Hold My Pig, The House Is Infested with Raccoons!

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On this month’s episode of All Mixed Up we ask the tough questions. Do you keep or cull your friend based on his performance as a novice hog hunter after we listen to his side of the story? The next thought: You hear a strange sound coming from your attic, what do you do? Call Tyler Sladen and let him turn his terrier loose to solve said problem! Seth and Chad talk to Tyler about using terriers in the workplace along with some great stories of the mayhem and crazy characters you meet in that line of work. Stay tuned folks All Mixed Up is going to get wild!

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We all have that one special dog hanging out on the porch. He's just a little bit of this and a little bit of that. All these things you like coming together to make one superb dog. That was exactly what we had in mind when we made this show. Welcome to All Mixed Up.[00:03:00]

I feel like such a hipster when last time we started recording, I was drinking a seltzer water, but now I'm drinking a ginger beer. What? That's a good one too. Like root beer, or actually a beer that is made of ginger. It's like a ginger ale, but more gingery apparently. That's the one we use to make Moscow mules.

That's exactly why I have them. Yeah. Yep. And so I was like I'm just gonna drink one. Less Moscow, more mule, so there you go. Yeah, I got my ginger beer on. But anyway hey, welcome everybody. The Hounds on XP podcast all mixed up. We have a really exciting episode this month. And I'm just gonna slip it in right now.

I can't wait next month as well because I've been scurrying around at high speed and I have a lot of crazy in-person content. The patrons are gonna get a taste of it first, but we're talking about [00:04:00] feral mules. We're talking about crazy racing. People getting annihilated by feral horses. So stay tuned for next month.

Yes, that's a hell of a tease. Wait, we have to go now, hu. Human corrals and people getting obliterated by feral horses. That's next month. This month, however, also amazing because we got tweaker castles filled with raccoons. Yep. So stay tuned for later in the episode. But Chad has brought along a great friend, Chad, I'm gonna let you take it away, brother.

I just got us started. All right. Let's see. We got, I got my buddy Dylan here visiting from the Northeast came out. You doing good, man? Yeah, doing great. Glad to be here. We just doing a little vacationing and got, got the storytelling and everything and I know we, we've been working the.

Keeper Coles. So I thought we'd spin it just a little bit right off [00:05:00] the bat and have a little fun. And I got a hunting buddy keeper Cole. All right, I wanna hear this. Okay. All right. So we're gonna tell a story, a ask your questions. It's gonna be hilarious, but at the end of it, you gotta keep this in mind.

We're deciding on whether or not we're gonna keep or call our new hunting buddy. This is, and just to, just to preface it, this is the first hog hunt. My wife and I were out hog hunting and we've been hog hunting forever. And we had Dylan come out and this was his first experience.

Other than stories, this is, you're not doing it a hundred percent justice, because you gotta understand here, when I think of a hog hunt, right? Or even hunting in general, I'm, I grew up in the city, so I'm a little bit of a city guy, and that's great. I would expect, Hey man, would you like to go hunting?

Not, Hey, you wanna go for a quick walk? Those are two vastly different things, man. I'm sitting there like with a beer in my hand. Yeah, it's gonna be great. Let's go on a walk. Sure. It's a wonderful afternoon. Yeah. No not so much. That was a different thing. So I just wanna make sure everyone understands [00:06:00] the baseline here from my expectations.

I didn't know we were on a hunt. I thought we were on a stroll through the woods with some dogs. So yeah. Maybe in H, let's go walking. Say no or say yes. It was definitely, it resulted in a a memorable time. And again it was good. I would like to say things got a lot better from there on, but yeah.

I would say definitely up until this point, all we had was, Hey man, there's a lot of feral hogs around here. And they'll get you, they'll get you. That was probably the number one. If there's like a hashtag or a catch line, it would probably be, they'll get you you gotta mess with your, you gotta mess with them a little bit, right?

You gotta build that height. They'll get you. They, they'll climb trees. They're gonna, they're gonna come after you. Yeah, that, so we had asked, I was like, what do you even do? So when you're out I know you hunt hogs. This is great. What do you do? And he's oh man, you gotta, you just find a tree that'll support you.

Don't climb up in it. Just push your, pull yourself up, like a pull up almost. And I'm like, oh great. So once and then they go away. Oh no, they're smart. They're gonna circle [00:07:00] back around and get you a few times. You gotta do it like 10, 12 times. And I'm like, Hey man, I don't know if I have that in me.

I got maybe twice looking at whatcha doing on the ground. He's oh, just ninja over 'em. I'm like, I am not a ninja. This is who's on? That was the night. Yeah, that was the night before. So you guys you guys tell us what happened. Take us back to the beginning. Yeah, literally, I think the first time I heard about all the hog hunting stuff with detail was probably the night before just sitting there, shooting the breeze.

Having some beers. And that's what I, we were told all this different stuff about the hogs and it was like, okay, the next day we're out doing some stuff around the ranch. And yeah, sure enough he says, Hey, by the way, you want to go for a a quick walk? We're like, yeah, no problem. So this is also me, it's another good buddy of mine too that we've known for a long time.

And I'm in just normal, I got boots and jeans on or something like that, and my other buddy, he's got shorts and flip flops on. And again, this is the level that we were expecting this. And he says, Hey, he looks to [00:08:00] Ashley, you wanna bring some dogs? And she says, yeah. So they load up a terrier and was it ruckus?

It was rowdy, right? Rowdy, yeah. Rowdy. Rowdy and the pit bull mount wall across, yeah. And they put the transponders on 'em, but I'm like, yeah, they're running around the woods. I thought that was normal. So we we just get in the truck, we drive a little ways and just get out and it's a nice little trail.

It's a. It's a four by four trail, basically like a side by side trail and we're walking and everything was nice. And you gotta remember at this point, what we don't know is we are on a hunt. I thought we're on a stroll and we're on a hunt, and a hundred percent suddenly outta nowhere.

There's just this snapping and commotion. Maybe 50 meters into the woods on our left. And it was almost like Chad got this look in his eye, like contact left. Like he looks and immediately looks at Ashley and goes, it's on. And the dog start barking. He runs off. And me and my buddy are sitting there going, what's on?

What are talking about? We're quite confused. Just sitting on this trail and he's gone. [00:09:00] And after about 30 seconds we see the first one and it's just a silhouette just go flying by across the trail. What was that? And then another one. And then you realize these are all feral hogs. And we are surrounded right now by these hogs fleeing from that area.

And there's just, there's the chomping going on. There's just insanity going on. And we look at each other. Did you run for a tree? No. No. We just, we froze. We're like, oh my God. The way what had happened is dogs were out and got into 'em and before the, the dogs had even really opened up.

We just we heard the Sounders start to make noise and, so Ashley and I take off, and but then the dogs push them around us, and then right around my two buddies. So they're standing there in the road with their beer, just okay, cool, they're gonna go catch a pig.

And then now they're zipping in front of em behind him. Yeah. So they, they weren't near a tree. This is the, that, that's the status that're then. And the best part too, hands down, I forgot to mention this too, so the day before too, we're out and he's got one in a pen already.

And so [00:10:00] the day before we had this experience and we're like, he's Hey, do you want to get in the pen? And he's giving us like, the safety brief. And I'm like, no, I don't. And and then suddenly now flashback to now there's no pen. You're in the pen whether you want it or not. Go, man.

Yeah no. It was fun. Yeah, so basically, I. We have this realization, me and my buddy is looking at each other wow, this is this is it. This is happening right now. And right when we're looking at each other, we hear it and it, this changed the entire game for us. And Chad, we've known him for a long time.

Hunter does all this stuff. He's a great guy, but he's, again, cream of the crop when it comes to some of this stuff. So it's all good. And we hear Chad suddenly from in the woods, yell help. And he's screaming, help. And we're like, oh, th this is really, oh my God, this man needs help.

Like he needs help. This is how it ends. This is how it ended for us. This is it. I don't know what happened. So literally we put our beers down, we're like, oh my God, my one buddy pulled out the smallest pocket knife known to man.[00:11:00]

All right. We gotta, I guess we're gonna go, we're gonna go. We're coming, buddy. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. You go dashing in, come on charge, follow me. We're like, alright. I dunno what we're gonna do, but we're gonna do it. And yeah. But that was a fun little moment where we were just like, if he needs help, then we're doomed.

We're doomed. This is it. But anyway we get in there, right? We get in and it's only, like I said, it's only I don't know, le less than 50 yards into the woods. It's right there in the woods. We get up on them and Ashley's got one of the dogs, I believe, by the collar. Oh, she had either rowdy or the terrier.

One of 'em, I forget who exactly, but one of the dogs. And then yeah, the other one's barking around and Chad's got this hog by the hind legs. And this is the first time we've seen that. We run up, we're like, what do you need? What do you need? And he's help me get over. Here we go. Okay.

Doesn't say a word. Just hands a leg to my one buddy and a leg to me. And we're like, what? And he goes, [00:12:00] I'll be right back. And they both leave. So you're just hanging onto a wheelbarrow hog. Yeah. Never. Not even by yourself too. So now you got like the two of us holding on to a hind leg each. And we're like, wait, come back.

What? It just takes it off. Describe the hog, Dylan. Was this a monster? Porker? What are we talking here? This is, that's the thing, right? So this is the first time and it's, we got the adrenaline going a little bit, and we went from our nice little dent, leisurely walk to this. And it was like, man, this thing giant tusks.

Oh my God. It's gonna, it's gonna get you. Like this is all I keep remembering the hashtag's gonna get you. And I'm like, dang. And so we have. We have this thing and Chad goes off and you can hear the commotion, but then you can clearly tell they go far. Like the, you can hear the dogs. They're far. We just wanted to get on the next one, come hold this one.

Let's catch another get ahead. You gotta catch, you gotta do it quick. That's why I was like, get in here, get the big get, we gotta get the next one, yeah. Which again, the help cry, we thought, oh, help was gonna be clearly like bad. He's down getting shredded. Yeah, exactly. I'm a [00:13:00] medical guy, so I hear help and I'm like, yeah, I hear like medic.

And I'm like, all right, I got you. I'm coming. And so instead we end up in this situation. Yeah. With a, yeah, that the world's smallest though. I got affordable Dorito chip, like that is what we were calling one of those little mouse knives, I don't even think if you got a running start, it would've penetrated the house Lance charge.

