and they actually make a it looks like a little table that you put the gel caps on and shake them and they fall in.

And it's actually made to fill pills. And then you take like a credit card and move the Presquantel around and it falls in those deals and then another. Piece and it puts the top on them and then somebody that's I've never done it yet But I've been threatening to get one of those you can get them from 25 pills to 200 pills They'll do that many at one time but I just take the gel cap and don't dunk it in the Presaquantel and tap it a little bit Put the top on it, throw it on my reloading scale until I get to the weight that I'm looking for and and it's that easy.

I'm thinking we could probably set up a die for a progressive, like a Lee bench reloader, a progressive reloader. And we'll just flip [00:32:00] that handle and keep them rotating around and get what we need. They have stuff out there that does it. Yeah, you can find it in the medical field that that does exactly that.

Yeah. Yeah, I've been threatening to do it for a while. I just haven't stopped to figure out what sizes I need and what size capsules. There you go. What's what caliber would that be? 25, 17, 25 caliber dog. I've had a lot of 22 caliber dogs. Yeah, me too. Me too. What else do you, what else you got?

One more on the wormer. I got one more when you're done. Okay you might not after this one. Okay. If you don't like chemical wormers oh, go ahead, I'll give you the bone. Go ahead. Are you going to say diatomaceous earth? Man, I'm going to tell you what, so I kicked this whole deal into high gear on the diatomaceous earth.

And I actually, in [00:33:00] the video series I did on raising pups, I talked about diatomaceous earth because it's an all natural deal. And as long as you don't overdose it, you don't want to clog up your dog's digestive tract with. This stuff, but it's virtually impossible to do the label says do not exceed one to two percent of Feed so in their feet total feed for the day daily feeding one to two percent So if you think you do it daily, I have it Is this a once a month deal or a daily deal or I used to do it once a week Gotcha.

And I decided that I was going to step it up a little bit and do it daily. And because they won't, it won't hurt them. It will not hurt them. And yeah, there's no chemicals in it whatsoever. Nope. The only thing you, the only thing you run you got to make sure that you give. Access. Plenty of access to good water so that,[00:34:00] that stuff can be digested properly and pass through because they're not going to digest this diatomaceous earth.

They are going to pass it, but what happens is they build up this residual coating of diatomaceous earth in their digestive tract, and then no parasites can live in that environment. It's impossible. And the way that it kills them, from what I understand, is it's like microscopic little shells that have sharp pointy edges on it, and the parasites.

It's fossilized crustacean is what it is. It's, yeah, so go ahead. And so they the and people use it for fleas and ticks and stuff too, but these little sharp pointy deals, which will not hurt your dog, but It pokes holes in the parasite. It causes them to die of dehydration Yep, so it's totally natural or they will feed on it So you get it you get an intestinal parasite And like a tapeworm or roundworm and their [00:35:00] feed they're actually robbing your dog from the nutrients in the feed They're picking this up And they're trying to digest it, and it just literally cuts them up from the inside out.

Same thing happens to fleas. This is going to be a real cheap way to go. I've seen it. I don't know what the bags cost, but they sell it at Tractor Supply in a 50 pound bag. You can buy this stuff for very cheap if that's the route you want to go. Totally cool with that. I haven't used this one yet, but it's something that I'm definitely looking into because it's...

Seems to be pretty simple and really safe. And I think it could be super cheap. Let me, I took a stool sample in and I've been doing it. I've been went to the daily deal. So what I do, the way I apply it is I've got a feed bucket that I feed out of every day, and I will measure a small amount of feed into the bucket, and then I'll simply sprinkle.

Just a [00:36:00] somewhat generous shaking. I'm not coating or, the diatomaceous earth in there, but given that layer of feed a good coating, I measure out some more feed, put some more feed in the bucket, put another layer of diatomaceous earth, and I just layer it in my bucket like that. That way, when I feed, it mixes throughout the feed and then each dog gets diatomaceous earth on a daily basis.

