Sweatshirts, Hip Hop and Top Hounds- Will BK Kieling

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BK is the owner of Coondog wear, the one and only Treeing Walker - Apollo and an ambassador for coonhunting in the most unlikely place-the Hip Hop Industry. BK and Chris talk about a ton of stuff on this one.


  • Lessons learned from Competition Coonhunting
  • How to buy a dog
  • Being in business in the hound hunting community
  • Repping the lifestyle to the Rich and Famous
  • Understanding competition coonhunting



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Will Keeling with Coon Dog Ware is in the house on the Houndsman XP podcast. Folks, I'm going to tell you what, Will is a good dude. There's just no [00:03:00] two ways about it. I struck up a friendship with him a couple of years ago probably kicked off. In a major way down at the grand American. We just stay in touch all the time.

Texting, calling, just a normal 21st century way. But every time I see Will it's a good time. It's a real good time. You're going to get to hear us talk about all kinds of cool stuff. We're going to talk about him breaking into competition, coon hunting in a major way with a major purchase of a very well known hound from John Strickland, who is a major player in this sport these days, for sure.

We're also going to talk about. How Will carries his message as a hunter and a houndsman and a coon hunter out to the entertainment world because Will, known as BK in the hip hop industry, shares his passions for hunting with a crowd that I think a lot of times we just figure isn't interested in what we do.

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You can check it all out at houndsmanxp. com. Yep. Gotcha, buddy. Repping the houndsman XP and the coon dog wear, man. Yeah, it got to, right? Yeah, no doubt. How are things in Georgia? Oh, tiring, man. I gotta leave town. What's today? Thursday. I gotta leave town Saturday for about 10 days. So I've been the past few nights, like breaking day with the dogs and then coming home, taking my daughter to school.

So I'm beat. [00:06:00] Yeah. Yeah. I know when I get, I'll be gone. I won't be able to hunt them. So I'm just trying to wear them out a little bit. You haven't got somebody hunting your dogs for you? Yeah, I have a guy, a kid that does. He does really well with him. He won last week at a Labor Day Classic, a couple of cats.

And but I have Apollo here and I have a female that's in heat. I'm about to breed her to him. So I'm not going to send them over there to be hunted while I'm gone, because I'm a breed them. Apollo that Strickland had. Yeah. Yeah. I bought him. Oh, you did. Dang. Look at you playing with them, playing with the big dogs, buying Apollo.

Yeah. I wouldn't call it playing with them, but

Oh man. So what kind of dog is Apollo? What how would you classify Apollo? I've never seen him go. I had the opportunity one time and then John was here at the house. And we were going to turn him loose and there was a [00:07:00] storm rolling in. It was just nasty. And I can't remember what he was doing here.

Oh, he was picking up a pup. Oh, okay. Okay. The big country. Yeah. I don't know, man. He's a beast, man. He's loud. He's fast. He's he's deadly accurate. He's a beast. He's a real deal. And I ended up getting them cause prior to me owning him, I was buying a bunch of dogs, for decent money, 10, 15, 000, 20, 000. Then they just weren't, they weren't giving me what I expected and what I was looking for. I was looking for, the main thing was consistency. I was looking for the dog to be the same way every single night. Yeah. No matter where you drop him. Yeah. No matter where I'm at and I wasn't getting that.

So I saw Apollo come for sale and I knew Judas pretty good. And I called him and he told me, just told me about it. He said, nah, he's the right kind. So I called John after that. And I went and got him and he's been literally to the T everything everyone's ever said. I get so many calls about that [00:08:00] dog, man.

Have you been campaigning him still? Was he still on the campaign circuit? I lost track of him after John had him. No, he's not really on a campaign circuit, really. I just just been hunting for myself and just getting to know him and seeing, seeing his, checking his capabilities out for myself just so I would know what he is, but to be honest with you, I've had a really hard time just trying to determine if I wanted to still push him in hunts because he's already won everything except for the world hunt, so it was like, I'm not sure if I want to push him or just breed him. And the reason I got him too, is I want to be able to start my own foundation, the dogs. I don't want to have to keep buying dogs. Yeah. How old is Apollo now? It'll be five in October. Oh, heck man. He's still got some miles on him then for sure.

