In the Blood

Show Notes

Blood Origins is on a mission to “tell the truth about hunting.” A non-profit organization that produces a podcast and highly acclaimed video works, Blood Origins and its efforts are led by Robbie Kroger. Robbie holds a PhD in Biology with an emphasis on wetland ecology and has worked in this field for 20 years.

Blood Origins was started by Robbie after he saw the gross misrepresentation of hunting on a global scale and was motivated to give an accurate portrayal of hunting. 

Blood Origins is an international organization that tells the true story about hunting, its effects on wildlife populations, the values it holds for wildlife management and its impact on local cultures and the human population. 

Chris and Robbie have a great discussion about the recent movement surrounding mountain lion management in Texas, over all issues facing the hunting public and a special project that will have a direct positive impact on Houndsmen and mountain lion hunters. This is a good one and every Houndsman needs to know about Blood Origins.

Show Transcript