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Kirtland, New Mexico is the place to be July 21& 22!

Come out and meet some of the great southwest Houndsmen at the 2nd Annual Horses Hounds and Mule Sale.

Trey Narramore and Wade Hatch had a vision to put on an event to bring Houndsmen in their region together; a SW Houndsman Rendezvous. There will be food, drinks, top stock and hounds for sale and plenty of top story telling going on in Kirstland this weekend.

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Show Transcript

[00:00:00] This is the Hounds Man XP podcast

dog. Get that burn here.

The original podcast for the complete hounds, man, I get your counter.

We're gonna get the podcast that represent our lifestyle. Of extreme performance.[00:01:00]

Yeah. Good boy, ranger Uniting Hounds, men across the globe from east to west, north to south. If you're gonna catch a cat or a line, you have to have teamwork. We take you to the wildest places on earth. Yeah. So how many days a week you spend in Minute As much as I can, to be honest with you, anytime that I get I'm out there.

Join us for every heart pounding adventure on Hounds Man. Xp. I'll tell you, like I tell everyone else, I'm gonna hunt whether you're here or not, so you might as well be here.[00:02:00]

You call later a month.

So $20,000. So 20,000. Thank you. All right. Thank goodness. We are going to Kirtland New Mexico Hounds, man in the east you've got the Grand American, you've got TMOs, you've got the Winter Classic, you've got all this cool stuff and all these places and Hounds man come together and I'm lucky enough to have Trey Nemore and Wade.

What's your last name? Wade? Wade Hatch. Wade Hatch, last name. Yeah. And I knew that I was drawing a blank. I thought thought you guys would get locked. Y'all get nervous and then I freaked out and couldn't remember your last [00:03:00] name. Wait. No, no worries my friend. And I've got you guys on here because of the sale that's coming up in Kirtland on July 21st and 22nd, the Horse Mule and Hound sale.

I got the guys that are behind it and the promoters and man, I'm glad you guys came on. Thanks a lot. Yes, sir. Happy to be here. Thank you. It's quite the opportunity you've given us to visit with you and showcase what we're trying to accomplish. Man, I'll tell you what, it's just one of those deals that, Western Hounds men need a place to come together and call an event that's their own.

It's such a long trip back here and I'd really encourage anybody to try to make a trip back to TMOs or the Grand American or anything like that. But where you guys live, I just came back from there. Same part of the country anyway. And I can understand why you never leave. Yeah, it's awesome.

Awesome. Big mountains. Oh, it's beautiful. Oh yeah. Beautiful lot. Lots of fun. [00:04:00] Yeah, I've been quite a few places and always seems like I find myself ready to come back here even after I visit someplace that most people really enjoy. It's just something about the landscape. I'll tell you what, man I come home from back out th from out there and I get home and my dogs look at me like, what the heck are we doing back here?

And I'm asking the same question. Yeah. And there is some places in New Mexico that are pretty flat, remind you of the Texas panhandle and it seems like you get here for a little while and you think, gosh, I need to head west. Just, you don't have to go very far, get in the, get up in the elevation and get back in the mountains, but Right.

But flat country make you miss it. You got it, man. Why don't we just dive in, tell everybody what this sale is. You guys are going into your second year on the sale, but let's get some backstory on you two before we jump, head first into the sale part of it. What's your background in Hounds and Hounds, man and forces and mules, and let's just talk about all of it and then we'll talk about what's going on at the sale.[00:05:00]

Go ahead Wade. You can go on that one first. Okay. We'll go with the hound dogs. And I have quite the mule story. My grandpa had been an avid hounds man since he was 20 years old. He didn't have, he had a kind of a black and tan, some coonhounds, and he was a teenager, but he had lion hounds from 20 years on and past that age, He's grown up here in the four corners.

He grew up in the trading post on the reservation. And all we did was handle basically just trading posts type business out there. And he came here and he lived in the Farmington area all his life. And when he was trading race horses, he is trained a lot of race horses when he was a young man.

And then as soon as he quit that, he met my grandma. And that's when he started getting into Lion Hunt. And he's had Hounds I guess it'd be, it would've been 52 years he had hounds. No kidding. He so we, he had lineages of dogs and all. He tried everything under the sun. He had walkers and black and tans.

And he, then he got into, Started partnering with [00:06:00] a friend of his named Jim Farmer in Southern New Mexico. And he kinda almost has his own style of hound. They're real, really big red ticks. All dried ground lion dogs. And then he had a bunch of bear dogs he'd partner with Van Johnson. Okay. And they were the best of friends and they traded a lot of hounds back and forth from each other.

We've had van on, we've had Van on the podcast. He is a great guy. I've, he's dear friend to us. Yeah. My grandpa passed away in the fall of 2020 when I, my freshman year of college. And I had about 16 hounds at the house. And I didn't feel like there's quite a bit of equity in those dogs and I couldn't bring myself to feel like, to sell anything.