He got plenty of miles on him, man. Like I said, he's a beast, man.

We got Will Keeling on the podcast from Coon Dog Wear. And we're just catching up here. We're going to get more into [00:09:00] Apollo, but how was automobiles? How did automobiles treat you? Automobiles was awesome. I had a great time there. It's always a good time. It is. I think this is my third time going second or third time going, but it was it was great, man.

Get to catch up with everybody, get meet new people. That's always a highlight for me, just catching up with buddies from the previous years. And it was a good turnout. There's a lot of people there, a lot of dogs there in a hunt. So I think the UKC did a great job with it, which they always do. I really enjoyed myself.

Actually. I went there Monday, stayed for the week and just played your hundred and a little bit in the slams and stuff. Yeah. Do you do any good up there? Do you do any winning up with anything you drug up there with you? We we in the in the UKC slams, I only hunted one night and didn't have any luck really.

I hunted Hugh Arthur and and Hunter. They they hunted two dogs mining the slams for, or for the not slams, but the Labor Day Classic. They went over there hunting and they won. They won with those dogs over there a little bit. I took Apollo out one night and just caught a [00:10:00] bad break and just didn't just didn't pull it off.

But it was a great experience, great cast all week. So we had a great time. Cool. Cool. I want to talk about Apollo some more because I'm curious, I'm not familiar with how he's bred at all. What's he out of? Why did you look at him for just breeding stock for the future? Because, Is it because of his winning, or is it because of his breeding, or is it a combination of both?

It's a combination of several things. He's, he's out of Power Pack She's So Easy, which is I would say a historic breeding for walker dogs, and it's funny, because Buddy DeLetre down in South Georgia, he had a lot to do with that cross, and he has a pup pen down there.

And so I've met him a few times, took a few puppies down there. And and I just always been here and talk about, power pack, easy power pack, easy that have a female here named time. She's off power pack. And she actually won up there at this Liberty classic last week a little now. And I was just like, man, like looking more into the breeding itself before I bought a [00:11:00] big dog like that.

I wanted to make sure it was something that wasn't like a flute dog, like it wasn't like, he wasn't like the only one of his breeding that made. Turned out well, so I have to research and I found out how many winners came out of that cross. How many winners come from the power pack easy line.

And I thought it would be a good start for me to start my own dogs here at the house with something that that has already known to reproduce as I was known is known to have the right kind of dogs that I'm looking for, which are fast and loud dogs and accurate dogs. I so I just went for him based off of mainly based off of the breedings and, of course, it's his winning speak for himself.

Yeah, that brings up an interesting point, what is it, what kind of dog do you think it's going to, it takes to win, in, in competition? I just think once again, I haven't been in competition hunting a long time. And I'm really not that good at it, but I try to make two of us, but I try and I enjoy trying, but to me, I just feel [00:12:00] like it just takes a well balanced, intelligent dog.

I feel like, everyone gets into the deep and lonely, or they get into, like the mouth and this and that. I feel like it, like the mouth is always great. But I felt like the biggest thing is just intelligence and a dog that, that knows how to hunt and wants to hunt, has the desire in his heart to just keep going.

The gameness of him in the heart is the main thing for me. What kind of handle does Apollo have on him? I bet it's a pretty good one. Strickland can put a handle on a dog. Man. Strictly. That's it. He's like my, like now that I've got Apollo, he's like my encyclopedia, that guy, man. Any question I have, he always has the right answer, but handle wise Apollo, if he doesn't have the right answer, he'll think he does.

He'll make you think he's got the right answer.

Yeah, that's great, man. I actually, I, after all the moats, I went to his house for a night. We pledged a hundred a little bit. And but now in regards to Apollo, if he can hear me, he's [00:13:00] coming. And a wise, he's great. He'll walk on the lead. He loads easy. He, you call him, he's coming. You need to come across a river.

You can call Carl across whatever you need to get him from. Is he pretty calm around the house? Pretty laid back. That's one of the funniest things about him is that if you look at him in the kennel here at the house, it was like, man, this dog is a little lazy little thing, he doesn't bark much.

See, he tricks you a little. He's like a sleeper, because you just snap that collar, that boy's gone. And he ain't coming back unless you call him back. But once he takes off, he's gone. Man. I've, I, I told, I said I'm not any good at competition hunt. I'm not, but I, I did it for.

