Jeff “Scary Nickname” Nader

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It is no surprise that Chad Reynolds is a Wildman. I guess maybe to one person, there is. Enter Jeff “Scary Nickname” Nader; former Bellator Light Heavyweight fighter, now Air Traffic Controller and Comedian. Jeff tells the story of his first time hog hunting with Chad and the hilarity and mayhem that follows. All Mixed Up is back after the pigs, and as always, we love to have as many laughs as possible!

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We all have that one special dog hanging out on the porch. He's just a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. All these things you like coming together to make one superb dog. That was exactly what we had in mind when we made this show. Welcome, to All Mixed Up.

Chad Reynolds, [00:03:00] this is the first time I've went to record anything with you where my face... It is hurting from laughing. Yeah. Hey, that was a good day, man. That was a good one. Oh my gosh. You guys, we got a great episode of All Mixed Up for you this month. Chad, he's been known to bring on great guests and delivered again.

This guy is hilarious and is talking about his first time hunting with Chad, which Chad's a crazy man. So anyway, I'm still reeling from it. My, my eyes are glazed. And my cheeks are like sore right now. I just, yeah, if you're in for some comedic excellence, that's the part I like, yeah, facts are fun and stories are great, but this is, you're gonna, if you get cracked up by funny hunting stories at all, there you go.

This guy is just, he's ridiculous. There's, yeah, it's just great. I can't wait for you guys to hear it. I'm still [00:04:00] chuckling. I w we'll talk about it after the episode. There's so much to take. I want to cover after we play his segment here, but I guess we'll start how we always start with all mixed up, Chad, how you been broke?

Cause I got lots of stuff to let the Houndsman XP world know once a month. And I want to start with you, buddy. What you been up to? Oh, man. It was a great. Upland hunting trip here recently traveled around a little bit went up north hunted some sharptail grouse huns and sage grouse and I've hunted huns before, but the sharptail and the sage grouse were new to me.

And that all went great, man. It was one of those trips, how You prepare a lot and it's almost like the harder you work to get ready. Sometimes it's almost like I'm overhandling this. It's, you know what I'm saying? I'm going to, I'm going to get out there and it's going to be fun, but I'm expecting too much, not this time, man, it just, it all worked out.

Like I was prepared and I got some luck on my side and I happened to put my dogs down in the right place, and just everything lined up [00:05:00] perfect for me, and, I got to see my brand new puppy, Dandy. I was gonna ask about Dandy. Oh yeah, I can't not talk about him.

Look at this little pup. Yeah, that'll pull it out of me for sure. He did great, man. He did fantastic. At least where we were hunting in the areas we were hunting the huns had been pushed around a little bit and were touchy, so if the dog crowded the birds a little bit at all, put any kind of pressure on them, didn't stop far enough away for the point, they just up and go, or even if you like, they were on point, you ran up there too fast, just to.

The pitter patter on the ground would cause him to flood, so we were having trouble and that rascal went out there and picked up three singles of a covey that we were just slowly pushing and one of them would stop, and he'd point that and we'd go like another it seems like 300 yards and you're like wondering can they even go that far but like he was tracking them the whole dang time with that nose down stuff, and then he'd lock up and we'd be like, all right, and we'd go in there and we'd stomp around [00:06:00] and even on one of the videos, my buddy's nah, man. And then he took another step and boom, there it goes. And we, oh man, little puppy went and got it and brought it back, and then we moseyed down this row a little bit more.

And then all of a sudden he puts his nose down harder and tracks out into this clear cut crop field where they're growing some just some crops and, I clear cut it and now it was down to nothing. So you could see across the whole thing, and he's tracking out there, back and forth and stopping.

And then I ease up behind him, no, there's nothing here and then he moves ahead like another 15 feet and stops, and I'm just eating it up My heart's like you're yeah in my chest, and then I'm like, what am I doing? There's nothing out here and he goes out another like 20 feet that time it locks up hard And I'm like that looks pretty stylish.

I need to go look, and on my way there, one of them gets up and runs, and it was like five feet in front of him. He was staring at these things. He pointed, he sight pointed, man. So he tracked them all out there on his nose alone and then saw them and locked up. I don't expect most of my dogs to hold point on a [00:07:00] visibly running bird, let alone my five month old puppy.

So he broke and we caught, shot one out of there and that went good. And then we moseyed down a little bit more and got into another one and shot that one and then proceeded to shoot another three sharp tail grouse. So this little pup and wow, no time at all put up. Multiple covies, multiple birds.

We shot six of them for him. And at five months old. Five months, and not five months and twenty nine days, like five months, two days. A young puppy, that all went great. Super happy about that. Dog grifted good and got on some good stuff with him. And my old dog, Haggis, he did fine. He was playing supporting roles through the whole stuff. Like I hunted him most days. So he was getting burned out a little bit and wasn't ranging as far as he normally does, which worked out because we kept some other dogs were like way out. And because he had been hunted most days, he was burned a little bit.

So he was hunting closer, but we were able to sharpshoot some stuff. Some of the other dogs might've missed with him and he was doing good. But then on the very end of the day, just to. Top it all off. We stopped at one more place and we're like, let's try and get some sharp [00:08:00] some sage grouse. And I've never even seen one before, seen plenty of sharptail, everything else, but never sage grouse for whatever reason.

And we we took a limit, a three person limit over haggis that day. Yeah, afterwards, my buddy's dog that was down on the ground too, we found more, and that was the cool part, we got the limit shot, and then we're like working our way back to the truck, and then Haggis was finding more, and Haggis was finding more, and then my buddy's dog started finding more, so every dog got to contribute, was like finding pointing these things that are very elusive, sometimes, at least when I hunt them, they're hard to find and keep pointed, but they're like turkeys they're big damn birds, so you shoot them, and like Haggis is bringing it back, and it's, Like all is his nose sticking out and it's like bi gallon fucking sized wad of feathers, and they put them in your bag and you're like, Gosh! It's like a cur dog I got in my hunt. Here's where the birds, anyway. It went, it, I couldn't be happier, man. My wife went and shot a lot of birds for her first time. First time seeing them and she shot them in flight. That was great.

Wow. I got to pack my [00:09:00] daughter around and we stuffed her in the hunting vest and she came behind with us and my good friend UV was helping us out and he's hunted just about everything everywhere, and he was unfamiliar to this area, but going into it, we had a little bit more of his experience to get us pointed in the right direction.

