Hard Decision in Breeding w/ Jason Carter

Show Notes

Jason Carter is the owner and operator of Merry Meeting Kennels, professional trainer, author for Project Upland and a teacher. He fits perfectly into our theme on The Journey: teach, train and learn.

The Journey, on the Houndsman XP Podcast Network, is all about bettering the hounds we hunt. That starts with the decision to breed and the crosses we make. Jason recently wrote an article about making the hard decision on not breeding your dog. When you cherish the hounds you run and want to carry those memories through time it’s a common practice to try and replicate those hounds.

Heath and Jason start at the decision that drives us to breed our hounds. What is it that we are looking to accomplish by breeding and some ways to evaluate that decision? This is a hard conversation, as Heath and Jason discuss, that is sometimes avoided. This is a must listen if you have dogs and are interested in continuing to hunt. Sometimes the hard decision is the right decision.

Show Transcript