30, almost 40 years. And you'd think I'd have more to show for it, for invest in that much time. But competition hunting was a lot different back in the day than it is now, as club hunts and local hunts were a big deal, state races, chasing those truck tickets and things like that. And now you're, you're out there [00:14:00] paying big money to hit big events, but One thing that I noticed was when we sold big country to John and Ashley, we sold him to Ashley.

And then John got part partnered up with Ashley on him is the handle that he put on a dog, and country had a decent handle on him before he went down there. I, we, we put a pretty good ham when he was young. He didn't have any handle. He's just a brood. He's just like a bull in a China shop.

He about yanked me off a bluff one night. I might've even been before I owned him. I was just handling him in a tree for Donnie. Then Donnie walked up right when I was giving him a little encouragement, not to be a a jack wagon, when somebody's got him on a lead, that's tuning him up a little bit.

Yeah. As you're showing him, there's an alternative to acting like a fool in life, [00:15:00] but one thing I've noticed about, really good dogs that I enjoy hunting with, and I enjoy being around is that they're just good. They've got good kennel manners. They've got some sense.

They know what their job is. They're not going to waste a bunch of energy acting a fool, on a, when they're tied out or anything like that, I never could get along with a dog that, that when you had them tied out at an event or you got them out there, they just stood at the end of their chain barking, I always liked that dog that would just.

Pretty laid back and cool. And then when you got ready to roll, man they, it's like you flipped a switch in them. And that's exactly how it is. And I always look at dogs, especially male dogs. If I want to start breeding them or I want to do something with them, I always look at like they're, disposition and would I mind having 10 or 20 of them dogs in my yard at one time?

You know what I mean? Yeah. So that, that has a lot to do with him as well. Because I would love to feed as many dogs off of him as I can, just cause of how well he is, sure. [00:16:00] Yeah. Like my jazz female, you didn't know she was here. Big country was the same way, real quiet in the kennel.

Mongo out of big country was that way. I've got a pup out of here right now, out of big country and jazz. She's a little more wired up. And then what I like, but a little bit of a, a couple of days with a bark collar on, and she gets her mind back. But a lot of it is just a lot of times when you've got that dog that's acting like that, what they're really telling you is they need to get out of the kennel.

They need to be worked and performance dog has to have a job and they have to be worked. And if you don't give them one, then they're going to find one that can be bouncing off the walls. It could be barking in the kennel, whatever it is. Yeah. No that's a huge factor with these, any time, any type of working dog, like I have a Doberman here and anyway, any working dog, if you don't give them somewhere to channel that energy, there's going to be negative energy, just like a kid.

You don't give them an outlet. They're going to get a negative reaction. You know what I mean?[00:17:00] 100%. Yeah but in regards to with Apollo, man he's the first dog that, let me see second, first or second dog that he was everything that the previous owner said he was, and there were no surprises.

A lot of times you get you purchase a dog and it, there'll be everything. They prefer to set it to a T except for that one little mistake that he left out that you're going to hate. You know what I mean? Okay. So I got to ask you this then, this is a good conversation.

There's no perfect dog. So you know, if a person asks you what the dog's doing, I think we as buyers have to ask the right questions at times to, There's a difference between let me think how I want to put this. There's been times when I had a dog that suited me to a T, but he probably wouldn't suit you to a T and that's always a hangup for me.

If I'm going to sell a dog, because I want to make sure that I'm telling them everything about the dog. [00:18:00] But a lot of times the way I'll tell them about the dog, they're going to be thinking I'm not paying you that much. If you're going to talk like that about your dog, I'm not going to pay you that much for that dog.

Cause I'm hard to please. No, for sure. For sure. And I think a lot of the biggest things that I've dealt with so far in these dogs and when purchasing dogs, it's owner's not telling you that he's a thyroid dog owner, not telling you that I don't know that, he, that he has some type of bad habit, Oh, he'll treat coons all night.

He'll do this and do that. But they forget to tell you to help run deer first, or whatever it is, Josh, Michaela says that's not a bad thing that they run a deer. I'm going to get my digs in on Josh BK. Yeah. Like I said, I'm not saying it is a bad thing. I'm just saying those are just some of the things that, you know that someone would leave out of sometimes in a conversation, actually, I spoke to Josh, they came up to me, man.