Yeah. It was fantastic. And so anyway, there we are sitting in the woods with no one else. It's just me and my buddy. Suddenly. And again, you gotta remember he's in like flip flops. Flip flops and shorts. So he's not suited for this environment. Although he'll tell you I'm a country boy and I'll go for any hunt on flip flops.

I don't care. He's an Arkansas fellow. Yeah. This particular guy, which was even better 'cause he had, I think Arkansas shorts on. So there was definitely, yeah, there was the Razorback on there. Yeah. Anyway so I think it takes all of, I don't know, I'm gonna be aggressive in my estimation here.

90 seconds, I don't know maybe two minutes for this hog to clearly outsmart [00:14:00] us. Like it starts turning one way and we're like, all right. And it's like a, like cue the Benny Hillel theme song music. Like we're going one way and it's just running us in like a kind of a circle. We're like, I don't know what to do.

We're just being so gentle with this thing because, really know, but you're holding on, you got a death grip. And it takes about, like I said, about two minutes before it found a tree and it got us against this tree. And it's like running in a circle. We can't turn anymore. 'cause my buddy's pinned against the tree and then I'm getting pinned against him and it's starting to move its head around and start trying.

Trying to get you. Yeah. Yeah. And I'm like, al, it's gonna get me. So and so they, I guess they didn't do 'em a service. 'cause the the hog hunters know if you just leg it and hold still, the pigs don't bend very well. Yeah, they're rigid, so as long as you hold the legs and hold still it can get you.

But they're like, One leg each, which is a disservice as, as well, which is hilarious, and so they're hunched over a little bit, with the one leg each. So when the, come to find out when it would turn its head, they assumed it can turn more [00:15:00] so as it would turn the heck they would like, they'd run away.

Yeah. They go the other way, so now this hog, is spinning them in circles. They're as safe can be, as long as they hold onto their legs, but they think this thing's coming after 'em. So they're turning themselves, drilling themselves down into the ground, trying to avoid the thing.

And it was really, Hey, I gotta give a lot of credit too. You could tell there's some intelligence there. 'cause it knew, it was like, I'll run you this way. Oh, I'm coming the other way. And it knew it knew I need to get these guys. And the whole time too, we got our head on a swivel because we saw there were a lot of hogs that were around there.

Is it screaming? Is it squealing or is it Oh yeah. The whole time It is unhappy. It is unhappy. And we're like, oh, it's calling, its buddies. We're, this is yeah. So it was not a thing. And it, it took a little bit. We got pinned on this tree and luckily that's when we, held the line.

There was nowhere to go, so there's nowhere to go. We held the line, you couldn't get us. But we were. We are straight stuck. And Chad comes up and this was the great part. You see him start to, you see the bush and you see him coming in and I'm like, thank you. Thank you Lord. Thank you. Everything.

[00:16:00] Okay. He, here he comes and he comes in and he's all upset. And I'm like, are you okay? Because I haven't got any word. I'm like, the help thing either. I'm like, are you all right? Is everything okay? And he looks up, he's what? Oh yeah. We didn't yeah, we didn't get another one. And he's disappointed and we're like, cool what we do with this?

And he's oh yeah, without a word. He just grabs both legs from us and immediately flips it over. Down on Snap, boop, hog ties it in rodeo speed just so fast. And we were both sitting there oh yeah, totally. I was gonna do that. This is your hog book. I would've done it.

But, courtesy, I, I wanted to give you, I was deferring to you because, that's etiquette. We had never ended again. Granted, we did not know how to do that or anything. And to us it looked like he just this world champion hog tire. And here's the best part outta everything.

For me at least is afterwards. So we got this hog and we're like, all right, cool. We'll take it back. And we're like, Hey, we this is your first hog. We gotta get a picture with everything. We're like, sure. So we get this picture and honestly, this is the smallest hog known to man. This is the tiniest [00:17:00] hog man retrospect.

This thing's maybe a hundred pounds if it's wet, if soak it wet. It is not big enough. It's a haino basically. Pretty much. I'd say it was like 70 pounds, 80 pounds. Hey Dylan, I'm gonna be honest with you, bro. Don't feel bad. The first hog I ever went in on during the day with KRS and Bulldogs, yeah, they probably weighed 50 pounds and I didn't grab it, man.

They they grabbed it for me. I was like the guy I was hunting with Danny, he was like hey, I was hoping you would grab that pig. I was like, are you on drugs? I'm not grabbing that pig. That's not why I came, man. That's the best part too. 'cause you just hear negative things. Again, no idea.

It was a hunt. This is a walk and all you know is hashtag they're gonna get you and they'll get you. And you're just like, all right. Cool, they're, these things are gonna get me. I noted. Don't go near 'em. I don't plan to. I think that's a natural progression of any pig hunter though, is that like everyone is really afraid of 'em.

And one thing I've really [00:18:00] learned is that all the pig hunters are like, no, their reputation's so overblown. I asked that to every single hog hunter. I'm like, are you afraid of hogs? They're like, no. And after five days of hunting, I wasn't either anymore. I was like, oh yeah. Their reputation is super overblown.

If you just stay away from their teeth. They're not gonna do anything. And we got run up a tree by one and Yeah, you just climb the tree. He grunted a little few seconds and then ran off. Yeah. I'm with you though, man. At first I was like, these are grizzly bears, man. So I was like, I'm gonna keep away from these things.

But yeah I by the end of it I was like, oh, ah, they're nothing. And that's how he's got, which is hilarious. 'cause in the beginning this pig was like they're white whale, like we we've landed point to the for three days. Oh. And then since then he is, come on a bunch more hunts, and we've, I don't know, I think we've caught at least two pigs that were like 2 50, 300 class, wow, nice pigs that he is got the [00:19:00] leg in tie, and deal with that whole shebang.

So now that he's gone full circle, we, he still has this picture, of the 70 pound al, it's just fight on. Yeah. That's what I was gonna ask if you ever went again, Dylan. But it sounds like you did. You, I take it, you had a good time overall. Yeah.

Yeah. It was, it was definitely, an experience and we laughed about it. Everything was good. And then, we got the safety brief after that. He is oh yeah, you're right. So this is how you flip a hog and this is how you do that. And so once we were armed with a little bit more of that information, it was like, okay, I get that. Like any, 'cause we had, the zero other than the walk-in, they'll get you. But honestly, once we had that, the next one that we did, I don't think I shot on that one. I think I still stayed away. I wrangled some of the dogs, but I knew, I was like, all right, I got it.

And I think it was probably maybe like the third hunt we did. I remember we ran in, it was a further, I remember it was further. I didn't know how lucky we got it going, yeah. Less than 50 yards in this next one was, it was a hike. It was in there. And so we're running in, I remember that was the first one [00:20:00] where the dogs were there and everything.

And I think I, I reached in, I got 'em or something. I had I shot him, I got the legs. And I was like, all right, just waiting. The other hogs cleared out and Chad gave me this look like, I'm so proud of you. He's like my boys growing up. And it was, I think I'm fairly certain it was the biggest sow I've ever caught, ever, and like, All the, my life is the hog hunter.

It was a mad it dwarfed a lot of pig hogs. I've been, bore hogs, I've been proud of, dang. But, shot in, snatched it stood up and then that's the hard part. You got 'em now, I, it, it's downhill from the legging. Yeah. The part that was always sketchy to me still is that once you flip it, that transition where you got that brief second where you're like, all right, I have to let go of the legs and then I have to get my, yeah.

I have to get my knee right here. And then also pull up and if you mess this up, you're gonna have a bad time. Yeah. He is talking about, how you get the back legs and you flip it and then Yeah. And that's always part that're like, now what do I do? Because I was helping him out, training, to get ready for more big hunts.

And I'm like once he's on his shoulder, he is only gonna be there for a second. Or two [00:21:00] before he stands right back up, you're getting him rolling onto his back. So at that point, you let go of the back legs, put your knee behind the ear as fast as you can and grab the bottom front leg with two hands, like a baseball bat and pull back.

And once you are there, my a hundred pound wife can hold 'em down, but you gotta get there, you gotta let go and grab the other one, you got, that that's the next step. Do you think the first person to figure out this technique figured it out on domestic pigs and then transition that into wild ones?

Or do you think he just figured it out on the fly with small wild ones that had been caught by dogs? Couldn't tell you thousands of years ago. No clue. That's an interesting idea. I know it definitely would be safer. Yeah. Who thought of all this? Who's oh yeah, you flip 'em. Oh, first of all, it's hug the caveman with his dogs being like, oh yeah, they're stiff as a spaghetti noodle.

You, they can't get you when you get behind. I learned, 'cause I saw like rago get shredded and Yeah, you just grab em by the back legs, bro. I don't know. I just, I always think about that. Who figured all this out? This [00:22:00] institutional knowledge that we all take for granted. Somebody was the first one to grab a pig by the back legs and then flip 'em and be like, grab 'em like a baseball bags.

Back then, it'd be like, grab 'em, like your wife club, like right here on the double-handed. Oh God. Yeah. Yeah, I think about that. What are we keeping or calling this are we talking you about Dylan right now? Yeah. Yeah. His first hog hunt, what, what do you say?

Like the hog did get the upper hand, did you know? But ultimately I was gonna, it didn't matter what happened. I was gonna say, call this bitch until I saw the bourbon shirt. I just kidding. I'm just kidding. What's your vote? What's your vote? I say, there's no question keep son. Is that right?

That was gonna be the determining factor, style comes secondary to the end result. And the hog was there when I got back. Look, I'll be the first one to tell you. I hate Gingers, but I'm just kidding. So you're drinking a ginger beer? I got it. Yeah. My brother's a ginger. Oh, [00:23:00] bastard. But no, I say keep.

And here's why. One, you are handed a tough situation. You held on like a pit bull. Good job. Two, you came back from war. Yeah. And three, you made papa proud when you darted it and caught that ma. Massive sow. You're a keeper. There's no question. You're a keeper. Yeah. Yeah. Natural day. I agree. I appreciate it.

That's really good. I can tell you we did not feel like that the end of that first day. We, it was good, but yeah. I guess it's keep, get up, keep back on, I don't know. Yeah. Don't flip a hog. Just flip it again. I don't know. There's some kind of wisdom in there. So I definitely agreed too.