Then as a group, we all really pinpointed where everything was. So it was really nice, man. It was nice. We got into the bird. So that trip went fantastic and came back and just working my butt off ever since, yeah, you can see it in my face, man. I've been going a hundred miles an hour, not having fun working all.

Yeah, no, no fun. Trust me. I got my dogs out one time so far this season and I couldn't even find a hair. It sucked, dude. Walked probably two hours. And we walked about five miles, couldn't find one. So that's yeah, but Hey, yeah, I got a deer hunt coming up soon. So I'm really looking forward to that.

That's going to be really fun. Oh, is that right? Yep. Yep. And then I'm going to get, I got my Flintlock. I'm going to try to go out and find one and get another one down. That would be my fourth with my flinter out here. It's a good time, but it's tough, [00:10:00] and then it's all dogs for the rest of the year.

So I'm looking forward to it. It's still hot, man. It's still, it's gonna be 91 tomorrow. So it's just horrible. They're supposed to be like, I guess there's a there's a like a typhoon, like a super typhoon. That's parked in the Bay of Alaska. And so it's pushing a high pressure system, like right over the Southwest.

So California, Arizona, New Mexico Nevada, Utah, they're getting like warm weather right now in certain places. And that's us right now. It's just. Horrible. So anyway, once it cools down, I'm after those rabbits. They better they better be eating their Wheaties, putting on the track shoes, cause we're coming.

I got some out of shape dogs that are going to scare them a bunch. And then we'll be getting serious. So can't wait. And while you were hunting in Montana, the Houndsman XP crew, me part of it, me, Ed Tanner and Chris were in the Gila hunting bears. And I'll give a little spoiler alert, you guys.

It was awesome. So if you pay attention to Ed's and Tanner's social media, they posted some [00:11:00] great pictures from it. It was great. We were treeing bears. That was like a great time. You guys had a blast. We did, man. And it was in my backyard. It was woods that we, I grew up hunting in and being in all the time.

So that made it extra special to, to get out there. And huge shout out to our friends BB Ranch Hounds. They helped give me some tips because I'm not a bear hunter, man. I don't, I know. I know what a bear is and I know where a bear lives, but not like a bear hunter does. BB ranch hounds, those guys gave us Ross Blackwilder and Mr.

Hibbets, they gave us a freaking Bunch of really good advice and it really paid off for us. Couldn't have done it without their help. So huge, like I said, just a massive shout out to those guys, who's some top notch fellas. And I will be hunting with them. Definitely. If they'll have me they invited me.

So stay tuned guys. There's going to be some good footage from that. There you go. Some more bear hunts, man. Bear and lion. So still want to see a lion tree and one in my home state. That's going to be a extra special, just like seeing these. Yeah. So stay tuned, you guys. The recap episode for that is going to be coming out and it's going to be really good because [00:12:00] everyone is mega psyched.

And obviously I was too. So I'm grinning more about talking about bear hunting than hair hunting. Chad, what's going on here? It's just cause you haven't got on a good race yet. The second you get a good race, you'll be back to your rabbits. I'm imagining what a hair looks like right now.

I haven't seen one. It feels like in five months. Oh my gosh, that's my son. I've seen him around, but not the same. It's just not the same, but yeah, man, I say hey. Let's stop keeping these fans waiting. Let's roll right into this one, man. It's just too good. I want to get them right to it.

Get your popcorn, man. Let's get ready to laugh. Hey, be careful though. Don't make a choking hazard. This dude's great. All right, everybody got Chad Reynolds and Seth Hall here. We're joined by Jeff Nader all the way from the East Coast. All the all the fun hog hunting stories from the past went over really well, so we figured we'd have to bring Jeff in to, to share some good times with us.

How y'all doing today? I'm good, brother. We are doing really [00:13:00] well, how are you? Just fine. I'm always good, Chad. I it's just a good, it's good to be alive. It's finally cooling down. The weather's getting better. It's time to start knocking on the doors of some hairs. You know what I mean?

What, Jeff, what do you got planned for the day? Today is my, today is actually my Saturday. So my plan for today is to chop it up with you boys. And then when the kids get home, do some dad shit. Yeah, that works out pretty good. No, I'm I'm going to do the opposite of that. I think I'm going to hang out with my best buddy who's like in the other room on the computer working right now.

And then I'm probably going to hang out on my patio. Drink copious amounts of beer and probably do nothing. Yeah, it sounds pretty good actually. I I'm hoping to go hunt some ducks here as soon as we get off, actually. Of the three, I think, yeah. Chad, I gotta be honest man. Every, every time I, you're into something new every time we hang out or every time I talk to you.

And I say, I'm gonna go, I'm gonna hunt [00:14:00] this. I'm gonna go hunt that. Next time you'll be trapping mice, or you'll be out I don't know. I tell the story, we went hog hunting. They're like, oh wow, that's so crazy. I'm like, that's crazy. And then I tell him what, hunting mountain lions or he's out hunting bears where he has a hawk that lives with him and just like sits and goes hunting it's always something new, man.

The variety is the spice of life, man. 100%. This is why we have Chad Reynolds on Houndsman XP. You know what I'm saying? He's a crazy man. He's a crazy man. It's fun. Oh, Coot season just started too. What's that? You're so opposite of me. Your life is always like an exotic car and I'm, my life is like a minivan.

Should we start calling him Chad Exotic?

For him, he was, he'd be hunting with those tigers. [00:15:00] Yeah, he would actually train hunting tigers. We were, it was funny you say that. Cause I had a buddy, we were talking about the logistics of hunting with the cheetah. I know we've mentioned it before, Seth, but from what I'm hearing is depending on the state, like the permits can be as cheap as like 25 bucks you could buy.

A cheetah for three to six grand. What? That's not too far off. If I get Jeff's minivan and put that cheetah in it,

we can roll up after some jackrabbits and just open the door, man. It'd be great. It's a good thing I live in South Georgia. Yeah. Georgia. Yeah.

Oh, man. Yeah, it's been done. In the same places I hunt with my greyhounds and salukis, a dude ran a cheetah there in the fifties. It has been done. And apparently, people in India and stuff raised, they had like whole, what they called stables of [00:16:00] hunting salukis, er, of hunting cheetahs.

And like Mughal emperors, ran them like crazy. We're not as original. Don't give him any ideas, man. Don't give him any more ideas. Poor Ashley.

Oh, I got to build another barn. I got to have cheetah stables.

Hey, Jeff, why don't you introduce yourself, brother? Tell us a little about yourself. You're not Chad's not the only interesting one around here. And I was pretty excited when he told me you're going to be on. Oh man, I'm from Michigan west side of Michigan. Say I've been bought from about like 12 minutes away from where Steve or Nella is from actually.

