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The Journey takes Heath to Edisto, SC. Heath shares his experience he took from training at Georgia K9 and the many classes he has sat in with Jeff Schettler. Jeff is a retired K9 handler, author, and K9 trainer. Jeff has a spot on amazon called Mantracker radio. He runs one of the most sought after man tracking schools in the world, since 2008. Jeff was drawn to the tracking world when he was introduced to bear hunting in California over 40 years ago. He has harnessed what he took from the hound world and leads the way in the tracking K9 industry, today. Heath and Jeff talk about some of the parallels they both use in both disciplines. The environmental effects of sunlight on the age of the track, how bacteria breaks down the scent pictures, and one of the most valuable things Heath took away from a training session in downtown Charlston. So sit back and devour the experience in the episode of the Journey.

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