Point Blank: 63 Bears in 5 days

Show Notes

In this Point Blank Episode the Houndsman XP Team recounts recent travels. Chris makes a loop through the South East, Lauren travels to West Virginia and Seth returns from an epic bear hunting trip.

Seth will give the total breakdown of his trip to BC, courtesy of our partners at Freedom Hunters. Six U.S. military veterans and Seth traveled to the Babine region and hunted with Babine Guide Outfitters in a vast wilderness area that is chock full of bears. The group treed several bears and had encounters, in total, with sixty three bears +/- in five days. The HXP team talks hound work and discusses a newcomer to the Houndsman XP podcast; the Karelian Bear Dog. Seth breaks down the whole hunt and goes into detail of how professional outfitter Lloyd Hooper utilizes his Karelian Bear Dog, Gomer, to put the heat on a running bear.