I didn't feel right. So every one of his friends, I gave a couple to Van Johnson, a couple to Billy Havens, a couple to Jim Farmer, a couple to Rusty Herrera. And I kept a couple dogs for myself and I didn't know what to do with them when I was headed to school. And Trey and I had just met, we knew each other, but we had just started visiting about Hounds.

He was really [00:07:00] getting into it. And he had purchased a couple dogs and I offered him, I said, Trey, would you be interested in taking some of my hounds? And he had a bunch of young dogs at the time and he had one really good, finished female. And I said, would you be interested in taking my Hounds? And just hunt 'em with your young dogs and they'll get everything finished.

He said, yeah, no, no problem. And from that moment on, we've talked dang near every other day. Yeah. Yeah. What was your grandfather's name? Ray Hatch was my grandpa's name. Wade. Ray. Ray Hatch. Okay. Yes, sir. I bet you some of the old timers, some of those legendary hunters that listened to the podcast would know that name and I'm looking forward to learning more about him.

Oh, ab, absolutely. He's, he has a lot of fun. We gotten a lot of wrecks together. We've never a dull moment. I can talk about quite a few stories with that. And and Trey he's been a great friend to me, keeping my hounds all that time and using them. And I couldn't take him to school. That's not a good environment for [00:08:00] hounds.

I couldn't imagine trying to keep one in a dormitory complex, and neighbor's cat or something that wouldn't be very kosher. And then on the mule side, he, that's where we got the mules from too. So I believe it was in late sixties, he set the track record at Bishop Mule Days' Racing Mules.

He had a real famous mule called Sunday, and he had her forever. And we always had a mule around the house. And I had plenty of meal stories too. He dies the pilot for everything he'd make me. Pull those mules round and oh gosh dang. We had some bad ones, but we had a lot of fun too. In fact we went, we started naming mules a day of the week.

So we started at Sunday and then we'd go to Monday and then we'd go to Tuesday and so on. And the last mule that I bought with him we roped her in a little pasture down the, just down the road from the sale barn. She went two miles from here as a two year old. We roped her and pulled her in the trailer and I bought her on Black Friday.

So we just called her Friday. And then him and [00:09:00] I broke her and that's the only mule that I still have right there. I just have one mule and I just have one, one good one's all. I've been through plenty, but I just have one at the house right now. That's my, and she is double and she is double good.

She's super good. Yeah. She's the kind of the ranch and you guys take care of cattle on her and land and rope and everything. She's utility player. Yeah. That's interesting. Trey Trey, what's your story? It's we kind, we got, we got some of it here, but let's talk about pre, pre Wade days.

No, it it it was funny how it worked out because when I I guess when I was in high school, none of my family was in the Oxford business and Wade we grew up right, what, two and a half hours from each other, Wade or something? Yeah, I lived just south, which I mean, our families knew each other the whole time.

But I I roped and ranched a little bit when I was growing up. And when I got into high school, I started started auctioneering and would go and I'd do the county fairs and do all them, do all the stuff I could. And then when I got to college, I I got lucky enough and and [00:10:00] I went to auctioneer school, I guess my senior year of high school.

And then I went to college and was fortunate enough to get a job at some of the cattle auctions around, like in Eastern New Mexico in the Texas panhandle and and it it helped my it helped a lot. Helped pay for college and then and I had a heck of an education just I guess I was getting a dual purpose education cuz I was getting to go to in college and ended up graduating and with the finance degree.

And then I went and and I, now, I now, I don't even use the college degree now, I just auctioneer for a living, but which has been good. But along the lines there, it just worked out. I was I think it was co it was Covid, wade? When I, we ca we, I started bought, I think we bought our first dogs like in 2019 or something.

And then Covid hit and there wasn't, I mean we just didn't have nothing to do with school was out. I think I was all online and it just worked out perfect. Cuz Wade and I mean we like all the same things. We both liked the cow sales. We love to rope. We love ranching. We love trading cattle. We love hunting lions [00:11:00] and we like messing around on them dang mules.

And we like we love the hounds. So it all just worked really good cuz I, auctioneer and Wade's family's in the auction business and lion hunting business and the mule business whole deal. So it's kinda, it it all just clicked. We got a lot of things in common, yeah, that, that's a cool part about your country.

I, I everybody can ride. I don't know. I wouldn't say that everybody can rope, but I saw a lot of working, people working stock and off horseback and that's a lost art. Anything back where I'm at and even really, when I travel up into Montana and different places.

Seems like the the cowboy culture is strong down there in your part of the world. Yes, sir. We live we, we crave it big time. Yeah. Sure we do. We I that's what some of those, there's been people call us and about some of the mules and the horses and stuff and I like to emphasize that some of these, when our when a guy calls from over here [00:12:00] and a guy that hunts lion or cowboys on his mules ranch mule or something, I have to emphasize when they go gather cows on 'em or go hunt they leave the pickup in the morning and they might make a 20 mile circle and be back.

