Point Blank: Barney Fife Training Methods, Game Catcher, and Turkeys

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Point Blanks are wild, they are unscripted and the Houndsman XP Crew talks about whatever comes to mind. 

Chris is joined by team Houndsman XP Team members, Heath Hyatt and Seth Hall. They recap current events and happenings on the Original Podcast for Houndsmen. 


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Yeah. Good boy, ranger Uniting Homan across the globe from east to west, north to south. If you're gonna catch a cat or a line, you have to have teamwork. We take you to the wildest places on earth. Yeah. So how many days a week can you spend At as much as I can, to be honest with you, anytime that I get I'm out there.

Join us for every heart pounding adventure on Hounds Man xp. I'll tell you, like I tell everyone else, I'm gonna hunt whether you're here or not, so you might as well be.

Welcome to the Houseman XP podcast. I am your host, Chris Powell, and I've got some members of the Houseman XP team with me today. And we are gonna do a point blank where we don't have any talking points. We have no agenda, we have no outline. We just talk [00:03:00] about what comes to mind, and we talk about a lot of different stuff today.

I'm not gonna go into it. It's all in the podcast. You're gonna hear it all. It's gonna be a really short pre-roll, but we're excited. I love doing these podcasts. They're fun, they're energetic, and gets us off topic a little bit and just lets us communicate with you and let you know who we are beyond the hounds even.

So here you go folks. This is a box shaker. Let's get the tailgate down. It's time to dump the box. Anybody that comes on and. He calls himself game catcher. Yeah. I he's got an old worried look on his face. He can't hear anything . He can hear us, but we can't hear him. What is technology? ? I didn't even know they had internet over there.

Yeah, I guess I'm one to talk. I live in the Iraq of America. Yeah,[00:04:00] . Look at the look on his face. He's trying to figure it all out right now. , put your reading glasses on. game catcher. Use audio. Go to bottom left hand corner, select your audio.

Can you hear us? What are you drinking outta that Chris, you look like a, you look like a Moscow mule. Yeah, it is. Yeah. There you go. Yeah. Is the brass cup necessary for the flavor or is it just the look? No, it's just it's just cool. Okay. This is actually an upgraded cup. My wife got this for me.

It's insulated. Oh, it's like a Tumblr mule. Yeah. . Yeah. So it's stainless on the inside, copper on the outside and attenuated it on the side. So nice. It's a great summertime. I feel like a Tumblr. I still have my original Homan NP Tumblr. It rolls with me in my work truck. It [00:05:00] has a ring like worn out of it from being in my cup holder on those rattley roads for a long time.

Game catcher. Game catcher. Have you figured out the audio yet? He's still having technical issues. He looks sad. Oh no. Oh, he's gone. He's I'm not playing. He's out. What have you been up to lately, buddy? Man, I had to take the weekend off. . Heath. Heath went down to a p a breed days. Once, once Game Catcher gets back in here, we'll find out.

We'll get a full report on a p a breed days down in Greenville, Tennessee. But I was supposed to go, I got back from Montana. I extended my trip a couple days. Game catcher once back in, I knew he couldn't stay away. . Yeah. So I extended my trip out there a couple days. We went out and did the memorial service for Larry Anderson.

And there's a couple pups out there [00:06:00] that came outta my stuff. Can you hear us game catcher? Hallelujah. We've been ripping on you. Bad . We can't hear you. Unmute yourself, . You have muted thyself. Put your reading glasses on game catcher so you can see. Yeah. Can you hear me now? Oh, there he is, Mr.

Instagram. Real better life than never, mr. TikTok. Game Catch and Heath Hyatt is in the house. That's right. Yep. No. So I extended a couple days and then I got back on Tuesday and I thought, man, if I head out to Tennessee, I may come home to the locks, change all my crap in the yard, and Axle will probably bite me my wife's pit bull , because he won't remember who I am.

So Yeah. I'm heading outta here on I'm heading outta here in a couple days, going down to Uncle Earl's [00:07:00] and do some hog hunting in New Northern Louisiana. And keep the trainer rolling. Hey, I got something to show you guys. Standby. Standby. I really want to go to Uncle Earls. So the new gear?

Yeah. Oh sweet. Oh nice. We got a new shirt. Terrible model, but a great shirt, Seth. Yeah. We need a man, like we need a mannequin. Truth said this for me. Oh. He is rocking the Speed Dog Hounds an XP logo. Yo. Chasing a Weasel. Is that,

That's a weasel hog. There he goes. Chris is rocking, he's rocking a Hound zone xp, this is Fair Chase logo on one shirt and then he is rocking a Hound Zone XP side Hound logo on the other. I'm a little biased maybe, but I think that's the best Hounds Zone XP logo around a Saluki chase chasing a weasel.

, that ought to be a good one. Yeah. [00:08:00] Yep. Coming soon to our new shop. Hey, we're running a I already made the announcement on my podcast that dropped on Monday. So I'm out of the loop here cause I'm getting dressed. I'm peeling layers here. But go back and listen to Monday's drop on Sacred Pursuit if you wanna get in on a cool giveaway.

Yes, I I enjoyed that episode, the Sacred Pursuit episode. I like to get outta my wheelhouse. Our IT guy Shane. He he was making, he makes those cool the reels that have the audio clips. And I really like those. And he came in the house and said, did you listen to that Sacred Pursuit episode?

And I was like, yeah, I did. And he was like, that was a really good one. And I was like, yeah, it was . So who told you that? It's a Shane? Oh, yeah. Yeah, because he listens to all the episodes to make those clips. And he was like, that was a really good one, dude. . So yeah there's a lot of great productions here at Hounds Zone xp.

It's not to pat ourselves on the back too much, but I enjoy listening to the show as a fan, as much as I do [00:09:00] as an employee. That's what the point blank's all about. Just recap what we've been talking about and go back and hit those high points and encourage people, shame people, whatever we gotta do to go back and listen to those.

If you haven't listened to 'em, if you're a coon hunter and you don't see a coon dog on the front, I'm telling you, we're still talking about stuff you need to know. , and if you're a big game hunter and you see a coon dog, we're still talking about stuff that's interesting and fun to talk about.

And nobody, we talk about no talk, nobody talks about side hound stuff except Seth. I haven't even talked about that in a while. We talked about Python dogs last time, buddy. Ready? . Don't get any colder than that. It was that was a very fun episode. I I could not believe how much fun that was to record.

And, a lot of times when you record an episode you'll be recording and then you'll hit that pause button or you're done with the recording, and then afterwards you'll sit there and keep talking to the guest outside the recording. And a lot of times a guest kind [00:10:00] of will relax or whatever, and talk more after the recording's ended.

But one thing that is, that I felt was there is that. We didn't do that at all with Python Cowboy, that we laid everything on the line in the recording. He was super duper cool and natural in the recording. And he answered everything I had and more. And he was really fun, energetic guest. And me and Chad were just having a ball.

I, I could not believe how fun that sounds. I really want to go experience that straight up. It's just, yeah, it was a blast. Thanks Python Cowboy. That was a great time buddy. And there's many more to come. Yeah. We're gonna, there's a lot of by the time this airs, I have already, I will have already been on the road with Chad gathering up some really rad new content as well.

