Point Blank-November

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The Houndsman XP Crew comes together for this Point Blank episode where we get unhitched to run wild and talk about recent hunts, episodes and all kinds of crazy stuff. 

Topics Discussed:

-  Hunting Hallowed Ground

  • Visiting Ben Lilly’s grave
  • Hunting Group break ups
  • Hippies vs Hillbillies
  • Marriage Advice for Houndsmen
  • How to truly evaluate your own dogs
  • Houndsman XP Bear Camp Recap



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Freedom Hunters

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Show Transcript

Yeah, as I was gonna say, there's a huge amount of hound hunting history in those woods. A bunch of hunting history in general. Ben Lilly took Teddy Roosevelt hunting in those areas. When Chris first called me and said we were going to do this bear camp uh, he said it was in the Gila and immediately I was like, oh, wow.

And then I got off the phone with him. And then I was like, man, I think Den Lillie's buried by there and I like started googling it And immediately I was like, oh, we're gonna hit his grave, which we did find his grave Super cool. We didn't go to the monument. The monument really doesn't have much.

I Think the grave had more Historical importance in the monument, but I was, Treating bears was cool. Shooting bears was cool, but seeing [00:01:00] Ben Willey's grave, I think. Yeah we loaded up and drove all the way over there to find that grave. How jacked up was that layout on that cemetery head?

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[00:04:00] Welcome to point blank, everybody. We've got everybody in here. And this is this is the whole team. We get the first time ever. We've had every people on here, everybody on here. So welcome. We got yeah, we got Ed. Let's just start with it. The the introductions, we got game catcher, he tie hailing from, are you at home Heath?

I am in the great state of Virginia in the heart of the Appalachian mountains. Virginia is for, is it's not really the heart you've said before that you're like fringe. Yeah, at least I'm not drinking peach beer.

Look at these guys. Pinky up. Bryce Matthews, Mr. Non military time, peach drinking [00:05:00] Bryce Matthews. Bryce, I'll fight him with you. Let's do it, dude. Man. I was born with broad shoulders for a reason. Y'all just keep it coming. If it, if the number 12 and then it's PM. That's a lot of math, Ed. That's a lot of math, man.

I'm a coon hunter. Come on. We'll give you a break since you're a coon hunter. Yeah. Yep. And you just heard from Ed Barnes, our newest show on the Houndsman XP podcast network, the dog man. If you guys haven't checked out the dog, man, that's a pretty cool podcast. And I know you guys are going to do a lot of more, a lot more cool stuff too.

What do you got in the works, Ed? Anything you want to reveal? Next weekend, we're going rabbit hunting with beagles. There we go. That's a good time. Yes. I haven't done that in quite a few years. I used to do it. That's actually how I got started dog hunting. And then I moved to hog hunting, but my mentor ran beagles for years and every once in a while we'd [00:06:00] slip out and run some beagles, but I ain't done it in probably five or six years, so I'm pretty excited about it.

That's always one of my favorite hunts of the year is to head north with Alan Gingrich, go up and chase some hairs up man. You just turn dogs out and they just rock. They run like those hairs run like deer. And the area we're going, we might get on. These are

snowshoes or not. Those little weak Jack rabbits out there. I never wanted to strike an old man until now. Bring it. I'm too old to fight, but he might shoot you.

Yep. And then we got the perpetual eating machine, Chad Reynolds with his. With it. Yeah. The day after Halloween and Roxy fixes him [00:07:00] a little care package for what'd you call it? It's more of like a cornucopia of candy, I would say, Candacopia. It can't. Yeah. Now I'm dropping everything.

I'm making a mess, but I should be satisfied for the rest of the podcast. All my little snacks here. I think earlier you said Paulcast, P A W C A S T. Yeah, that's what she calls it, a Paulcast, and I be something, there might be something to that. Yeah. For sure. For sure. And we got the. The bearded one, flintlock shooter, harebrained.

Seth Hall in the house. What's up everybody? What's up? What you got going? What you got going on there? What you sip sipping? What are you sipping? I'm sipping Gosling's Ginger beer. I knew it. I knew it was gonna be a Gosling's Ginger beer. They're so good. And you got your Jerusalem cruisers on too, don't you?

Nah, I'm running a barefoot now, brother. The sticker season is [00:08:00] over. So it's barefoot. We are going to cover the Jesus cruisers, man. That was just over the top. That was over the top. I think the only time I saw Ed startled is when I was wearing my sandals, standing naked by the truck. Didn't startle him at all.

No, that, that turned him on. No but bear hunting and sandals. That was a first, this is a point blank, so let's just get into it. It's we just got back from a good trip to the Gila and Ed and Seth and I did anyway, and that was an awesome trip, had a great time. Actually caught and saw some bears.

You can find some articles. We wrote some articles that are going to be in the upcoming issue of full crime magazine. So you can get more details there. So we don't want to foreshadow that too much, but actually, Chris, I don't think that's going to be I don't think it's going to be in the full cry until January.

Yeah. December, [00:09:00] January issue. Yeah, I'm not a hundred percent sure on that, but she said they were, she said they were booked up. So it's going to take a little bit to get in there, but it will be in there here pretty quick. I gotcha. Yeah. So we are so just so everybody knows Houndsman XP if, and this is a plug, this is another benefit for joining us on Patreon.

If you join us on Patreon, you get a free subscription to full crime magazine. And Jason and Danny Duby have done an outstanding job of bringing that magazine back. It's got an old look with a new feel, I don't know. How do you, how would you describe it, Ed? Have you looked at it? I haven't seen the new one but I'm not covers all the time you're looking.

Oh yeah. And that's super cool. Like it got me thinking About doing a kind of retro look for Tuskers, but I didn't want to jump on that bandwagon, but it's super cool. I think Full Cry's got to be the longest running dog magazine of all time. I'm, I think it, I'm not 100 percent sure, but I think it goes [00:10:00] back to the 40s.

1939, I think. 39. That's incredible. That's incredible. And it's morphed through the years and changed its focus. But, of course it's always been on the dogs. It's switched between what dogs it might be focused on, but yeah, super long run on full crime magazine. When I was a kid, that's, I just couldn't wait to get my full crime magazines.

I, I even got a bunch of back issues and stuff from my uncle and wore those pages out. And instead of mom finding a playboy under the mattress, she would come in and see the light on under the door and open the door and it's what are you doing in here? And I was looking at the full crime magazine.

Yeah. I saw they like I guess when they bought the magazine, cause it, for anybody who doesn't know here a few months ago, it was. It was about to go under and and they picked it back up and somebody knew and then they're running with it. But I guess they got the full back catalog and everything.

And they gave [00:11:00] away, they still had some of the very first addition to that magazine and they did a contest and gave some away. That's super cool. Yep. I will say when I got mine in the mail, like I thought it was really neat. The art on the cover, like it felt very old school for my time. I really enjoyed it.

Yeah, I think, I think they would be crazy if they didn't capitalize on that, like heritage that, that full cry has, and they totally did. I need to re up my subscription. I used to subscribe for years. I used to write for him for a while, uh, and then just got busy and let that lapse.

But I'm, I like to write for him because they'd gone to a their focus had switched to squirrel dogs. Yeah, there for a while. It was they. Terry was selling the covers and different things to OC, OMCBA and a lot of squirreldog organizations and things like that. So it, when I start first started, you had people like [00:12:00] Del Morgan or not Del Morgan.

He's the NKC guy. Yeah. Del actually wrote an article in there, but Del Cameron, Dale Lee was writing for him. There's a guy by the name of Richard bear, John wick. It was a lot of old time guys and I'm from Oklahoma and I'm from Oklahoma, so I got to throw out Ed Abel. Yeah. Ed Abel was writing the, what'd he call that?