I'm gonna say keep the pick. Was there when he got just like a good bulldog? Was it, I don't care how he does it, but was the pick there when you got there? It was there. So ke i, I vote absolutely ke Keith. Absolutely keep, I'm gonna ask you, Dylan, have you been hunting another? Have you gone with Chad and hunted other ways with dogs now?

Yeah. Yeah. Definitely. We've done a few different things. It's been good. What's your favorite. You know [00:24:00] what? To be honest, the Sighthounds again, the sighthounds are pretty cool. I'm a big fan. It's hell yeah. I'll tell you. It's a, there's a lot more running than I thought would happen and I'm like, oh, I didn't sign up for this.

But at the same time, you get that adrenaline of I don't want to miss it. I want to see this happen. This is amazing. So yeah. Definitely. I think the sighthounds were a big deal. You two need to come on down to my place. Yeah. Nice. I'll show you my Chad. Chad's got some pretty nice dogs in some good places down there, but yeah, your boy here wide open you.

Oh really? You watch the dog run away for a week. Oh, see, that's great. There's a lot less running fall on my part. Then they need that. So that made my heart swell. Whew. I didn't know if you were gonna keep liked or wrestle dirty hogs or, but now I know you, you're a fan of peer speed. Yeah, it was good.

I liked it. Yeah. Those were, those are always fun. And definitely seeing, like when you combine 'em there too, where you have the sighthounds and then you also get, a bird of some kind going that's that's amazing. [00:25:00] That's it's just awesome watching that teamwork. Isn't it crazy how effective hunting can be with no firearms, just animals?

It's, yeah. Yeah. It's almost yeah. Primordial very Chad Winder Falcons first used in hunting by humans. Shortly after s they're, it's forever. Those are the first two. Really? Yeah. They got so old, they got the, what is it in the gay town book? They got hieroglyphics of some of the oldest art, is that it's like sight hound and rabbit, or Impala, like with the dog is obviously a side hound.

And then, on this wall next to it is, a, a raptor of sorts, so it's in there. It's way, way back, it goes way back. I would definitely, the nod goes to Sighthounds, it was like probably the first type of, oh yeah. Saluki are like that.

The land race that would became Saluki is like the oldest form of pure bred dogs in the world. I got an Iranian saluki that's like his genetics go to that part of central Iran for thousands of years. Wow. And it's so cool to think when you're hunting [00:26:00] with them, you're like, this is the exact same thing we could have been doing 10,000 years ago.

Part history. Yeah. Yeah. It's so crazy. And the same exact thing. There's nothing different except the binoculars I have. So anyway, it's just, it's really cool. And they transitioned into it. Guy Keys, my thing I love flying with, the Sighthounds and the Raptors, Falcons or whatever.

But that's one of the other really old works in that book is the in the Ga hound book where they have Saluki pursuing, I think it's actually like some kind of gazelle, or I'm not gonna say it's not an Impala, it's some kind of desert. Yep. Desert Gazelle. Yeah. What's the right word I'm looking for here?

Seth? Gazelle's. Yeah. So there's like tons of different desert Gazelle's, like it's probably a Dorcas Gazelle that's like the most common Middle Eastern. Eastern. There we go. I knew you were gonna doze Actually it's a Zig zor, freak of morph, like all that. Yeah. This is what I was exactly what I was gonna say, but they're pursuing it.

They're pushing it with Saluki and they're turning loose of a falcon on horseback, and that was like, and then what they would do is, the. [00:27:00] Sakis would, run it and line it out and his falcon would haze it. Now it's not like it's gonna knock it over Yeah. But it's gonna slap it in the head going a hundred miles an hour, annoy him.

Yeah. And annoy him or cause a turn, to allow the other dogs to get, which they're bred to do on their own. But this is the way this guy had it a hundred own, so if you can get the turns sooner, allow them to catch up and they just overtake, the gazelle and catch it.

So the falcon didn't actually grab and bring it down. But again, just hazing and getting early turns so that the dogs could do the heavy lifting. Yeah. And that's ancient. That's way before guns. So effective. So effective. It's amazing. Yeah. Yeah. That's awesome. There you go. Yeah. So there you go.

And he's done, so he's done the side hound things. That's his favorite too. I knew you'd love the bat, just, but we've taken him on, he's gone bear hunting a few times. None successsful. We've gotten out around each time on those days. But I think that's about some terrier shenanigans with raccoons and the like, but yeah, so he is had a little taste of a lot for. My [00:28:00] pocket city boy, you are gonna level up Dylan bear. Chad's gonna hand you a bear by the back legs. Yeah. That's gonna be, that'll be a different, and yeah, then that's the worst part. 'cause then I'll have that confidence of I remember my first time, I wasn't in any danger, so this is probably legit.

And then I'll grab the bear and it's no, you're, that's, you're gonna have a bad time. Yeah. We don't grab, we don't grab the bears. I'm gonna stop it now just to make sure, but you said no, they will get you, man. They're actually flexible. You just do roll, yeah. Like they get dogs that way.

The dog will come up and nip 'em in the butt and they will do a little tumble and grab 'em, while running. They'll run in a direction, the dog will nip 'em and they'll roll and they can reach out and grab 'em under certain circumstances. So if they could do that before the dog could get away, we don't have a chance.

My first time seeing a bear treat, I just remember how crazy it was. I was in Canada, believe it or not, and. You just look up and it's a bear. Like you're just like it's one thing to just see a bear grazing on the side of the road or like you're camping or whatever, but to like just see one sitting there [00:29:00] like right above you, looking at you is cool.

It's very cool, it is such a neat experience and you're just like, damn. And it always surprises me that they'll tree like dogs are so small and weak. They're just like, yeah, I'm just gonna get away from this annoying mess and just climb this tree. You know what I mean? It's just crazy that they even do the two dogs, that tree, one of the bears were like, one was like a 25 pound pup, and the other was like a 40 pound puff ball.

These two like ikas. And they just were like, the bear was like, yeah, I'm gonna climb or I'm gonna die. You know what I mean? Like it just thought it was so scared of those dogs. And I'm just, it made me laugh. It's just, That's exactly what I asked with Chad. When we were doing the bear, I said, so what they will the dogs like get the bear?

And he is oh no. The bear can end all these dogs if he wants. And I'm like, then wait a minute. So why is a tree? And he's I don't know, just they're annoying. And I'm like, oh. So it just stays up there. He is nah, don't get bored and come down. I'm like, oh yeah. Cannon ball jumps right into the thickest spot of them, man.

Get up and then run, yeah, it is. Yeah. That bear hunting [00:30:00] is super fun. I'm gonna be doing some of that this fall too. So looking, really looking forward to that. This was definitely an episode of firsts. I gotta keeper call for you. Okay. Chad, I gotta keep a call for you. So I was looking through the archives of some of our older messages and this one actually was just talking tangentially, but I'm gonna switch it up for keeper call.

Okay. Okay. You have this dog is just average. Okay. He is just a normal hunting dog. Nothing special, nothing bad, just whatever. But the colors are just so ugly. Like what? What kinda, you have to paint me in this picture. And that subjective, right? So what's the ugliest dog you could think of?

That's the question. Because this guy, right? So this guy had a dog and it was hideous to him, right? And he's I really just don't know if I should keep this dog or not. What would you guys do? He was trying to sell it to us, like through Messenger. Oh really? Yeah. Yeah. He is do you guys want this dog?

And we're like, what? And this is like from like [00:31:00] 2000, like 19. Okay. This is a long time ago. You'll love it. He's ugly as heck, right? Yeah. He is but he messaged us out. The blue was just like, I got this ugly dog. Do you guys want it? And yeah. I don't even know what kind of dog it was. Like it was just some kind of I guess a pig dog, because it didn't look like any kind of hound I've ever seen.

But do you keep the ugly dog. Chad, or do you call it average if he is average?

I don't know. It depends where I am in the kennels, like if I got a bunch of showstoppers that look good, no, I'm they, he's probably gonna have to get cold, but that's a good point. Depends on where you are in dogs. Yeah. But yeah but if I'm hurting. No, I might be able to make him my, my, my best ugly dog, man.

You, maybe he's got something to prove. Maybe he'll work harder. There's a dog in my, in Pronto eclipse's pedigree. She is named ugly. That was her name. And Dean Bohan, like that's the ugliest g that ever lived. But she could go out and mow down a rabbit. So we kept her buck tooths, fruit batters what?

[00:32:00] Overbite Just ugly. Ugly. And yeah. You have an overbite and an underbite at the same time. Yeah. So only a side hound could make that creepy looking. But anyway. Yeah, and he said she was great. So I feel bad forSo, 'cause she's so pretty, but I'm sure some of her sisters probably inherited that ugly gene.

You know what I mean? I see. So for me, if I got dogs, if I have, if I'm. Dog proud. I got a bunch of 'em. Yeah. Then he is gonna have to be a call. If I'm dog poor, I'll keep it, I'll keep it, and put enough time into it and maybe that ugly rascal will be a showstopper, so there you go.

That, that sounds good to me. There you go. What about, I'm gonna say, I'm gonna say yes, exactly the same if I need dogs, I keep, if I have exactly what you said, if I have bad dogs, I call Hounds, man XP and see if they wanna buy it. There you go. Alright. Do you got one, Chad? Yeah. Yeah. Lemme see. I got one.

All right, so this is an actually that's, affecting my circle here a little bit, where we got an old seasoned dog. He's a really nice, champion of the yard type [00:33:00] thing. Paid his dues, not quite too old yet, still knocking it out. And. Through having to have a long life of dealing with puppies and training puppies and being tolerant of 'em.

And, for whatever reason he just learned to be super tolerant of 'em and let 'em let the puppies get away with, biting him in the face and hanging off his ears and everything. 'cause he knew what right is. But every dog has a point when they're just done, and he, this dog has gotten to the point where he misses the correct amount of correction where he'll go from allowing obnoxious puppy behavior to the point he's going crazy.

This dog's literally hanging off his ear. And then when he reaches a breaking point, he does damage. He does he corrects harder than he should. And that can really affect a guy, now if they're down on the ground, it's not gonna affect you as much, but if they're in the dog box, that can really cause problems, so there you go. That's why, I guess what I'm trying to explain here, this is seasoned dog paid his dues. Good dog, really [00:34:00] good dog. But we'll let and this causes problems because it's better if a dog corrects 'em right off the bat, in my opinion, teaches the puppy. I don't like a dog that lets a puppy get away with murder.