So I'm really excited for that. And are you still talking about Python Cowboy? I had to jump up. That episode was so fun. You missed it, man. I, no I missed the episode, but I listened to it. I was listening to [00:11:00] it on a flight. I was flying to Montana and listening to it, I flew out there the day it, I flew out there, the day it dropped.

And so I had some lady sitting next to me and I was over there. I was sitting right next to her just laughing my butt off . And she's asking after I got done, she's what in the world were you listening to? He's I was listening to a couple guys talking to the Python cowboy. . Yeah. I was telling Heath, it was just fun that a lot of times you have this natural banter after the recordings ended and that one, it was all on the recording.

We, it was over and we were all just oh man, drain thanks, drained, sweating, needing to rehydrate. Yeah, it was great. And I was, I, I got while I was in that vein, , there's gonna be a lot of cool stuff in the pipeline soon. And you were talking about Ug Uncle Earl's.

I've always wanted to go there and experience that. I won't be able to make it this year, but I am very excited to see quote unquote air quotes, [00:12:00] traditional pig hunting with dogs that's coming up. And I'm really excited to see that. Yeah. Yeah. Chris, is that where you were at with, when you met Corey?

Corey Daley? Yeah. Where, when I was at, I was in Louisiana when I met him. Uncle Earls, I'm headed out to Uncle Earls. Uncle Laurels is going on. While we're recording this podcast, I need to get down there. It's like Daytona Beach Spring Break Bike week or something for hog hunters in northern Louisiana.

and yeah. So I know Ed Barnes has been there all week. He's like posting pictures of all this food and all this other stuff that's going on. This thing runs a full. Week and maybe more than a week because I think they had a kickoff concert last Friday night and that's when the party kicked off and it'll just run all through the week, all the way into Saturday.

So I'm gonna catch it on the tail end. Everybody will be, we'll see how tough they're, cuz [00:13:00] we'll see if they're still partying hard by the time I get there on Friday. Yeah, I was gonna say, it sounds like a party. Yeah. Sounds like something I really need to be a part of . Absolutely. I'm gonna go experience it and see if I want to, I don't know if I can hang anymore for the full week

Dig deep my friend. Yeah. Beep. Yeah. . We'll find out. I feel like I could . I'm sure you could. There was a day when I could too. I don't, I just, it's nine o'clock and I'm looking for some place to go to, as the first available place to go to sleep. Yeah. I felt like that was me, but I felt like the weather.

That was you and that was you in Texas. It's the Terry trial. I was gonna say. I agree. Nighttime, pig hunt. You're over there like I'm sleepy. . I felt like I, nine 30, I'm in bed. Sorry guys. , I'm out. Yeah, I, uhgo ego's a champ. He was up there all day and then he's we gonna go out all night. And I agree.

By midnight. Oh my gosh. I was like, I'm toast dude. And he's I was Like in the back seat. . Yeah. One time I was [00:14:00] hunting and man, I fell asleep. I was with Michael Soula. It was freaking one in the morning. I passed out asleep. We jumped a hog, dogs bail out and get after the pigs. I had to wake up and I was in that deep rim sleep.

So when I woke up, I was just, oh, where am I? What year is it? What galaxy are we in? And they catch the pig and Michael's all hooting and hollering and jump out of the truck, all running out there. And I'm just like stumbling around like a zombie trying to get my feet under me. It was crazy. But yeah, I'm just, Michael's making fun of me.

He's do you need to, do you need a pillow princess? And I was like, , like we were in the sport though. We were bear hunting one time and riding down the road and I fell asleep and I had my leg kicked up on the almost on the dash and my foot fell asleep. And we got a rig strike.

This was out in Montana or Idaho. , we got a rig strike and I, we'd been up since early in the morning and I couldn't hang and I was sleeping and my foot fell asleep. And we got a [00:15:00] rig strike and Larry's get the dogs out. Get the dogs out. I get outta the truck and my foot is dead asleep.

One of those deals. So I'm like drunk hanging on the stumbling side of the truck trying to get down the side of the truck. My foot won't work. . It was, oh my gosh. If only somebody would've been videotaping that, that would've been a highlight reel. . That would've been a highlight reel for sure.

Somebody gone by dogs out. Oh yeah. When you get their rig strike and Larry saw the track going up the mountain and stuff and he's, he is wake up, and he didn't have to wake me up, but. Step outta the truck and I realize my whole leg is just dead . So now I'm hopping and hanging on the side.

Just got a stump side truck. Yeah. . Yeah. The first time I had a dead, like a sleep leg like that, I jumped, it was an alarm clock. My alarm clock woke me up and I jumped outta bed. Same thing. I just face planted the leg doesn't work. So you trying to scamper after dogs is Yeah, I can imagine. That was hilarious.

Yeah, that's a, that [00:16:00] goes right into Too bad Chad in here, man. He's busy. I know what he is got going on, but that falls into the half-ass hound man category right there. . , you can't hang, you fall asleep in the truck, then you get out and you can't let dogs go Cause you got a dead leg.

It's just asleep, falling, slobbering all over yourself. That is a half-assed hound man. For sure. . Yep. Oh man. Heath, what you've been up to? I'm so busy that I don't even know what day it is between working like we're shorthanded and working, and then this week we're, I'm putting on the tactical tracking class that Oh, that's right.

That I've copied from Jeff. Took it from Jeff, and we're doing that. So I've got 22 guys in with dogs and running them through a four day course. So that's kept me really busy. Of course we were in Tennessee this [00:17:00] weekend, past weekend. We went down to the a p h Breed Days apa. I don't because it's M P H A and it's, yes, it's so many ass Hs.

We asking, we got people, you got people calling APA Breed days, plot days, and you got M P H A guys calling it, I used to call it a p h a days too, and it's it's not a p h a days, it's just a p. Yeah, they get all defensive about it, but had a good time. Seen some seen some people that I hadn't seen in a while and met some new people.

It's always great. So yeah, we went down Saturday, Sunday. I don't even know what I did. And then, oh, I worked on the PowerPoint for this week and then this week we're pretty much daylight till dark tracking and that's about it. And then this week got, I got a couple questions. All right. You gotta tell me, did you pick that Walker dog in the show?

Negative ghost Rider. Oh, I [00:18:00] thought for sure that you would've, I was going, no wonder nobody will talk to him and take one of our decals after he picks a walker a breed day. I'm gonna tell you that was a fine. She was, that was a young dog. Wasn't quite a year old. Very fine looking dog. Very fine looking dog.

There was several, there was six dogs that ended up going up for the best of the show. Not all of 'em were very, you could have picked, you could have wretch in there and picked either one on any of 'em and made a good decision. That's how close it was. I really went it down to the confirmation that I was looking at.

And, I'm very good. I'm a big proponent of structure, and if you start breaking it down the walker was a little bit straighter in the rear end than I would've liked. That was it. But very nice looking dog. And it hurt me grandparent. I knew it hurt me not to pick that dog.

The girl, she's gonna, she's got a bright future. There was a little plot [00:19:00] puppy there. Jerry Price had a pup. It was about six, six and a half months old. Oh man, Fanta I told him I'd take that dog home with me. It's a plot. Plot puppy. Yep. Oh, really? . Good, dark eye. Good hanging ear.

