Stoney Lee Blan - Cottontail Assassin

Show Notes

Tanner, Ed, Cory Rhode and Stoney go hog hunting to talk about hunting hogs and rabbits. This is a sneak peak into a hog hunting trip as the podcast was recorded as the guys drive around chasing dogs all over Cherokee County, Oklahoma. There are some laughs, some razzing, and some actual thoughts on hog dogs and beagles. This is a laid back episode that was fun.

Topics discussed:

  • Rabbit dogs
  • Getting dogs run over
  • Running deer
  • Drinking whiskey
  • and much more


  • Joy Dog Food
  • onX
  • Cajun Lights
  • Go Wild
  • 1TDC WorksoWell
  • dogsRtreed
  • Freedom Hunters
  • Rough Cut Company

Show Transcript