'cause then that puppy does it with other dogs. That'll get 'em tuned up really quick. So this is a problem from both sides that this dog will let the puppy get away with too much, which trains him to do that. And then when he is had enough, he misses the mark and over corrects and doesn't, we're not talking about killing it by any measure, but does too much put gast cause the damage?

Yeah. Yeah. Putting the borow on. There you go. What do you think? Keep call. All right. So is this dog a kennel dog or is this dog a house dog? I was gonna say, 'cause it wouldn't be too hard to keep him separated from pups if he's a kennel dog. That's right. But if it's a house dog, this dog is gonna, you want, you've obviously built a bond with this dog.

Damn. That's a tough one man. If I was in that situation, which I know somebody who is in that situation, they keep, and I think I would too. 'cause that [00:35:00] dog paid its dues, it's, it was here first. If he's rough with pups, then just keep pups out of his face and figure it out.

Somehow supervised when the pups are around him or Man I say keep, if you got a good dog, you got a good dog, man. And the way you described that dog, it's a great dog. And so it's a champ. He was here first. I'm gonna, I'm gonna have to just, I'm, it sucks. I'm pissed about it. I got dogs here.

I got one that's a little punk with pups. He's a bully. He's very much low on the totem pole. And he's a bratt. And when he thinks he's stronger than someone, he's relentless in bullying them until that dog gets bigger and stronger than him. And then he's like a snide punk about it.

You know what I mean? He's a little, like a little ass about it. And so that's one of my, one of my sluis. He's just small. And he's a great dog, a great rabbit dog, but he's just a little punk around the house. And for, with the other dogs. He's wonderful people. And he is fine with other dogs.

He's just a snot. But anyway, yeah, so he can be [00:36:00] hard on puppies 'cause he is oh, I'm bigger and stronger than you. I'm gonna bully you play rough with you. And anyway, that's the only problem I have right now with that. But I would keep man, and just deal with it. Figure it out somehow have to, what do you, what would you do in this situation, Chad?

You got a lot more animal behavior than me. That's you're almost exactly the spot on the money with me. I, I. Eliminate interactions between the dog, the adult dog and that puppy, and put that puppy with as many other dogs that will correct him. Yes. The, the second he starts to get outta line and just swap 'em out.

Add another one next day, add another one next day, add another one. And just keep that older male away until that pop kind of learns manners and boundaries and, what's socially acceptable, for hunting dogs. And then once they pass that mark, generally they get that figured out by six months, and and then, put 'em back together again and see where it goes from there.

This is another one that I really wanted to bring up. I thought about it. Again, this is a modified [00:37:00] keeper call from a question that actually came to Hansman XP back in 2020, okay, everyone. Oh, everyone. You've all heard this one. Oh, scooter's a great dog except his annoying bark.

He's got the most annoying howley squeaky bark. Oh, I just hate it. Okay, I'm gonna do this in reverse. Chad, you gotta blow average dog. He's not trash. He's not mean. He has no personality faults. He's just mediocre at hunting. He doesn't really wanna star. He's a me too dog. But he has the most beautiful bay, the most beautiful tree when he's got P on the wood.

It is just pure art. You could, he could be a cover shot on every magazine that ever lived with that beautiful sound. He would be the hound sound. Keep Cole. I'm gonna say Cole. I'm gonna say Cole. I'm gonna, I'm gonna neuter 'em and find 'em a good place where they need some stay on it.

Tree dogs, I've run into that before where some folks have, cold trailing, [00:38:00] good cold trailing dogs that can track really well and they'll hit the tree and then they'll bark for a while and then they wanna go back to trailing. So they'll circle out and leave the tree. Even not entirely, they aren't coming back to the handler or the trainer or anything, but they'll circle out a few hundred yards and hit the track again and bring it back in.

And, those dogs are, to them tip top. And they could benefit from a dog that was just gonna keep its butt underneath that tree no matter what the other dogs are doing. And I feel that dog could still Glenda a definitive hand in a home like that. I got some that'll do the whole thing, so I. That's really not gonna fit, that's really not gonna fit here. Ball. Yeah. Yeah. He, he's gonna get it done. So yeah. I'd probably neuter him and find him a place where they need a stick to it. Never leave it. Tree dog. You were talking about that dog that trails away, that's kinda what they were talking about with Heath episode.

Trailing off the charts where those dogs are. Like, and there was a question in the hel zone XP group that was like, have you ever seen [00:39:00] that? Where dogs are so obsessed with trailing that they don't tree very good. They like keep leaving to go off and keep trailing. Yep. And they'll like they wanna run it.

Yeah. They wanna run it. And especially if it's way up at the top of a Ponderosa where they can't see it, that's when it gets really hard. But I've even known of some to be in the slower trees where they could see it and they're still just okay, we got this one. Let's go push another one.

And that's not ideal. And it's easy for folks to say that, all right, let's get rid of that dog sometimes, but grinding out a cold track, and I find, sometimes when I have somebody point those dogs out to me, that's generally what that is. That's just your Sure enough cold trailing dog that's just gonna grind out those old sandy, rocky tracks and then, just because they like that part of it so much.

Yeah. And then once they get to the tree, they're like, I wanna get back to pushing it. So I find that happens. That so crazy, sometimes, and then that, to me that's the hard part. Personally, I could find a dog that'll, sound like a wretched, a metronome at the bottom of a tree, and just [00:40:00] bark a tap.

And not leave it. I find that mark easier to hit than the cold nose. I'm never gonna quit this track kind of dog. So I think as I've aged in this lifestyle, I've, and this comes from great mentors as well, shaping my thinking as well as firsthand accounts. But I'm not really interested in finding, quote unquote, the perfect dog.

'cause I don't think those exist. I like to build a team, man. I like the they're rare, perfect team. And so when you were talking about how I would send him to a home, excuse me, they'd send him to a home where they, he would benefit that maybe if a pack was too obsessed with trailing. And that's what I was thinking.

I was like, wow, it's amazing how in a pack. Everybody's not just physical traits, but personalities play a role in success. And I really love, I love putting together those teams, basically. And in a side hound pack, it's the same as a send hound pack. You've got personalities and physical abilities and athletic traits that all balance with each other to make this [00:41:00] perfect team, and to hammer down on that sometimes that one dog, that one good tree dog, sometimes it's not Okay.

So he could stay there when the others leave? No, sometimes that one, he has so much intensity at the bottom of the tree, he'll keep the others there, oh, like enthusiasm's contagious. Yeah. That can happen if they're just eating the, chewing the tree down, jumping, falling out of it, climbing up on it.

As long as he's respectful and it doesn't, isn't tree aggressive, which I absolutely cannot stand that'll get called faster than anything. Dog box fighting and tree fighting. I can't no. Won't even, I don't do aggression of any kind. Yeah. But if that dog's doing back flips at the bottom, sometimes it'll keep those, other dogs there, so he can, he can make your your great dogs perfect.

Almost, so back to what you're saying, sometimes it's hard to find the perfect dog, but, sometimes the team can make the perfect, yeah. So just like with people. Yep. All right. This is gonna be an easy, quick one. [00:42:00] That's what's the name of your hardest tree and dog of all time?

Gosh. It's gonna sound weird, but it's hardest Tree, and I like the long end stuff. I, okay. If it's any kind of endurance okay, he's gonna have to hit that tree and stay there for. Four hours or, five hours or something like that. Okay. Hounds. And I got one that, that, that would do that, probably, probably a dog I got named Rusty. He's a, he is a brother to rebar. I've seen Rusty, probably. Rusty. Rusty. Yeah. Probably Rusty. But if it is just intensity in the first like 30 minutes. It's gonna sound weird, but it's haggis, man. Haggis is nuts. Haggis tries to chew the dang tree down in the first 30 minutes, and he's a metronome, like daap dap, dap.

And he just won't, like, when do you breathe, man? That's When do you breathe? Yeah. I don't, I like, either air has to come in before it can go out. It's like [00:43:00] somebody's behind him with just a air compressor shit back. I don't know. But honestly, if it was just like, like in, in the first 30 minutes, I'd say haggis, honestly.

But if it's, hour or something like that, or then yeah, I'd have to go to Rusty personally. Yeah. I don't remember this, I don't remember the exact time, but I know that there was an episode with Mike Cauley Chris's friend, hog hunter in Louisiana said he had dogs, have a pig at bay for 20 hours.

They can, it's loose. It's so crazy. Yeah. Yeah. So crazy. It's loose though. That's what's neat about it. Like it'll bark. And then maybe another bark, and they'll just move around them, I've had a buddy do that before where he baed baed, a set of pigs and then left.

'cause he had a family emergency and I don't want to get into that 'cause it's really personal. But he called around and left text messages and nobody responded to him. And he had to go to the hospital. They just left, and one of our other mutual friends went out there and he, it was like eight hours later or something like that, and it was three curves and they were all laid down and they had it backed into, it was like underneath [00:44:00] an overpass, but where it was like, and they just had him on the other side and yeah, they were just laying down and barked like once every five minutes, like he's, is that, he went in there and came down, tried calling him out, they wouldn't come out.

He went in there, saw the pig, ran back up to his truck. He had a dog with him, sent the bulldog down in there and caught it. But yeah, it was like, he says they were barking like once every five minutes, holy crap. Yeah. Yeah. And he said he, the reason it was that way is 'cause the, I guess the Garmin collars were bouncing around a little bit, so he didn't have an exact pinpoint location.

So he is walking around down there for a little while trying to find them, which allowed him to like, hear the bark, but okay where did that echo? Where the hell where'd he come from? Exactly. And he, so he was down there for 15 minutes and you've probably only heard of Mark three times, holy crap.

Yeah. So I, that's not quite as long as what you said there, but I can believe it. Yeah. That's so crazy. Yeah. When I was in Canada, Lloyd told me that they had a Carilion, no, a Leica named Cinder that followed a bear for three days and stayed right behind the bear, followed it for three [00:45:00] days.

They caught him 'cause he, he didn't wanna get caught and then he fell out a Garmin range and they couldn't find him. And then they found him later and he was still on the bear. I can imagine him even taking pit stops, taking a break, sleeping bit. Oh, I'm sure. Gone back up again. They don't know what happened, but he, they turned him out on a brown, like a cinnamon bear, and they found him three days later and he's still behind a cinnamon bear.