And I've been doing that for about a month and a half now. And I decided to run a stool sample down to my vet just for a checkup. Zero, zero worms, zero parasites. This stuff is cheap. It's easy to apply. You can even put it in your flower. If you're going to. Your own personal food. If you want to, if you're a food store person and you've got, 10 pounds of flowers, you can dust some diatomaceous earth on top of that.

And it's perfectly safe and all organic. And then when you eat it, you're going to be, de parasiting yourself. De parasiting [00:37:00] yourself, but it also keeps how you get meal bugs and stuff in your flour. They won't exist in there with it. They can't. Exactly. Yep.

Exactly. And that's, before we move on from the wormers you brought something up that, that made me think of this. If you're wondering if your program is actually working. You could take your vet a stool sample, or you can take them a blood sample, or you could go down there and let them gather a stool sample or a blood sample if you're not comfortable doing it, and let them run it, and they will tell you if it's working or if you need to up your dose or change something.

The only reason that we're telling you all these things that we just told you about wormers, It's because we're trying to cheapen it up as much as we can for you. But we want to make sure that you're getting enough of this into the animal to have a parasite free animal. So don't just trust that, that it's working.

Go run it by your vet every once in a while. Check your own work, check your own work. Where are we headed now, Shorty? Let's go to to some more parasites. Let's go to flea and ticks. [00:38:00] And there's. Several things here. I know I did a video a little while back on insect tags and how to easily attach those to your dog collar.

If you haven't seen it go, you can go to Houndsman XP. I'll do another one here pretty quick. But on your insect tags there's something that you need to know. An insect tag is not... Just cure all it is There are different insect tags that do different things and I actually Printed off a sheet And in doing my own research and I printed off a sheet and it compares all these different insect tags from different companies and the ingredients in them and what it actually protects against and I went along there with a little highlighter and I highlighted the ones that, that protected against ticks.

Versus the ones that didn't and da, and that's how I came up with these tags. If you're gonna use the insect tags, the only two tags that I recommend[00:39:00] for ticks is gonna be the Y Tex XP 820. That's the Y Tex XP 820. And it is the only tag that when you read across that sheet, that protects against all all the ticks.

The other ones maybe will get one type of tick and they don't necessarily it'll say it helps with it's not a, it's not a preventative. And so the only one that really covered the the tick deal with any effectiveness was that XP. XP 820. It's a yellow color tag. And that's a good one for ticks.

The other one that is going to be more geared toward, and the reason I use it here is because of these gnats. We've got a lot of gnats certain times of the year, they just. Are all over the dog's face, their eyes, their ears, up underneath their armpits and [00:40:00] on their belly, anywhere soft, they're attacking them.

It is the, that's the Whitex Python, not the Magnum, not the Python Magnum, but just the purple Whitex Python tag. And that one's gonna, it's gonna help it, it targets flies, gnats. and mosquitoes. There's other tags out there that are going to come deal with flies, but that's pretty much all they're going to deal with it.

When you start talking about your biting bugs, like the fleas, the flies, the gnats, and the mosquitoes, those are the only two tags that I would recommend to defend off of those. Yeah. And so when Alan Hulotta was on the podcast, he talked about multiple Layers of protection. So if you're doing parasite control, if you're doing flea and tick control, if you're doing any of that stuff, you should be using multiple layers of protection here because if you start, if you've ever had a dog that contracts ehrlich [00:41:00] colitis or we have that down here, Lymes disease, any of that stuff.

And now you're treating with mox. I'm convinced that a dog really never fully recovers from any of those things. It's going to affect performance down the road. So if you can use those multiple layers of protection and I started. I was always skeptical of the cattle tags until I started talking to you about them.

I really was. I was like, for freaking cows, I'm not putting that on my dog. Now, but again, it's a multiple layer deal. I don't just solely rely on those. But the cattle tag deal I was skeptical and still till I started talking to you and I thought I'm going to put it on a couple of my dogs and this year and see what happens.

And. I've been impressed. I haven't picked a tick off of them. I haven't, when we were in Wisconsin bear hunting, there were probably 30 hounds in camp total and my hounds were laying outside their dog houses. Not being pestered by flies. [00:42:00] Other guys were headed to town to the store to get fly spray and all this other stuff.

