Houndsman XP: From the Vault - The Journey: Adding Years to your Dog’s Performance

Show Notes

Do you use supplements for your hounds joints?

While in Orlando, Heath sits down with the Co-owner, Olivier Morin, of 1-TDC and talks about how oral and joint care can add years to your hounds performance. Olivier goes over how dental care boosts the dogs overall health. He explains how 1- TDC works and all the different uses for it and how it differs from other oral and joint supplements. There is a surprise use that may put your hounds back in the field faster than other products. Olivier talks about how some of the top dogs in agility- frisbee and sledding are using this product. Heath is going to use the product on several dogs and give updates on how it is working. This is something we may overlook in our everyday maintenance of our hounds.

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