Is that right? So yeah, they were just like, dang. We don't know how far along he followed that thing. 'cause caller was dead. Re regard. Yeah. Regardless, even if you were like, okay, like how do I take away from this real quick and say, all right, maybe he fell off of it and it was stuck down at the canyon overnight and then crossed paths with that bear again and got back on it.

Yeah. They have no idea. That's still awesome. You know what I'm saying? I'll take it no matter what's so real dumb. That story down. Anyhow, I, it's still amazing, he's so real and soft spoken. He wasn't like, yeah. Cinder was, 200 barks a minute for three days straight.

He's just he got on this bear. We couldn't catch him. We found him three days later, he was still on a bear, and we were just like, damn. Okay, next, next. You know what I mean? Going, [00:46:00] moving on. I was like, damn, that's so crazy. So anyway, we got a, we got another great guest coming up here.

He's been a, he's been on Hounds with XP before, but I met him at the Terrier trials and you've known him a million years and he gets to bring animals to work and not all of us get to do that. And he actually gets to use his dog at work. At work man. Make a living off his dogs. Yeah. Yeah. So we'll let this segment run with Mr.

Sladen and he's gonna talk. And what I loved about Tyler is that, he didn't wanna make this a documentary. He wanted to just tell us how he uses the dogs briefly. But really what I loved about his, it was a ton of funny stories and crazy stories. Yeah. And he sent us some pictures, everybody.

So after you hear some of those stories, you're gonna be like, man, I wanna see that. You will, they're gonna be posted, so you'll get to see all them. That's pretty cool stuff. Let's just run right into it, brother. Let's do it. Alright, Chad. Chris said, I have a radio voice. Do you think that's [00:47:00] true?

Golden radio voice? I'd say lies. Lies. I think I sound the exact same. Nasally, baritone, personally. Nasally. Baritone, huh? Yes. Yes. So then speaking of smooth bass, instead of nasally baritone, we got ourselves a dandy guest, a return guest for Hounds and xp. He's been on tailgate talks, he's been on Patreon content, he's been on main episodes, and he's Chad's good friend.

Why don't you introduce yourself, brother? My name's Tyler Sladen. I own a nuisance wildlife business. We use hawks and terriers in the workplace. I'm also a falconer and I own a pile of bird dogs as well as terriers, and I just picked up a saluki. Nice. Oh, you're coming to the dark side. You're getting yourself a corrupted.

Another one. A chupa Cobra. Tell me about your Saluki bud. So I've been waiting like six years to get [00:48:00] one as you deal with, and I finally was deemed cool enough by the syndicate and they granted me one puppy and I only had to give up, was born. And so I'd like to eventually fly a goshawk over a Saluki on Jackrabbits.

But you need the dogs before the goshawk, so gotta start somewhere. Nice. Where do you catch your goshawk in the wild or are you gonna have a so my pit raised one, I guess my previous one was pulled from the Sandia Mount range. My next one I'd like to pull from the Gila. So what's the difference?

There is none, but it's okay. It, we just experience finding a nest out there and seeing more of New Mexico's wilderness. I got my mind blown. I've learned so much about falconry being in this show and knowing Chad and Paul Doms ski, but I didn't realize you could catch one in the wild and have it theoretically hunting for you in two weeks.

That's so crazy. That's so crazy. Yeah, no, you totally can. And there's just like with [00:49:00] dogs, with birds, there's a million ways to raise them. So yes, you could go trap a wild one or you could pull a wild one and hand raise it. It just really depends on what kind of work you wanna put in and what outcome you want.

I've hand raised birds that think they're part human. I do appreciate trapping birds and letting 'em go. I think borrowing a bird from the wild for a year is really cool. It's just yeah, that's what I wanna do. If I ever got a falconry, I wanna catch a sub-adult, hunt it for a while and be like, be free.

I don't want you anymore. So that'd be cool that's the, imagine if you could do that with our dogs, you're just like, all right, good job, strider. Be free. Like finding a dog free in the wild, doing what you want it to do already, and you're like, I'm gonna borrow you.

I'll pay your food bill for a few years. Yeah. And then just like, all all right. Bye. So when I started working for Hounds Man xp, a fan sent me a magazine article from Field and Stream in like the fifties. And there was a guy that went to Namibia. [00:50:00] Bought two Cheetah Brothers, brought 'em back to New Mexico and he hunted pronghorn coyotes and hairs with those things on some of the same fields that I hunt with my sighthounds today.

And he talked about how they, Chad is getting ideas. He just moved in on the mic. He's oh yeah, his eyebrows furrow. That'd be awesome. Trying thinking. There's another, there's a few books on it. There's a Sporting Chance which Every Hunter should read, and then there's Tales of an Indian Prince.

He he took cheetahs and hunted stuff with him in Africa. That's so dope. Yeah. He said After those cheetahs died, he's I'm never owning them again. I'm going back to dogs. He's because they're just, they're cats, and he said that there's a lot of parallels between owning those cheetahs and the falconry.

They're just temperamental. You need to watch their weight more. Their food is a little more complicated, a lot more complicated. It's not just like putting kibble in a bowl for him and being like, good boy are you. And go get 'em. And it's anyway, it was amazing.

He said that it could catch its hairs in [00:51:00] under 30 seconds, 95% of the time, one-on-one. And he said that if it couldn't catch the hair in under 45 seconds, he would give up. So I was like, that's crazy. He mow 'em down though, and he said, it's best thing to hunt with pronghorn. He said That thing was a really fun to hunt pronghorn with.

And I was like, that's, that is badass. I would love to do that, Chad. Let's do it. That'd be fantastic. I'd love to fire him out of a minivan. Just open the sliding door, like box your dog r is a minivan. Yeah. You could give it like a four or five inch lift. That'd be nice.

Dude. I always wanted an El Camino as a coyote hunting rig. I thought they'd be the best. An El Camino in the dog box in the back. There's nothing more Southern New Mexico than that.

Remember when we were on the phone chat and the the dude named Haas with his El Camino pulled up on me? Yes. Yes. S.

It was a interaction. I was just driving down the [00:52:00] street and this El Camino cuts me off like he was gonna fight me. And I was like, oh God, here I go. And Chad's in my ear on an AirPod, and I'm like getting ready to do, I need to pull a gun. And he like gets out. He is like, Hey, you dropping pigeons? And I was like, yeah, what's up?

He's oh, I got some racers right over there and I love New Mexico. You're not trapping my pigeons. And then I thi, I don't know, I think I remember four or five times him going, my name's Haas just randomly. Yeah. And he forget his name. He had El an El Camino with like curtains in the back window and like sugar.

Hell yeah. That's that's hella dreamy. Look, if you were okay Tyler you're a New Mexico boy. You understand what I'm saying? You're going out on a date. Things are going good in the bar. She's Hey, let's go back to my place. You come back outta the bar, you go out in the parking lot, she's driving a tricked out Lowrider El Camino with shades on the back window.[00:53:00]

You can't tell me that's not a good sign. It's not a good time. It at least makes a good story. And I always say to do what makes the better story. My buddy, one time he took a girl home and he, they were a little, they were a little drunk. Okay. And he woke up and she was carving a upside down cross in his arm with a Bowie knife.

And so yeah, things didn't go well. Wow. They're not together. But that happened. He is got the scar on his arm still, but he's he got a campfire story for the rest of his life. Exactly. That's like his favorite thing to tell because everyone sees a scar and they're like, what happened man? He is I'm gonna tell you.

So like that, or like magic, the gathering cards or something. Like you have a hand of them and you like, all right, I'm gonna play this story at this event. That's a very niche metaphor. I wonder how many H X P fans are magic The Gathering fans, which I, myself am one. Okay. I [00:54:00] love magic. I got a rat deck.

Rats are the best. Sorry Chris, you're wrong. But anyway, we are going off. All right. This is the beauty of all mixed up this month, you guys, our theme is Animals in the Workplace, and everybody knows Tyler Sladen online. Tyler, you're a pretty famous guy for a lot of reasons, but you posted a video, Chad posted a video.

I think one of you posted a video of it, of your terrier getting down in the workplace. And I met you at the terrier trials in Tyler, Texas, and you had one of, I think you had the terrier that was in that video. At the trials. Tell us about your dog first, tell us what you love about terriers and tell us why you think they're great in the workplace.

What I love most about Terriers is the people, honestly, that they bring you to meet. It's just the most one-off niche dogman you'll ever meet. And they're always down to have a good time. There's no right or wrong way to do anything. But what I love [00:55:00] about Terriers is they can do just about a little bit of everything.

They're like, there's no dog event. You can't bring a terrier to and have fun. And for me that's hard beat. And then the camaraderie, when you're hunting terriers with a bunch of buddies like that, that is, that one's really hard to beat. But then in the workplace, they're small, they get down they're able to get in places I can't.

And then it's fun. Like it makes my job fun. Like I can go in an attic and I can inspect and I can find a raccoon. Yes, I can use thermal imaging. I can do all that. Or I can cut a terrier loose and they're gonna tell me in 30 seconds if there's a raccoon in that attic and it's gonna save me time. My dog got work.

The people never forget it. I Oh, true. I run into the grocery store and they're like, oh, you had the, you had that little dog, it ran through my attic and found a raccoon, and then you catch pulse and then you were gone that day. Like they'll never like to them, that's probably the craziest thing that's ever happened to them in their lives.

Whereas that's a normal Tuesday for me and Yeah. Any hounds, man. [00:56:00] Yeah. Yeah. And it's I love it. So right now I've got two terriers. I've got mouse, and mouse is off getting bread in Kentucky. So I had Aza the other day and a guy called me and a raccoon attacked his dog. And the dog, the other dog helped tree it up in the gutter.

And he called me and he is I got a raccoon on my roof. I want it gone right now. I was like I. I charge extra, but I'm gonna come out and I'm gonna use dogs, but I will get it gone. Right now most companies use traps and it might take a couple days, they might fail. I can guarantee it's gonna get caught.

So I went out there, I came over the backside of the roof, hoping the raccoon would either run, try to run through me and I'd catch, pull it. No big deal. But I thought it was gonna bail. So I had Aja staged on the ground and it ba superman off the roof. And as soon as it hit the ground, Aja tackled it like a freight train.