Them things are they're used a little differently over here than they are back then, back over there. And and they're just like I said they sure have a job over here. Your country's so much bigger and the ranches are bigger. Absolutely. Yes, sir. And back east here, if you've got 200 acres, you're, you can, you've got quite a piece of property and out there 200 acres, you can see that plus about 20,000 more from one of those rims, yes, sir. Yeah. Yeah. So it's amazing. And I'm not gonna bore you with my mule stories. I had mules and so I've got a special place in my heart for it, but I'll tell you what I'd like to do before we get into, the other stuff we're gonna talk about was, but let's talk about mules.

We've never really dialed into mules on this podcast. [00:13:00] We've talked about hounds and we've talked about how to train hounds and all that stuff. But what makes a good mule if you're gonna sell if I came out there and I was looking for a good, solid honey mule, what would you tell me that I need to get?

I would say gentle is absolutely the is the main thing. But at the same time, you can't have one that's that would be, lazy or one that is gonna brush you up underneath something. Or not saying that not saying some of them things won't, but but one that will take care of you out there is a big part.

We Wade and I were talking and there was a meal that we'd, that I'd got and he said, man, just jerk the shoes off that thing and our ground or, we, it's so dry over here. And that old meal speed will get hard and, he won't be sliding around on that slick sandstone with just, with barefooted, and yeah. And I think that, Small things like that to, if we go make a circle and now we've got, my [00:14:00] wife bought me an injury each and it's a little different, but when I first was gone, I didn't have nothing but just my cell phone. Then you lose service and you sure want one, you're gonna be able to make it back to the pickup on, and whether you're, whether you're hunting or you're trail riding or moving cows or whatever it is I don't care how cowboy you are.

You, when you when you get on one that you know's gonna be good all day long and isn't gonna, isn't gonna try to, isn't gonna try to cut you off or back sometime in the middle of the day. It makes you, makes your day more enjoyable, so that's what we're trying to accomplish. We're dang sure trying to keep our quality good and got a lot of good consignors and.

And and and wanna take care of everybody. The Hounds XP podcast is fueled by joy Dog, food joy. Dog food has a rich tradition of supporting the Hounds Man of America. Founded in 1945, joy is proud of its history and the relationship and has built with the American Homan. And in 76 years, there's never been a recall [00:15:00] made with a hundred percent American made high quality ingredients.

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Yeah. What's your experience on mules? You always hear that, a mule never forgets anything. They, if you're good to them, they'll be good to you. If you do 'em wrong, they're gonna get you back. Just talking about, just chatter around. What's your opinion on something like that, Wade?

I, a little backstory before I go into that, my dad used to break Colts full [00:16:00] time. That's all he did for about 10 years. And most of those years he just had him and a helper and he'd start just between 180 and 215 Colts a year. So that was first ride every other day or every day for the most part.

And we figured it up by the time my dad we called it Lucky ACEs. Nates, by the time we opened that and closed it, we had a little over a thousand colts come through that place before my dad started auctioneering full-time and running the sail barn. And in that time I spent a lot of time around him breaking colts and everything and we was always riding a mule for my grandpa.

And it always seemed to me that from the beginning a mule either had its best interest for you or if, or it was looking to get you off of it. There was hardly ever any Craig zone. It was always, okay. For example I got into a bad mule deal and I had to scotch foot to get on this mule.

Wanted to spin out when I got on it and I thought no [00:17:00] problem. So I jumped on it, scotch foot up and let its foot down. We ride off and man, it's gin in right there in the round pin and everything's fine. I thought I just loped in the arena and man, I'm op opening around there. This thing just runs off and and again, this is one of our project meals and my grandpa's, so we stay in hook now.

And I'm thinking a pretty athletic mule for how fast we're going right here. That's how many of them bronchi selling guns I had to ride, didn't even phase me as running off. And about halfway through that sum gun just went to bucking and was not bucking, not gonna quit. Bucking. I had on brand new wranglers and my little mule saddle been road so much as polished, and man, it, the gun is shaking me loose now all the way across the width of my arena. Finally got to the fence and rubbed me down on the fence, fell down there and run my foot into a post and man hurt me bad. And anyways, as soon as I, as soon as she rubbed me off there on the fence, that mul just quit bucking, she's just looking to get me off.

And then I've had, Trey and I have had mules, for [00:18:00] example, we had a gentleman bring us some mule laws at the college finals college National Finals Rodeo. And I brought her to the sail barn here and we was, I was punching cows on her there, out back. Every instance I, that mule could have caught got me in a bind.

We was shoving bulls around that weren't any good and always trying to hook a horse or folding papers in your shirt pocket, you wouldn't believe it. But mules are sometimes real funny about picking stuff outta your pocket or touching your hat. It's weird. You can be clicking log there and pull your pin out to Right.

And they can hear that click and they might wanna take off if they don't, if they're looking to get away, yeah. And I trace said, what do you think of that meal? I said, gosh dang trace, this is a safe son of a gun. This is one of the, this is one of the best meals I've been around. And I always felt like they always just fall in, fell into two categories where a horse, there's a lot of gray zone.