And my dogs were laying out there and they just had a white text tag on their collar. Like you, you demonstrated how to attach it. I had the exact same friend of mine. I left some hounds at his house. When I was out in California and I came home for a minute and he called me and he said, Hey, where do I get those tags?

I said, why is that? And same thing. He said, your dogs don't have any flies on them. My dogs do. Because that's the only, and other than that we were in the same we every other thing that we do the same. The only thing that my dogs had and the other thing was, because of the way he had his dogs chained out, he's got a big yard.

It's fenced in underneath. A bunch of big trees and he had his dogs every other chain deal. So when I put my dogs in there, they were between his dogs. So it was a really good sample because it wasn't like my dogs are over here. His dogs are over there. There's, it's [00:43:00] cooler over here.

So the flies are here, whatever, no, that they were intermingled in. And he said, Hey yours don't have any. And mine, mine got flies all over them. So I go, I do go ahead and use the white text tag and then I use. You may be talking about permethrin, but I'll use permethrin also on top of the white X for that extra layer of protection.

Go ahead. You know what app I use on my phone more than any other app besides the podcast app to listen to this here podcast. I use on X maps is the most comprehensive mapping system for hunters on the market. today. I use it all the time. When I was in New Mexico, I was looking at 40, 000 acres of ranch that I needed to learn.

I flip open OnX and just start studying the map. When I'm riding trails, I put the tracking app on. It helps me get around in strange country. I could mark [00:44:00] water sources, food sources, bear sign, just all kinds of options within OnX. You need to check out OnX maps. By going to houndsmanxp. com Click on the link on our sponsor page.

You'll go right to Onyx Maps. And when you check out, enter the code HXP20, and you will get 20 percent off of your order. Know where you stand with Onyx.

This is one that I've, I haven't found it anywhere else. It's like the the diatomaceous earth. This is a an all natural. It is supposedly organic plants that are fermented and they extract the liquid from it. And it's called conserve SC and this, I heard about this. Can we ferment it?

Ooh, I don't know. Ferment it? I will tell [00:45:00] you this, when you use it put gloves on, I put rubber gloves on because if this stuff touches your skin, it like, it has an odor of its own. And you will not be able to get that off your hands for a couple of days. And so when you go to eat, you're going to smell it.

And it's not like a horrible smell, but it's definitely a different smell. I don't think it'll hurt you at all but conserve res C. And a friend of mine told me about this a few years ago and I was a little skeptical. And he said no, I've been using it for quite a while now. And so I started out with the bottom end of the dogs.

And I didn't give it to my, I didn't give it to my best dog right off the get go, but but one CC per 10 pounds orally. And I'm going to tell you what, there is not a flea medicine. In the world that is better than this. If you have fleas, this is hands down the best stuff I've ever used. And we've battled them.

I've lived here for 15 [00:46:00] years. And we have battled fleas for 15 years. No, for about 12 now. I would literally I had several different chemicals that I would go down and spray the kennels heavily with. Every 10 days every 10 to 14 days, right? They're trying to break the cycle and we never could beat these fleas.

I don't know what it is about here. We could never get ahead of these damn fleas. They were horrible and it got to the point before I started using this. Like I really, and I used all these porons, all this stuff, and we just couldn't break the cycle. And and the poron medications for canines, I went down and bought the Expensive stuff and put it on these dogs and it was religious about it and And you just, you never could get ahead of, you could, it would kill them.

It would, but they just kept hatching and hatching. And it was a never ending cycle. And when I gave this to these dogs, they were [00:47:00] covered pretty bad. I felt sorry for them. I did, they were covered pretty bad and I was doing everything I could. And I gave this to all the dogs. And we've got a lot of dogs between my father in law, my stepson and myself, we've got a lot of dogs here.

And anyways, I, one of my father in law's or my stepson's dogs vomited it up when I gave it to him, he threw up and the most of the dogs I will tell you what I will do. With this stuff and they eat it just put it on their food and they eat it But at the time I didn't know that so I was put it down their mouth anyhow This dog threw it up And I wasn't sure how much I got in him how much I did and then I was pretty new to this stuff And I didn't want to give him too much So I just left good enough alone hoping it would work went down there the next day And these dogs were covered with fleas, went down there the next day, and every dog, I might find two or three fleas on them, and they looked drunk.

