GPS and Fair Chase

Show Notes

The Boone and Crockett Club originated the term “Fair Chase”. TL Jones a third generation bear hunter wrote an epic piece about fair chase and how it applies to hounds and houndsmen. The anti hunters and many in the hunting community call the use of hounds unfair, too easy and a lazy way to hunt.

Justin Spring of the Boone and Crockett Club joins the podcast. Chris and Justin discuss a brief history of B&C, its purpose and function in historical and modern day wildlife management. The topic of trophy hunting is discussed and how many terms such as fair chase, trophy hunting, even the word conservation is misused, misinterpreted and used against us as hunters in the 21st Century.

The big topic discussed is the B&C position on the use of GPS tracking equipment in conjunction with hounds. Chris asks some tough questions and Justin explains the position in detail to bring clarification for houndsmen.

This episode is for the houndsmen that want to protect hound hunting, see it flourish and preserve it. This episode is for houndsmen that want to be informed and defend our way of life. This episode is for the few, the warriors among us. Thi episode is for Xtreme Performance Houndsmen.

Show Transcript