You can train that out of them. But I think Emil, however they're instilled when they're colts or halter broke or whatever their relationship with the person is from the beginning is how it's gonna be for the rest of it. Unless [00:19:00] something drastic happens. But for the most part, they're either gonna be for you all the time or they're just gonna be against you all the time.

And Trey and I, sure. We're looking out for the best interests of the buyers and the consignors. It's a mutual agreement. We benefit when everybody else benefits. Sure. When we're looking at these mules, they bring us, we're asking them questions, how they feel about it. And then we know everybody that brings a mule pretty personally.

We know what kind of character they are, what their lifestyle is, and how they do business. So when they tell us something, we know that we can go with it. And if they tell us, Hey, this mule's a little frosty, this needs to go to a cowboy, we're gonna make sure it's gonna go to a cowboy. If we have somebody that says, you know what?

We need a really nice trail meal for our little, our grandkids to be able to enjoy in the mountains we're gonna make sure we're, they get matched up with the perfect meal for that person, and like a cowboy that's needing to work cows all day, he probably doesn't need that really gentle, easygoing trail mule, because he needs to be going a little faster than that [00:20:00] all the time, but that work perfect for him probably might not work for the people that're just needing a trail mule. So we're, our whole business is just matching up owners with buyers and making sure they get the product that fits for everybody. Yeah. Yeah. So what do you, what kind of traits are like just, they either make or break the deal when you're looking at mules, just say, you're just out buying mules and not necessarily for this sale, but you were, like, you used to wade, you pull in, somebody's in somebody's barn lot there and they had a mule standing out there.

What are the things that said, yeah, I wanna buy that mule? And the things that made you turn around and walk away and say, I'm not buying that thing. I'm gonna say just general disposition. There's a couple things you wanna look at confirmation wise. It's not necessarily as applicable to mules, that is horses, but it's always nice to have a good looking animal.

It never hurts anything, you want nice proportions back. I always it's not too often, but I always like Neil's little heads. It seems like there's always had a better jacks that way. You know what I mean? A little more refinement to 'em. I like a good [00:21:00] disposition when I walk up.

When they're friendly, they want to come to you, they wanna be petted on. They're usually, that's a good sign. And then when I saddle 'em and stuff, I can tell, I throw my saddle up there. I go to Cinch Uff, I'm looking at 'em. I'm going to ride 'em off. I can tell if this thing's gonna be bronchi or not.

And it's they get, I call, they get a little corner outta their eye there. They're not just, they don't have that nice soft kind eye, Hey, what do you want me to do here? They're kinda like, Ooh man, what's this guy wanting to do with me here?

It's just there's a general unease about him yeah. That you can tell. And then if you get a mule that, that is gentle, you can tell that there is a definite ease about 'em. There is absolutely no tension in them. And mules are pretty. Upfront about it too. For the most part, every once in a while you'll have some I've seen some meals that'd be the other way they'd be gentle and everything, but then if they did something you didn't want to do, they weren't okay with it.

But for the most part, they are very upfront about their disposition. Trey, you got anything to add to that? Yeah, I would say that, just we've been riding horses and doing this since we [00:22:00] were little kids. And and both of us, we both, we, both of us understand that there's no gray area in that field.

They're, and it's, they're either good or they're not. It's that's one good thing about mules. They're either good or they're not, and both of us understand that. And and both of us are working towards the same goal, during during the sale. We wanna match everybody up with the right one.

We don't want We don't want somebody to buy something that they don't, that we don't think is gonna work for 'em or or any, along the lines of that we don't wanna do that. So we just wanna, we wanna match up the right product with the right buyer. Sure. Yes sir.

We could, I'd love to sit here and talk about mules and we're gonna have to do that one of these days for sure with both of you, cuz I, mules are just something that they've got a deep culture even back here in the east, in the Appalachian, yes. In the Appalachian regions. And then I was told everybody, I used to, I was a conservation officer for 28 years.

Just, I'm telling you guys that the audience has got that multiple times, but yeah. I used [00:23:00] to pull up and ride the bridal trails and stuff and make sure that, and I'd ride through the campgrounds and stuff and I always got a lot of looks man, when I'd unload a mule and write a mule on on saddle patrol, but she was solid and just like you guys said, she took care of me and I took care of her.

She could be a little bit ornery. She was, I think she had a mare that was, her mama was black. She was white, but I think she came out of a black mare cuz she was sour. I mean like her bound on black horses. It was weird. Yeah. I'll be darn. Yeah. Yeah, it was really strange. She, a baker could walk by, Greg could walk by you.

I rode with guys that had all kinds of different color horses and stuff, but we had a black Philly and she just, she is, was in love with that thing. And I think it's because her mama was black. I don't know. Yeah, sure. Wayne's got a good, he said he says them mules are just peculiar, that's right. [00:24:00] That's right. Yeah. She was manageable. But anyway. All right. So let's jump into what you guys got going on. You guys are selling horses and hounds and, but I really liked, I liked the idea of making this thing like a hound hunter's rendezvous for the, for you guys out there in the west.