The legal hound or something. Yeah, he was a lawyer. He focused mostly on the legal aspect of it, but he was also a top notch black and ham, black and tan guy. Yeah, for sure. And then who's the blue tick guy down towards the was she to the wrote the articles. What was his name? Guy Ormiston.

Yeah. Yeah. Guy Ormiston that he, you talk about a guy that could write about history and genetics and that guy always drew me in. [00:13:00] What always drew me into full cry was that they had, magazines are old school and I run a magazine, so I understand this, but full cry had the cream of the crop of the old school guys who were still magazine oriented.

They had them writing, monthly articles more than anybody else. And that's what always drew me into it. I love old guys. Yeah you won't see Seth Heath. What do you remember Guy Ormiston? Yeah, I remember. I used my granddad used to get full cry American Cooner.

And it was something the Fox and the horn or something like a Fox and a hound or Fox horn or something like that. Hunter's horn. Yeah. So my, Terry released all those. So my grant, my great, this is my great grandfather. He used to get those books. And I, when I was, and we lived right beside him, they kept us, but when we were kids and I used to go through, [00:14:00] like he had a stack of them laying on a coffee table a stack and I would go through them and read them and.

Of course, when I got into the hounds in the early nineties, full cry was the one that I subscribed to. aNd then Guy Ormiston also went on to write for bloodlines. And that's where I wrote the article echoes across Washita. Is that how you, is that how you say that Ed you're from Oklahoma Washtenaw.

Okay. See, so I've been mispronouncing it for years because I'm not from there. I was going to let him keep saying with cheetah or whatever.

I forgot to mention Chris, but when you were at Earl's and we did our podcast. Yeah. And I think in the intro, you were talking about Zydeco music and you said Zydeco.

I Got a bunch of people will come to me like, what's he talking? I was like, [00:15:00] he meant Zydeco. He said Zydeco, but he meant Zydeco. tHey, in the, some of those old time guys were saying Zydeco in their music, some of those old black guys. Yeah, they may have some of the traditional Zydeco artists.

So that's where I picked it up, but yeah, I probably was missed. It doesn't surprise me. Yeah. Put the emphasis on the wrong syllable there.

Let's recap that. Let's recap that bear hunt real quick. The thing that, and Seth, you set all that up, you got. You put us in the right place and great campsite, man. Yeah. I love it. I definitely want to give a big shout out. I had some help getting all that together. Although I did grow up in those woods, I definitely am not a [00:16:00] bear hunter.

So I had some help getting that site together. So I want to give a huge shout out to BB ranch hounds, Ross Blackwilder. tHose guys are awesome. And they essentially were just like, go there. And I was like, Oh, I know those woods. Awesome. But it was good to just have a second opinion. Just be like, Hey.

You should go there. So you guys, it's public land, but they're guides. So it was really awesome of BB ranch to give us that that hookup for just some ideas. And it was a great time. So I personally want to give a massive shout out to Mr. Blackwell or Mr. Hibbets. Just to give me some good ideas there.

Yeah, me as well. And it may work out for him because I had a bunch of people message me, Hey, I want to go hunt that. And I got his contact information from Seth and. And put him in contact with a few people, more than a few people. So hopefully he'll get some work out of that. Yeah, that'd be great. That was super cool.

Him to throw us his one of his spots. Like I wouldn't do that. If somebody called me, I wouldn't do that.[00:17:00]

I'm with you, Ed. That's the most valuable thing I got. On this planet, your smile, Chad, when you find it, let me know, I'd be all right with somebody walking in, yo, you want to borrow my TV? Yeah, whatever the trailer. Yeah, whatever. Hey, let me, I need a hunting spot. Like I am losing it.

Phone's breaking up. I'm done, man. I'm going to get out of that. You guys got on them pretty quick too, didn't you? Oh, yeah. Chris brought some bear dogs, son. You hear that heat.

It was it was fuzzy. It didn't come in real good. I didn't hear anything. We ran bear and saw bear every day, except for Tuesday, the conditions skunked us. But right off the bat, Monday morning, open in the morning, we had a bear up a tree by 10 AM, 1030. Fantastic. That's awesome.

We were on dope. [00:18:00] If you had Walker dogs, you'd had it done by seven. I've got a special meme for you, buddy about Walker dogs. I'll send it to you later. Yeah, I don't care what dog it is. If they put it up the tree, I'll be there. I agree was there. That's right. There on a Thursday. That's for sure. Yeah. Why don't you describe the HeLa Seth describe the HeLa that's your, that's right up your alley, man.

You are. You are the guy. Yeah. So the, he was like a mid elevation for the Western Rocky mountain standards, but for the East coast folks, it's pretty high elevation. We were at about 8, 000 feet. This is a open understory with a rolling Ponderosa woodland. So it's a mixture of different species of pines, but the dominant like kind of flagship species, there's the Ponderosa pine, and it's like a very large, straight, heavy barked pine.

The walking is a dream through that country. [00:19:00] It's a wide open on the understory. There's a lot of rocks in there, a lot of up and down, crazy Canyon country. wIth watered bottoms, which sounds funny, but that's rare for us. So to have streams flowing and a lot of these Canyon bottoms is why the bears were there.

And it's not super common. The Gila is a pretty watered forest, but it's not as wet. It's 4. 2 million acres of unbroken public land. So where we were hunting the nearest. Like private land was 38 miles away, but in some stretches, it was almost 55 to any kind of private land. That's awesome. Yeah.

And those woods are awesome. There's a lot of native American history there and there aren't any bears there. So don't come to the healer. I struggled every day. And there's a lot of Ben Lilly history there. Yeah. As I was going to say, there's a huge amount of hound hunting history in those woods, a bunch of hunting history in general.

Ben Lilly took Teddy Roosevelt hunting in those [00:20:00] areas. When Chris first called me and said, we were going to do this bear camp uh, he said it was in the Gila and immediately I was like, Oh, wow. And then I got off the phone with him. And then I was like, man, I think Ben Lillie's buried by there.

And I like started Googling it and immediately I was like, Oh, we're going to hit his grave, which we did find his grave. Super cool. We didn't go to the monument. The monument really doesn't have much. I think the grave had more historical importance than the monument, but I was, treating bears was cool.

Shooting bears was cool, but seeing Ben Lillie's grave, I think. Yeah we loaded up and drove. I drove all the way over there to find that grave. It was hot too. We can't, and, and we were, we parked in the shade cause the dogs were in the box and we walked around the, how jacked up was that? [00:21:00] That layout on that cemetery, Ed.

Hey, the map for that cemetery is all kinds of screwed up. If anybody goes there to find Lily's grave, I don't know how we missed it, but there are big signs that point towards it. We miss those. And we didn't get around to it, Chris, but we're going to be there next year. But next year we're bringing uh, like some large parchment paper and we're gonna do like a charcoal, uh, lay the paper on Lily's.

Gravestone and do like a charcoal I don't know what you call that. Like a spacing or whatever you want to call it. Yeah. Not really trace it, but just you rub the charcoal over it and it'll, yeah, we forgot to do that. I remember it on my way home, but next year we're going to be there next year.

So next year we'll do it. Yeah. I'm going to do, I'm going to do that and frame it. That'd be so awesome. Me too. That's something to hang up for sure. One thing I do want to say is before everyone's Oh, I'm going to jump in my hound trucks and drive to the Gila. I'm going to say this right now. If you're going to hunt it, get your hiking boots on [00:22:00] and lose 30 pounds folks, because you're going to be walking a lot and you're bordering the wilderness.

And that's two, about 2 million acres. And there's no vehicle traffic allowed. If your dogs go in there. You're walking the whole way son. And we walked a lot. Are Jesus cruisers considered hiking boots? I'm going to tell you right now son, I value comfort. I'm going to tell you right now that if you can walk in a pair of boots as well as he or Seth gets through the country in a Jesus cruisers.