So the same woods that he grew up hunting is actually very similar to where I grew up hunting. Although. I hunted like a normal man, not the way like you and Chad hunt, where you have other animals help you. We had a lot of public land out there, so you know, we'd walk out, sit in a stand somewhere, [00:17:00] which is what I thought it was going to be when I went pig hunting with Chad.

I thought we were just going to relax, sit in a stand, chop it up a little bit, tell some stories. That's not at all what happened. But my background, I joined the military same as Chad pretty quick out of school. I was in the infantry for a few years. And then when I decided to get out, I, there's only a few lines of work you can pick from that.

So I ended up going into air traffic control, which is what I do now. And then while doing that I ended up, I started training in the military, doing like a jujitsu and then that branched into doing MMA. And then when I got out I fought professionally in MMA. I had my last few fights in Bellator.

I was, fairly decent. I wasn't gonna do anything with it, but I did that for a few years. And then I stopped doing that to continue my work in air traffic down in Texas, which is brought me down to Texas where I'm at now. And Then while here, I wasn't able to compete anymore.

Actually I didn't do a state of copy a little [00:18:00] bit, some sort of hobby to, take the place of doing MMA. And then I got into the hobby of making babies. And so now I got a few kids and I do the dad life now, man. I I want to, if you don't mind, send us a picture. Or like a highlight picture of you and Bellator when you were like at your peak.

And I want to ask the Houndstone XP world if they think that me and Chad together could kick your ass.

I think so, but right now, he would probably have his hunting cheetahs get on him first.

With the dog, I think we'd do all right. And minus the dog we're going to have a professional fighter in the other corner. You have a rat nerd and a dwarf from Lord of the Rings.

With a wild jungle cat and then probably a hawk swooping in from the skies. We'll Yeah. How would your eyes at home? [00:19:00] It's just, oh man, that's hilarious. That's awesome. Yeah I love, yeah, I just did MMA as a hobby. Really. I had no aspirations to go anywhere. We've already covered that. I'm a nerd. I had a great time doing it, but like I said, if you ever just want to dust off match where you just want to feel strong again, you can come kick crap out of me.

I saw you at a bar. I don't think I would mess with you. Yeah, you would trust me. I got pins and legs.

Oh no, it's really just getting gray and sad. It was more luxurious five years ago. I, one day I'm trying, but I got this like high school cheek thing going on over here. It looks like I rubbed some ashes on my cheeks, but that's it. I got this down here. You've got five o'clock at a nice, he's got a nice poverty beer coming in.

I would say an [00:20:00] average poverty beard. Actually. I don't know about nice, we're still reaching a little bit there. You got a West Virginia beard. That's fitting. Hey, we got a lot of West Virginia fans. So that's a badge of honor here. Let me ask you something. Jeff, were you, did you have you ever been pig hunting before you went out with this crazy guy?

No, I did so I was living up in the Boston area and they don't have pigs up there like that So yeah, I'm aware that pigs exist and that some of them are wild and that they live in the woods But I didn't I don't know. So dude Chaz one of my favorite people on planet Earth because he's so Wild man, so wild if you just compare him to who I hang out with like when I like describe him people don't believe that he's a real person Or, they think that I'm exaggerating a bit and, so I tell a story about hunting with him and I really they laugh, but I feel like they're looking at me like, ah, he does comedy.

He's like [00:21:00] playing it up. But I also feel Chad is a lot smarter than that beard let's on

when he was described, we talked about it. I'm always wanting to go visit him, man. Hey, come on down. We're going to go, I moved to Houston and so I'm only like five and a half hours away, so it was perfect. And we talked about it. Yeah. Come on up. We'll set something up. And it was also deer season too.

And I told the wife, like, all right, I'm gonna go hang out with Chad. She knows Chad. She loves Chad too. And he told me, oh, we're going to hunt pigs. We'll just hang out. He went into no details on how this thing was going to go down. So in my head, just from growing up in Michigan, we're going to sit in a tree, maybe on a bait pile.

Pig is going to walk in and then I'm going to blow his fucking, I'm going to blow his head off. I'm going to shoot it in through the heart or something and boom, pig hunting, right? But that is way not how that process goes. [00:22:00] But he, I think he purposely didn't explain that because how do you tell someone that's how that, when you describe, we're going to have dogs, they're going to grab it, you're going to dive into the middle of this dog pile, grab onto a wild pig by its legs.

How do you describe that to a human and not, have them completely changed? Yeah, and not run off. Yeah, no, man. No, I'm not doing that. Yeah. So I was, they would expect, you go ahead. I'll be back at the camp doing women's work. And I'll make sure you stop. I'll make, I can make a nice stew.

I can make some soup or something, have a nice vegetarian stew waiting for us. Stack the hell out of these sticks. They will be like ready.

You haven't had celery until you've had my celery, okay?

So I'm just, Oh, I [00:23:00] leave, I drive up there, I get there. It's always good to see him. But the last time I saw him, so when I met Chad, he, the girl I was dating actually had a couple of protection dogs. She had a Malinois, she had a German shepherd and she comes back one day we're living together and she's Oh, I met this guy.

He was in the army too. And he's a dog trainer. And I'm immediately like, oh yeah, you just randomly met a guy, huh? And I meet you. I live with the dog too, so I gotta do, training with them as well, so that I know what I'm doing with the dogs also. I meet up with Chad, and at first I'm a little suspicious, but he's like a, he's a dog nerd, man.

He's all about the dogs, and... Her dogs are like real protection dogs, so he is all about that, and that's how I met him. But when I knew him in New England, he was just a dog guy, protection dog, that's all he did. He'd go hunting occasionally, but that's all he did, and so I'm thinking that's all he's doing in Louisiana.

So I don't know anything about these catch dogs, I don't know nothing about [00:24:00] any of that. I'm essentially like a city boy who occasionally did some hunting, growing up. So I drive up there. He always stops me at the door, right? You know the deal, get Moe's in the house, I don't know, get his old protection dog, house dog, protection dog, murderous psychopath fluffy, one of the best dogs ever, really.

And back then, Gitmo's job is house protection, man. We had the same process every time. I've met Gitmo a thousand times now. We always gotta do the same thing. Open the, make Gitmo sit, open the front door, Gitmo sees me, instantly has murder on the mind. Yeah, he has to see Chad, let me in the house, invite me in, see that everything's cool, maybe me and Chad shake hands real quick, and now everything's cool, and he'll just tell Gitmo, all right, in Slovakian or whatever language he speaks, everything's cool.