Good color. Bridled up dog. Very nice dog. He's got a bright future with that dog. And then of course Katie, she had her male and female. And then the male, her pup, which is just right under two, I call it a pup. Her, the brother was showing against her. And when it, when they put those both now I didn't know.

But when I seen both of those dogs, I'm like, those dogs are outta the same litter. Like they were that close. So no, they had, they were some really nice dogs. Kudos to everybody that went and showed some young girls were showing, that's what you wanna see in the sport is those girls out there and they were showing those dogs and they had really good looking [00:20:00] dogs too.

. Yep. I was honored to be able to do that. Yeah. That's awesome. And this weekend we're going down to Charleston, South Carolina. There you go. The Freedom Hunters to do the gym, shocky golf tournament. Everybody can go online and bid and put stuff in if they wanna contribute to Freedom Hunters.

But yeah, so we're going down and we're gonna rep Homan XP with the Freedom Hunter. this weekend down there. That's a good crowd too. That's a Jim Shocky classic is what , they call that down there. Freedom Hunters raises a lot of the money that they need to put on these events for veterans all year long.

I talked about it on the podcast. I'm always talking about it, but it's real easy to find information. I got a notification on the, did you get a notification on the auction? The online auction? . Yep. Yeah. Yep. And I actually sent it to everybody at work too, so I don't know if they're bidding on anything or doing anything, but Yes.

Seth, did you [00:21:00] get one? I need to check my emails. I've been out of the loop with jury duty. Yeah, I'll send you, I'll send it to you to make sure you've got it, but share it around. There's all kinds of stuff on there. There's aim points, EOTech, guns, knives, anything that's outdoor equipment.

It's probably on there. And It's real easy to find. If you go to he freedom hunters.org and just find the link for the live auction for the Jim Shaki classic. You'll have access to all of it. Send it to me. Yep. I sure will. Because actually, by the time this podcast comes out, it'll be too late to bid, but yeah.

Oh, and then after missed that, missed it. , too bad for you. You haven't been paying attention to Freedom Hunter's website now. You missed out on some good deals, . Yeah, and then after this weekend, Turkey season comes in and I would like not to have to go nowhere for a couple weeks. That's where I'm at in my mind.[00:22:00]

I just wanna go to the woods. I just wanna go to the woods and camp out and chase some turkeys. Me and Toby have already been out scouting. We went out one day and spent pretty much half, half a day out, covered about six miles, didn't find anything reassuring. And then this morning where we're training, which is an undisclosed location, they were hammering, they were blowing the tops out of the tree.

It 20 like it was freezing. Yeah. And they were just hammering and I'm like, oh my, y'all are killing me. Y'all are killing . I was listening to 'em Hammer here this morning. It was 2020, 21, 22 degrees. Yeah. So I've never Turkey hunted that. We have awesome Turkey hunting here and I've just never done it.

And I need to, don't you have to draw a tag in New Mexico or Turkey? No. Nope. You can. It's over the counter. Yep. What do you have there? We have [00:23:00] Rio Grande and Miriams. Okay. And Miriam's. So you can get a one. Let me make sure on that before I get too crazy. I'm not a bird nerd. I like rats better.

Weasel, Weasel are red. Okay. Yeah. So New Mexico has three species of Wild Turkey, the Miriams, the Rio Grande, and the Goulds, all three in the state. This is directly from the New Mexico Game and Fish website. Which one do you have to draw a tag for? I'm not sure cuz I'm not a Turkey hunter. Find smith.

I got a bucket list, . So you'd be real sad trying to hunt behind my house cuz if you came out behind my house to Turkey hunt, you'd need to walk about a hundred miles to find them. But , they this is the first year that you know, the same sentiment you have with Turkey hunting. That's how I'm with halina hunting.

That's our Turkey. Really. Here where I'm at, it's they're, this is the first year I haven't been able, I have the tag and I'm just so busy. I have, it hasn't even crossed my mind. So the sentiment you have where you just wanna go out and be in the woods, that's my favorite thing about having Lena hunting.

I have a three [00:24:00] month se, or two and a half month season. And it's just so nice to go out in the desert and just relax, and just enjoy being out in the desert. And they're so elusive, they're so hard to find. And so it really is a hard hunt. And I just love it. It's just so fun to be out there putting boot leather down in that quiet, empty desert and try to jump on those stinky little suckers blinders.

Yeah they're for an animal that's black, you'd be amazed how hard they are to see. They're like this modeled kind of gray color. Oh, yeah. And they blend in perfectly in like dead brush, which is where they spend a lot of time hiding. And they're only 45, 50 pounds. They're not very tall, so it's very hard to glass them because any grass three feet tall and they're gone, you will never see them.

It's a really rewarding, really fun. But I've just been too busy. It's a real bummer season. My goal was to spend. I took off a week to hunt and then my date, my regular days off, and I'm trying to keep that [00:25:00] schedule open for the first couple weeks. So if I don't tag out or I don't hear any, I never tag out, let's just put that out there.

I never tag out. I usually try to kill two. And then the third one, I'm, I usually don't, or I'll go with somebody and try to help, call them one in, but I haven't tagged out in the last 2, 2, 3, 3 years. I haven't, Virginia still allows three turkeys. . . Wow. Wow. That's awesome. . Yeah. Yeah, that's a lot.

I found that Turkey hunters are like Turkey hunters. I think that's one of the reasons I backed away from it is that everyone I know that likes Turkey, They just live, eat, sleep, breathe Turkey hunting in the springtime. So I'm like, I don't need another hobby that I'm just totally devoured by

You know what I mean? I was that guy. I used to be that guy. I live right here. I live in the original release sites for the state of Indiana and then it just, turkeys just blew up here. Why? It was a des [00:26:00] Just Habitat. Yeah, it was a Habitat deal. And we were a destination location. Taxi Hayes from Mossy Oak used to come up here and hunt Will Primos and I'm actually on a, in a Mossy Oak video from like 19 and 1998 or something that with taxi, cuz I took him Turkey hunting a couple times.

It was just a destination place and I've, I don't know I've done it, I did it for years, but I'm over it. I'll, if I've got one hammer back in the back of my place, it's dude, you need to get whacked , and I'll What did you love about it? What did you love about it?

First I, I really liked the challenge of it cuz it's something that I didn't grow up with and just the whole part of it. But being out there in the morning and hearing him gobbling and then man, if you've ever had a gobbler come in on fire, just spitting and drumming and puffed up and you've got him fooled and you it's crazy.

It's,[00:27:00] you've got him at that point. You're just, that sounds fun. Yeah. , you're breathing so hard that in your mind that Turkey can hear you from 50 yards away. , the heat your heart's beating. Yeah. Yes. I mean it literally, it can't, it's not, you're trying to calm your breathing down.

You're trying to get your heart rate down. And that thing, yeah. And there's to have a brain the size of a p and they can outsmart you in about two seconds. Yeah. I chased a bird when I was in high school. I chased that thing for three springs, and I never did kill him. He won the battle.

He got me on that one. But that was what really started driving me is the challenge of it. Now, some birds come in hot. You get a bird that's hot. Last year, the first one I killed, man, I was walking and Colin walking and calling finally located a bird.

This was up in the day too. And man, I called two times and he was hammering. I sat down and, literally the time I sat down [00:28:00] and got situated, he was in, he was 40 yards standing in front of me. Bam. It was like I had him on a string. Nice. Of course he took a dirt nap. He'd done the old flop.