And funny 'cause when I pulled up the homeowner was like that little Yorkie's not gonna. Deal with this coon, [00:57:00] that little Yorkie. Yeah, this coon just messed up his like pit mix looking thing. And here's Aja, like 16 pounds freshly stripped. She looks tiny and he's Hey, Yorkie is not gonna do anything.

And I was like, all right, bet. And I didn't say nothing. I didn't I was like, I'll just let the dog talk. And she locked teeth with it and then held onto its throat until I was able to climb off the roof, run around, and then grab it by the tail. And then my buddy Chris, who was with me, he was the way Aja had it, they were balled up and you couldn't get a catch pull around its neck because it was like a yin and yang of their, they had each other's necks.

And so I had it by the tail and I was able to like discreetly collar, choke my dog off of it. And then I had both dog, the dog and the coon by tail in each hand while Chris was able to slip the catch pole around the coon. And then, Slam it into a trap. And then so in the process of that, I threw her back in the truck and in the video you just [00:58:00] hear her guttural spassky screaming.

And that's usually why I like using mouse more for work. 'cause Aja, once she's on and she sounds like the, an exorcism is going on, go slipping in your truck or something. I'm swiping the credit card and getting their email to send them a receipt for this experience that they just witnessed.

I think four or five neighbors came out, were like, what is going on? Yeah, seriously. That's fine. Koons in a cage. He's alive. I gotta go by. Damn. Yeah. And that's the, that was like 50% of the sounds at the terrier trials was just Banshee screaming Terriers. Oh yeah. I mean they're wind and pigs from across the ground and they sound crazy.

And those dogs get wild. Terriers are okay. So I've seen Chad's terriers get down and when I did that, It really did. If I'm gonna get into any other, I thought I was gonna do beagles if I ever got into a different kind of hound. No, I'm not, because that's not possible where I live, I'm gonna get a set of YAGs, dude, because there's so many [00:59:00] miles of canals.

You know how Southern New Mexico is for days. Yeah. Ex Exactly. Hunting asakia is all day long and everyone's cool with it. And I, it's 10 minutes right down in the valley, right here on the Rio Grande. And anyway, I love watching Chad just kick the little monsters out and they just get busy.

You know what I mean? I love that. And they're freaking fearless. They're beasts. And that's really, it's really fun. And even like when I'm running my bird dogs like terriers, they'll retrieve birds and they'll help flush. And they love picking up crippled quail. And then the other one is if you're running sighthounds they're good little flushers too.

They're only, that's what this crazy guy says right here. They give voice. That's my favorite thing about 'em. They stay busy getting all the bushes and if they see one. Everybody knows about it. There's nobody that's oh I wonder if there's a rabbit over there. No. It's, everybody knows and they know which way it's going.

It works. I've seen Chad's side hounds literally just, they don't even see it. They just run towards the screaming chatterbox. Yeah. Chad Hunts in a place where you need a scream. Screaming, I'm, [01:00:00] yeah. Yeah. Chad Hunt's in a place where you need a screaming chatterbox to be like he is right here.

Because man, it's tough. We're Chad Hunts. It's tough. It's hard on horse. Yeah. With an elevated position. And that was one thing I wanted to ask you. I'm gonna ask you some tough questions. I like to ask hard questions, Tyler, but tell me what you think the dog brings to the table that makes it an effective way to augment your pest control job so they can get in places I can, they can.

There're No, the government spend millions trying to replicate a dog's nose. They, my I trust my dogs. They're, if my dog's open, I know they're not lying to me. They will not lie to me. And if they did, they wouldn't live here. I can cut 'em loose in an attic and if they get hung up on a corner and start screaming.

I know for without a sh like a shred of doubt that there's a raccoon in that soffit over there. And I can at least tell that customer [01:01:00] there is a raccoon there. We need to set traps. We need to trap it if the dogs can't get it. And so that saves me thousands of hours and thousands of dollars of, most of my work is closing up animal damage.

So if I close up animal damage and there's one raccoon left, they're gonna make a lot more damage. And so the dogs give me a huge peace of mind. So that right there is priceless. And then I. It, it really solidifies the customer experience. They're gonna remember the company that came with the dog.

Everybody. That's a great point. I never thought of a marketing, so like a vast check after you, think you got it all handled. You can run the dog through just to make sure there isn't one more critter way back under the thing that's gonna, like you said can't they like chew their way out of a roof through like the plywood, through the shingles and all that?

Yeah. I've had 'em go straight through the deck board. I've seen where homeowners locked raccoons in and they, or they locked rac, like a mother raccoon out and her baby's in and the raccoon took [01:02:00] the ridge vent and peeled it like a tuna can. The hundred their roof. Wow. That's it's a couple grand of damage right there.

I've seen them come through stove vents right into the kitchen. I've seen 'em come through. Bathroom van fans. Where a handy dandy homeowner locks 'em in, and then the raccoon's I'm coming out and the weakest point is a recessed light or event, and they go to the bathroom the next morning, there's a raccoon in the bathroom like partying.

So what do you, okay, so when you use the dogs, do you have to tell your, client that off the bat? Have you ever had people be like, no, I don't want that. I in nine years of doing it with dogs in customers homes, I've never been told no once. Dang. That's awesome. That's awesome.

And a great ambassador for our people lifestyle. I do want I have a huge disclaimer. I'm like, it's gonna be loud. It might not go how I want it to go. The animal will be handled, or I will know there's an animal here, like every [01:03:00] now and then, they think it's a raccoon, ends up being a bird. And it's really hard for.

Yeah, you would be blown away what people confuse sometimes and it's very hardier to catch a sparrow and not kill it, but didn't that just happen the other day too? It literally just happened the other day. They thought there was a swirl in their chimney and so it was like a metal chimney.

But once they got above the smoke shelf, they could fall into a void on both sides of where the metal chimney was, or the metal fireplace was spitted into the chimney. So there was no human access without cutting through metal to get to what that was. But my dog could get in there and my dog did. Dang touching it.

It was a curve, bill Thrasher, and we were able to get it out and we were able to let it go. But yeah, it's it. We thought it was a squirrel. That's crazy. It would've turned into bird soup in there. Yeah, that'd have been gross. You mentioned the smell too. Those thrasher are neat little birds, and they're really good at getting into crevices like that.

Anyway. [01:04:00] Yeah. That, and here's another one. Have you, okay, so I'm gonna ask you, first of all, what is the best experience you've ever had using the dogs in your work? Tell me a great experience where you just felt unbelievably proud or it's just great. There was one where they were in a garage.

It was two raccoons in a garage, and I thought it was one. And so put the dog in there. The dog goes in there. It's not gonna, no dog on earth is gonna bail up two raccoons. So the first raccoon bails and out the soffit into the neighbor's yard. My one dog bails out the soffit with it and just locked it up in the neighbor's yard.

And then I see the second raccoon and I had two dogs with me. And I cut the second dog loose. Same thing, locked up with it. And I was able to catch two raccoons, same day, charge 500 bucks, and they were able to go back to their 4th of July barbecue. And the raccoons were no longer in this garage. So to go in there and catch two raccoons, nothing got away.

Even though the raccoon bailed off a second [01:05:00] story soffit, my dog bailed with it and caught it. That's such a terrier move though. And it was a very, it was a very New Mexico ordeal. Guy. The guy, he said, Hey a terrier's shit hot, huh? And he loved it. He's that's not shit hot I've ever seen in my life.

And then he rolls out in his El Camino. Just kidding. Yeah, he went back drinking his Allsup's cup. That's a quick way to get, okay. All my New Mexico people, you're gonna know what I'm talking about. And Tyler, you're gonna know what I'm talking about. Why is every, all subs, bathroom. Disgusting. Even brand new Allsup's bathrooms.

I walk in there, it's the worst experience of my life. Are they just built to house meth heads? Like they're just the griest bathrooms on earth. Even the, you can smell the Fabuloso from the pond. Fa snow dude. Yeah. So do you eat the chimichangas? [01:06:00] I do eat the chimichangas. Yeah. Me too. When I'm like you know what sounds good today.

Diarrhea. I'm gonna eat some chimichangas. I don't, yeah, like I'm not above roach coach food. I'm not above. You better not be where you live, son. That's like a staple out there. If I eat roach coach food, I can't turn my nose up at Chimichanga at alls subs. That's true. Alls subs is just like a seven 11 of New Mexico, everybody.

But it's just, they're so hood. They're always so hood every time. Anyway, I'm grinning too much. I was gonna ask you another question. What. What is the worst experience you've ever had using Dogs at work? And I, and you can interpret that however you want. Worst as in bad experience. Disgusting, crazy. 'cause I also want to ask you, what's the craziest house you've ever been in?

But first, what's the worst experience you've ever had? See, worst, you can go both multiple ways. I had one where my dogs let me down, but it wasn't that my dogs let me down. Really. It was, [01:07:00] I let myself down. It was a fox den on a botanical garden. I'll redact which botanical garden, but I cut the dog loose in the fox den and I put a fishing net 'cause it was all I had over the den hole.

And I was like I got this. Either way, I'm either gonna dig to this fox and catch this fox, or I'm not catching the net. Fox jumped right over the dog's head, shot through the net, like the net wasn't there. And just ran right by me and the facilities maintenance manager. And I was like, Ooh. Yeah, so about my confidence yeah, sorry.

We did go back the next day and catch it, but it was a very hum. And then there was another one where only time I've ever fallen through ceiling in my life. Dog caught the raccoon and what's it called? The raccoon was running towards me and the dog was, had it by the ribs and was trying to get to the neck.

And mind you, it's an attic. So that, and this was like a very not built to code garage attic. And [01:08:00] the stud, the distance between studs was not six on center. It wasn't 12 on center, it was like 30 on center. And it's very hard to balance on that. Raccoons running at me. Dogs gotta buy the ribs and the raccoon runs up.

Me with a dog attached. Oh my God. So I like basketball like double-handed fast past it, like away from me. 'cause I'm not wearing a raccoon hat. That's not, and when I did that, the raccoon in the dog fell through the ceiling together. Oh. And then so I didn't really fall through the ceiling, but either way, something went through the ceiling and oh.