Gitmo's always sniffing on you, loving on you, and then he's a great dog but it's always been the same [00:25:00] process, but when I'm coming into his house in Louisiana this time, and there's Gitmo in there, sitting on the floor, waiting, to see what's up, and then there's this gigantic hawk sitting in the middle of his diner, And that is, that's so incredibly random.

Who does that?

There's a protection attack dog and then a wild hawk, giant bird. And I'm like, why would you not even it's so natural to him. So normal. He didn't even give me like a preparatory statement. Hey, just, when you go in, there's going to be a big old bird sitting there on the floor, like nothing.

How wild he is. And I was like, Oh yeah, no, no biggie. That's just my. Hunting hawk. Cause he was like, what? If Chad has a Tinder profile picture, if Tinder, Chad ever is on Tinder again, he's going to be like caution for my hawk. Like on this front page,[00:26:00]

it would say something like looking for a girl who, knows how to skin animals, knows how to quarter a deer, like it would say something, knows how to feed a wild hawk. You know what I mean? It'd be the wildest, I would like to make one for him, actually. Townsend XP universe had a Tinder profile picture or Tinder profile and Photoshop his head on Joe Exotic's body.

It's just, he's but that's normal to him, but it's just so like abnormal to the everyday mini van driving typical average American person. It's so normal to him. He didn't even think to give me like a heads up. Hey, next to that attack dog is a wild attack hawk.

So we come in there and he's yeah, you [00:27:00] want to hold it? And I'm like where did you get this thing? How do you, how does one come by a hawk? Oh, I trapped it like, dude.

What? And so we're like hanging with this, but I can't believe it. This thing's on my arm. It's just insanity. Anyway, I, so I tell him like, hey man, I had a vasectomy like five days ago. Are we gonna be, we're gonna be all right to hunt, right? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, you'll be fine

Next day we get up and load everything up. We're putting horses in this horse cart to tow with us Which I found very weird because I've been hunting a lot of times for deer. I don't remember bringing any horses. I Don't remember running them down and lassoing them We're loading them up and I'm just like this is weird.

Anyway, here you go horsey into the trailer Some reason [00:28:00] no explanation we talked a little bit about cats dogs, I thought Okay, the dogs are gonna catch them, whatever. We get out there get everything set up. Get the horses situated. One horse has a saddle, one doesn't.

Really weird to me. Oh, this one's yours. And I don't know if everybody knows, Chad has some Native American blood in him. He's really embraced. that side of his I don't know, lineage, you get everything loaded up. He's like, all right, this is what's going to happen. We're going to let the dogs go.

They're going to get out there. You're going to be smelling for something. You hop up on your horse. And I'm still processing that I haven't ridden a horse since I was like eight at the carnival, so he's telling me this, I get up on my horse, he's on his horse, no saddle, like a saddle.

The dogs are gonna go as soon as they start barking, they're on something and we're gonna get going after them. And I'm like, okay, fine. We get, the dogs get going, they're immediately on something. And he goes, alright, here we go. [00:29:00] And then he just lets out this crazy... Like Indian warrior yell, just a hundred miles an hour to the field on this horse.

I don't even know how to make a horse go. Joey, please go horsey. He goes, I'm like, you're hooked. Shit shit. Dogs are out baying. He says something, he shouts something over his shoulder. I don't even remember what it was, maybe riding instructions, maybe? I don't know. He rides into the woods.

I'm on this horse that has no interest. But also, before we get going, he goes, Hey, And he just throws this out real quick before he sprints off. That horse can get a little ornery. If she feels like you don't know what you're doing, she's gonna try to buck you. And I was like, hold on. What? Zoom!

I don't [00:30:00] know what I'm doing. I don't belong up there. I'm not flexible. Most cowboys, their legs conform to the side of the horse. My legs are sticking straight out like that because I'm a normal human being

horse begin walk.

No, no reaction. I think I like bumped my hips a little bit. So I've seen enough movies. We've all seen movies. You have to spur this thing in the ribs. And I gave it one little yack up! And he starts, just walking. I'm like, alright, we can walk out there. We'll see what happens. And I can hear Chad, he's fading away a little bit.

I hear the dogs are fading away a little bit. I'm just like, oh man, we gotta get going. So I give it one more little yack up in the ribs. And that thing bucked me. About six feet straight up in the air. I'm straight [00:31:00] back down and I landed bullseye square on the pommel for that saddle.

I was

wild. Screw this man. I run maybe twice a week. So I'm like, I'm just going to run out there. And I didn't want to leave the horse cause it was, it's a few hundred acres that we're on. And so as I'm running, I had the horse by the reins, I'm jogging through this field, leading this horse, like I'm walking it and we're, me and this horse jogging through a field.

We pull up in some bushes. I hear Chad hollering for me. We get to the top and he's the pig's got one set up tie your horse up and I'm like, man, I don't know what that means. What does that mean? Tie the horse up. So I just loop the reins like over this bush that I was standing next to.[00:32:00]

And I come running down and they get the dogs got this pig backed up into the like a berm along this side of this river. And I get to the top of this. Now, we didn't do any practice. He didn't say this is the sequence of events when the dogs get to a pig. He just said we're going pig hunting.

So I have no idea what to do. I get to the top of this riverbank. I know at some point I'm gonna stab a pig. So I'm at The dogs are down there tussling with this pig and he's Alright, get down here, grab the back of the pig's legs, throw it on his side and get ready to stab it. And in my brain I'm like, What?

What? Grab his leg, bro! I don't know why, I've never done this, but I I pull my knife out, way prematurely. I pull my knife out, standing at the top of this riverbank, and I come trotting down this riverbank slip and fall, because I have no idea what I'm doing slice my thumb open, [00:33:00] get down to the riverbank, I'm right, the knife is in my right hand, but I'm right handed.

And we, I come up on the pig and the dog's got it cornered. He's like, all right, I'm gonna let this dog go. Dog's going to grab a pig. And then you come in behind and grab the legs. And he let there, he didn't even give me time to respond. I would've went no, hold on. Wait a minute.


I was Mentally unprepared, and I was way emotionally unprepared for how this was supposed to go. Oh my god. And you left the dog to go, dude, that dog hit that Dude, it was like watching a linebacker hit a running back, dude. It was like, WAP! Grabbed onto that thing, that pig started making like wild medieval noises, dude.

