Live Action with Shannon Raska

Show Notes

Shannon Raska is a third generation houndsmen from the state of Texas. His grandfather and father were both members of the South Texas Wold Hunters Association. Shannon is still raising, training and hunting the same family line of coyote hounds that was started in the late 1930s. 

Chris travelled to Texas and hunted with Shannon and this podcast was recorded in the field in the middle of what Shannon refers to as “Live Action” and it sure was. At several points Chris and Shannon pause to listen to hounds and hope to catch video of the Texas wolf stretching the legs of these young hounds.

Shannon’s hounds consist of mainly Running Walkers with touch of July mixed in. Chris and Shannon discuss his family’s philosophy on breeding, what his goals are for his breeding program and how Texas hunting has changed in his fifty year hunting career. Shannon runs in and outstiside of the pens and discusses the benefits and problems with doing both.

Shannon Raska is an old school Houndsman at heart but is perceptive enough to understand how to take advantage of modern technology and how to continue to enjoy his lifestyle in a changing world.