Can't stop. The flop. Can't stop the flop. . Yeah, buddy. But yeah, it's challenging. And it's, I love to be outdoors. I don't care. Somebody walked in my office, one of the guys I worked with walked in my office two last week and I've got a big bulletin up on my wall and it's pictures of me and Matt and Tyler Tegan, some of the guys that we've took on, freedom Hunters.

I got Chris up there. I got Jason up there, and every pitcher on that bulletin board, which is the size of my wall, is hunting or fishing . That's it. We're on the boat, we're on, we're trout stream, we're running the dogs deer hunting. I mean something. There he goes, man. He's You really love to be outside.

And I was like, that's where I want, that's where I wanna do I [00:29:00] don't wanna be in this office , I don't wanna be in a patrol car 12 hours a day. I just like to be outside. I just you're literally wearing a shirt right now that says Fish more, work, less , or worry less. There you go. Yeah, I am.

And I'm not getting a fish cause I'm putting on this school this week so I can't trout fish. And then this weekend I'm going to Charleston and then next week I've already, I'm like, okay. So yeah. But you're going, Hey now you're going fishing while you're in Charleston already. Already got the school. Yes.

Yes we are. I'm blessed. And I'm taking every cooler that I have, cause whatever we catch is coming back to Virginia to be put on the grill. Yeah. There you go. What are you guys gonna fish for down there? That's a pretty. Whatever told, I told Anthony, whatever we catch, as long as they tell me it's eatable, it's going cool.

I don't have a clue. I dunno, really? Hey, lemme ask you something, Heath, if if I brought you some python liver, would you eat it? [00:30:00] Look at it. Look at it. I dunno, but I know a guy that will, we'll just hook it up with Alex. Alex is the everything like, come on Alex, tell us what this is like. You gimme some python liver.

I'll hook it up. . I don't know. That was a shameless plug to invite or cowboy, python cowboy to take us hunting. But Chris, would you eat the python liver? He said it was nasty. Would you eat it? Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I'd try it. I'm eating freaking rats. You've eaten rats, Chris? Oh yeah. Oh, nice. Hey, that's a big step for you.

It was like a revenge type thing. Oh yeah. Okay. It's like I'm gonna Was like a dares. What? That was . Huh? That was like a deone bads. What? That was ? No, I have two, but just the legs. . We had to trap, we had to trap and eat our, our own food [00:31:00] in a survival school that I went through in the Marine Corps.

And I just snared a wrap with rat, with booby booby trap wire made the, I made the lock, the locking mechanism out of a Copenhagen League can. Yeah. Nice. Yep. Craft camp. Yeah. . So had it all laid out there, and I caught this rat. And then you had to eat what you caught. What was that school called?

What was it called? What was the school called? It was just a survival. Oh, a survival school. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I thought I'd heard a specialized kind of survival school. My brother was, there's well, there's a sr. There's a sea. That's the one he training. Yep. Yep. Yeah. Sea training sur survival.

Es evade something and Evade or something. Escape and evade or something. I can't remember. All of it been too long. Yeah. Mess one. Those, all those acronyms. . Yeah. Yeah. He said that was the longest he'd ever went without food. He went four days without eating. Oh yeah. And he was like, man, after four days, he's I would eat a mountain of Python livers.

You know what I mean? No doubt. He didn't, your brother was a Marine. [00:32:00] That was the same. Your brother was a Marine, wasn't he? Yeah. And he a Marine. Yeah. Was a Marine. Yeah, I is a Marine. He always will correct you. Yeah. And I should too. It's just . Yeah. It's what kinda marine was he? He was What's a Marine?

Always a Marine. He was an Osprey pilot. He flew the Oh, no kidding. Yeah. The ones that start off as helicopters and turn into planes mid-flight. Yep. So yeah. Yeah. That was after my, that was after my stay in the uncle Sam's misguided children . Yep. Yeah. One thing I was thinking, you guys are I didn't mean to bring this back to the Turkey hunting, but I was really enjoying that because I was there when you guys were talking about it, like in my head, but I can only imagine.

I've called in bull elk and there's something so exhilarating about calling animals in, yeah. And so I think that's what I would find most alluring about Turkey hunting is that when you call in a running bull and he's just snorting and bugling and peeing all over himself and running up right to you, you're, it's crazy.

This is a forest horse running right up to you, just going insane [00:33:00] slobbering everywhere. So I can, I, they're a lot easier to hide from than a Turkey. And so that's what I've, that's what I think would be so alluring about Turkey hunting, is you gotta be super stealthy. because they see color and they have incredibly sharp vision and elk really doesn't.

But yeah I would really, I need to Okay. Will primos it, it does connect because Will Primos, he made Turkey calls and he made elk calls, so Yeah. I think that, I think the Mark HoChi mama was a aprimo call. It was And that was all the rage for a while. You couldn't Yeah. Even talk about elk cunning without the HoChi mama.

Oh yeah. And now they say it makes the elk run away. Yeah. Cuz it was so overused. But I, you know what's so funny? I live in one of the best elk cunning destinations in the United States, and I don't elk hunt. See that's another, a bucket list. Like my list is long. I worked on the, I bet I worked on the Mescalero Apache reservation and we, when we were working out on the deep in the reservation, there's nobody out there.

Nobody. And those elk are so [00:34:00] naive. I am not a good elk caller. Never said I was, but I had a bugle and I would, it was a great way for me to learn cuz those elk were so naive. This was back in the flip phone days. I bugled and this elk bugled up on the wall. Oh, cuz we were down in the canyon working in the trout streams and this elk bugled.

And I was like, oh, cool. So then I bugled again and then another elk bugled on the other wall. And I was like, oh, sweet. And so I kept bugling those two bulls, came down, met each other like postured each other for about 20 minutes and then came down into the stream and engaged each other. And I got that on one megapixel video with this flip phone.

You can't even tell what's going on. I didn't care. I got that battle on video and it was so awesome to have those elk fighting like 200 yards away from us. That was so cool. That was one of the neatest things. And there was a guy with us and he had almost no experience. outdoors. And this was in September when the elk were Redding and an elk bugled off in the distance.

This is earlier in the morning. And he goes, [00:35:00] what was that? And I was like, I look super alarmed. I was like, I don't know. I don't know what that was. . And he was like, oh my goodness. And then another one Bugled like later. Yeah. And then I was like, I think that's a person screaming. And that guy was freaking out the whole time,

And then I was like, I'm just kidding, man. They're elk. And then he calmed down, but he wasn't too happy. Yeah. because we freaked him out. Pretty bad. . But it was a good time. It was a good day. It was a cool day. All right. So it seems like we're stuck on this topic. So I gotta ask you this, Heath, do you, can you hoot?

Oh my lord. the barrel. Do it now. Huh? Do you have to use a call? Do you hoot? I do. Yeah. Let's hear it. Man, I calling you out. Clock big one, oh Lord, man, that, that sounded just like a Virginia redneck . Yeah. Hey, we were so poor and us kids, you didn't buy [00:36:00] calls. You had to learn how to do it.

And then your mom would tell you to be quiet cuz you was making too much noise. . Yeah. All right, let's, can you mouth call Turkey in too without a call? My dad is a lot better than I am, but we I could make one put his head up probably. I can do that. I can make one. Put his set up. My son, Ja. My son Jacob he can, he could call one in with his mouth and he'd been killing turkeys since he was a little bit of kid.