These folks, they were really cool about it. I didn't charge 'em. I was willing I helped 'em rehang the drywall and fix it. But it's the only time that it ever happened. And my goal is not to make a bigger mess than the animal was causing. Yeah, for sure. Yeah, it was very like fly by the seat of my pants moment, but I was not wearing a raccoon hat.

And I'd rather hang some sheets of drywall on a [01:09:00] janky garage. It's not like super. Yeah. That's crazy. What is the most gnarly house you've ever been in? You walked in there and you saw the raccoon damage or whatever damage, and you were just like, holy crap. One second. Let me help them real quick.

They got puppies in there. No problem.

What was the last question? Yeah what have you ever been into? What is the house you've been into that you're just like, it's a ni like gross or crazy? I want, because when I watch those crazy ish hoarding shows on T L c, I want to see a house that you open the door and there's 15 cat mummies and like Tyler's or Chad is a mummy of roaches.

Like what is the craziest an wildlife damage to a home or whatever you've ever seen. So wildlife damage to a home. I've been in countless hoarding situations like in it, and some of those are just sad, man, but [01:10:00] wildlife damage a tree be, mind you, there's like probably a 4,500 square foot home. Two people lived in it, very dirty.

People had to have inherited it. There's no way anyone that paid money for this house allowed to get this way. A tree fell through half the house on a wing that they don't use, and they just took the insurance money and didn't get it fixed or something. And raccoons, I possums were just living in this house.

What? And we went, we were able to go in. This is when I had Dachshund. We were able to go in and catch, I think it was like three or four raccoons. A possum, whole litter of babies. All like being of a house. Yeah. Wildlife was living in this, in the living quarters of the house. Not the attic, not the crawl space.

They're in rooms. There was like Chinese elm trees starting to grow in the carpet. Yeah, no, like wildlife has, was reclaiming this wing of the house. And they were like, yeah, we were gonna [01:11:00] get to it. Like when, man, there's like, when the trees are growing through your floor, Elms growing like that took at least two years.

Oh my God. Chinese elms are an unbelievably invasive species. I didn't think they could grow in a house like the leaf litter. They were growing in the leaf litter on top of the carpet that had fallen through the house. Yeah, that was in, oh my God. And so do you, had you had dachshunds at that time, were the dachshunds like the YAGs or.

Did they perform the similar duty? Like I just, now that I've seen dogs in action, I just can't imagine anything being better than them. No, they're not gritty. They're more like they'll go in and bite it and mix and bay, but their noses are every bit as good. Sometimes even a little bit.

I wouldn't say their noses are better. They've just, they're more like a beagle than they are a terrier at times. And they just follow that. And then they're tiny. Like some, I had a little female named wing, she was six pounds, so I don't really expect her to fighter raccoon, but she could get some [01:12:00] places.

Wow. Dang. So it was like, it was the closest thing to legal ferreting I could find. I love that dude. That's awesome. That's awesome. Yeah. Okay. Didn't work as well. Rabbit tracks don't. Rabbits are way faster out here. Rabbits don't creep through cover here like they do in Missouri. Yeah, for sure. So a dachshund was just about useless here.

So I ended up selling my dachshunds, my best mail got killed, and then I had a teel I sold as well. They worked incredibly well in Missouri. They just didn't, they were just basically like loud coyote food here. Yeah, man I actually know a buddy who shout out to a great friend of the show, Adrian.

He had a beagle get killed by a coyote, and I was really worried about that because they're so loud and there's just so many coyotes out here. I believe it. I have, I posted that video a few years ago, a coyote coming in from a thousand yards creeping in. I have it all on video and it jumps on the back of an English setter.

So what, like a 35 pound dog? [01:13:00] 40 pound, 35 pound dog that stands. 23 at the shoulder, no care. Two humans right there. What. Yep. It's is this in a suburb, like in a semi like suburban area, or is this like totally wild desert west? Me of Albuquerque, you can see I 40 in on the horizon. Okay. Yeah. So they're used to people 'cause the, yeah, that's crazy.

I wanna see that video son. I wanna see that video son. Yeah. I'll send you video. It was four in the afternoon and I was like, oh, look at this coyote. It's being bold. And then it starts coming in. And then I was like, once I saw a lock in, I was like, it was my buddy Chris's dog. I was like, that it's gonna, it's gonna get, it's gonna bite your dog, I'm sure.

Shit it did. The setter was just doing setter thing, running back and forth looking for birds and a coyote jumps on its back. Did the setter just freak out or what happened? He's what the hell, man? Yeah, I know. Yeah. I just imagined Dandy and a coyote throwing down. Oh God, that wouldn't be good.

I don't know if he'd come back from that. No. Dapper, sorry. Dapper. Dapper. Oh yeah. But. [01:14:00] Anyway. That's what you need haggis for. There you go. Good luck with that. But I don't think they'd mess with them, though. That's the problem. The ones that can whoop 'em, generally they don't. They know they have a sense for it, yeah. They have a sense for, they like, know what they can handle. That's why they're not dead. Yeah. They're really good at that. Wild animals. Cool. Chad, what am I missing, bro? I was gonna say, I got a funny story about, doing some of the abatement stuff way back when with terrace.

I never did it for a living. It was just a buddy who was like, Hey, I need this outta my, my camp house, up in the attic. And it was, we couldn't even get in there, so we did what we called a, like raccoon fishing, where I had a dog, Missy, at that point, cut the leash to her collar and then like half hitched it around her waist, and then I knew as long as she was barking, she didn't have the raccoon. So you just ease her up into the attic, and. You like the raccoon was there, there wasn't much room to go, much room to get around or get tied up in anything. But as soon as you heard the, like it got quiet, then you knew she had a hold of something.

So you just start [01:15:00] fishing the rope back out. And if it ever started screaming again, the dog lost it. You let it go, and the dog would reattach itself to the raccoon. He's awesome. He just fish these little raccoons out, that is awesome. Yeah. That was some of my most fun.

Tyler, didn't you? With a handful of a litter raccoons where mom had abandoned shop and left them in there and you were, yeah. Was that buttons? I don't know if it was buttons or mouse. I think it was, I don't remember. Yeah I had you told me, called you and you're like, just tie a rope around and send it around the chimney and mouse pulled out a whole litter of raccoons.

I used my live lure to fish for raccoons? No, like half growns. So they were the age where they still have teeth, but they're like real rowdy and mouse just went down there and grabbed them and I'd bring her up the chimney and I'd grab 'em and put 'em in a trap. There was another one Chad gave me a dog named buttons years ago, probably like five, six years ago.

And she was like the most thousand mile stare, like marine veteran type yag I've ever had, void a personality. She was just straight business. [01:16:00] If she wasn't killing, she didn't care, but you had to call her, choke her off stuff. So I sent her under a house one time. Guy wanted to skunk 'cause he was gonna demo.

He was doing something he needed to skunk out from under the internet. Normally I would never send a dog after a skunk on purpose, but I was like, whatever button will do it. She just snatched it up and I fished her out with a skunk and got the skunk out, got the skunk away alive, and put it in a trap.

And then I is it spraying everywhere while you're doing this? So they don't they don't spray like a hose. It's more like a, if you like hit like a bag and like it'll just spray like a few like droplets and. It'll just keep doing that. So it's not like once one spray is out, it's whatever, I don't care.

And then afterwards I went to Walmart, ditched my clothes in the trash can at the changing room and just left with brand new Walmart clothes. Yeah. I, again, welcome to New Mexico. You just walk by [01:17:00] and you're like, oh, that trash can stinks like skunks. Oh, I thought just smoking a pound of weed or something.

I dunno. That's some I was gonna ask I was gonna ask what's the most unique animal you've caught with the terriers? I think I know the answer to this one already, but I'm curious. You like, so raccoons, possum, feral, cast, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But let's get exotic for a second.

What have what have you napped with 'em? It was that hoarding situation. I went in, lady said she thought there was a lemur and I knew right away my eyes like, When she called my eyebrows damn near hit my hairline up. I was like, lemur, like I knew what it was. Yeah. Wr for your ringtail. I got there and I was all excited to catch it.

And then I looked in the house and it looked like you couldn't see if you stood at any of the walls, you couldn't see the other walls. It was just in boxes. Luckily it wasn't like a dirty ho, like it was dusty, dirty, but it wasn't like food waste and stuff. It was a filth. Yeah, it was just [01:18:00] like paperwork, but stacked to the ceiling and none of it was like conveniently organized or anything, but there was a damn ringtail cat and I tried for I don't know, 20 minutes to catch it by myself.

And mind you, it's nine o'clock at night. So I was like, do you mind if I use my dog? She might hurt it. I don't know. But we could be done here in five minutes. I let mouse out and man, this thing started like monkeying off the ceiling fans and they do this They have this musk to them, and they'll deposit the musk where they're sitting and the dog won't leave it.

And you can see the ringtail on the other side of the room. And the dog is just fixated on this like musk spot. And they're the smelliest little creatures. Like they smell as bad as badgers. Wow. Like a ninja vanish type thing. They'll squirt and take off and then whatever they leave behind is, they can't go buy it.

They can't leave it. So that that, that squirt is like a defense. Yeah. Yeah. It was. And it's crazy. Magnetic to predators. They just [01:19:00] can't get enough of it. Yeah. It was like catnip for a dog. And the mouse is very trained. Mouse has been doing this six years, and I can call her off raccoons and pigs, verbally, no E callers, nothing.

And I could not get her to leave these like musk stains. What? Eventually he's blowing my mind. I did not know this. Yeah. Blew my mind. And Chad said it was gonna happen. I didn't believe him, but I saw firsthand that it would How did you know that Chad caught one of, because I caught one of my shop. What?

Yeah they do a squirt thing. My story is funny too, is that catch a lot of rabbits doing falconry, and I would gut them and throw them, it was freezing out, like 10 degrees. So you just gut them into this trash can for the guts, and they freeze and it's doesn't stink and everything like that.

And then I would come back and the little intestines with the little poop balls would hung like garland, like Christmas garland from the stuff in my shop. I was like, what the hell is going on here? You got a serial killer out here is what you got? Yeah. Somebody's coming into my shop and putting stuff around.

One day I just was like, [01:20:00] all right, I've had it. I closed the garage and went in with my terriers, and they tree up on top of a shelf. Like a big three-prong shelf and I just grabbed one and threw her up on top, and then down came the ring-tailed cat and that dog was stuck up there.