It was real cool. That

Josh came up to me and spoke to me at all the modes that we passed each other by, so we had [00:19:00] a brief conversation. I haven't really had much conversation with him bef prior to then, but he's nice guy. You probably got enough. You probably got enough. Just . No, Josh is a good dude.

He is doing some good stuff over at fuel by Joy. He was with us for a long time and Josh is still a good friend, but there's never any doubt that Josh and I are gonna be giving each other crap nonstop all the time. Yeah. I picked s from your pocket, you guys' pocket. Yep okay, so what are some things that are just like those key things that when you buy a dog and you bring it home and you start hunting it that make you think, man, this guy screwed me.

What are some no go's for BK? The biggest thing for me is just the whole like health stuff, right? Like in terms of thyroids or a daughter has any type of diseases, which I'm sure sometimes some people might not realize it or might not know, [00:20:00] but it's been a couple. I get a dog here and they have Ehrlichia or they have Lyme disease.

And then, you know what I'm saying? And I don't, and I don't find out. And so I start trying to hum and then it won't do anything, and they're like, that dog was X, Y, and Z when he was here. And I'm just like I don't see that. And to the point where I'm like, all right something else has to be wrong.

Then I go to the vet and find out, oh, he has this or he has that. You know what I mean? So to me, biggest thing So health issues are first for you. You want full disclosure on health stuff. So a snap test is. Is I don't know what they are now, probably 50 bucks. So do you ask people for a snap test to show you a clean rec bill of health there?

I have, it depends. So I, at first I didn't because I didn't know anybody. I just thought everybody was like me going to just, man. Yeah, buddy, better than that. You're a man of the world on a businessman. Yeah, I do now, but I saw, so some people do and some people don't, but now I make it a requirement.

But [00:21:00] I don't really foresee myself buying any more dolls for a little bit. I got a good little bit of kennel dolls in the counter right now between the Apollo, Mr. Moses this female named fire that me and Johnny had. So I think I'm pretty content right now. I'm going to just work on trying to get some Apollo pups on the ground and start some of those.

Go ahead, man. Keep talking. I'm sending Heath Hyde a message right now. He's trying to call me. I got him taken care of. Yeah. So what's another thing? We got health. What's another drop dead thing that you just walk away from a deal that leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

No, really just the health is the only like deal breaker for me because that's the only thing that can't be worked it can be worked on but it's gonna be a process. I had a dog one time I bought man, and I love that dog he was a great dog But he had all the health problems you gotta give him two pills in the morning for this two pills at night for this One pill in the afternoon for that.

I'm just it was just too much for him So just that's my biggest and only hang up really Is that [00:22:00] health stuff is like the biggest deterrent for me with purchasing something the rest of it You can see if you go and you hunt with the dog I think there's an obligation on the part of the buyer to Sure, there's certain people out there that I would buy a dog from without ever hunting with it You know, but there's just a few, the rest of the time I'm going to go and I'm going to evaluate the dog myself when I was younger, I'd get, I would overlook some things, I would get drawn in shiny objects, man.

That's a good looking dog. I want to own that dog. You get, it's like looking at it a used truck when you're 16 years old, if it's got good rims on it and it's shiny, man, I like it. Yeah like I was telling you, I think we've talked a bunch of times, but for me, like coming into this sport, I didn't have anyone to like, guide me, you know what I'm saying?

So it was like, out there and was just doing stuff and learning as I went. So I really didn't have anyone to tell me, Hey you need to go put this [00:23:00] dog in this type of situation. Like I'll go test, try a dog out and it would just be me and that guy and that dog, he'll come loose. He treats a kumara. I ain't know it.

Okay. What does he cover dogs? Is he, how, is he got enough heart to go long, deep and find it, find him a coon? How is he at the tree with other dogs? I didn't know to even ask any of that stuff. Do you think you're, you think you're farther ahead now learning that stuff on your own than.

Having somebody else to rely on though. Further. I want to stay on further ahead. Now, but one thing I can say for sure, a hundred percent is the best lesson learned is when you lose money. You got that man. I got a story about buying a dog. A buddy of mine wanted to buy a dog. And I don't know if I can tell this story without throwing everybody under the bus or not.