I'm jumping on a plane. I'm coming out, and we'll be out there as well. Even though I just got back from there. You guys gave me the perfect excuse to come back. Yes sir. Tell me what you got going on, what your plans are, how you guys are gonna run the sale, whatever you wanna tell us about this sale.

Here's your pitch. Here's your opportunity. Give us a pitch. Okay. So we're I'll say one. We just, Like I said we both like the same things. We've we both like the dry ground lion hunting and Wade, they've hunted bears. And and that's our goal is to sell is sell big game hounds in the Western United States.

That's horses, hounds, and mule sale. That's what we're the horses, hounds and mules. And and that's what we're [00:25:00] going. We're selling the big game hounds and we're really striving for the good good genetics on the dogs and good handling mules and and good ranch horses, and good hunting horses and everything that them guys can use in the western ha half of the United States to, outfitters and everything.

Friday Friday morning, we're gonna have us a trail ride and preview on the mules and the horses. And that'll be on the 21st of July. That'll start pretty early in the morning before it gets too hot and and we'll do that. And all them consignors and stuff they'll be there and have their mules and horses and everything there for us.

And and then we'll sneak around there. And so you can test ride before the sale, is that what you're saying? Absolutely. Yes sir. Wow. We want you to bring your stock and or bring your, if you're living close enough where you're driving or however, bring your saddle and you test drive a car before you buy it most of the time.

You know what I mean? We want you to be able to get on your, get on that horse or get on that mule and and be able to, and be able to ride 'em around. And we want you to be able to talk with the Hounds men that we have have there, that are gonna [00:26:00] be consigning hounds. And we want you to be, this is a Wade is, and I've said this before, I think I told you this before, Chris, but.

Wade and I, we have jbs, we we got jobs. Yeah. We don't, we're not doing this for a living. But we enjoy this. Like we, we know this and we love this and we want this to be really good. And we don't, we're not we're not, we know we're not just doing this to make money.

This is what we love to do. We call each other and we talk on the phone about all this all the time. Cuz we love auctions, we love horses and we love riding the mules and hunting, hunting lion and bears. And that's just, we want everybody to feel comfortable at our sale. Want everybody to come and be able to to have a good time.

And know that when they come to our sale, there's gonna be good product there that they can our consignors can stand behind it and and we can stand behind and say, Hey, this is a, this is something good. This is something good we're doing. Yeah. Yes sir. Who's heckling you in the background there Wade?

We're gonna call him out right on. On an international worldwide podcast. We're gonna go ahead and have [00:27:00] my dad do a pop-in right here. Better. In fact, I'm in the Auction Barns office right now. I had to borrow the wifi so he is over here teasing me about our interview. You bet. I know about the J O B S.

I think he says I don't have a job. I don't know. He keeps be pretty busy all the time. You know what I decided? It's not a job if it's your lifestyle and you enjoy it. So that's a good way of No, that's what short shorty gor he always says, find something you love to do and you'll never have to work a day in your life.

Exactly. So sounds like you guys are on the right track. Hey guys, have you checked out OnX? Seriously, I'm coming off of a two week trip in Northern New Mexico and I cannot tell you how important OnX was for me. It was a deal where this is an easy product for me to talk about just based on a two week experience.

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That's important when you're trying to navigate and head off hounds and. And learn trails. It's sped up the learning curve so quickly. And terrain features. You can look at topo maps, you can look at like heat maps that show you the degree of angle, so you know where those big drop-offs are.

Know where your dogs are headed. I can't say enough about it. You've just gotta get into OnX and check out all the features. Go to OnX and get the elite subscription today. Use a promo code H X [00:29:00] P 20 and you will get 20% off of your subscription, your annual subscription to Onyx. Know where you stand with Onyx.

So where are you finding your, where are you finding your stock for this sale? You guys going out and looking at this stuff or how are you selecting the stock that's gonna come to this sale and what kind of standards you set for the stock that comes there? Trey and I, we just when we set out last year, we didn't know how many we were gonna get.

And to tell you the truth it started with the hounds. He said, Wade, we need to have a hound sale. It's never been done before for Lion Dogs. And we got think about, and I said, you're absolutely right. We have got to jump on. It's a perfect opportunity. We, I ha we have some facilities mutual interests and this is the time to do it.

And I tell you the truth, there's not very many of us that have hounds for lion and bears when you think about it compared to everything else. If you took a guy that had hound dogs versus a guy that had a set of golf clubs, my goodness, we not, we might not even make [00:30:00] 1% of that. And the hound deal was to be able to come together and have a sharing of genetics ideas and lineages from generations of doing that sport and.

Tell you the truth. I think last year we grew it, we had great interest. Everybody was a little bit standoffish, never been done before. We had some people that went ahead and went out on a limb with us and consigned and everybody was happy. And this year it seems like everybody's been all about it and supportive.

I gotta thank the hound dog community and all the Hounds men, my goodness, they've been behind us on this whole thing and enjoyed every second of it. And we know most everybody, and if we don't know most everybody, somebody we know does know. And it, it is pretty easy to just visit with them to understand their hounds and their sty and see if those hounds would work in a cell like ours.