She wasn't leaving nothing anymore, and my other one caught it behind like a stack of plywood back behind it and we had caught it, got rid of it, where I get in the process of taking a tailgate picture kind of thing. And they were like, wait a second. Like, where's the other guy?

She was still up there going to town on, are they rolling in? Are they licking it? What do they do? Yeah, there's a bunch of game bird netting that was up there where it had squirted on it and she was digging in it trying to find out where it had gone inside it. They do that like teeth chatter thing that they do when a a female's in heat, but they're like doing that to the must spot and they're just like a Fleming response werewolves trying to get to it.

It's wild. Crazy. I was gonna say, it's gotta have some kind of mock sexual response. That's the only thing I could think that would keep a dog. [01:21:00] Overpower, its prey drive. It's gotta have something. I imagine if they saw it, they're still gonna chase it. I wouldn't say that they'd leave it if they saw it take off, but they're quick, they're nimble like a fox, yeah. So as the dog comes in, they'll squirt and slip away, wait, how did they slip away? How did they slip away? No one could see it. I'm like I'm pantomime a ringtail cat slipping away. He was very stealthy, but yeah, you barely see me. I best describe him as like a monkey.

A monkey cat fox. Like that monkey cat lemur. That's right. Monkey cat Lemur. They literally jumped, they, the one I caught, it was jumping around the house, like bu mafu like it

A what? Bu ma You dunno. Bufu, dude. Yeah, I know. I just wanted to make sure we got that loud enough, man, because I've heard that before and it's still hilarious. Jumping around like zebu boom of oo, that's gonna be the name of this episode straight out. Actually, boom, we may get sued for that. I don't know.

I gotta get the copyright, [01:22:00] but yeah. Here's a quick fact. What is a Ring Tail's? Closest living relative, Chad? I

don't know. What do you think? I, is it a lemur? Nope. Great. It's a raccoon. What? They're in the same family as raccoons Pro Siona day. Yep. What? Yep. Yep. They're. There are like a raccoon that never went to gym, but did American Ninja Warrior instead. I love that. Yeah. That's so perfect. Yeah. He was like the athletic, high achieving like, like version brother of the two family.

Yeah. Yeah. Just tall, skinny version. The, they only weigh three or four pounds. They're little. Yeah. They look like a Yeah. Everyone, they look like if a weasel, a lemur and a raccoon had a baby together and like a cat. Yeah. So yeah, they're in the, they're in the same family as raccoons.

They're in pro day and then they're in their own genus baus. And then raccoons [01:23:00] are in pro scion. That's their genus, but yep, they're in the same family yeah. There you go. Go for it. Chad Tyler was saying, what was it the. Where do, where did the UND branch out from there? Are they? Yeah. So they're in the same family too. They're in pros day as well. But I don't know because I only know stuff about New Mexico animals there are some here, but Yeah.

Yeah, I trapped one here in Corrales. Yeah. I treat one in the Gila once with my buddy's Labrador, but I just don't know enough about him. Apparently you can find 'em a lot in the Ikas, which is a bad, you can find Jaguars there too. Warner Glenn has got two pictures on two separate occasions of Jaguars in New Mexico.

He's the only person ever who's video photographed a Jaguar. He's a legend in the wildlife community because when people are like Jaguars in New Mexico, everyone's there's this hound guy in Southern New Mexico who's seen him. So yeah. And we [01:24:00] saw his pictures that he took in our wildlife class.

This was way before I was in the hound world, so actually who, Warner Glen was way before I ever knew anything about hunting with dogs. It's cool. Anyway, there's your weird lore for the day, everybody. It's not gonna be an all mixed up episode without it. Chad, let's wrap this up, brother, for this segment.

You got any last questions? And if not, I'm gonna let Tyler lead it out with anything he needs to say about terriers in the workplace. No, I was wanting to, I was wanting to hear that that Ringtail story again about jumping out of a stack of magazines or whatever that's I we scratched my my edge there.

Go for it. Tyler. What you got? I was able to scruff that thing alive. I left that customer's house with it alive. Dang. So you actually could lay hands on it. It, I guess when the dog, when there's a dog on it, I bet it's a lot easier to catch it. Yeah, it, they bite very hard. I learned. Oh man. Hey, here's something I wanted to ask you.

I spent a lot of time trapping when I was an undergrad. [01:25:00] The gnarliest animal I've ever caught in a trap leg hold or live trap is a rock squirrel. They're so aggressive. I tell my customers, rock squirrels are gray squirrels if they have survived an apocalypse. That's so good. So true man. I can see a full grown coyote not cut their Oh, go ahead.

You can't cut their hides with shears. Nope. They're like semi immune to rattlesnake venom. They are. Have you ever seen one fight a rattler before? Tyler? They'll eat 'em. Yeah. Oh dude. They can flood. They flood blood to their alright everyone a rock, squirrel's a kind of ground squirrel and they're very common in New Mexico and when they hate rattlesnakes and they're, it's a catch only two 'cause they're super destructive on your property, but they do absolutely keep rattlesnakes off your land.

And so when they are engaged with a rattlesnake, they will tick their stick their tail straight up. Flush it with blood because rattlesnakes, anything in cro rattlesnakes, [01:26:00] they're heat sensitive pit vipers and they see all that blood flushed in the tail and it's a hotspot. And the snakes strike for their tail, which is just fur with a little stick of blood in the middle of it.

And that allows the squirrel to attack the snake and bite their head off. I saw one fight a rattlesnake for an hour on the middle of a dirt road one time here in southern New Mexico at my job, and it was the most badass thing ever. He got bit, didn't even phase him. They fought for an hour and he still killed the snake after he got bit like 30 minutes prior.

They're badass man. Problem. Hanks trying to pierce its skin. They're just like when we, yeah they're beasts. They have super effective kidneys too. And so when you tran 'em to knock 'em out, they need a huge dose of tranquilizer because their kidneys and liver are so effective at neutralizing toxin.

They're just badass animal man. They're cool and they're freaking aggressive. They're ferocious. Man. I made the mistake of turning one out one time for my dogs when they were young. [01:27:00] I was like, Ooh, this will be a good cage train race for you guys. No, they caught that squirrel and they were like, Uhuh, this rabbit's a cactus.

And they let him go. They let him go, man. So anyway, it was a cra. They're crazy. That's what I learned. They're crazy. Anyway, Tyler, if there's anything you wanna say to the Hansman XP world now, brother, here's your time. No I, honestly, I think we covered a good bit of it without going into another like hour episode.

Yeah. I think that was perfect, man. I thank you so much for joining us and this will not be the last time you talk to us. And I look forward to running with you when that pup grows up, man, it'll be a good time. All right. Thanks man. Thanks for having me guys.

Guys, this is a no nonsense podcast. You guys know that. And I'm gonna talk to you about OnX 'cause I'm sitting in camp in New Mexico right now. I've never stepped foot on this ranch, and I've used OnX so many times in the last three days with their high definition maps. I can see [01:28:00] maces, I can see grasslands, I can see the canyons.

I know where the critters ought to be living. And Onyx helps me find those spots and get to those spots. And it totally augments my tracking equipment. I could buy a map card for New Mexico, but this year alone, I've hunted Louisiana, Indiana, Kentucky New Mexico. Didn't hunt in Colorado, but I was there.

Montana, I've been in Montana. So you do the math on the map card, and when you buy OnX at their elite price for around a hundred bucks a year. I get all of these maps that are right on my phone, extremely clear. Landowners are marked, state lands are marked. It's all right there. Check out onx@onxmaps.com and get with it man.

And at checkout. Enter the promo code H X P 20 and you will get 20% off of your OnX subscription. Know where you stand with [01:29:00] OnX. So a cat monkey weasel, right? Or Beamer Cat Boy, what the picture is the best. I love the picture. It's just like that's yeah. Like the surprise look at its face, I'd be surprised to or no, the Zu or I can't never say that.

Say it. Yeah. Z Bufu. Yeah, but that's Bufu. Yeah. Yeah, that's the lemur. Yeah, that's what I love that got this lemur in my house like, That's so of New Mexico, like some crazy crackhead just thinks there's a lever in their house. And as a animal control expert, I would imagine if you hear that, you would be like, I'm coming no matter what, but you forget the zoologic knowledge of the average person is a booma.

But yeah, man, dang, that was great. I, so I work in a unit that has a lot of international folks and my friend Dylan, shout out to Dylan. You're a cool guy, man. He's been a friend of mine. He lived in Africa for six years. He [01:30:00] lived in Niger, he lived in Kenya, and he lived in Cameroon. And he was there for a total of six years.

So he didn't, he wasn't a tourist. He lived there. This guy speaks like three African languages. Okay. And he told me, he's I'm not joking. Here in New Mexico, I see areas that are 10 times more slum and nasty than anything I've ever seen in Africa. He's is that right? Those people are in the Niger, especially the culture there.

They're the poorest country in the world, right? He's so all they have to do is not die. That's your job every day. Make sure you have food, spend a ton of time with your neighbors building like crazy interpersonal bonds because they're gonna save your life one day. It's guaranteed. And then the sec and then just, and do stuff.

Basically learn around the natural area in your area, right? And he's and work on your house because there's nothing else to do. And he is so they take an insane amount of pride in the items and stuff they have, right? And they always are working on their house, like making it as nice as they can.

And he's yeah [01:31:00] man. This is a person who makes the equivalent of like 80 US dollars a year. Their house is nicer than the house is like tweaker cabins out here in the desert, and I just imagine like it's there's a tree that fell through your roof and now there's a bunch of raccoons living in your house.

You know what I mean? Yeah. I'll get to it one day. I'll get that tree cleaned up one day. Meanwhile, there's a colony of Koons in your house or flushing, Zuma bofu out of your magazine stack, yeah. Yeah. Thank you Tyler. That was awesome, man. And Chad. Good guess, man. That was all Chad's idea.

Everyone. Chad came in clutch this month. So everyone give Chad a round of applause. He made this episode entirely possible This episode brought to you by Chad Reynolds. Now we need to do a little Ladd spot for you buddy. There you go. Are you bald? Do you hand pigs to random people and mispronounce the booma?[01:32:00]

Have we got a whiskey for you? Clearly call clearly. Yes. That's all I got brother. You got anything else to add for this month? Nah, I think that's wrapped up tight. All right let's hunt 'em hard and treat 'em like heroes. Sounds good.