But it was a squirrel dog. And we went with this little dog. She was a good looking dog. She had a good mouth. She was quick. But the guy that sold her or the guy that had her for sale wanted a hunter [00:24:00] with another dog that was a nice dog too, and we turned the dog loose and we had a great hunt. All day long and this little dog, she was the one that was for sale was on point.

If. She was quick. If another dog, if the other dog was thinking about tree and man, she'd pile in there and she looked good. And my buddy asked me, what do you think? And I was like, I think you should see what she does by herself. And see how she acts by herself. And it turns out that she was super quick.

If another dog even thought about looking at a tree, she would grab it. And the other dog didn't have to have a squirrel or a coon in the tree to do it either. So she'd back anything. She was a classic cover type dog that was just pretty flashy and could do it a little bit quicker than anybody else.

That dog was absolutely worthless when it wasn't with good dogs. She was not a good, accurate dog. She just was really good at [00:25:00] covering. Yeah. She was a great cover dog and you could win a lot with her. That's the thing. And that's the problem I have with. It used to be worse than it is now but used to a good cover dog could absolutely school you because it turned into a calling contest rather than the ability to go out and tree coons.

Yeah. I experienced that recently. I like to where it was like prevalent. I realized oh, okay. I see what's going on now. Like I heard my dog locate, then I heard somebody I'm like, you know what I'm saying? She was over there. I was like, Oh, okay. I see what this is going to be about tonight.

It was terrible. I remember the night that we got the win to make big country a night champion. And I was handling him that night and Donnie was spectating. And after the first drop, man, country has a locate like a freight train. [00:26:00] There's no mistaking it. You can, he's loud and you can hear him over other stuff.

And by the second or third drop, man, I had a bunch of cover dogs in the cast. As soon as he had cracked that head and let that locate out, man, people were looking to get on the card. So I had to start calling him. He, but he would mess you up too, because he had to locate when he was going to lock it down.

And he had a lot, he had to locate when he was thinking that he was getting close. And so he wasn't, the only way he could know it is from hunting with him. And Donnie was good at, he was a master at it because I would, when we pleasure hunt, I'd be like he's treating, he's ah, he's not treated right yet.

It took me a while to learn that. So he would leave a dog hanging to, he'd hit that locate and he just wasn't quite sure yet. And then he'd peel off and move the track on out and get treed right. And leave all those me to cover dogs [00:27:00] standing there on a slick tree. So it can help you a little bit too.

Yeah, no, for sure. For sure. What, like one of the things also that I've learned so far, like I said, this is my third year now, but, but the more you hunt for me personally, the more I hunt with a dog that I like a lot, and I'm in the woods just me and that dog alone. It's it's almost like storytelling time, like, when I get in those woods, and you start learning what they're saying to you, what, when they're hunting, it's pretty amazing to me, it's pretty much. One of the things that's drawn me to the sport and to just hound hunting in general, just because it's like a storyline when it, when you cut them loose and they're telling you every, almost everything they're doing.

I had a dog boy, I used to hunt a whole bunch before I got Apollo and I'm talking about if he saw something like some junk in the woods or something I would know by what, how you sound or they pretty much tell you everything for the most part, and a good dog. So I've always, I found that to be pretty amazing to me.

Yeah, for sure. And I'm not saying, like I was telling those stories about [00:28:00] big country. Obviously his wind record speaks for itself. He wasn't slow about doing anything, but it was just more about the me too side of it. For that part. For some reason everybody in my contact list thinks now's the time to send me a text message.

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I use it all the time. When I was in New Mexico, I was looking at 40, 000 acres of ranch that I needed to learn. I flip open Onyx and just start studying the map. When I'm riding trails, I put the tracking app on. [00:29:00] It helps me get around in strange country. I can mark water sources, food sources, bear sign, just all kinds of options within onX.

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But the competition, man, like it's been a great learning experience for me. Like just to see the different aspects of, and like different thought processes in the woods with people, as you see how people, different people react to different situations, I've thoroughly enjoyed. Just learning. What kind of things?

Tell me what that means. Like I've enjoyed like deciphering between different types [00:30:00] of people on the cast. Some people that are out there just to have a good time and like just have fun. And then you got the people that are out there.

