Say When…Pistol Choices, Training and Carry

Show Notes

Who doesn’t fantasize about wielding a pistol like Doc Holliday? Pistols and hunting are controversial. Loathed by some hunting groups to the point of “you ain’t using it” to celebrated by others. The pistol’s effectiveness is dependent upon the individual shooter’s experience and willingness to put in the reps to train with it.

Caleb Barnett of Underwood Ammo is back. Chris and Caleb discuss handgun training choice, training tips and where and how to carry. Each shooter is unique and requires different things from a handgun but we all share the same end result…proficiency! Being able to draw, shoot and hit the target is the most important aspect of carrying a handgun.

In this episode of the Houndsman XP Podcast we break it all down from handgun choices, training tips and the importance of where the pistol is carried.

Show Transcript