And he's Oh, that dog's got a hold of that pig, man. They're tussling. This is a prehistoric, like battle that's going on.[00:34:00]

I look up to Chad's like a manly man. Everybody wants to be a manly man. Chad is that guy for real. And I don't want to disappoint him, but also I don't want to get jacked up by this pig. Cause I have to go back to work. It's grab the back legs. And I way don't want to do this anymore.

I want to tell him like, Hey, I'm a cheer for you. You go ahead and get that pig. That's what I did. That's straight up what I did. I'mma clap. I'mma cheer you on. I'mma hope for the best. I'mma tell you that you're doing great. But I'm not. Dude, I don't want to grab this pig, man. But he's just Get in there!

Get in there! And dude, I don't want to let him down, man. I had to grapple with those feelings for a second to decide, what am I going to do? I grabbed the legs and I'm trying to tell myself, Hey man, you are a combat veteran, bro. [00:35:00] You better get in there and stop being soft. But also I got to go to work.

And I'm also at this time, 30 years old, man, all my joints don't work right anymore. I don't know if I want to, injure myself anymore. But I got in there, I grabbed the legs, and I lifted them up, and then I, then like the terror set in. And I was like, dude, I'm holding the legs of a wild animal that is really pissed off right now.

That dog, dude, that dog had that thing, that dog was not letting go. And I had that thing, and if that dog did let go... I thought the shirt that pig was going to give me, man, and it was a big, it was a decent sized pig for my first one. So I whipped that thing down onto the side and I, I put my knee on its side so it couldn't stand up.

But the problem was... And I don't know why my brain just would not work. I had the knife in my right hand, but I needed to have the knife in my left hand. And I just was like, how do I get this knife from my right hand to my left hand? I can't figure it out. Now all I had to do was [00:36:00] hand it over. But dude, it was just so much going on.

It was so much like stimulation in the moment. The pig was squealing like crazy. The dogs, as soon as the pig hit the ground, all the dogs were on it. It was terrifying. It was really terrifying. I gotta be honest. Whenever I tell that story, I tell people, dude, I am not a soft man.

I'm not a soft man. I've been in a lot of fist fights for money, dude. I still train. I still coach. I'm not a soft man. In that moment, I was like, bro, I just wanna go home. I just wanna be at home with my babies. With my babies. That's hilarious.

It was a good pig, too. How big was it? It was, I'll tell you how big it was. It was way too big for my first one.

And that makes you feel better. I ran up on my first pig and it was like 45 [00:37:00] pounds. And I was like, I'm just going to watch. I'm just going to let this guy do it all. I'm not doing this. It was like the size of a javelina, I was like, yeah, I'm good. I'm good. Hey, you did better than me, bro.

You could have picked that thing up by the cuff and just walked it to the barbecue. Exactly. No dogs needed. I could have just grabbed him. It was pretty hilarious. Dude I was completely unprepared for all of this. And no, I didn't do, I did zero research. I didn't look it up at all. I thought it was suspicious that he, he didn't want me to bring a gun.

No, you don't need to bring guns. I got guns, but we don't need guns. And I was like, that's a really weird statement for you to say when we're going pig hunting. I don't need to bring guns. And I got, I didn't make sense. Dude, it was wild. And so then while I was down, he's like, all right, we got to, he's yeah, stab it in the heart.

And I'm like, I'm thinking to myself, where's a pig's heart [00:38:00] at?

Dude, I know it's not in his butthole, but like rural area. Of where a heart is on most animals, but to stick this knife point into this thing, I really don't know where

I'm supposed to put it. I was so terrified, and I remember holding that thing, and I didn't want to let him down, but also, I didn't want to be there no more, and I was like, it was coming in like real slow, and dude, I put that knife in there, I was just like, and I stabbed it that big. It made the most horrendous noises I've ever heard in my life.

And I think at some point, I might even have a little PTSD from it. If I went to the VA right now. They would ask me, where do you think your PTSD come from? Is it from your deployment to Iraq? I would say, no, it's from Chad.[00:39:00]

Wasn't there something about like, how do I know I hit it? I'm like, does it feel like you put your hand in like a hot five gallon bucket of water? That's generally when you know you hit the right spot. So I go into the heart and he's wiggle it around a little bit. I'm just like, that feels so mean.

I do that and I'm, I just, I remember feeling like I'm six. I'm like, did I do it? , ? Did I do it?

Oh man. And, but dude, I tell you what though, the wildest thing, and I told the story a bunch of times. I tell you, dude, the wildest thing afterwards, it sounds, it's gotta sound so corny to say this. Dude, that's how people were hunting like 10,000 years ago, man. . . I was like, dude, ch I'm like proud of myself a little bit, but I'm thinking also, dude, [00:40:00] check fit right in with those people 10,000 years ago, they wouldn't even be able to tell him the part, you know what I'm saying?

He looks like a caveman right now. . They would probably think his beard is a little suspect, but beyond that.

Yeah, I'd agree. I think 10, 000 years ago you would, you have a woman's beard. That would be his tribal name. Woman's

beard. Pretty good at hunting.

Good squaw.

It was completely wild. But as soon as we got done, dude, I. I felt pretty wild. I felt pretty accomplished. Everybody remembers getting like their first deer. They, they remember their first rabbit, first time they shot anything. A lot of times it's like a squirrel or rather something and everybody remembers it.

And I look back on [00:41:00] that finally as my first murder.

Let me ask you something. Would you do it again? We did do it again. We did it. We got that one and then we got two more. And then I went back up when Chad put on his Pigs vs. Patriots charity hunt, it was a veterans thing that he did, which he had a great idea, he did a lot of work, set everything up coordinated everything, got some other people involved.

They got a lot of veterans that came in guys that he knew. And everybody got to go out and get a pig. And Chad got to do what he loved to do, which is horrify people,

Normally he do that with his face . Yeah. There, that beers,

that's like a therapy thing where you can take people who have P T S D from the military. Give them [00:42:00] PTSD for something else to completely wash that out.

Like to give back, to give back. To the psychiatric community. Yeah, exactly. Here's a case study, enjoy.

Another, so we got three pigs that day. The second pig that we got, same scenario, I'm basically jogging, because I'm not riding this horse, the horse don't like me, which by the way, when you tether, or tie off a horse to a bush the horse don't stay, so I had to go track the horse down, who was on the other side of the field, grazing peacefully, with a bush dragging along in his I think we had to put the, I think we put the horse back.

I told Chad, Hey man, I'm fine. Just jogging, bro. You ride the horse. Catch up to you, man. So how long did you, how long until you told Chad that she'd bucked you off and you crushed your vasectomy nuts? [00:43:00] I don't remember. I do remember I do remember. I remember the feeling of telling him and getting exactly zero sympathy from him.