You're doing good. I, I just never thought it was that big a deal until I met you guys. You don't, do you really hunt in those all the time? Yeah. Always. Or barefoot. Always dude. Always crazy. Do they have like little flames down the side? Like you guys need to paint me a picture. I need to know.

I got to go get a pair. They're just, they're sitting right out there is what I wanted to work. Don't get a pair. And while you're going, we'll trash it while you're gone. But anyway and while I can't defend myself, exactly. That's the whole point. Yeah, Seth shows up. [00:23:00] Seth shows up on Tuesday evening.

He was late. Wednesday. He was late, wasn't he? I think it was Wednesday, wasn't it? He showed up on Wednesday, yeah. I had one, I had some work. Oh, he was really late then. I had some family commitments I needed to take care of, so I was late. It's not family. You were at a pole dancing competition. I was competing too.

And we saw the, and we saw the pictures. I

wasn't competing. The other part's true. I wasn't competing. No, my God. I'm not going to, you showed up, you show you hung them with us for two days. Yeah, two days. And I will say late fall, Tuesday evening, you showed up very punctual Tuesday evening. It was Tuesday evening. Yeah. Cause I got off the plane woke up, worked a day and then had to drive there.

Yeah. And I was like, I'll be there at [00:24:00] eight 30 and I walked into camp at eight 29. No kidding. It was a freaking amazing. So getting back to the condition of the healer, you talked about walking. And you also need to be prepared for. Roads that suck. Oh yeah. That's the Hilo is legendary for its terrible tire destroying roads.

Yeah, that's another thing I was gonna say. You better be ready to walk a lot, son, and you better have some vehicles that can handle horrible roads because you're going to destroy your vehicle. That's what makes it good. If the roads were, if the roads are pristine, everybody'd be there.

Yeah. It's not good rigging country at all. You're going to have to get out and really hunt some bears on foot, which I was pumped. So that's what I wanted to do. And it was cool. Yeah. So Seth shows up in camp on Tuesday evening. We had a dry day. We didn't get much going on Tuesday, but anyway, he steps out of the truck and he's wearing these sandals and I was expecting him to have a set of boots in the truck.

Next morning, he rolls out with sandals on too, and he's hiking all over the [00:25:00] wilderness and. And through that brush with thorns and everything else, just come on guys, let's go in typical Seth fashion, jumping up on logs and just typical Seth in sandals. And I just, I don't know.

I like to be nimble. I like to be agile and I like to have good airflow on those feet. Seth, you watch, you ever watched that TV show dual survivor? No, I haven't. But everyone says I'm like the weird barefoot hippie guy. Cody who's always barefoot. Yeah. So there's just totally comfortable on doing an episode of naked and afraid.

He'd dominated. I would be naked. All five of you would be afraid. Oh, I wouldn't be there.

I always wanted to do a TV show that was called clothed and not afraid.[00:26:00]

You know what app I use on my phone more than any other app besides the podcast app to listen to this here podcast. I use on X maps is the most comprehensive mapping system for hunters on the market. today. I use it all the time. When I was in New Mexico, I was looking at 40, 000 acres of ranch that I needed to learn.

I flip open OnX and just start studying the map. When I'm riding trails, I put the tracking app on. It helps me get around in strange country. I could mark water sources, food sources, bear sign, just all kinds of options within OnX. You need to check out OnX maps. By going to houndsmanxp. com, click on the link on our sponsor page.

You'll go right to Onyx maps. And when you check out, enter the code HXP20 and you will get 20 percent off of your order. Know where [00:27:00] you stand with Onyx.

Yeah. I will say this all jokes aside to all my hunters out there, my archers, my Flintlock hunters, my traditional black powder hunters. If you want to get crazy close to game, you need to hunt barefoot. I'm telling you right now, wear your boots until you start your stock, put a carabiner through the back boot, little clips of those dudes, clip them onto your belt.

You will be blown away how soft and quiet your skin is. It is crazy. Stalking socks suck compared to the skin. Your skin is so quiet. Every other step you're going, Ow! Ow! Ow! Yeah, dancing around and stuff. You're not going to be quiet. Harden up those feet. If I take my boots off though, they might Stay right in the driveway.

If I took my boots off though, they might be able to smell me in the next county though. What do you do? What do you do about that? Yeah. The sandals [00:28:00] keep your feet very fresh too. That was another thing. The airflow, son, super fresh. But how did you keep your feet from just getting disgusting?

Like when I wear Crocs at the end of the day, I take them off. My feet are black. Okay. First of all, I have my limits, no Crocs. You're missing out. I've heard they're amazing, but they don't hike and they don't hike a good at all. And so everyone that wants to know, it's called sport mode.

Yeah, I'm wearing the Teva Tawatchi too. That's what I'm wearing. Those sandals are the bomb. It's all I wear. My feet do get disgusting, Bryce, but I'm, have you seen how Ed eats? Disgusting was just part of the part of the fun. It was all good. And I, I might try that, Jeff, because I'm into the whole grounding thing.

I like to sleep on the, I like to sleep on the ground because I think it makes me, More in tune with like nature. It sounds like I'm getting, I'm sliding towards Seth, but getting hippie ish, but I think sleeping on the ground, like if you sleep on the [00:29:00] ground, like the next day, I feel like more in tune with nature.

So you might be onto something with the bare feet, maybe. I got a question then, cause the hippies around me are real big into that the, the butthole sunning. I knew you were going to say that. What? Have you heard of this? I'm not familiar with that. I knew you were going to say that. Alright I've witnessed this, sadly walking through the woods looking for dusky grouse, and it happened upon people with straight up, they put their Paint the picture in your head.

They lay on their back and throw their feet up over top of their head. So they get full sun on their butthole. And that's supposed to do at the Google it. I'm not even joking. I am. Bryce Matthews has never been more aroused than right now. I am in awe. That makes no sense. I could see if folks were like, alright, I'm gonna hide this, I'm gonna be quiet about it, I'm gonna, no, they do it in [00:30:00] groups. So you get 10, 20 people. They get together, strip down. It's called naked yoga, Chad. No, this is straight up close minded bigotry. To putting sun on their butthole. It is it Is that they also do that. There's a group down, like I live out in the middle of nowhere.

So there's not much out there, but there's this glamping place where they have like tents and stuff and they do naked yoga. And they also, after that, they have a. I think it's a, some kind of energy thing is what I, there's various names for it, but it's 100 percent all it is they throw their legs over their head and lay there and 10 to 15 minutes of direct sunlight on the old starfish, that makes no sense.

That's just straight up hippie shit sunscreen on it, getting that eye tan, that totally defeats the purpose. Now we know why you looked down that one so much. What's that? I said, now we know why you [00:31:00] hunt down that way so much. He's searching for grass. It's like golf. If you throw pine cones, if you get a dead ringer, it's entertaining.

Yeah. It makes a whole nother meaning for cornhole,

Oh my gosh. I just about ruined an entire podcast set up. I just about ruined an entire podcast set up and spit peach beer all over my mic and everything. Chad, I knew you were going to bring that up, man. As soon as you said grounding, I was like. Chad is going to bring up UV rays on the anus. Guaranteed.

And there it was. There it was. It was a slippery slope, man. We had we had Jesus cruiser sandals, the grounding to, but son, and we, I'm going to call. Hey, we had, Hey, we had, we did have hippie sticks in camp and we didn't allow any, and we did not allow any surface shedding. Oh, that's called a, and I was I was happy with that [00:32:00] because normally look, I poop outside daily.

Okay. And when I'm out in the middle of nowhere, that's fine. But when there was a group of us, I was really glad that Chris was in the ass club. That's the anti surface shitting club. I was really glad that you were in that Chris. I made me, that was, I was really proud of you for that. So I just figured by the end of four or five days and for adult men, especially Ned's chili, his mystery chili.

We were going to need some protection against the biohazard. So it's take your freaking shovel and bury it. That's just common sense. We didn't have indoor plumbing or electricity at my house for 10 or 12 years. So you think about you think about a whole family going to the bathroom outside.