They were screwed up. They [00:48:00] were dying. That dog that vomited it up was a yellow dog, and he looked like a high tan. No kidding. All the fleas left the other dogs and went to him. No way. And what's this stuff called? Yeah, so I, it's called conserve sc, so I gotta look it up. I drew up another dose and I gave it to this dog, and this time I put this wrench down his throat so he couldn't, spit it back out.

And it came down there the next day. And again, I could find maybe, Two or three, four or five fleas, and they all look like they were leaving the bar at two o'clock in the morning. They were drunk. How often do you give it? You give it whenever you need to. That particular time, I wasn't sure and I came back out a month later, and there was a few fleas on the dog, so I gave it to him again.

That was the last time that year that I had to give those dogs anything for fleas and every year after that I've given it to them [00:49:00] once this stuff is absolutely Unreal at killing fleas. So when you see fleas on your dogs, give it to them when you don't but I Would be willing to bet that you get to a point where you're only giving it to the dogs Maybe once or twice a year.

Crazy. And yeah, that is my all time favorite right there. It's a it's not cheap When you buy it and you can buy that on Amazon. Like it's not a scheduled drug or anything. You're not going to probably not going to find it at Ace Hardware or Lowe's or something. Maybe you will, I don't know, but I've never found it anywhere other than buying it on Amazon.

And what is it again? It's active, yeah, ingredients. It says active ingredients are Spinoza.

Spinoza spin spinosus A and spino d I don't know what that is. I don't know, ma'am. When I start [00:50:00] reading labels with we probably won't know what it is 'cause it's some kind of fermented plants. Okay. All right. So from, probably had to make up names for it. DW Chemical is the one that I'm looking at Considers Yeah, it's sc it's turf.

A great bottle with a green top. Yep. Yep. For sure. Man, I don't know. I so stuff like this. I have to look at it pretty close before I start shoving this down the bus. I've been giving it at least three or four years. I know a friend of mine here in town, I won't mention his name. He's been giving it for probably five years.

And they're... Hey, go ahead and throw him under the bus too. He's the one that got us into this mess. Yeah, no, I won't do it. He saved me a pile of money, man. I was spending, I don't know, how much money a year fighting these things, and all of a sudden, it's pooh, fleas love fleas. I've used the bear and I can't remember, it's the bear rose deal for fleas.

Tree and shrub. Tree and shrub, bare tree and [00:51:00] shrub. Apply it to them and and just use it like I do the typical topical or the topical treatments and had real good success. The reason you use that is it had one or one of these two. We're going to talk about them. But it was either, and I'm going to butcher this Imidacloprid and S methoprine. And those are both ingredients that are used in a lot of Of your canine Advantix, Frontline, all that stuff. That's, you could get that in Bear, Tree, and Shrub. Let me, I'm going to look up Advantix real quick. So keep rolling, I'm going to look up Advantix ingredients.

Just so we can I can, Canine Advantix has Canine Advantix 2 is a, has a Medical Pyrid. And Canine Advantix is Promethrin. [00:52:00] Okay. All right. Yeah, so let's go. So we're done with the conserve SC and I'm telling you if ticks or fleas are a problem, you guys are going to thank me for this one.

Then we're going to go to Taurus. SC or Termidor, Taurus SC or Termidor. Both of them are the same thing. The Taurus SC is the generic version of it. It's going to be cheaper. And then the active ingredient is that is Fipronil. It's 8. 9 percent Fipronil. And that's going to be, and I don't have it wrote down all the, everything that's that Fipronil is in, but that is a lot of your over the counter.

Flea and tick preventatives are, have fipronil in them. Now, I don't find that it's as good on fleas as it is on ticks. For ticks, this is my go to. Taurus SC is what I use. And I just put it right down their [00:53:00] back. Just like you do your over the counter product. And it's going to be I'm going to give you the dosage for it.