But he won't do it. He won't do it when he is out hunting, when with me, because he gets nervous. Yeah. But if he goes out by himself, when he was like nine years old. I get this picture, I was out working. I get this picture on my text message on my phone, and it's a picture of Jacob in the rain after he'd killed this Turkey when he was nine years old.

He saw it walking across the field and he got up above it and right where he needed to [00:37:00] be and mouths called it in and whacked that sucker. It was awesome. Yeah. That's red. Yep. That is red. How? I bet that would be cool. Put that, I put that one above the, have you ever seen the picture that I took or that was taken of me with all 18th century gear?

Yes. Flock. I was gonna ask, is that a fouling piece? Yeah. It's a bridge. It's a Virginia smooth rifle. . So Heath would appreciate this. A Virginia smooth rifle. It's a exact reproduction Built by Mike Brooks. It's a flint lock. and every piece of gear I had on me that day was 18th century approved, huh? Pass past muster there. So nice. Pulled that Turkey in with a wing bone call and Nice. Whacked it with them. You don't see those much anymore. Yeah. Yeah. Dang. That's rad. Wait, a wing bone call? . I actually made my own at one point in time. I did too. Yeah. That's the one I used. . That is awesome.

How are they made? Okay. I'm a, this is a complete nobe here. I'm a fan as much, I'm just lucky that I can ask you live. How do you make one? . You gotta have a Turkey wing. That's right. There's a, [00:38:00] you gotta have every turkey's got two calls in it. Is that it? You literally just blow through the wing bone.

Yeah. So you take the bone closest to the shoulder where it attaches to the main body. Okay. And then you use that bone and it's a little bit bigger and it's got a natural bell end on it. And then you take the next bone down and it'll actually slide up through, if you take the bone closest to the body, you can slide it all the way through and then you've got a two section column.

And if you wanna get real fancy, then you can use a wing tip and slide it all the way out too. So it'll, they all just fit together. So it's a friction call or a mouth blanket? No, it's a mouth call when you suck on. Yeah. Yeah. You suck. You actually have to, yeah. Yeah. I don't, I, I don't know. I haven't got anything.

Okay. Hey, no I'm throwing this out to the fans. If you guys have a wing bone call, I wanna see a fan playing it and post it on the Hounds of XP group. [00:39:00] That's what I'm saying right now. Yeah. Play show, show us the wing bone call. That's cool. . Yeah, like I said, I haven't seen one of those in years. My, my great.

How'd you make yours? How'd you make yours? Heat? So I You took the main, the bone , right? Yeah, I'm, we're showing it on, yeah. On our pitch we're showing it. took the main bone and then if you trim it down, you can make it different pitches by the different links. , same thing you're doing.

Yeah. And scrape it on the outside. You scrape it with a knife on the outside and you can change the pitch of it. Of the car. . Yeah. But my great granddad showed me that. Yeah. Yeah. Telling you boys, we was pouring them in them mountains over here. We didn't have that stuff. . That's cool. You did and back in my day we took our own slate and our own wood.

Me. Oh no, you didn't use wood. You used that stuff for building. You use a, like a land terrapin or a box turtle shell and make it a [00:40:00] Turkey femur. my dad. So I still have. dad had a world Champion Lynch box call, and I still have that call today. And I think it was made in 73. And I still carried in my vest today and it's one of the best sounding Bo and I don't use it a lot.

But I still carry that call with me every time I hunt. Huh? Are you guys big diaphragm call users? Ing? Oh, right there. I people, people use diaphragm calls for coyotes and elk here like crazy. And I just like using them because they're tough. They take practice to, to really master 'em.

Oh yeah. So I bought these, I had a gift card for bass Pro for Christmas. Of course. I bought a bunch of fishing and stuff and I had 15, 20 bucks left over. And I'm like, ah, just scrolling through there. And I'm like, okay. Old bone collector, old Michael Wde had put these on there. And I'm like, I wonder pretty good.

So I bought a three pack of them. I think it's 17 bucks. And two [00:41:00] of them I really like. In fact I've laid him here cause I've been using them. Been aggravating vice today after every time I get on one he's cocking at head looking at me like, what in the world are you doing? What is that noise coming outta your mouth?

But yeah, I'm gonna use the white one pro I'm gonna use. I think I'm gonna try to use it. And we get, you get fond of the cause that you use and you know that work. . Yep. And have good sound. But yeah, I've got like I said, they were laying right here cause I've been practicing with 'em.

Let's hear one . Oh yeah. Let's see. Yeah let's hear it from a, from an amateur that cannot judge you 100%. I know what a Turkey sounds like, but let's see. We're gonna have Heath Hyatt put one in. Here we go. Yep. It may be loud. So

the dog. He's over here. What you doing? He's busting out Turkey calls over here, Chris? Yeah, I [00:42:00] heard it. I heard it. Got me back. Back to the mic. I heard that. I do. I don't carry an alcohol. I do my own and I don't carry a crow call. I do my own. So that's all. No, and it may sound like a dine. We're gonna do it.

We gotta do it. We're gonna have an hooting contest. An al Hooting contest. Yep. All. What species of WL is it? Bard. Bardal. Barda. Yeah. I don't know what a bardal sounds like, so I'm really looking into it. An onologist, right? We don't do, first of all, Bard owls don't live here.

Secondly, I've explained this right now, no disrespect to my ornithologist out there, but birds suck. . I'm a man. Very life form. They're not, they're inferior. They eat your rabbits. So they're, that's why I hate 'em. Superior . They're superior. Yeah. False. They're just paying the food chain.

Yeah. All right. All right. Let's hear it. Let's bust one out. Bust it out. Heath, I gotta move my mic cause I'm a friend. I'm gonna blow it up. [00:43:00] Yeah, I hear you. Woo. Woo. Woo. Woo.

All right. Are you clapping? You clapping Seth . It sounded good to me. . There we go. I got an audience in New Mexico, . Yeah, that's right. All right, here we go. Here we go. Bard out.

Tell him Seth wasn't No comparison. They're out there. There's one lit in the tree out here right now. Now maybe up there and get him to holler . When I did that reel a couple weeks ago, people were like, wow. They were like, they looked up. Oh yeah, they, I got basically I got like a hundred new followers out of that, that hooton reel I made a couple weeks ago okay. I know that they, why do they gobble at an owl or a crow? Is it just because it's a loud [00:44:00] noise? Because I've heard You can just honk your horn and they'll gobble. That's a shock. Gobble. Yeah. Yeah. They will fla it with it. They will. That was Chris's prison name shot. Gobble.

That's right.

Alright. Yeah. Hey, that's, so they'll do the same thing. They'll do the same thing at Thunder or like I used to pull up somewhere. They'll do it on a coyote a coyote. How, I wonder what that's all about. Yep. It's just, I wonder why they do that. I don't know. They're just like, everything's built. I think it's like this, everything is so built up in them.

They're waiting to come off that roost early in the mornings and just let it rip and then all of a sudden it's oh yeah, I'll do that. So I could pull up and down a lane where I Turkey hunted and hit my air horn on my siren and just, and man, they'll just blow up. Huh? Geese. Lemme tell you one of my secret tips tricks and I don't know where I learned, I [00:45:00] was reading the magazine This's been years ago.