You have to shovel. This guy's saying that I'm hard for wearing your sandals. This guy's saying I'm hard for wearing sandals and he lived in a house with no electricity for 12 years

I'm [00:33:00] hippie, but here's the thing hippies Just took over like hillbilly culture, so I don't consider myself a hippie. I'm like a hillbilly You know, they just took over hillbilly culture and then they got all that but if you really go back They weren't the first. The hippie hillbilly confluence.

I want to know where that overlap is. I guess it's at Ed's house. So you did not dig and you did not dig an outhouse or anything for 12 years? No. We had an outhouse at some point. I don't remember exactly what, at what point it was, but really the outhouse stunk so bad that everybody just went to the woods.

Anyway, there's all kinds of dead soldiers around the Ed Barnes property then. Yeah. But they're buried Terry row. Most peaceful outhouse set up. It's on the Navajo nation at Calvin red [00:34:00] house. It's an open door or outhouse and it faces the West. It's beautiful. It was one of the most pleasurable outhouse experiences I've ever had.

Wow. With Calvin. Yeah, I didn't. Yeah. I went down there and stayed with Calvin for a week. I didn't see the outhouse. Yeah, it's at his house. It's at his actual house. That's his bathroom. He lives, he actually lives in a Hogan. And then they've got a traditional I can't say traditional.

They've got a modern house that his mother in law lives in. And then, but he and his family stay in the Hogan. I guess I did not see the outhouse. So the barn, it's right across the driveway, like right by the horse pasture, oh, it's beautiful. It's a great way to, do your thing, but it doesn't have a door on it.

No, absolutely zero door. HEy kids, how's it going? Hogan's are awesome, guys, Google it, H O G A [00:35:00] N. That's a cool house, man, it's like a desert hobbit hole. It's very awesome. Back to the Gila, we gotta get back to the Gila and wrap that part of the podcast up, cause he's been producing cool stuff.

Chad's... Chad and Seth have been producing cool stuff and Bryce has been turning up, cranking out. We want to recap a few things, but the Hilo for me was like this great experience, all the things that Ed said, about the historical aspects, the deep history of Ben Lilly and that kind of stuff.

And the fact that. I'm not gonna lie. It was cool that I just got to go out there and I really had was the only one with dogs that had seen bears and didn't have to worry about people packing or face packing. And stuff like that. It was fun. It was just relaxing. And but there was a lot of pressure to, there was a lot of pressure to be able to [00:36:00] produce, cause we went there to bear hunt.

And everybody had come from so far, including you, Chris. Yeah. And I was pretty spoiled. I've taken people hunting before and there's always that there's always that pressure and I was telling Chris and Cody early that first morning, I was like, God, Chris has just gotta be like, the pressure's just gotta be like pouring down onto his shoulders.

But then after we treated that first one, that all disappeared. And from that point on, it was good. Yeah, we just had a lot of fun. That had to be a huge amount of pressure. Oh yeah. Yeah. You go there and you don't know, cause you always hear about, hauling dogs that far and in different environments and stuff like that.

One of the great things that helped a bunch on that. Was the bear hunt and I did up on the Escondido or the can tell a ranch up in northern New Mexico. So they were, they're used to bears and how bear scent [00:37:00] works on that environment and that dry landscape and different things. So that was huge.

They're coming off that pretty fresh. And then but there was still some pressure. It's cause I, I'm not gonna lie. When I go to Virginia If you can follow Heath, if he'll slow down long enough for you to follow him then you just dropping in on. On some, a lot of those races and different things like that.

So you don't get an opportunity to test your individual dogs, your own pack type thing, because when you're hunting, I don't care where it is, East of the Mississippi. There's always a group and everybody works as a group. So you don't expect to, but when you get to take your own dogs with no help and see if you can do this, it was just pretty cool.

Yeah, that's always, no matter what you're doing, that's always the test is you can hunt with other people and your dogs pack in, or, you're hunting with somebody who's got really good dogs and your dogs aren't quite up to that [00:38:00] mark. So they're always like number two.

And whenever you get that chance to hunt just your dogs and you, that's when you really see what your dogs are made out of. Yeah. Yeah. Heath. You've. You're sitting there quiet with your, not saying much, but like his Kate and spook, and I'm sure he's got even Houdini, who chewed up all my leashes last year has probably come a long way.

That's usually the, that's usually the best dog, the dog that chews up the most leeches. Yeah. You got to have a long chain to tie that sucker up. What Heath, how do you hunt in a group? You just did a bunch of podcasts about group hunting, two podcasts. How do you actually test your individual dogs and how do you truly evaluate when you've got.

A bunch of other people that, that are wanting to drop dogs in on a race or pack them up or whatever. How do you do that? I think [00:39:00] what getting by yourself and I slip off a lot and try to get away from the group when there's a lot of us. But yeah, but with my schedule, there's a lot of days that.

That I can hunt by myself, or it's just me and, Sam or me and Wesley. And, they'll go to one side of the mountain. I go to the other and, whoever gets one up and running, we go help each other. I get a lot of those opportunities, talking about going to a different location.

When I go down to the coast or North Carolina and hunt, I, you wouldn't think that I have the same dogs. Different environment. I was down there. I just took the young dogs. I did take Kate last time because I hadn't had her out where she had those pups, but it was hot, dry. And my young dogs didn't look that good.

Of course they run bare. That's not the issue, but Wayne and BB and them, they're running in that environment. They're running more consistent than I can. And my dogs didn't look, I was not. Happy with how they looked. [00:40:00] And again, everything I didn't have anything over two and a half, except Kate, but I didn't even turn her loose the last day, but you got to get by yourself, you got to do exactly what you just did, get off and turn your dogs loose and let them start to finish.

Because you're right. Packing in halfway through a race, three quarters through a race or a quarter through a race, you really don't know. So I take every opportunity I can to. To get separated. And I don't mean that in a bad way. I know it's not that I want to be away from everybody, but at the same time I do.

Yeah. Yeah. But there's some etiquette there too, on that side of it. Because if people see you trying to continually, they're like, Oh, what's Heath trying to do? Is he too good to hunt with us? He always wants it to be about his dogs. So how do you navigate that? Because a lot of our listeners, a lot of the bear hunters.

That we talk to. [00:41:00] Or in the Eastern United States. It's not hard to get by yourself in the West because there isn't anybody else out there. It's funny you say that. I talked to Casey Heilman from Idaho, and we had, he was over here working and I spent some time with him, went out to eat with him.

And he said he was amazed that we hunted in groups he hunts by himself. Yeah. That, that's something different than East and West. The guys out West are a lot different than we are. So how do you approach that etiquette wise? There are days that I keep my dogs in the box and I go help everybody else.

And I tell myself on the way to the woods that day, Hey, I'm going to. I'm going to help whoever needs it today instead of me doing it. And I think I balanced that pretty good. So they don't, I don't think they get mad at me for it. If they did, they haven't said anything, but. Like I said, I make a purpose to try to help them [00:42:00] as much as they help me.

So it's a fine balance. Heath, I think you did that podcast. I can't remember the exact name of it. It was like how to get, how to not get kicked out of a hunger. What was it? We did a podcast last weekend with Cody Fox and I don't know that we got it in on the podcast, but when me and her were talking uh, I was telling her Has anybody ever, has anybody here ever had a breakup in a hunting group?

Like I was telling her about how we had this breakup where I had to tell this guy like Look, man, it's nothing personal. What it was is we had too many guys in our group. Yes, we had too many dogs and we, the dogs weren't getting a fair shake because we just couldn't turn all the dogs all the time.

And I was telling Cody, I was like, I totally had to have it was like breaking up with a girlfriend. I had to take the dude to the side and it's nothing about you. It's nothing about your dogs. We can still be friends. [00:43:00] But this is not working because we got too many dogs and everybody, the dogs aren't getting a fair shake.