And tell you the truth, it's just talking to 'em and personal [00:31:00] communication and we can tell if maybe that dog might be better suited for a different place than ours. But that's usually just how we do it. Just we don't have a buy the real book or anything like that, we just visit with them and see if they would fit well for us.

I guess what, are you guys selling broke dogs? You selling starter dogs? You selling pups? Do you have different classes? How are you breaking that up? We do, we have different classes. We have some little puppies. Last year we had an interesting scenario. We sold some puppies from Steve Biggerstaff in utero, so they weren't quite born yet, but he keeps 'em, tillers stream.

Oh, no kids. Yeah. We sold we sold let's say we were gonna sell female number one. And so what would happen was that guy would get the first pick of all the females outta the litter and break it down that way. So you were selling puppies that weren't even born yet? We're selling puppies that weren't even born yet.

Now, this year we happen to have those puppies born, so it's a little more standard procedure, but last year we had coach on everybody and let 'em know that nope, the deal's fine. They just, the way the scheduling of events [00:32:00] was, they happen to not be born yet, but you're gonna have a hound coming. So that's how we handled that.

And then we do started dogs. We have a lot of interest in that. We have a, it's great to see all the young hunters up and coming that are interested in the sport. We felt like it would be a great place. To equip them and they could feel comfortable with what they were buying. So many times a young man is out there looking for hounds and he's willing to listen to anybody and everybody because it's a closed lip sport.

There's not a lot of information at it on there. There's not like you, you can google lion hunters, but nobody says, Hey, this is how you're gonna catch lion. It's just black and white. It's a lot of word of mouth and just being experienced and we wanted to be able to have a place where, if you wanted to finish dog or you wanted to get a pack of started dogs, you could come and purchase with confidence and know the deal's gonna work out for you.

So when somebody shows up there, not only, you're not just taking Hound, most of the guys that have got Hounds, they're on consignments, they're gonna be on the grounds where people can meet 'em as well. [00:33:00] Absolutely. So in. We're gonna have quite a few. Friday's gonna be a big day. In fact, I'm might have to hire me an assistant manager to get to everything, but we're gonna have a big trail ride and that's gonna be a lot of fun.

And then my house is just across the street and we rope a lot, so I'm gonna have a lot of steers there. We're gonna have some rope horses, consigned. We've got a couple mill on them. And if anybody, let's say somebody misses the time for the trail ride. I know it's early in the morning, sometimes we like to rest a little bit.

Just come down to the house, we'll ride your mule around and make sure everything's okay. And we can rope on the horses and and then all day on Friday, we'll have Hounds coming in, and then we'll probably start four 30 or five o'clock. We'll, we're gonna have a big tent set up next to our pavilion with drinks and catering and everything.

And that's gonna let everybody sit down and visit with Hounds Men and see what they have to offer for 'em. And just a meet and greet. And like Trey said, it's a, it's a reunion slash rendezvous with all the old class Hounds men. Cool. [00:34:00] Cool. Trey, you and I talked a little bit I described some of the events back here back east and yes, sir.

What people should not expect is to show up and see big. Big chain gangs of dogs tied out. Yeah. And Yes, sir. Anything like that? You guys are in particular? Yeah, we're we we understand that like Wade said a second ago, it's a closed lips. It's my gosh, you call line hunter and try to get information out of them.

It's get, you gotta get, take your, you better take your crowbar kinda, it's right. And there's lots of guys that are that are real quiet, they just kinda, the guys that are catch a lot of lines are, they're pretty quiet sneaking through the hills and they're, they're sometimes they're, they're just more to themselves.

And now we understand that that there's plenty of guys that hunt that, that are sure enough, good hunters that, and they've got really good dogs that hunt here in the southwest and but yeah, we. When, like Wade said, we talked to him and and [00:35:00] we'd like to, we'd like to get to know him a little bit before we before we just a accept any dog.

And we, for the most part, we know people are good, but we, we want every, but we want a good solid product from yet reputable guys. I'll say it for you, Trey, don't be calling Trading Wade to, to dump your calls and think you're gonna make consignment at this sale.

Yes sir. Thank you. Yep. Because that's exactly right. That's not gonna happen. And I think that's why you guys are gonna be so successful in the long run by building a reputation on quality and just talking to both of you. I can tell that, that you want your personable guys, that you're not just.

Selling somebody a dog or consigning a dog, you're trying to build a relationship and bring this hunting community together and give them a place where you can come with confidence and know that you guys are gonna have the best stock, the best hounds that you can find to put in this sale.[00:36:00]

Absolutely. Yes sir. We we we see a lot of people every week. We, we are in the sail barns and we go to the ropings and we're out and about a lot. Wade and I would like to think that we we understand the trading game. We're not we're not real green on that end.