Cause it's the exact same percentage. 8. 9 percent Fipronil is the exact same percentage as your over the counter products that have Fipronil in them. For 23 Like Frontline, all that stuff. Yep, exactly. For a 23 to 44 pound dog, you'll want to give 1.34 milliliters. So with this stuff, well for a let me finish giving you the doses.

For a 45 to 88 pound dog, you're gonna want to give 2.68 milliliters. And for those of you that don't know, a milliliter is a cc. It's the same thing. For a 89 to 132 pound dog, you want to give 4. 02 milliliters. This stuff is a little thicker than your store bought Fipronil that's made for dogs.

So when I put it on the dogs, I [00:54:00] suck it up into a syringe. Now I start at the back of the dog and I go against the hair and I try to get it right on the skin. And I go up the dog's back from tail to head and squirt it out as I go. And that gets it closer to the skin. It is thick enough that if you just pour it down the dog's back on top of the skin or on top of the hair.

And they shake, it's all going to come off. So you want to get it down on the dog's back. But other than that, it's the same dose as your store bought stuff. That works really good. That's my tick go to. And I just did a quick Google search for the active ingredient in Frontline.

And it is Fipronil. And it's 9. 8%. So 9.8 or 8.9, it's nine 9.8, according to Google. I might've wrote it down wrong. Google Stick, which yeah, I could go to another search engine that's not so liberal and we could see, but yeah, no, I might've wrote it down wrong. Yeah. [00:55:00] 9.8%. Yeah. Yeah, 50 pound dog, I usually give three cc's and that's right there in that ballpark.

Okay, so you're going tail to shoulders. You're going that whole distance to the back. You don't have to, the main thing is to go against the hair and get it on the skin. Are you ever afraid that a dog will turn around and, we've all seen dogs go after that flea at the base of the tail, them ingesting the fiprinil?

And I guess I, I didn't describe it properly, not necessarily going from the tail head to the head. I'm going that direction. Okay. I got you. I usually start behind the shoulders. Yeah, there you go. Hoping that those dogs, they can't really reach it right there. I usually go behind the shoulders up to the base of the, I don't get to the head, but.

Cause the collar's in the way. About halfway up their neck. But I hear you. But yeah, I go that direction. I wanted to make sure there because. Thank you for pointing that out. Absolutely. So yeah, so for fleas and ticks, I'm going to recap this because [00:56:00] these are my two go tos. For fleas, conserve SC. For ticks, Taurus SC.

You can also use Termidor. Taurus SC is just cheaper. Then we're going to move on to permethrin. Now There's a couple different ways to go at this. The easiest one is in, in permethrin 45 percent permethrin is the active ingredient in Freedom 45, Century, Canine Advantix, Virbac Epitex, Liberty, Provecta, just to give you an example.

So you can buy at like tractor supplier at your feed stores, you can buy. a fly deterrent for horses that's a poron. And that, that there's two of them that stand out spot on or equi spot. Both of these are [00:57:00] 45 percent permethrin. And they come in a little like a I don't know, five milliliter packet.

You can actually just take a syringe and needle and go right through it and pull the permethrin out, or you can cut the top off and stick a needle down in there and get it out. But that right there it's already 45, 5 percent permethrin. So the math is really easy. All you got to do is look at your, at Freedom Century K9 Advantix, see how much.

How many milliliters they use for your weight dog and copy it because it's the same. It's the same percentage and Again, the benefit to this is anytime you buy something for horses and cattle versus dogs It's going to be cheaper and this is going to save you a few bucks to get the same exact stuff There's another way you can get The Perrin.

Now this is 40% versus the 45% of the spot on, or EQU spot is yec. Makes a little bottle of pour on. That's 40%. [00:58:00] And you can buy that at Tractor Supply as well. And just, give 'em a little bit more, you have to do the math, figure it out. But but anyways that's another way.

And it's again, active ingredients and some pretty common. flea and tick preventatives. Absolutely. And I use the, you call it permethrin. I, again, it's just a regional thing. I call it permethrin. Permethrin. I'm also going to go out there on a limb and just say that even as people, We need to be applying, we apply this stuff to our hunting clothes back here.