So we're going to have to call this quits, you can still call me and stuff and we can still, yeah, we're still friends and it's not you, it's not you. It's me. I had a buddy. The last one into the group or the guy with the crappiest dogs or, how do you pick a guy then? He was the last one in the group and he really, like we have a pretty tight knit group and it was one of them deals were like, he invited himself to go hunting with us.

We thought it was a one time deal. It turned into an every time deal and then it had to be broken off. So basically, it, what would have happened though, if he would have had Really good dogs and really good places to hunt. I think it, honestly, I think it still would have went the same way.

We have plenty of [00:44:00] places and we got decent dogs. It really wasn't about that. It was just the literally everybody shows up, with three to four dogs, we are strict, we're pretty damn strict about three dogs on the ground at a time and it was just, it got to the point where, on a night hunt, there'd be a lot of dogs.

There's Didn't get their shot. They didn't get turned loose, yeah. And there was plenty of time and we would switch it up. There was plenty of times when my dogs were the one in the box, I hold dogs to the hunt, but I didn't get turned loose. And I'm like, man, I got young dogs.

They need to be on the ground every time we get a chance. So yeah, sometimes you do have to break up with hunting buddies and it's not you. It's me. That sounds real familiar. Go ahead. Who is going to talk about. I had a buddy who he was dating this girl and they'd only been dating for a couple weeks and he was like, Hey, I gotta get up early the next morning and go hunting.

Do you mind sleeping in the other room? Because you [00:45:00] snore really bad and I need to get a good night's sleep. And this chick was like, you're going to choose me over running your dogs. And he was like, Yeah, she broke up with him like right there and left and he was like, dodged a bullet. I got a really good friend that will date all year.

He works with us and everything and he'll date a girl all year and unless he every year I've known him, he'll He goes single right before hunting season. He does it every year. He's I'll, he goes, if you ever see me keep one, he goes, I'm probably going to marry her, but he'll date all the way from the end of the season through summer, everything.

And then right around, September is time frame. He'll find, he's man, I got to come up with a reason, man, help me out. What do you, what can I say? It's not you. It's me. Bryce just, he finds women that want to. Go hunt with him and have kids go hunt with him. Hey, I'm telling you, we went last night and I had my boy in the woods with me.

I had Nikki in the truck. She had a blanket. A pillow, her phone on loud. And whenever we needed [00:46:00] her, she actually answered this time and was a good truck man, come around and that doesn't always happen. That's valuable. I'd say 80 percent of the time she's asleep. She's asleep. She did let a landowner drive right past her one time and failed to let us know that they were coming.

She was asleep, but last night she did a good game warden. The game warden? No, a landowner. Oh. It was a landowner. She was parked, we had the truck parked on the road and the landowner drove right past her down the lane. She failed to let us know they were coming. Now we had permission, but still, if there's a vehicle, coming through the woods in the lane, you usually say something.

No. Yeah. She got back to the truck and she was knocked. I know how she feels last time I went coon hunting as soon as I got back in the truck. I fell asleep instantly. I felt bad. You slept all through the hog hunting deal too down in Texas. I do. I'm not a night owl. I tell everyone that I got a lot of energy during the day.

My bedtime is 9 [00:47:00] 30 at 9 30. Seth Hall clicks off. I only have two modes. We're pumped. Yeah. It's like full throttler sleeping for Seth. Ed, what do you want to say, man? I know where you go. I know where you're going. I want to pile in on this conversation. A couple of things, but first, hog hunting is boring Seth.

Second, or not hog hunting, coon hunting. Second, we're getting ready to tussle over a zoom meeting. Second, and then the other thing was the. As a hog hunter, we don't have a season, like we hunt year round. So Chad, it's tough for me to keep a woman. Yeah.

Do away with them entirely. I'm going to, I'm going to give a shout out to mine. She has no interest of going, so it gives us a good break to be a part. And, but she's totally supportive. I exactly where I'm [00:48:00] at, man, I'm telling you over the years um, I cannot recall a single time where she's I don't want you to go hunting.

And it's a perfect scenario. I, it's an opportunity for us to get to the point where we realize that we actually value each other's company. aNd like it, when I'm gone for two or three weeks it's enough time where she starts missing me and she's glad to see me again.

And I can start missing her and start doing that internal thing where I'm like, damn, what do I think I really do like her. I think, I don't know. I think I can go back, and I've had friends that. That their wives are always with them and always doing stuff with them and stuff. And yeah, Chad, you're one.

I see that all the time. I think that's magical. But for me, it's [00:49:00] we need that time. And I like it. I personally like it. Chad, I get it. I get it. Everyone's different. I got a good story. My great uncle, Tom, just to give some like a preface, he was born in 1916, Tom. He ran a coyote dogs and then he ran bear dogs and then later in life, coon dogs.

But his wife was telling me once that he always had a pass little dogs and she said that he got the inkling that he was going to learn to play fiddle and she said he would throw open the window right by his chair that he sat in the living room and his dog kennels were back behind the house.

She said, he'd start, she said he was no good at playing fiddle. She said, he'd start. Sawing on that thing, screeching around, and all them dogs would get to howling. [00:50:00] And she said, I put up with that for years. And then she said, finally, I told him uh, either you got to go or the dog got to go. So then, so Tom said, we'll all go.

So he built a little cabin and it's. Pretty cool. 'cause actually we hunt on the place where his cabin is, but he lived at that cabin for years and years by himself. They stayed married and I was talking to Tom, Tom was damn prob, I think he was 91 at the time. And he was telling me about it and he said, ed, best years of my life, , he said I ran dogs whenever I wanted.

He said Margie would come to my house. After church on Sunday, he said, she'd bring me a week's worth of food. She'd pick up my dirty laundry. She'd do her wifely duties [00:51:00] and leave. And then Sunday night, she'd bring back clean clothes for the week. And he did that. He did that for pretty close to 15 years.

And then when he got how many years, about 15, and then when he got in bad health later in life, he moved back in with Margie, but. Kind. I'm like Chad, though, like I'm, me and Nick are together all the time in the woods. Yeah. Yeah. She knows with me more than she doesn't, and sometimes she gets a little aggravated if I go without her, yeah. I'm like, Hey I'm going with the guys. I don't wanna go, but I love it. I love being in the woods with her. 'cause she, she is a good dog woman. Really? She can call the dog. She grew up in it. She knows how to read a Garmin. Exactly. She grew up in it. She grew up coon hunting.

Yeah. Like she's my backup handler at every major event. And she's not just a spectator with a backup handler title. If I get hurt legitimately or something happens, she can take over. She knows the rules. She knows the dogs and she knows how to play the game. [00:52:00] Like she's there a hundred percent. So it doesn't awesome when you guys are hunting together and you guys both love it, but like I'm with Chris, right?

My wife doesn't, she loves the hounds loves it. I'm out hunting, but. She's not going to be out there hunting with me and loving it. And she's I don't want to rain on your parade. You and Justin's parade. She's I'm just going to stay home, watch Netflix and cuddle with the ones you leave behind and you go have fun.

And I'm like, hell yeah. You know what I mean? Cause then if she was there and she didn't like totally love it, like me and Justin are like baboons held in by seatbelts, when the race is on. And so we just beat on that insane energy of the intensity of the race.

And yeah, it works out great. I'm totally in Mr. Powell's camp there. I know how you feel. You got Chad, my man, I, it's different for everybody. I totally get it. Like how Seth and Etta said it. I totally get it. But I've said this plenty. My wife will come down here and say the exact same thing.

Everything that lives here loves Hunting. Everything. If we raise a puppy, [00:53:00] and it doesn't like hunting, we'll find it a couch. We'll find it somewhere to go. And the same goes for her. Everything loves hunting. If she decides she doesn't want to go hunting no more, we'll find her a real nice couch somewhere.