I don't think so. So we we wanna keep it clean. Yes sir. We want it, we want there to be good product there. Cuz we, we went to plenty of horse sales. We went to plenty. We've gone to a lot of cow sales and we've seen a lot of good stock and we've seen a lot of really bad stock, sure. We don't want that. We want good reputable guys that, that are good on the, that under that, that care about the dogs and and understand the lineage, and understand how to breed 'em and know how to hunt 'em and and they're successful doing it and and that's the way we'd like to keep it.

Good deal. Yeah. AB absolutely. We've also been on the receiving end of them bad trades too, so Yeah. Let you know, you kinda smell a deal coming along and say, man, I just don't know if this quite gonna work for us. We might have to hold off and [00:37:00] go in a different place, sure. Yeah, sure, sure.

We've seen every, trade auctioneers world class level. In fact, I was trying to talk him into going to the. L a auctioneering and championship again, but I don't know if we're gonna get to it this year. And me growing up in a sail barn, I'm pretty sure we've seen about every type of deal tried to be pulled, good or bad.

So we've, it's not, doesn't take us too long to figure out what's happening. If it's good, even if it's good or bad, it's a good deal. We jump right on it. If it's a bad deal, we just go ahead and back out of it and let it go its own way. Let's let's, what other events you got going on besides just the sale?

You got any after hours things going on? Is this kinda like an event? Let's talk about local attractions. For 10 horns, like me flying into Durango, that's, I've been to Farmington in that area and hunted to Navajo and, but what else is going on? What, if this isn't enough, if this isn't enough for somebody to want to drive up there and check out what you got going on, tell us what [00:38:00] else is happening besides the sale.

We'll have the local cow sale there the following Monday. If you're we'll have you play over it by Sunday. We'll have, we'll be picking up trash Sunday after the sale around getting ready for the cow sale on Monday. Yeah, that's right. No, Wade would know him a lot about that. There's Hey, if you like to fly fish, the San Juan River right there.

Huh? Wade. Oh man. I grew up world class. World class. It is. They say, I've heard, I've had guys I was so fortunate to grow up real close to it here. And I've had people, it's amazing that people you'll meet at outdoor events like that. Just somebody in the parking lot, parked next to you while you're putting on your waders and stuff, and there's guys fished all over.

Come back here and say they've never experienced a fly fishing expedition like they have out here. Wow. It's incredible. It's San Juan River. Quality waters right below Navajo Dam. It is unreal. I can't even begin to describe it. It is not uncommon if you go on a float trip to catch 50 to 70 fish in a day.

Wow. [00:39:00] Yeah. That's cool. It, I heard it's a good time. I heard something about a steak dinner and did I get some bad information? We can feed you some good fajitas and a margarita. Oh, that's what I'm talking about. That's just as good right there. All right. It's better amigo. You can have steak anytime.

You can't quite have it, have any green chili back east. Like you can no doubt why you can't. Yeah. When I come out there, I live on it and my wife isn't of the same palette. She's you could eat Mexican every day. And I was like heck yeah. They Mexicans do they eat it every day?

There's nothing wrong with it. Not at all. That's some of the best food and the best culture of people that I've ever met. And so yeah. Absolutely. What about lodging? Where's the closest lodging for people coming in? In Farmington, and we have some hotels rooms booked at the Holiday Inn Express.

It's not too far from from the sale barn. Yeah. Farmington's about, I'm gonna say 13 [00:40:00] miles away from the sale ring. So it's real close by. There's a room block there at the Holiday Inn, and it's it's the horse ho and mule sale room block. All I've got the inside since this isn't gonna come out until the eighth, I'll make sure I get my room booked.

Perfect. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, for sure. Guys, what are we missing? Yes, sir. What else could, what else you wanna throw on this thing? I wanted to inter, I wanted to interject the one we didn't talk much about the horses, but alright. Yeah. We everybody's got horses. Everybody's got horses.

No. Yes sir. Lots of people got, yeah, I know. But it I, we got some good horses coming and like we said earlier there's not as many of 'em as the mules, but but good ranch horses and good using horses and people that, that wanna hunt off of a horse and don't particularly wanna ride a mule.

We got we got a selection of horses there for you too. So if you're looking for a horse, we'll have several. We one of the best horses I ever hunted off of. We actually, I used Coon Hunt off of when I was a teenager. It was a [00:41:00] little, believe it or not, it was an Arab Mustang cross.

That sucker was tough as nail nails and just as dependable as he could be. He was something. And you don't think that sounds tough. Yeah, no, he sounds tough. I guarantee it. Yeah. Yeah. Yes sir. But so what kinda horses, when you say ranch horses, are you guys, do you, are you guys gonna have any of the Mustang, I know Chris Toto towards Kingsman, Arizona.

He hunts off of Mustangs. And have you got any stock like that or is it gonna be quarter horse stock or what are we looking at? It'll be all quarter horses so far. Okay. These are, we, there's a lot of ranch country there and we grew up doing that and and know a lot of the guys that know well, every one of 'em that's got a horse in there, we know.