He just gave you a 10, 000 year old grunt and you had to keep hunting.

He was just like Chad, I'm really hurt. He's tatanka. Tatanka. Tatanka. Tatanka.

Ah, good time. So one time, you want to talk about inferior horsemanship? One time my wife and my mother in law went on a horse trail ride together and they took off on the horses and my mother in law was on her horse and she has no clue how to ride a horse. She's like a little viajita and like a little old lady.

And she got on her horse and the whole horse train takes off. And my mother in law is sitting on her horse and she's like, all right, horsey, let's go. And the horse like turns around and leaves, but all the people on the trail ride don't notice. And [00:44:00] my wife was like, where's my mom? And so they had to turn around and go look for her.

What happened was the horse just turned around and walked back to the barn and was just eating hay in the barn with my mother in law just sitting on it. Like in the barn while the horse is eating hay. And that's what I was imagining you. You're just like, all right, horsey, let's go. And it's that horse knew instantly that I had no business sitting on it.

And I just, That horse could have done, and there was nothing that I was gonna do about it. If you could call me on the phone and be like, Dude, we're on the pig, where are you? I'd be like we're grazing right now. We're grazing. We are strong women, we do our own thing.

Oh my God. Yeah, that's all I could think of the whole time is you and my mother in law just grazing together. Yeah, [00:45:00] and then maybe doing dishes while you guys are out doing all the killing. Oh my God, my face hurts. That's it. Oh my God. Great times. Yeah, I tell you I was gonna say, so the second pig that we got I still have no idea what I'm doing.

I got one, but I had by no means am I a pig hunter but the second one that we got on, they chased him, got him cornered, the pig busts out, and then it takes off again, and it goes into this pond, and it's swimming across this pond, which is completely wild to me. Dogs are chasing it, so dogs, They're like so smart, but they're also so dumb at the same time.

Dogs go in the water after it. Instead of maybe running around to the other side, the dogs get in the water. They're like ducks in this flying V, swimming. There was all this chaos going on. They were just on it. The pig is grunting and growling and trying to get at the dogs. The dogs are on it, barking and [00:46:00] baying and growling and there's all this noise going on and Chad's cheering them on and I'm fighting back tears.

And then the pig gets into the water and the dogs get in the water and all you can hear now it's silent. All you can hear is this pig breathing heavy as it's swimming across this pond. These dogs breathing heavy as it's chasing after this pig and you just hear birds chirping and it was the wildest chaos going on and now they're all just like swimming and breathing Like fat chicks at the bar.

And I'm like, I know that the first one didn't go smoothly. My thumb is still bleeding from the first one where I cut my, my finger open doing way not good Hunter stuff, so I'm like, I gotta make this up. I have an idea. I'm going to go on the other side of the pond. And when the pig comes out, [00:47:00] I'm going to be there waiting for it.

Which in hindsight is a horrible idea.

Why run around and I get to the other side of the pond and this pig is like swimming toward me, I thought when I get here, it's going to, it's going to steer it away from me and maybe come out to the side of the pond where some of the other dogs are. I'm like, I'm going to head it off at the past kind of thing.

And that pig sees me and it does not, doesn't even slow down. It just continues to like. Swim toward me. And so I got my knife and I'm like, I'm going to get you. I'm going to get you. This pig keeps coming. And I'm like, Oh shit, man.

Then I realized dude, what am I doing, man? There's nothing here to protect me. If this pig gets like to the ground, this thing's going to gore me and flip me up in the air. And I'm like, ah, shit, this was a stupid idea. Now there's nowhere for me to [00:48:00] go. I'm thinking I'm going to hide behind this tree.

The pig comes out, it's going to run past me. But thankfully, the dog swam pretty good. The dog got up on the pig. Because the dog's legs are longer, it got to ground at the same time. So the dog that came out gave it a good little bite, and it took its attention off me, and it zipped off through the woods, but it just was a crazy moment to go from all that chaos to just listening to them.

Breathing all heavy and all like peaceful for like just a second the birds chirp. It's like a beautiful. Yeah It was like that's like your zen moment right there

It's wild man I've never heard a pig just breathing heavy from like effort You know what? The pig is if you think about it, it's fighting for its life right now And so like it's a it's that sort of ancient little dance between hunter and prey kind of thing And then, because I don't know what I'm doing right out in front of it, you're going to be a human catch dog.

Yeah. I remember being like throwing a [00:49:00] knife from hand to hand. I'm going to get you.

Oh man, that's great. That is so funny. I I just went out and observed my first time doing that kind of hunting when you, with exactly what you're doing. But luckily I had a huge. Pre education. So I knew what to expect. It was nothing was really a shock to me, but damn, that is hilarious.

And you never know what you're going to get when you go hunting with Chad. He's crazy, man.

We, we went my wife and kids and I, we did a 25 day road trip and we went out and visited Chad in bleep! And on his land out there, they got, a bunch of prairie dogs and all kinds of wild stuff out there. But I had to, we had to, before we got to Chad's house, I had to give my kids a brief and hey, listen.

You're going to see a lot of crazy shit out here, okay? And you can't have any of it.[00:50:00]

We had to just give him a briefing. This is a old friend of your dad's. Your mom has met him. Good guy. You guys are going to like his wife. There's going to be some new experiences out here for you. My kids are city kids. So they got to shoot their first guns out there.

They got to experience a lot of firsts out there at the wilderness of Chad's house. That's awesome. Hey, you ever want to come out and experience what we got down here? Let me know, man. You're welcome to come out and run with us too. We got some crazy dogs, so it's a good time. You're down there in Rhode Island, right?

Yes, exactly. And we got those wide open expanses of rich people houses to hunt around.

Nothing beats hunting the wealthy.

Herd style. What would you use? What would be like a bait station for a wealthy person? Would you be like robust for a one case? Like here's a bear market or [00:51:00] I don't know what you would do. Like hedge funds, maybe. What is it? The pumpkin spice coffees, right? Yeah. Pumpkin spice would be good. You could also, I find if you can pile up a bunch of hashtags.

They love

hashtags. Yeah. Yeah. And like maybe some rogue space exploration companies maybe yeah. I don't know. Some offshore bank accounts, maybe? Yes! Yes, have some Swedish people standing out there with Yes, no bank account here. I cannot do the Swedish accent. Sorry everyone that's listening to this show, I apologize.

