Hunting for a Cure The Drake Bryant Story

Show Notes

As I was walking across the grounds of the 2022 Grand American in Orangeburg, SC, hungry as a stray dog, my nose detected the unmistakeable aroma of hog meat being prepared on a hickory slow burn fire. Putting my nose in the air and following the scent into the wind I found myself looking at a white food truck complete with blackened oil drum smokers, a line of hungry coonhunters and tables full of people devouring lip smacking food. I had found it: The Holy Grail of the south…BBQ.

As I got closer to the truck I could read the lettering on the side and it read “Hunting for a Cure; Drakes Hope”. Adjacent to the ordering window was a write up about the purpose of this traveling Mecca of delicacy. It told the brief story of Drake Bryant, a fifteen year old boy who is inflicted with severe autism.

On this episode of the Houndsman XP Podcast, you will meet Curtis Bryant, the father of Drake Bryant. You will hear Drake’s story and the struggles and hardships of finding treatment and comfort for this South Carolina Family. You will hear how the coonhunting community has rallied around the Bryant Family. This is an inspiring story that sets an example for all of us. It is a story worth telling and showcases the true fiber of the hound hunting community and what we can accomplish for the greater good.


Show Transcript