Where she'll enjoy her life there a whole lot better. But as it is, she does, but like back to what Seth was saying, she does love it though. She's got her own side hound. She'll go run on her own. Back when we lived down South, she had her two or three of the pig dogs that we had that she'd go hunt on her own.

And she had a. It was a leash in Staffshire bull terrier, believe it or not, was a pretty good catch dog and and two terriers and she'd just be, she had good control of them if it was close enough, they were going to lock it down and just catch it, so she didn't have to go that far, but she's gone to the woods and cut her own pig and brought it back, so she's fun, but I, for example, right now I got 30 some dogs out back, guess who's out there feeding water and cleaning the kennels.

It's not me, so that's a big bonus of it,[00:54:00] like when they're involved as much, sometimes you come home and your wife bought some Scented candle or some bed ruffles or some stupid stuff. This one bought, oh, I got the new Garmin collar, the new 25, you got, like that's the dumb shit she buys, that's cool, and buy tracking collars, so it's the, like I've noticed.

I'm not that old, but I've noticed that like the younger generation tends to be more in that line. That's not really my, this is not really my thing. I'm not against female hunters. Like this last podcast we did was with Cody Fox. She's a female hog hunter. And it's not that her boyfriend has all dogs. Her husband has all, she has all dogs.

She doesn't have a man. Like she all cuts by herself. That's totally cool. That's totally cool. Not my thing. Like to me, hunting is like [00:55:00] the man's time. Yeah. That's more of a kind of a Southern thing though, because I've got friends down through Appalachia where it's, the women will fix the food and send it up.

And my wife is like that too. She's very traditional and doesn't. fOr us, when I leave town to go hunt and that's her opportunities to, to do the things that she really likes to do, spend time with her daughters and her mom and do that sort of stuff. And it's not that, um, I'm, we've devalued the role I don't know if we have or not.

Huh? They can do both. I don't know if we have or not. And that's the, let me explain. We've tried to con our culture has told women that they can do anything a man can do. And yet, man, I appreciate the fact that my, my [00:56:00] wife thinks that her first and foremost duty is being a mom to her kids and a daughter to her mom and a husband, a wife to her husband and things like that.

There's things that she does that I can never do. And I like that but I don't have anything I'm with you, Ed Heath. You've done a podcast recently with a young lady that deer hunts, Chelsea hunts your daughter hunts with you. Some of Chelsea's, her daughter is always in the truck when she gets the opportunity.

What's it like for you guys? I've caught in the middle. I like it. I like to be off by, it's my time, but I really enjoy um, Maddie or the girls being with me. Chelsea will go some, um, we've, we all make fun of her and pick and carry on. We tell her she don't need to be off the pavement because every time she steps off the pavement, she gets [00:57:00] hurt.

And I know she's probably gonna smack me in the back of the head here in a minute, but she probably will. Yeah. She'll go with me some. But I also have enough time by myself and, back, this kind of goes back to the group. Like I have opportunity to, like my schedule allows me to hunt a lot of times when other people can't or hunt more, they can take a week off and, I'm off for the whole month of December.

So I get plenty of opportunities to. Get it in by myself. So the couple, like Maddie can't go over on weekends. And then when she's out of school, uh, she'll go when she's out for Christmas break for those two weeks. She'll hang with me every day that she can. Yeah, I'm in the middle, like I like, that's my, I like to be out with the guys or out by myself.

anD when they go with me, like I said, it's not overwhelming. So I'm in the middle. I had a hunting daughter, man. She was just absolutely, even when she was a little kid, my son he could [00:58:00] take her to leave the hound stuff. He hunted other stuff. He turkey hunted, he squirrel hunted, he deer hunted.

He did, but I flat burned him out on the house thing. But Cora, man, if that truck was, she knew that when it got dark. I was leaving to go hunting and I would tell her, it'd be like, she'd be like, I'm going to go hunting with you tonight. It was like, nah, you need to stick around the house. Cause I needed a break or she had school the next day and I'd be get busy or distracted loading dogs or grabbing something.

I'd come back and she'd be sitting in the passenger seat with this little smirk on her face. And I was like. I told you, you weren't going. She goes, yeah, I know, but I need to go tonight. And she had her own dog and she would bear hunt with me. And I miss that time with her that, that we shared.

But at the same time she got the value of it. She moved on, I don't devalue, I don't want anybody to get me wrong. I do not, I'm not a misogynist, [00:59:00] bigot, whatever.

Anti woman hunter. That's not what I'm saying. I just, I, but I enjoy my time alone too. And for us, for me and my wife, it works out. Yeah. I may not be the best example cause I'm not married anymore, but used to, I might come home at five o'clock in the morning with a truckload of guys.

Walk into the bedroom and go, Hey, you awake, can you cook us breakfast?

The audacity, she, she would, but like I say, I'm not married no more. That's the difference in, in yours and mine is mine. And I'm, this is not just tooting her horn out of the graciousness of her heart. She would have it made without asking. That woman, I would starve without her since [01:00:00] I, her and I got together.

I haven't missed a meal. She is a cook and a half and she loves to cook, to feed an army. Okay. Bryce, you might be aware. Cause mine was like that too. We I just think it's an individual thing. I think everybody's. Everybody's relationship on that aspect is unique and if man, if you can make it work, then make it work.

And as I get older and I've, my value systems have changed. So I know when it's time to come home, I know when it's, when I'm pushing the envelope too far I'm like, we're working on 30 years. Yeah. I'm married, Chris. I was married for 25 and I'm like you, Chris, like I could do. I could walk in the house and be like, I'm going to Texas and be gone for 10 days.

That was totally fine. But, and she never told me I couldn't go [01:01:00] because she knew that wouldn't work. But there were times when I got invited somewhere and I said, man, I've been gone a lot. Yeah, I wouldn't even bring it up. It's no, I need to be home. I need to make this ball game, that ball game. But it's a generational thing.

And like I say, the younger generation. They're intermixing a little bit more than me and your generation did Chris. And then like my dad's generation, he's just, my dad is a blown away. My dad's 77. He is blown away at the idea of like women hunting. So it's just a generational thing, I think. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. I think you hit on something key there. It's. It's in it. It's anything else. I don't care if you're playing golf or you're in a race cars or whatever, or hounds or whatever. If you don't know where [01:02:00] to put the brakes on it and totally let you consume you then you can get some, you can get it into some problems.

And, but the main thing is whatever works in your relationship, go for it. That's for you to decide, not for us. I have known so many guys that got divorced over hunting. So when he goes,

yeah, you talking about, I interviewed Whitney Clements and the reason that she loves it is because of her dad was she's, it's like Maddie, her dad, she spent all her time with her dad and he spent all these times in the woods and they start, he run deer dogs and that's what started her passion forward and.

Like even the guy that she dates now, that was a big thing for her is he had he needed to hunt, like he wanted, he, she needed to know that he was a hunter. That, that was [01:03:00] something maybe that, I kind of thinking about what Ed said, looking back at my great grandfather of course, my granddad, neither one of my granddads hunted.

And then my dad, my dad would have never thought about taking my sisters. So they would have never had that opportunity where. And, you talk about, your son versus like Maddie and Tyler, I think I done the same thing with Tyler, man, I drug him through the woods at a very young age, rough walks, cold weather.

And it pretty much broke him and he don't he'll deer hunt some, but he's more into the cattle, his granddad raises cattle and that's what he loves to do where Maddie, I never forced Maddie. She was interested. Hey, what are you doing? And she loves the dogs and that's what piqued her interest and now.

Like I said if she's able, she's in the truck with me or, or on the boat with me. So she's always with me. And I think, um, maybe that's where we've changed as a generation too.[01:04:00] That's the thing, like even Chris was alluding to. So I have two daughters and every day before I would get ready to go hunt that night, I would ask my son, my two daughters, do you guys want to go?

