Spavinaw Creek Insane Emmy - Lane Denny

Show Notes

Hosts Bryce Matthews and Steven Basham are joined on this episode of the Semper Doggin Podcast by none other than Lane Denny of Jay, Oklahoma. The guys recap the amazing career that Emmy has enjoyed as well as her personal accomplishments and those of her offspring. Lane is a class act who has held himself and his hounds to the highest level which is evident through their accolades and accomplishments. Some of these include a World Championship Title, pup earnings over $100k, winning a new truck, and so much more! This fun and lighthearted episode is full of laughter and entertainment which is good for the whole family. Whether you are an experienced coonhunter, green as grass, or somewhere in between this episode is for you! We hope you enjoy this episode of the Semper Doggin Podcast presented to you by the Houndsman XP Network. Please remember to support our amazing sponsors that are listed below!


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