Yeah, absolutely. And so if it's safe for me, it's safe for my dog. And I use it in the concentrate. I sprayed around the kennels, spray dog houses. I'll tie dogs out while I'm spraying, of course, and let it dry residually. But it's great for, man it'll repel mosquitoes, bugs, all kinds of stuff around your kennel.

So it's, again, it's part of that multi level, multi layer protection for our dogs that, [00:59:00] that veterinarians that are willing to talk to you will tell you about. Yeah. The good ones are, the other ones are just trying to get in your pocketbook. A lot of when you go to, when you go to the, down the, go to the heart of, you run out to that vet and you look around where his office is located.

And he's got half a million dollar, million dollar homes surrounding his office. There's a good chance he's there to get the money from the foo dog owner and the lap dog. The fur baby mama that is gonna drag her dog in there every time he has a sniffle. And Those guys are not going to tell you.

If you've got a vet, if you, like you and like I, we're, we've been in this same thing. We've had, we have vets that come to the farm. That's always when I get dogs vaccinated. It's Hey, come out and vaccinate the livestock or check, do a palpation or whatever you're going to do. While you're here, I need you to vaccinate the dogs and bang, and they talk to you.

I really miss my old vet doc Beckett. I watched that guy [01:00:00] do some stuff that he didn't have a lot of fancy equipment and stuff, but I saw him save animals, dogs from gunshot wounds. And I saw, I had a squirrel dog one time, not mine, but one I was hunting with that took an arrow through the neck.

He saved the dog's life. And he would talk straight to you. And that's that's the kind of vets that we need to seek out and talk to about these sorts of things. Absolutely. And that's, yeah, we're looking for Dr. Pohl. Yep. Yep. I have to look him up. Oh, you haven't looked him up. Oh, he's got a TV show.

Dr. Pohl. No kidding. Yeah. Yeah, the kid's washing, but he's our kind of vet. Yeah, he's you know, just the real deal. Yep. What else you got shorty? So from there, we're gonna move these next two. I'm not super huge fans of them, but they are ingredients in a lot of stuff Thing I found they don't it combined they work.

They're just it's not as [01:01:00] simple as these other three that I've already given you and that's and again I'm gonna butcher this Immediate ide. And that's one of the ingredients. 'cause I've got it wrote down right here. I've got it in fertile Alone, tree and Shrub. So it's probably one of those ingredients in that Bay Tree and Shrub.

. And the way I it's 8.8% that's the same as Canine Advantix two Cresto Advantage Multi and Frontline Plus this is of. It's a neurological deal that kills the fleas and ticks, but it doesn't it doesn't prevent the eggs from being hatched. So if you're going to use that and again, you're going to have to do the math on that for yourself.

It's the same percentage as all those that I just mentioned Canine Advantix, Resto, Advantage, Frontline Plus if you're going to use that, I would recommend. I also use an S Methaprene at 8. 8%. [01:02:00] That's the same as Frontline Plus and Gold. Frontline Plus and Frontline Gold. On Guard, Zoo Guard, Pet Armor Plus, Spot On.

And this actually assists in preventing the eggs from hatching. If you're going to use a permethrin or the medial cloprid, I would recommend using the S Methaprene as well. But I... Again, the first two that I gave you, the Conserve SC and the Taurus SC, man those deals, they are simple, easy, cheap, and the most effective that I have yet to find.

Houndsman XP is very proud of our partnership with the organization Freedom Hunters. Freedom Hunters is a non profit organization that takes America's veterans hunting from field to field, from the battlefield to a field near you when you volunteer your time to take America's warriors hunting with you and your hounds.

It's easy. Go [01:03:00] to houndsmanxp. com. Click on the partnership tab and it will take you to freedom hunters. You can go direct to their website to make donations at freedomhunters. org. Support America's heroes. Let's pay it back. Visit freedomhunters at freedomhunters. org or go to houndsmanxp. com. And you can find them on our website from field to field and then from there and this is more like on the kennel care.