Lots of times my daughters went all with me, which. My grandfather's generation, that wouldn't, that question, wouldn't even have been posed and they went with me, they liked it. So that's that like transition period where I'm not, I I'm old fashioned.

So I view like hunting as like a guy's time, but also, in the same vein, I'm willing to take my daughters. And that's that bridge between. The old generation and the new generation. And I would totally expect that if my daughters got with the guy who hunted that they would be right there with him.

And I'm not opposed to that. It's just it's not my [01:05:00] thing. I'll take my daughters, but to me, hunting is like a male thing. But if that makes any sense, it's it's I think it's just a cultural thing too, and, you take somebody like Chad, who doesn't have a son.

He's not going to, he's going to share his experiences with his daughter. I had a son and two daughters. My older daughter would hunt with me occasionally, but the thing, the value of it is she grew up with the whole life experience and the culture of it. So we still accomplish the mission here.

When somebody says hunting is bad, then she can say, no, it's not. evEn though she wasn't, my oldest daughter wasn't directly involved. She's not, she hasn't lost sight of, she grew up farming and baling hay and raising goats and doing all this other stuff. And that's good [01:06:00] too.

It's all, it all works out. But yeah, and I think Heath and Chris, you both alluded to it, but, and I was cognizant of this and always tried to keep it in practice. But like, when you're talking about hunting with children, you got to keep The excitement and the action of don't take a five year old deer hunting where you sit, in the woods for six hours, totally silent.

They tend to get bored. So like when I would take my kids hunting, it was always trying to do it like high excitement, hunting, like hog hunting, squirrel hunting with dogs, where we were constantly doing something and they enjoyed hunting because it was active. I think that. The thing that epitomizes that whole thing was a photo that Chad posted a couple of weeks ago on social media with his wife and his daughter.

And what was Roxy [01:07:00] wearing holding up the, that was freaking classic, dude. It was a rainbow colored tutu and ballerina color ballerina tutu with camouflage boots. And she had duck blood all over, up to her elbows. So that was freaking awesome. I'm just like, you let her do her own thing.

You capture all of the things that I'm telling you, man. Boys and girls are different. I don't care what anybody says. And Roxy wants to wear a tutu. I'd be concerned if my son wanted to do that. But if rock, if my daughter wanted to do that, I'm all for it and put the camouflage boots on her. That was a classic photo.

And I thought it captured so much spirit of, where we're at in this day and age and hunting. What's the funniest thing is I even shy from putting it on. On social media sometimes, but you [01:08:00] cripple a duck, the dog goes and gets it, the dog hands it to me or gives it to her, we're working on her, the dog retrieving to her a lot too.

And it came back to life and start flapping and I'm like, what do I do with it? I'm like, kill it. You know how she slaughtered ducks that we, like raise here, we'll take out the good, slaughter and take out the spars we want and feed the rest of the pigs. So she knows how to do it.

So she, she. Killed the duck in her rainbow tutu. That's why it had blood all over it. So it's hilarious watching her. She's only five and a half years old too. Like it's, yeah, it's pretty funny, and then on the double that somebody just posted a day before yesterday.

So I had three generations of Reynolds women out there ducking, that was pretty cool. My mom's a damn good shot, believe it or not, too. She won't touch a gun for nothing. Like I she likes guns. Don't get me wrong, but she won't have a reason to pick one up. Cause like just her health now, she isn't zipping around as much as she used to, but then she'll come out here.

And she'll take a shot at a prairie dog, a hundred yards out with a 22, and I'm like, [01:09:00] dang it, man. I can't let my friends see that, they'll make fun of me forever, my mama can shoot better than me, so yeah, it's fun, but it's for everybody, and to double down on what Ed was saying earlier, he was saying, he thinks it's, for him, it's a man's time and there ain't nothing wrong with that, I want to make sure that people don't take that the wrong way because there's a lot of folks, there's certain types of hunting, like hound hunting.

I like to be with buddies. I really like to be with buddies, but when I do falconry, I like to be alone. Everybody just gets in my way. It was the way I feel when I'm doing my falconry, when I'm hunting with my birds. I like to do that on my own, my bird dog hunting, a lot of that's on my own too, so nobody would think anything negative about me saying, I just rather not hunt with anybody.

So I don't see why it'd be wrong with, someone saying I just rather hunt with the buddies, I don't think there's any, it's just, everybody's different, the whole thing boils down to when you got to, when you got, I'm very Old [01:10:00] fashioned in this sense there's certain things that when I'm with a buddy, it, it doesn't mean anything.

If I just walk over the, take three steps away and turn around and take a leak. That's right. I've done it across the hood, just take pee on the tire. Hey, grab that shotgun out of the back real quick. But if he's there with Chelsea or, if Nikki showed up, I'd be like, I'd feel obligated to walk off in the bushes and there's nothing wrong with that.

I should but at the same time, it just, it changes. The dynamic is what it boils down to. Bryce, you've got something you've been boiling to say. Oh, no, I was just like one thing that I liked that Chad did, speaking of like his daughter was and that I find myself trying to do is when you take the young kids, cause I've got, several younger kids is trying to include them any way that they can at an age appropriate task.

And there was the one video where they were out and she had the dummy launcher, I think it was. Yeah, I feel like it was her gun, that was something that she felt included. Everybody was [01:11:00] carrying a gun. She had dummy launcher and it was an age appropriate task. He kept them included. And that's what I like to do with my boys.

When they're going out with me, especially the youngest one, if we're going to shoot a coon out in season. Okay, great. I'll kneel down in season. Yeah. Do you like that? I'll I'll, I'll kneel down next to him and it might take 15 shots to get it out there, it's 22 and it's teaching them something, or let them have the Garmin and, peck around on the extra Garmin just to learn how to use it, it's age appropriate tasks, like Ed says they get bored with certain things.

And so with hound hunting in general, I don't know very many hound hunting sports where it's. Sit still, be quiet, don't move. The kids can be involved and they can have it. They can have a task. It makes them feel included. It makes them feel part of the team really, because that's what it is. I feel like, so I just, I didn't like that video with the dummy launcher.

I've told tons of deer hunters, the same thing, when I'm on deer hunting podcast or whatever, it's man, this is a first, this is the [01:12:00] perfect gateway sport to get kids engaged in hunting. If they get bored, they can go over in the Creek and catch. Crawdads, or they can, look for frogs or all kinds of stuff.

It's not sit down, be quiet. Don't mess this up. I'm trying to get you in front of the, big rastus mossy hornbuck. And if you move, you're going to screw it up. It's that's very rarely the case when you're hound hunting and you have so many opportunities to get your kids plugged in to being outside.

It's perfect gateway. That's still my favorite thing about hound hunting. I guess I'm a giant child, right? You don't have to be quiet. We don't have to do anything. We're just wearing normal clothes. We're just chatting, hanging out, walking around. Yeah. So why do you wear sandals? You don't have to stock up on anything.

He just said he's like a child. He can't tie his shoes. That's because I'm mentally challenged. Not because I'm a child. Velcro is important for me. Yeah, guys, it's great. It's we could keep going on and on. I think we need to [01:13:00] do this again and talk about maybe take some deep dives into, the values of.

The family values of getting your family involved and the etiquettes and things like that. I appreciate all of you. Coming in, are there any closing thoughts, Heath, you're like stretching out. It's nine 15 Eastern time. You're about ready to pass out and go to sleep. I'm with Seth. When it hits about nine 30, it's all boys in bed.

Yeah, I used to make fun of my dad. I used to say when the chickens went to roost, he went to bed and I'm almost right behind him. No, I'm just going to go back on a group hunt real quick. Just to clarify, I have literally been kicked out of two groups myself. The first group I got kicked out of, cause I was hunting with some older guys at the time I had my first dog, which was Frosty.