I can only do the old guy from Family Guy. That's the only one I can do. And no, I'm not doing it now. I was going to say, let's hear that. Is that the old pervert? Yeah, that the old muscly arms. That guy. Dude, that was good, dude. [00:52:00] Oh, you didn't know I voiced him? Yeah, no. Oh, man. You're welcome.

You, when you do that voice, you sound the way Chad's beard looks.

Hey there, you majestic hawk, you.

Oh my God. Oh dude. I can't even, my face hurts from this. Oh my God. Jeff, thanks for man. Thank you. This was a wonderful time. Chad. Appreciate it. What else are you crazy? What are you up to you crazy guys or what else we got here? We're just let's see we we got into the game birds earlier in the season, and I guess talk about that on another one, but we did Let's see some chukar huntin some grouse huntin and then, the duck season's been going on for a little while, so we finally got into that, and [00:53:00] the dove season's about over, it's getting too cold, they're moving south but yeah, a little bit of that, countin the minutes until we get a little bit of a bear season, and then we focus on lion and but the jackrabbits, Right now, our problem is we had a pretty good rain year, man.

So the brush is still a little thick, like they're out there and it's cool enough, but it hasn't the vegetation hasn't died yet, so as soon as that goes away, then we'll be doing pretty good, but that's that's the schedule. When you have a good rain year, when there's like a lot of maybe more.

Low level bush or ground coverage or whatever. Do they tend to run less and stay hidden a little bit more? It's hard for the dogs to keep eyes on them because there's less open patches where they can see from a distance, so like they're still fast enough and it might even impede the speed just a little bit of the jackrabbit that, once they.

Turn behind to two bushes. You could be as fast as a bolt of lightning. If you can't see what you're chasing, you just end up running blind and you [00:54:00] take a wrong turn. So right now they're still fast enough. They could, they, they could catch it and if they could just keep their eyes on it, but that's the problem right now.

But it's getting close. We were down to 28 the other day. So as long as Yeah, as long as it just keeps up, we get a few more of those it'll all start to lay flat, and as soon as the first snow hits it's game on, but, oh yeah, but until then, shootin a lot of feathers, a lot of retriever work, a lot of pointer dog work, stuff like that.

You got down to 28 degrees? Man that's early in the year for Mississippi, huh?

Yeah, it's pretty cold for northern Florida, ideally you want wide open grasslands. If you're hunting jack rabbits with sight hounds that's like what you're looking for. Exactly. You want to get out to like big prairie country basically. So not exactly like northern Florida. Let me ask this, so how, I don't know. I, if you don't hunt, and then in specific sections of hunting, I feel like people would have zero [00:55:00] awareness that people still hunt. with dogs. Like I was aware that people ran bears with dogs, but beyond that, but till Chad told me, I don't know, a couple of years ago, excuse me that he was running sighthounds.

I didn't even know that was a thing. So how does one come to get involved in that? Just as a hobby. I feel like it varies person by person, man. I had a dog that's not a sighthound at all. And I just used her like one and it was really fun. And she was horrible at it.

But it was fun. And then my brother was like, let's get greyhounds. And I was like, all right, yeah, let's get greyhounds. And then it's been history ever since I got into those. And then I met some fellow hunters. Because apparently here in New Mexico, there's a huge culture for that here.

I met a bunch of people that do it and they catapulted me into it and here I am and it's really fun. What I love about it is, man, it's just pure action. It's a, they keep the action right in front of you. Like scent hounds can range really far out to [00:56:00] find their game and then, trail it for a long way and then bay it and then hopefully tree it, but my dogs, the jackrabbit jumps like right in front of you and then they're running 45 miles an hour.

And then they either have him caught or not in three minutes. So it's pretty fun. They did. I think, especially in the Middle East, I think they've been hunting with sighthounds for like thousands of years. Oh yeah. Yeah. And two of my dogs, their bloodlines are from the Middle East, so they're straight from that stock.

And what, so are they Salukis as well? Yeah, that's right. Yeah. What was the first dog that you, I feel like, I would feel so bad for your first dog, not a sighthound, but Hey, go get those jackrabbits. It's That's a tough job for an English bulldog. Yeah. She she chased a lot and caught very few without the assistance of a 22, that's got to be so demoralizing to be like and you're like a site pug and you're out there.

You got to hope [00:57:00] that the Jackrabbit like trips on its own, or maybe a Tlingit,

Give it like a fightin

chance. Until she was a pretty old pretty old lady. And yeah, she was just waiting for me to give it a plink first and then she would pick them up and fetch them. That's all she was really good for. She could catch them at night. He gives you that look back over her shoulder. Then I please shoot it.

We, we had a buddy, one of my best buddies. He he had a hound that he had trained to look for jackrabbits. And I'm not even joking several times. The jackrabbit would get up right in front of her and take off running. And she would stop and turn and look at us to see if the sight hounds were coming, like the gray hounds.

And then she'd keep going, which was pretty funny. We always laughed about that. So that's exactly what she was doing. We think without getting too deep into what a dumb dog thinks. My favorite part is that [00:58:00] once they start running so a lot of times especially if it's a confident Jack It'll only run as fast as it has to so like it'll be somebody what you're saying Yeah, but like a Pomeranian or whatever They're like my dog almost caught it cuz they'll run right out in front and be like, I don't want to get sweaty today There's no way this thing's gonna catch me.

30 feet ahead of it Until it has a brain aneurysm and falls into a pit, so a lot of times they'll just go that fast, their ears are up, like giant wind scoops, and they're still just like, skipping along no threat. Having a Sunday stroll, yeah. And, you always ask them, they're like, Oh yeah, cool, it didn't turn at all, right?

They're like, No, it was just in a straight line, it couldn't turn at all. And whenever they feel pressure, that's the first thing they do is these hairpin 90 degree turns, but they're like, yeah, you almost caught him. He ran him like a, in a straight line, two miles out, like my dog was wearing it out.

I'm like, Oh, good job, man. This is an animal that eats like there's an animal that eats like newspaper and never drinks water. So it's only going to exert itself as hard as it [00:59:00] really needs to. Yeah. Yeah, that was And with that horse when I was chasing

after you, you almost had it. Oh my God. Oh man. I this has been this is one of the best segments of all mixed up. I think I've ever recorded my face hurts, Jeff. This was awesome. Thank you so much for joining us, buddy. If you have any last any last words for the hounds and XP world, this is the perfect time to do it, brother.

I do. I have one last story from that same weekend hunting with Chad. Shoot. Do it. Just to highlight what a psychopath that he can be compared to a normal, adjusted human. It was deer season in Louisiana when I was coming up there and I told him, Hey, I'm gonna buy a tag. And he was like, yeah, you can hunt.