All of them rope and and we'll know all them guys with the horses. So they'll be mostly ranch, just ranch horses and I think there's two horses that have been hunted on and that are gonna come so that are there consigned right [00:42:00] now. And I think three or four coming outta Arizona that are, that have been used to catch wild cattle and, they hunt. They've been hunted free casted dogs and them boys that are bringing them horses, sir. Sure enough, big time Lion, lion and bear hunters there in Arizona. Great. Yes, sir. You gonna have any tack or anything like that on the sail or is it strictly stock A hounds.

Oh no, we're gonna have lots of tack. Oh. Okay. Good deal. Our good friend Wyatt Hirschberger, I think he's gonna bring his his tack. It's more cowboy tack coming outta Arizona. But also we got gentleman coming from Missouri that is bringing a lot of mule tack and Amish handmade tack.

And we'll have a lot of stuff there for everybody. You could shop, you can go downtown and buy you some turquoise jewelry for your wife to get you out of the doghouse, and then you could go over there and get you some mule tack and buy you a hound and you can be set up to go do whatever you need to do in a, in two days, right there.

Oh man. [00:43:00] I'm on. Need it? Yes sir. I'm gonna need some of that turquoise jewelry. But I have found Yep. That my wife's onto that whole game. When I walk in the house and the first thing I show her is turquoise jewelry, she runs out and checks the kennel to see what kind of hound I got. There you go.

Yeah. Yes sir. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. It'll get you outta a jam. It's the thought that counts, right? Absolutely. Yes sir. Yeah, I was think I bought this, I bought these earrings before I even bought the hound. Yep. Yeah. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Yes, sir. Yep. Absolutely. What else we got, Wade?

We're gonna have, it's gonna be a kind of a hangout there. We're gonna have there Friday night. I have a feeling it'll be one of those things. Everybody will stay after the sale. We're gonna have drinks for everybody. Pretty relaxed environment, trying to get some live music there.

So it be more of a hangout after the sale. And yes, for Saturday morning before the sale. I'm gonna have a trailer there to [00:44:00] ferry stuff back and forth to my house. Like I said, it's not a quarter of a mile from the sale barn, but some people need to ride stuff last minute to confirm or deny either way.

But we're just gonna just keep talking along with their sales schedule and I have a feeling it'll be pretty busy two days or three days. Really, it starts skiing. Really get busy on Wednesday for us, but have a feeling Thursday and Friday will be two, two big days for buyers and consignors alike.

Yep. Yes. Are there gonna be, and for people that aren't, for people that aren't gonna be able to make it to the sale, we will have the sale broadcasted live on it's cci CCI Live and you can get on there, you can watch, you can register to bid. Kidding. For people that cool. Oh yeah. We're gonna have internet bidding there so you can register to bid.

And the one thing we're gonna sell the Hounds Friday night. I thought we talked about that one, but we may not have. We wanted to last year we had our sale the second weekend of August, and this year we are gonna have it obviously the 21st and 2020 2nd of [00:45:00] July we did that because the bear hunts starting in Arizona, August the first, I believe.

And we missed some of those bear hunters and a lot of those guys wanted to watch the sale and they weren't able to cuz they were in hunting camp, if you're not gonna be able to make it to the sale you can get on there and you can watch, and you can call us and and when you register to bid online if you do register to bid, be sitting by your phone an hour or two before the sale because we will be calling you to make sure that that it is a legitimate person behind the credit card.

We wanna make sure that nobody's doing anything that they don't, if it's a fraudulent deal or whatever, we don't want nobody getting in a jam. So we sure enough want everybody by the phone. So we can call and visit with you for just a second. Make sure that's actually you behind the credit card.

But you don't have to put your credit card information into watch the sale. You can get on there and watch the sale Friday night, watch the Hound sale, and then log in again Saturday and watch the meals and the horses sale. Yeah. Yes, sir. Good deal, guys. I appreciate you taking time to to come on the [00:46:00] podcast and talk some different type stuff.

I'm really excited about what you guys are doing. I think it's it's gonna be a, it's gonna be a, an event that's gonna continue to grow and benefit the Western, especially the Southwestern Homan. So kudos to you guys. Good job. Appreciate it. Thanks Chris. Thanks for having us on. Oh, you bet.

Pleasure getting to be on this. So we're grateful. Yeah. You, anytime way, I'm like I said, we'll have to have you come back on and let's just, when you're not up against the show bill dates and all that other stuff, then you're gonna, you're gonna, we're gonna talk mules and how to select a good one and maybe work through some of that stuff too.

All right. You'll just have to come out with us one of these days. I'd love to. I like that plan. I'd love to. I'd love to. Yep. You betcha. Yeah. All right guys, that's gonna wrap it up for this episode, the Hounds Men XP Podcast. Make sure you're checking out our We've got all of our merchandise [00:47:00] there.

We've got, I'm I'll just make a shout out for something that's really cool, and I'm not sure why people aren't looking at this, but we've got a custom made. Belt knife sheath. That fits a case trapper. And that's a handy thing to have on your belt. I carry it all the time. We've got tumblers, we've got t-shirts, we've got hats, we've got all that stuff.

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