And when turkeys are late in the season and they're hard to get to gobble and especially this works a better for me, it's worked better for me up in the day. You know what I carry with me to get them to shot gobble the mark dreary Silent dog whistle. It's not Mark's , it's the one that I've been using for years.

But yes, I carry a dog whistle with me. Really? And I'm telling Yes. What'd they call that thing? I don't know what his is. I don't, I really don't know. But I mean I got a dog whistle years ago and I read it in a magazine and it may have been him that actually I read. I don't know where I got it from, but I started carrying one of those in my vest.

And sometimes when I get bored or I just don't have nothing, I'll bring that thing out and it hits that pitch. And I'm telling you, the first time I did that, I about fell over cuz I thought they were full of bologna. [00:46:00] Okay. When you say dog whistle, do you mean like dog whistle? You mean the one that you can't hear in dog can't hear this Island dog whistle.

That's crazy. Crazy. I never would've Barney that. The one that Barney Five blew on that episode. Yeah. Of Andy Griffiths show. You really get cultured, Seth. I know that's way past your genre there, but look, I'll tell you about having, there's a lot of life. Yeah. There's a lot of life lessons in Andy Griffiths show.

I'm telling you right now. Yeah. I'm about cultured. Is Velveeta ? Yeah. Barney Blow that whistle Barney. He don't like that whistle. What'd you say? He, you don't watch, you've never watched Andy? Dude, I watched TV probably. I've been married for, I've been with my wife for 10 years, almost just a shade under, and I think I've sat on that couch in this home maybe 25 times.

I don't, dude do. No. I don't watch tv and it's nothing against my TV watching brethren. I don't tv. But you don't watch Andy Griffith. Like how do [00:47:00] you, don't stop. Do you know? You got, you've got a YouTube it, Google it. Whatever you gotta do Spotify. Whatever you got, you've got to watch an episode of Andy.

Okay. And you think about this was back in the fifties and that show still airs today. That's how Pure it is. And it's the longest running syndicated series ever produced. Whoa. Yeah. And within an hour and 15 minutes of my house, I can be in Mayberry. Yep. Raleigh. Yeah. They have a festival every fall called the Mayberry.

Huh. And you can go down to it. It's right here, right off the mountain towards Cana and it's phenomenal. Get out there. You just to, you gotta watch it. Okay. I will. Yeah. Mission accomplish as an employee of Hounds and xp. I will watch it. one. It's addictive. You gotta watch the originals start at season one cuz after Howard Sprague and all those, [00:48:00] when it, I don't want the color version.

When it got to the colored version, it went to pot. Yeah. It just, when the old Black and whites with Andy, what's your favorite episode? Eth Andy. Oh my lord. Holy cow. There's so many good, there's so many lessons in those like life lessons and the stuff, mr. Mcbe the bear, the bear gets in the ma and yeah, mayor was crazy.

I didn't like that Mayor. I didn't know. I think some of my favorite episodes are with Bobby Fleet and the band with the beat. Oh, really? Yeah. Rossco Train? Yeah. Name Rossco PCO Train. Yeah. Was the playing the guitar. Yep. But Andy, every time he comes to town, Andy gets him way or somehow I like those.

What about the darlings? Yeah the one where they put Barney in the dress and have to marry him off because Ernest t Ernest t it's me. It's me. It's ernest t. Yeah. The darlings are pretty good. Yeah. That, they're all good.[00:49:00] They're all good. I've watched, I've seen every episode a hundred times and I could sit here tonight and watch 'em again.

Oh yeah. Yep. Yeah, we call them we referred to 'em as training videos, for law enforcement. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. You got Seth over there Googling Andy Griffith right now. He's who are they talking about? I'm like, I just let you guys go for it. There was some nostalgia there and that was, it was making my heart as well.

Gosh, , are we gonna talk about anything do with Hounds in this episode? Or we just have an old home week and just talking about all stuff? I think that's the beauty of this is like an all, this is like an all mixed up episode is what it's like. Yeah, I know. I was gonna say, but here's the thing, and this is the truth.

Dead set truth, you guys, I don't know when the last time you guys were on jury duty was, but I just got called to my first one this week and I got selected to be on a trial and I'm on it every month. Oh really? , I gotta be honest with you. Everyone always says it sucks. I [00:50:00] actually had a great time.

and not because it was fun, just because, like I was really happy to be a part of something that like a citizen does in this country. And also I took it really seriously. Not like where I was being lame, but there's I took it seriously. I was paying attention. I took notes, I contributed a lot to the deliberation at the end, I felt, and man, the case was really dumb.

I'm not gonna talk about it of course, but I was really surprised at how well I learned two lessons. And these are super broad lessons that I feel, lemme ask you a question. Go for it. Was it civil or criminal? I don't know what it was it was the battery of a home member. Okay. Criminal.

Criminal, yep. Yeah. And I could not, it was very minor, but it was so convoluted. That's why I had to go to a jury trial. And but what I love is I really liked all the. The rituals of the courtroom, and I really liked it when a lawyer was like, oh, like I, that's, I'm not gonna lie.

Several times in my head I thought, like law and order style . But one thing I think is the best lesson you, I learned three big time lessons [00:51:00] from this. You guys, one dude, lawyer up, do not take chances. We are dumb person. We're gonna get this part out, lawyer up because I think a lot of people had preconceived notions about the defendant just by looking at him.

And man, that lawyer was really good. And I was like, wow, man, that guy really pulled some heavy weight. And two, and this is one really important, get cameras in your house. People get cameras because all of this could have been solved if the def, if the plaintiff just had cameras, That's it. That's all you need.

Security cameras, rock, and they can save your skin. Man, that was really the main two lessons that I couldn't stop thinking about. I'm just gonna set up my tact cam, reveal in my living room. Trail camera. Yeah. Set up trail cameras in my house. It's actually not a bad idea. Yeah, it's probably cheaper. . Yeah.

The only trigger when there's movement. Yeah. Here's something that everybody should know. Coming and being in law enforcement. Yeah. There's two [00:52:00] law enforcement guys here, . And how much things have changed over the past just go from 2014, so the last nine years, Seth, I can go get a warrant on you for anything.

I literally can go to the air process may be a little different than yours, but I can go to a magistrate and raise my hand and say, he beat me down. He punched me in the face. He did this, he did that. They gonna swear out a warrant. You're gonna get. , brought in, you're gonna have to post a bond or whatever.

And then we go to court and I would say a high per 80% of the time, 80% of the time it's mostly bs. And our system shouldn't be that way. There should be some repercussions for me taking out a warrant on you on something that never happened. Yeah. And it doesn't work. So do you think my lawyer up advice is good advice?

I don't know if I should say this out loud. You'll have to, Hey, I'm retired, so I'll [00:53:00] say it. Yeah. Yes. That's good advice. It is good advice to, to go ahead and get a lawyer. I just had a hound man call me probably a month ago that was involved in some stuff. and it was a game violation and the conservation officers wanted to come and talk to him.

I'll try to lay this out a little bit without revealing what the whole situation. So the guy went hunting with another guy. They get, they turn the dogs loose, the dogs run in there, the dogs go across the fence line. The two guys never crossed the fence line. They never, according to him, they never go onto this property.

