Mantracker Goes Bear Hunting

Show Notes

Jeff Shetler is world renowned as a professional man tracker and tracking dog expert. Jeff is a retired police officer, former FBI Hostage Rescue Teams K9 Assistance Program. He has written numerous books pertaining to scent, scenting dogs and the applications of dogs in tracking. 

On this episode of The Journey, on the Houndsman XP Podcast Network,  Heath catches up Jeff after Jeff and his family spend three days in the mountains of Virginia chasing bear with Heath and the guys. They recap the hunt and talk about how weather and the elements play a huge part in tracking, whether it is police dogs or hounds. Jeff explains how dogs can smell more than just the odor of the animal from a real life experience. They get into a humidity discussion that you don’t want to miss. With all the knowledge Jeff brings to the table we glad to have him along on The Journey. The Journey is just heating up. 

Show Transcript