So my and I think this would work equally as well if you had a raised kennel with wood floors or even synthetic floors. I have concrete floors in mine. So what I'll do, and this will last for, I don't know, three to four or five months. I'll take all my water buckets, food buckets. Dishes and I use those blue barrels.

I take those, I take [01:04:00] everything out of my kennel and and then I get 38 percent permethrin. And which is it's aimed toward your termites. So if you're having trouble finding it, I do know our ACE hardware here in town carries it. And I use that and then I buy one of those reusable.

Lawn and garden sprayers that you fill up with a chemical and then, and the little kind of white clear colored deal with a black head on it is what I use. And I turn that sucker to 10, I fill it up with permethrin 38 percent and I spray those floors and that candle. I usually do it like, if I can, when I'm going to go hunting, I'll load the dogs, get them out, load, load them in the truck, clean everything out, water buckets, everything, spray this on the floors and I spray it.

At 10 and it's gonna create a greasy film on there And all you gotta do is get it wet, get the whole floor wet. But I do [01:05:00] that and then I go hunting and I come back and it'll all have dried into that concrete. But it's gonna have kind of a greasy, like if you walk on it, it's slippery. My my floors are those polished concrete, so they clean easier.

It's slick, like with shoes on you're slick. Ice skating. I take a hose and wash all that out. What does a guy from South Texas know about ice skating? That's what I want to know. I know that you use you use hockey skates rather than figure skates. I did learn that. I put a hole in my leg with a, with figure skates.

And then I talked to a friend of mine, the guy I'll throw his name out there. Ty McCleary. If you guys have ever watched the movie, Mighty Ducks, the cowboy kid in there, he's one of my best friends. He actually worked for me out there in California when he was working in Hollywood. He was ranching for me during the daytime.

And and so they actually had to learn to be college level. Hockey players to be in that [01:06:00] movie. So he, they went through the whole deal and anyways that's the trick that you need to know. If you've never been ice skating, use hockey skates, not figure skates. This podcast is full of that's what I know.

You asked what I know. I know it's full of all kinds of knowledge. Where else can After you're done ice skating across your kennels to see if I'm right or wrong, just wash it off with water and watch all that permeation off with water, put all your stuff back in there, and it will kill any bugs, any fleas, any ticks we have these kissing beetles down here that, that carry chagas, that will kill your dogs, and they are a major problem.

I also spray this stuff around the kennels. Yeah those beetles, they like these woods where we got mesquite trees all around the kennel. So I spray all those trees and everything with it too. But anything that lands on that concrete for, I don't know, three to six months will die. And it'll blow your mind when you go out there every day and all the bugs that you see dead [01:07:00] in that kennel because because of that.

So that's a cheap and easy kennel care knock on wood. I haven't had any problems with these kissing beetles since, but the first year that I did it, I'd go out there every day and I'd find eight to 10 of them. Now I find maybe one or two of them, but I'll back that up a little bit about the permethrin and the kennel space.

And I do the same thing, take everything out, hose it all down. I don't hold back on that. And then, man, I don't have, I used to have. And I've got a roof, I've got a tin roof on my kennel and you would get wasp nests in there, you would get had a hornet's nest in there one time and none of that is pleasant, even for me, while I'm out there trying to...

Out there trying to take care of dogs and kennels and stuff like that. And it's all gone spiders, no brown recluse, no spider webs in the kennels. And it's, and I have combated that simply with [01:08:00] the permit permethrin, spraying that in the kennel. It's taken care of all that.

Plus I've got wood kennels. It's all treated, power, wash it, do all that stuff. And I don't have termite problems either. Absolutely. Absolutely. And that's. That's again, and you can find 10 percent in a lot of places, but but at 38%, man, it just, the stronger it is, the longer it lasts, the longer the residual fact it lasts, and that's why they use like that and then go back to your to the the Taurus SC and Termidor.