The dog's to broke. They get to the fence line, the dog street 20 yards behind, beyond the fence. And so the guy that called me just tones his dogs back to him. And so he was, he had called in and said that these guys were trespassing and wanted them prosecuted for [00:54:00] hunting without consent and blah, blah, blah, all this stuff.

So I told this guy is first thing you need to ask those officers is, , am I the target of this investigation? Am I the target? Am I the main suspect? And if the answer is yes, say I'm not talking to you. I'm just not gonna talk to you. You can talk to my attorney. I'm not gonna give any statements.

Cuz I can tell you that 90% of the convictions that I ever got was because people talked, I had all the evidence, I had all the information I needed. And now I want you to go ahead and say it and say that you did this. And once you say that you did it, then boom, you're done. So I'll just, I'm retired and I could say that , that kind of corroborated what I thought.

Cuz that's what the defendant did. He just, we, and he just had a lawyer talk for him. And I was like, smart . Really smart. [00:55:00] Yeah. Anyway, so I had a good time and it consumed all my thoughts because I was really trying to be a good juror and I'm glad it's over. But which brings it back to you.

Remember the episode when a Griff got the ticket from the game warden? Yes. For not having his license. Yep. . Yeah. Oh yeah. What is that light? What is that light shining on our face? Is that your sun setting? Behind that? Is the sun setting? Yeah, it's the sun setting. I'm trying to use my head to block. It is crazy bright.

That sun's right in that western window. . Yeah. It's my radiant personality. Yeah. I thought, wow. Second Cummings, Seth's. Yeah, it's right. Are you there at rabbits? Seth, are you there? I need a stuffed rabbit to come out right there, . And then you'll see it, you'll get it. It's all gonna make sense to you.

When's the last time you guys saw something new that [00:56:00] really surprised you? When it came? We're gonna talk about hound hunting now. Okay. I can't stop thinking about this, you guys. When is the last time something happened to you in your pack, performance-wise, that your dogs are, consistent and then something happens with the quarry that just blows your mind?

And I was, I can tell you what it was for Heath. It was the day that Diablo ran with Spook and Kate . He was like, oh, you're crazy. No we're sitting there on the side of the road, I'm gonna tell you what it's like to hunt with bear, hunt with heat. He had him double coupler to my dog. So they keep up, lemme tell you what it's like to hunt with Heath Hya.

So Heath is I'll meet up here. And then he slips off by himself and he drives down through there and he gets really annoyed if you stay too close to him. And he opens up. But as soon as he gets a bark, he turns those speed demons loose and just sends 'em through the country and they just head outta there.

Like they got turbos strapped to their butt, and he, you pull up, if you're not right behind him, you pull up, it's [00:57:00] Hey where's spooking cake? And he is oh, they're topping the mountain. They're, and, there's no sense in turning loose at that point. Okay. So I happen to catch it one day.

Where it was like we got a rig strike and I dropped my dogs, and then I was messing with him. I was looking at my garment and I said, oh, look at that, Diablo and Cajun are right. There was Spook and Cape, and Heath looked at me like he wanted to reach over and strangle me. He was like, oh, there's no Adam.

I'm not seeing that . If you guys can see heat space right now, to my defense, I had covid. I had to walk out the mountain. I was not in a good mood. I probably took it out the wrong people. He took it out on Diablo. Kate was coming in heat and Diablo was up there messing with him, and he's kicking my dog and beating on him and sending him down the mountain.

He and then he calls me a week later, he is like, Hey, Kate's coming [00:58:00] in heat . He would not leave. I didn't kick your nose. I know. Didn't I know you didn't. I wouldn't, he would not leave her. He didn't care what was going on. It was wherever Kate was at. He was at, and she was like, that's leave.

He stayed so close. That's why, that's the only reason he stayed so close. He's I don't care about this bear at all. . Yeah. He wasn't tracking bear. He was tracking bear. Look, I don't blame him. You know what I mean? Yeah. , that's all my little girl I got I got my socks blown off you guys.

I have two Saluki and they're notorious for their endurance. And I still to this day, what, how my tis saluki hunt is they just get in behind a hair and they can't overpower it like a greyhound can and just get to turning it quick. They just get in behind. and just grind him to dust. Until the race is going 15 miles an hour.

And my dog comet, he is like a beast about getting in behind one at about 35 and just running it down. And he caught a three minute 42nd hair, which was [00:59:00] amazing. I was going like, I was like an animal, and li two weekends ago we got up a hair and it was a four minute 22nd race and it literally, comets stopped running and I could not, that's the first time I've ever seen a saluki get completely just outrun.

And I don't, I've seen 'em get outrun by a hair, just get so far ahead of him that it can just lay down and hide and then they just can't find it. Okay. That happens. That's how you get away from a luki, but to just out distance him like. I was just like, whoa. And that hair, Shane was with me and Shane was just like, dude, that hair is not even close to Dun.

Not even close. He still just, and he was gone and Comet came to a stop and so did Strider. And I was just like, so then what did I say? What'd I say? I was like, oh, if I would've had the king, we would've caught him. I would've had the king. We would've caught him. Yeah. You know how we make excuses like crazy?

So I brought out the King of the Prairie the next weekend. This was a couple days ago. Pronto. I went, yeah. Pronto. I went [01:00:00] out to the exact same spot. I jumped that hair cuz I used that up rematch. Yes. And dude, within 12 feet of where I jumped that hair, I jumped him again. I'm pr it had to be the same one.

Turn out them all, turn all three out with the king beats me again. And runs the exact same force. I know. And dude, when, and Shane and me were just like, all right. He earned it. . I don't even know what to say. I don't even care that I got beat. I was just like, that rabbit is injecting weedies.

He's not eating his weedies, he's freaking injecting. You know what I mean? I think that, so anyway, I really can't stop thinking about what a freaking lord of the prairie that freaking rabbit is. I think that's one of the draws to hunting. You go back to the red fern groves when they were chasing the ghost coon, it's like that, that one that can't be caught.

That's what keeps you going back. Dutch salmon he was a prolific writer and he was a serious western hair corer. He wrote in his book [01:01:00] Gaze Hounds that he believes that some hairs are uncatchable. And when I had my a team pack, I was like, no, they'll catch him. You know what I mean? No I do believe him.

Jokes aside, I do think some are just uncatchable. He had perfect footwork, a great game plan and just. Strong, just great speed, tons of distance. And it was just a really awesome hair . Have you ever seen bear like that, Heath? That's what I was gonna say. I think there's some, I think there's animals like that in every species.

Yeah there's bear that we don't catch. There's bear that we catch and they're able to get away from you. Was it Chad? Chad had posted a video of a bear climbing through a rock cliff and it wasn't his, but he had copied it from somebody and posted it, and I tried to redo it and I couldn't get it to come up.

But, it's stuff like that make you sit back and yeah, they got you there. They've got you. I was so impressed. But yeah I believe that's with every species. What's interesting? So what you're [01:02:00] telling me, Seth, and what I'm thinking, what's going through my head is, How old is that rabbit?

How many times has he been run to be able to do those things? That's not a, that's not a newbie, you know what I'm saying? Yeah, that's exactly When I told my mentor and my really close friend, he was like, no way. He's that dog, that rabbit has seen our dogs before. Or for whatever reason, he just got the right brain between those big, beautiful ears because, and I knew he was gonna be special.