He had 10, I think, 10, 10 acres. And he is, he can hunt in the back [01:00:00] part of my property, no problem. And I've got this rickety saddle gun of his at 30 30 I think it was. That's right. The but the bent front site posts. That's all lucky. That's all lucky.

Oh my God. I was lucky I didn't see any deer because I would have shot his hoof off probably with that thing.

So I dropped my tag because, I wanted to get a deer too, because I thought, again, I thought we was going to be in a tree waiting on some pigs, come around a bait pile. So I was like, in my head, I'm like, there's no guarantee. I'm going to get a pig. So I'm going to bring in a big cooler.

I want to make sure I have room for a deer, just in case we don't get any pigs, because there's no guarantee they come to our bait pile because again, I didn't, and so we're out there and we're running the fence line on this. He did had brought a quad. We're running the fence line on the squad, just making sure there's no trash that we left behind and also making sure none of [01:01:00] the fencing had gotten busted up by any pigs or anything.

And we just. Randomly see this deer out in front of us on this trail, like on the trail that runs along the edge of the fence line. And as we're riding, he kicks back over, I'm riding, bitch, I'm just holding on to his waist. I'm holding on to his waist, like a high school girlfriend, basically

back there, super emasculated because of this hunting experience. Now I got to ride in the backseat. But I'm holding his waist and how he turns over deer and I look and I'm, yeah, that's correct. That's a deer.

I just thought, Hey, cool. We saw a deer, pretty decent sized doe, I think it was, and he goes, did you still want a deer? And I'm like yeah, I'll take a deer. It's more meat. Maybe we'll ride back to camp, grab a gun or maybe send dogs on it. I don't know. I don't know. He's got mine.

[01:02:00] And I go yeah. I still want a deer. And he dumps the throttle on this frickin thing, cuts through the bushes, driving at this deer, and tries to hit it with his four wheeler. So he can maybe break something, and then get out, like a psychopath, from Vietnam or something. And we just barely missed this deer.

But this dude drove 80 miles an hour into these bushes, trying to hit this deer. And it just... More PTSD, man.

More PTSD. You were screaming while your ponytails were blowing in the wind. Yeah, my pigtails are back here. I'm just like, dude, why do I hang out with this guy, man? Oh, it's hilarious.

Good time good times. Man, you got to come out with us again Yeah, like we need to get you underneath the bear or a [01:03:00] lion And maybe we can shoot on down to Seth and run some jackrabbits too, man I've been meaning to get a hold of you because we're getting ready to bid on our vacations for next year I got a ton of vacations saved up so I can set aside a week We just got to talk about what the best time of year would be for me to go I might even have some buddies that might want to go.

Cause I would like to do to them what you did to me. But yeah. Woefully unprepare them for the experience they're about to have. Ha. But see, it makes for these great stories. If it wasn't for as little introduction as possible it wouldn't be half as exciting, yeah, their therapists are all going to love these stories from now on.

Ha. Oh my god. Great times man! Let's do it! I'd like to like new hunting experiences with Jeff on how's my next week. Yeah, dude. I'm in. I'm in. This has been great. Jeff. Thank you for [01:04:00] joining us, man. This is one of the funniest. This is definitely one of the funniest interviews I've had in all my years.

So man, I, this was great. Thank you so much, buddy. Appreciate it. Good hang with you guys. I appreciate you guys having me on man. I always get talking to Chad and I appreciate meeting you as well. I wish I was. A man like you guys, man. Oh, we'll catch you later, brother. Thank you so much.

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I flip open on X and just start studying the map. When I'm riding trails, I put the tracking app on. It helps me get around in strange country. I could mark water sources, food [01:05:00] sources, bear sign, just all kinds of options within on X. You need to check out on X maps by going to houndsmanxp. com.

Click on the link on our sponsor page. You'll go right to on X maps. And when you check out, enter the code HXP 20, and you will get 20 percent off of your order, know where you stand with on X. So there we go, huh? Oh my God, you guys. First of all, I want to tell you this happened right after the recording.

Okay, and I'm sad I didn't hit the record button for it, but it is what it is. Chad, Do you mind if I tell the story about his nickname? Yeah, go for it. Oh my gosh. Okay you guys So he had mentioned that he was a fighter, right? And so he was in the fighting organization called Bellator and his name in UF, in, in Bellator was Jeff scary nickname Nader, and I was trying not to laugh hysterically while I was [01:06:00] reading that while we were interviewing him.

I was like, this guy's nickname is seriously scary nickname. And he told us, Oh, he's just super confident and comfortable in his own skin. So it was like, I'm Jack ever. I'm bone crusher. He's No, I'm scary nickname, I don't go stomp everybody. Anyway, it's hilarious. Very verbally, not imposing.

Does it, but then when it's time make it happen, I need a t shirt that says hounds of an XP dogs are smart, but they're also really dumb. That would be perfect. That'd be perfect. And then I'll put underneath it, little hyphen, scary nickname. There you go. Oh man.

Chad, great job, buddy. That was a great guest. Everybody stay tuned. Check out the Patreon page. You guys, we actually recorded another segment for this for this episode this month, but this episode ran pretty long. So we ran, as always, we have continued episodes or continuations of the all mixed up episodes on the Patreon page.

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There's a lot of cool stuff there as always, you guys, but as far as I can think, Chad, I think we've covered everything we need to, but if you have any last words, brother, this is it. If you have any last words not really, man. Can't wait for the next one. We got a bunch of hunting. It's here.

Hunting season's here, man. I know. I can't wait. Side hounds are coming out. Scent hounds are coming out. Here comes all the good content. Hey, we made it. We made it. I got some sneak. Oh, and here's another thing for the patron sneak peek guys. I got a I got some things in the works that I think is going to change the game for awesome content.

Stay tuned for that as well, patrons. And if you're not a patron, check us out, you guys. Go to the Houndsman, go to houndsmanxp. com, click on the support us tab. And you'll see us right there for [01:08:00] Patreon. Join us. You guys, there's so much cool content there. Videos, recipes tons of tons and tons of tailgate talks, which are like bonus little mini podcasts between 20 to 20 minutes to an hour.

I got all kinds of really rad folks there and lots of cool stuff. And it's a little bit more of a casual more open interface where we can talk about anything we want. Go check us out, you guys. And thanks again for tuning in, tuning into All Mixed Up. Let's hunt them hard and treat them like heroes.

That's right.