And when they weren't hunting, I was going anyway, and I was catching bear where they weren't. And they literally done the same thing Ed was talking about. They stopped me down at the store and said, Hey man, just got to tell you that, we don't want you to [01:14:00] hunt with us no more. I'm like what, why?

And they're like you're going up on the mountain and, we don't want you up there no more. Now this is national forest. And so I honored her wishes and I left. And then the other groups I hunted with I was young, just starting my dogs were going okay. And all of these guys were killing bear and I refused to drag them out.

I didn't even know who these guys were. They guys were coming in. They'd come into the tree. They'd hunt one day, they'd shoot a bear and. I just told him, I said, I'm not dragging her bear. I feed my dogs, haul them all over the country. I pay the vet bills, I'm paying for all this. I'm not dragging them.

And they said, if you're in Rome, you do as the Romans do. And I said I guess I'm not in Rome. I never went back. So I literally been kicked out of groups. So there you go. You're qualified to make that podcast. You got any closing thoughts now? Oh, I'm good. I've enjoyed this. I do have a couple of thoughts on the group hunting thing though.

Maybe we'll use it for another podcast, but I'll just plant the seed now. Maybe put yourself in [01:15:00] the shoes of somebody who's new to an area. You've moved you've relocated and you're trying to find a group, it's hard, it's tough. And I'm in that situation right now.

I'm new to Northern Indiana. And trying to find people who are welcome to go hunting with and we'll, show you their spots and let you be a part of that group. That is hard. So it's just, that's a whole nother topic. Because Chris said, or. One of you guys.

I think Ed said it. Maybe he had a guy that, they thought it was a one time thing, but he ended up showing up every day. Maybe he doesn't know anybody, that food for thought. I think we saved that one for a future. That's good. Good seed to plant right there. Bryce, ed, Ben, Lily Barnes.

You got anything? tHe only thing I can think of is people. Listening, can't see it, but on the zoom meeting here, my name is Lily Barnes. I guess she, it just came up as that. I'm guessing she's been in zoom before I have, but that wasn't my chance. Lily is my oldest daughter [01:16:00] and it's spelled different, but she is named after Ben Lilly.

And I want to thank Chris for. Taking us to the Gila or Gila and letting me connect those dots. Yeah. Yep. Seth, you were a big player in that one, buddy. Getting us on there. You got any final thoughts? I had a great time and it was a lot more fun cause you guys were there. Appreciate that.

Thanks for inviting me. I want to do it again as soon as possible and yeah, I, that's all I had to add. I really was just I had a lot of hype going into that. I was I knew it was going to be good. I'm glad we put up some bears. It was really cool to treat some bears in my backyard and I'm really glad Chris brought some good bear dogs.

Chad, do you got anything to add? No, man. I just saying congrats on. All the good work. I've been there before. I think most of us have where you travel and go somewhere and, oh my gosh, are they going to be good? Are they this or that? [01:17:00] Did they get into some funky water? Are they gonna have the squirts before the day?

So Man, I know, I think all of us know that feeling. Like at once, once you got under the first tree ah, man, it's all downhill from here, so I didn't get to make it, but it sounds like you guys had a blast, I liked all the pictures y'all took, that's for sure. And tree in first day, that doesn't get much better than that, man.

So it sounds like y'all had a great time. Yeah, they were studs, except for the, the sound, the cubs, both those bears we took were mature boar bear. And I'm not going to lie. There was a lot of pressure, that first day that they go screaming up that draw.

I really thought they, they had struck a lion track. I was expecting to see a lion when we walked up in there, the way that, that bear ran, he didn't run that far. And went up pretty quick. It wasn't like some kind of epic track job, literally a poodle should have been able to tree that bear that we caught the first day and [01:18:00] it was it was just a great feeling, but Ed's right.

It was, there was some pressure involved there when you drive that far and you got people driving from all different corners of the map to come and they're expecting you to put bear up. Yeah, it was good. Me and Tanner been talking to next year. We're bringing a dog. Good. We'll have to figure out with 4 million acres.

We can surely find some places to drop more than just one pack of dogs. Yeah. tHat's our goal is next year. Me and Tanner are going to bring a dog that can actually run a bear. Yep. That's we got a fair, we got a fair amount of beer bear here in Oklahoma. We can't run them legally with dogs, but I think we can train one.

Yeah, depending on where they go, like out by me with the Cedars and the, the junipers and stuff a good hog dog that knows what a bay is going to see him pretty quick now, if they're way up in the Ponderosa is, that's hard, but heck I [01:19:00] tree bear that I could reach up and poke with my finger, and there's, yeah.

Four or five hound dogs. They're all barking, you're good. Hog dog. They'll see that, and they stink, man. So that odor is going to be falling down. I bet you it goes well. Yeah. I'll tell you what, man, it was a big difference. Two of the bears we tree were up in some pretty big Ponderosa.

And those are hard. The intensity of the train wasn't the same as that. That last bear, we caught the sow with the cubs, I'm sure that she was, trying to put that cub up a tree and making sure that the dogs weren't too close to it. So she was a little more game for the dogs and they treat a lot different on that bear than they did the two two boards.

So the guys trees or were they all in Ponderosa, they were all in Ponderosa but I think the South spent a little more time. On the ground, bluffing, charging, and doing some different stuff with the hounds that got them a little more fired up. That's cool. Cause [01:20:00] even tough was Trian.

On that sound cubs. And when we got there, she was pretty high up in the tree. So that tells me that she put on a little bit of show and got him fired up a little bit. But guys, I'm more, I'm going to cut this one off. I appreciate all of the houndsman XP podcast and point blank.

I love getting a team together. We have a lot of fun when we do these, I hope you had fun to make sure you're watching for some big things coming. We have a I'll just announce it on this podcast. We are doing a promo for the Colorado initiative 91, where they're trying to outlaw, um, mountain lion, bobcat hunting in the state of Colorado.

It's going to be huge. If that thing gets passed, it's going to change a lot of people's lifestyles. It's going to, it's going to be devastating for wildlife management in the state of Colorado. And it has the opportunity to [01:21:00] redefine what hunting truly is. And the way it's written is really an attack on hunting.

It's not. Lion hunters are just going to be, and houndsmen are going to be the casualties of this war that's going on. And the way we're doing that, one way we're doing that right now is Ed and I have worked on a design for a t shirt. It's join or die. It's a segmented snake designed by Benjamin Franklin in the 1700s to unite this country, to fight the tyranny of the British.

It's time when we revived that. For a t shirt that sends a message out there that as hounds, when we've got to be united, we've got to join, we've got to figure out how we're going to stand up to this and we've got to come together as coon hunters, hog hunters, deer hunters, hare hunters. I don't care what you're hunting, with a dog, you need to be united on this front.

And that t shirt is, and sweatshirt hoodie is going to be available on our [01:22:00] website at houndsmansp. com. We're doing pre orders until Thanksgiving to ensure that we can get everything delivered by December. We'll run the item continually after that. But on this initial push, you've got until Thanksgiving day to ensure that you can get that for the houndsman in your life and make a statement.

And those proceeds are going to go directly to fight this. I've been in several meetings so far. It's well orchestrated. I feel confident that this is something that we can win, not only for us as houndsmen, but for science based wildlife management in this country. And that's really what this boils down to is.

People are trying to abolish our freedoms and our rights to hunt and saying that it's an emotional issue rather than a science based wildlife issue. We have got the most awesome track record with the North American model for wildlife conservation. It's a proven model. There would be no wildlife on the landscape [01:23:00] without it.

And yet. There are people who are trying to redefine what wildlife management should be in this country. And we've got to stand up and drive our stake in the ground and say, not another inch. And that's what we're doing here at Ouncement XP. So look for that promo coming up on all our social media. All that stuff for this join or die, uh, design that we've come up with.

For you as Hounsman guys, that's all I got for this episode of the Hounsman XP podcast. Thanks for listening. This is fair chase.