Cause when I jumped him the first time, a lot of times they get up and then try to hide and dude, no, he came up and just ripping like a hundred miles an hour with his ears down. And I was like, whoa. All right. So anyway, you're right. There's so much cool stuff to think about what happened in his life to make him such an extraordinary athlete and thinker, cuz under pressure, he was just so smooth.

And I was like, damn. , I'm gonna take some of our ver verbiage here because I'm in the hound world. and I'm teaching this tracking school this week. [01:03:00] And there's two, two things y'all have used in the last two minutes that I have told this class already this week. So when we talk about suspects running, I call 'em rabbits because they just run and run and run.

They're rabbits, they're hard to catch. And when I teach my class and that portion on it, that's how I present it to 'em. And then Goat, you said ghost? Yep. The red Fern Glow grows. I have seen two dogs Ghost Track today, which means they were tracking who knows what because they weren't going where the suspect went.

That's a part of training we have to tweak in and get it better. But we caught it, ghost tracking and a lot of times that's when the dog is pulling sled dog style. That just gives everybody a mental picture of it. The dog's just pulling the handler, goes with him without ever checking the dog to make sure he is in.

The correct profile. Profile means that he's showing me body language that I would recognize as him being in odor. So we done some [01:04:00] ghost tracking today and while we were ghost tracking, I was able to find a beautiful six point shed . While we were off tracking ghosts I found the shed and had six points on one side.

It was beautiful. I tr I stayed in there a little bit too long looking for the other side, , , but I did get some shed hunting today. But yeah, so we call 'em rabbits. They run and run. And we basically, our rabbits are straight liners. Boom, they gone. That's what you're saying too, that's exactly how you're explaining that

So it's so funny that I knew nothing about rabbit hunting and yet I'm able to inter grind intertwine that terminology into what I'm doing. , except. When you look at this whole thing though, you're not mad. This is the beauty of being a homan and being a hunter. You're not mad that you got outran.

You're amazed. I was amazed. And when you get defeated, we like to see the [01:05:00] wildlife win. It's look at that thing. Go, that is awesome. To think that these highly skilled tuned hounds that we're using to catch this game, it's fun when they win, occasionally we go back to truck and we feel defeated and you might dwell on it and you might, but if you're throwing the stuff around and you're mad about that, that you're looking at it wrong.

It's yeah, you just witnessed a thing of beauty and majesty and it's something to behold. And that happens. My mentor, one of my, one of, one of the most respected people I know, her name is Karen Lero. I text her and told her, I was like, you will not believe, but a hair just outlasted comet.

And it was like eight feet in front of him for three minutes straight and they were just locked in a dual. And she goes, no, I can believe that. And it's good for them to, it's good for you to get outrun. And it's also awesome when that happens because that hair is gonna go breed and make more hairs that in turn make our hounds better.

Cuz if [01:06:00] they were all easy to catch, we wouldn't have world-class hounds. And I was like, dang, it's especially good for you to get outrun . You know what's so funny? I don't know if you guys know this about me or not, but I'm animated, especially when my speed dogs are after a hair. And Oh, no doubt.

You wouldn't really I don't know if you knew that about me or not. But anyway shame is not, he's a very, he's a very chill. And both of us, when that, when comic came to a stop, when comic literally just ran outta steam, we both just looked at each other with our jaws down and we were just like, did that just happen?

Yeah. And it was amazing just to see Shane too. He was just like, whoa, . So anyway, that was cool. Yeah. Good deal, man. That's getting, it's getting close to heat's bedtime, and and my dinner time. . Yeah. So what did we miss? Any final thoughts? Seth? You got any final thoughts on this? All mixed up? Point blank.

Whatever it is, stay tuned everyone. [01:07:00] There's a lot of cool stuff in the pipelines. By the time this airs one of 'em is already done and another one is about to commence. Stay tuned, everyone, patrons, stick around. There's gonna be some cool video content for some pretty famous guys and some pretty cool people.

I'm really excited to bring that to everyone. Stay tuned. Heat. You got any th wood to throw on the fire here? Yeah, we've, I've got a couple some really good podcasts coming up. Man I've been really blessed to be introduced to people that when I li when I sit and talk to 'em, I'm like, crap, man.

I don't know anything. So I've got a couple of those guys coming up. Seth, I got a bucket list. L sir. Clarky I got that list. We gotta make it happen. Game catcher. You draw. I'll take 'em right to you. I'll take you right to them. I know where they are, but, so let me ask you a quick question, because I've been to New Mexico and hunted twice.

. We went cat hunting, dry ground hunting out there at lake Roberts with, [01:08:00] I was gonna say big state. Tell me, gimme a region. Yeah. Lake Roberts. Yep. Got see the memorial. Yep. Okay. He's a legend. I've been in one of his lean tos. I stayed the night in one of his lean tos out in the helo wilderness actually.

That's great. Anyway, continue. So do you have to ha you don't have to have a guide or do you have to have a guide? Nope. You don't. I just have to draw the tag. Yeah. And the deadlines tomorrow. So you should put in . Yeah, I'm gonna get all right on that. I'm trying to draw in Iowa right now.

My, Hey, if you need that, my brother-in-law call me in Iowa? No, in New Mexico. I'll just help you put in for units. I can't obviously help you draw. Yeah. So my brother-in-law, this is crazy. My brother-in-law is from Iowa. His family's still up there. They've got a very nice farm in a very good location.

And I was looking at the units and everything and to draw up there is almost impossible, like almost impossible. I'm like, man I've been wanting to hunt up there for years [01:09:00] cuz they kill some monsters. , and monster . He's salivating, ladies and gentlemen. Oh, I'm telling you. I don't get excited over deer.

Those deer get me excited. Like I want to kill one. So I'm trying to draw there, which I have to wait till May to do that. But I may look that up tomorrow and see. Yeah, if you draw, I'd love to have you out here, bud. Yeah, I'll take you. I want good spots. Yeah. The drawing is so hard, dude.

That's one of my favorite things about hound huntings. We don't have to draw and man, can we run elk? Sounds . I'll bring on right on out . Yeah, no, I wish. But yeah, put in and if you draw, I'd be more than happy to take you out and I'll give you some tips for sure. Yep. We, yeah, we're gonna talk.

Yeah, for sure. There you go. Chris, you got any final thoughts, brother? . My final thoughts are, make sure you're visiting homan xp.com. Yeah. And all of our sponsors are right there. I can't tell you, I talk to these people a lot [01:10:00] and I can just tell you that they're all solid good people that believe in preserving this lifestyle that we all enjoy so much and just want you to support 'em.

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And that's what led me to this part was, we've dropped a bunch of podcasts the last week and a half or so, and it's all about hound hunter's rights. All of it is about hound hunter's rights. We had Ivan Carter last week Heath, what'd you run last week? You ran Mike Leonard. Mike Leonard, who had a lot of good stuff to say and a very insightful.

We had Teal Jones this week on on Monday show. We had Corey Huntsman from the Utah Homan Association. And so we're not gonna stop talking about that stuff. It's important. I don't care. It doesn't do any good to talk about training dogs and breeding better dogs and genetics and how dogs noses work if we can't use 'em.

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