The reason it's called Termidor is because it's for termites, the fiber dill. Wow. And anything, and that those, if it's for termites versus fleas and ticks, it's going to have a longer residual effect. And that's why that 38 percent works so much better than your normal 10%. Yeah, no doubt. I think We've been rolling and it's been a long time since I said this, but we've been rolling for about an hour here and Next ones are [01:09:00] gonna go quick.

What are we gonna do? Are we gonna do antibiotics or what? Are you thinking? Yeah, that's where Let's save antibiotics and some of that stuff for the next day. Do you think there's enough there? There's enough there Yeah, we can definitely dive into that, way deeper Let's do it. Let's do it another episode for antibiotics and you know some of those There's a lot of stuff there, everything from, coccidia medicines to antibiotics to, LA 200s.

All of it. We can make a whole nother episode about that part of it. Definitely. Yeah. Cool with that. I hope what we told you guys here today can save you a lot of money and every penny counts. But again, we're not veterinarians. We want you guys to check with your veterinarians.

These off label products that we gave you are for the most part, they're the exact same thing that you can buy [01:10:00] anywhere else. And keep this in mind. So as a chemical company, if the active ingredient is. whatever it is. They don't go throw a whole bunch of chemicals in behind it because it costs them more money.

They're throwing fillers in and stuff like that. So when you compare, a horse medicine versus a cow medicine versus a dog medicine, it's, if the active ingredient is whatever it is it's the same all the way across the board. They may use something different in a paste just to get it to turn into a paste, but but absolutely.

We're not veterinarians. Check with your vets. These are just things that we've used that works for us. And we want them to work for you and to save you as much money as we can possibly get them to. That's right. Just general information that we're getting out there, Houndsman helping Houndsman here.

And I think that the way I look at that shorty is if I look at a label and the active ingredient is ivermectin. [01:11:00] Whether that label that I'm buying it from has a picture of a pig on it or it has a picture of a dog Cuddled up in a little blanket the ingredient the active ingredient is the same So the guy that's mixing that up, he goes over to this big bin He gets out a little dose and he pours it in your and then they put a fancy label on it and say it's for Your fur baby and charge you six times as much Exactly.

I will say this while you and I don't know why I missed this earlier. Do not use Ivermectin Plus. You're just looking for Ivermectin. Ivermectin Plus is not for dogs. Do not use Ivermectin Plus. And do you know why? Are you getting more force on that? I don't. I don't. I will have, we'll recap it when we do the next episode.

And I'll have some more information on why not to. Okay. All right. Great, man. Great. I think this is good [01:12:00] stuff right here. Just, it's obvious that you've done your homework and you've been using this stuff for years. It's not something that you just picked up and spitting out there. This is something you've used and a lot of the same things.

I think this will be really helpful for new houndsmen and not to be. Again, we're not veterinarians, but sometimes it's just common sense. And I think we see that more now in the current state of affairs of what medical professionals try to tell us versus what is common sense. And yeah, houndsmen are traditionally smart enough to figure out a lot of good stuff on their own.

Yeah, and yeah, a lot of times your medical professionals are getting a kickback. That's why they're, that's why they want you to use their drug through them because they're making a little extra, and you can always follow the money and figure it out. Yeah, I mean if I borrow, and this is Vets need to make a living [01:13:00] too.

That's not my intent behind this conversation, this comment, but when you pick up a Soresto collar or a pack of heart guard from your veterinarian They've got a markup on that and then they also Get incentive packages from the drug companies just like everybody else. It's business. It's not dirty.

It's just business and There are other there's alternative ways to do things Yep. Take that 3 that he was going to make and put it in your fuel tank. That's what we want you to do. Go hunting. Yeah. You got it, man. You got it. Short is a great episode. We're going to follow up with the next one will be about antibiotics and that's going to be a good one too.

Cause. That's something that I haven't really been into. Keep pumping out those pro tips for for Houndsman XP. And people can find a lot of those pro tips over on our Patreon account. And if you're a Patreon supporter, then you'll have full access to all of [01:14:00] these pro tips. But there's a lot of good stuff over there and, go to our website at HoundsmanXP. You can find out how to support the show and get more of this type of information from Houndsmen that use it. Till next time shorty, you follow your hounds, I'll follow mine.