Cause you know, this is how I make my money. This is my job. This is my nine to five. I'm gonna make sure I'm trying to get this one. You know what I'm saying? Yeah. Just in terms of stuff like that and just seeing how different people handle dogs just seeing what I could take away from watching other people, like other handlers that I might think are a good handler or just watching them and learning from them while I'm in the woods or while I'm watching on YouTube or whatever, I just think there was a a great deal of different different game plans and strategies by people. And I just enjoy watching them and just like paying attention to it. Yeah. Where I live, I've had the opportunity to hunt with some of the greatest handlers of all time. Chris Allen Doug Tyree.

Just the list goes on and on and I'm dating myself because all those guys are older now. And a lot of the [00:31:00] younger guys have no idea who they are. Ronnie bone Jerry mall was place always had a, had winners and was a handful on the cast and the thing that I always. Found out is you can learn something from these guys.

Doug Blackwell senior gave me an education one night that I'll never forget, and it was a good cast, but we were hunting the Labor Day classic. And I was hunting a little plot female and she's pretty good little dog. And she opened and I don't know if it was when my hearing was starting to go bad or what but he asked for a call.

He said, whose dog is that? And I said I think that's mine. And she barked two more times. On the third bark, I didn't give him a call. He goes, your dog's struck and minus for a hundred because I didn't give him a call on that dog. He threw me off my game a little bit on the first time she opened, cause he was asking me if that's my dog.

And then it didn't register in my head that, [00:32:00] yeah, she's barked once and now she's barked two more times. I didn't give him a call because he asked me after the third bark, he goes, was that your dog? And I said, yep, that was my dog. And he goes, Rachel is. Struck for a hundred minus for a hundred boom right there.

It was like, get your head out of your butt. You didn't come here for a good time. This is a Labor Day classic. And we're playing with the big boys here, so I didn't get butthurt about it, but I find so many times that guys that don't go into it with that mindset. That this is somebody's real serious business.

And I always took it serious too. They're not trying to cheat you. They're trying to hold you accountable for the rules. And I never made that mistake again. Right now. And I, like I said, a lot of them rules are they're there for a reason, and if you don't know them, you're going to find out what they are pretty quick, right?

Yeah. Because somebody's going to give you an education. I just never understood the guys and it happens more. [00:33:00] I found it to happen more at hunts like. Some of the bigger breed hunts and some of the bigger, I'm not going to name 'em, but yeah, it's gonna happen when it, but when it matters, that's when it's gonna happen.

The little 35 hunt in the house, it ain't gonna happen. They might tell you, Hey, you need to do X, Y, Z, but when it counts and it matters, you gonna find out them rules. Yeah. What I've found most of the time is the bigger hunts and I'll just say it, it auto, you take an event like Auto Oaks, everybody wants to go and put a dog in Auto Oaks.

And, or the winter classic or, whatever it is. And they usually, the guys that come away from that thinking they got cheated are those guys that are like, they've got a buddy that's riding up to the hunt. They jump in the truck with her coon dog and they think, yeah, I always wanted to hunt that hunt.

That'd be cool. And then they get up there and they draw somebody that's there to play to win and they don't like a call or they don't understand a call or they don't understand the rules. [00:34:00] That's when you have problems with somebody walking away thinking they got cheated, right? I've never had a situation where I got beat, where I've, I can't remember.

I'm sure there's been times. I'm not going to say that it never happened, but where I felt like I got cheated, I allowed myself to be manipulated in a cast. And it left a bad taste in my mouth. But as far as just straight up cheating, no, I never saw anybody putting, shooting raccoon eyes up in a tree or, never witnessing by catching dogs off a tree, anything like that, and that's outright cheating.

But if a guy's got the ability to take control of a cast and manipulate that cast in a way that puts him and his dog in a position to win without outright cheating, then that's just good gamesmanship. For sure. Dale Earnhardt did it in a race car. The best are always, what's [00:35:00] that? The best are always gonna do that.

Yeah. Yeah. So go ahead. Oh, I was just gonna say, and what we're seeing now in this, in 2023 is like what you said, there's people out there that are making their, making their nut. This is their nine to five, this is their job. So you've got a lot better quality handlers, higher quality handlers that know the rules.

And know how to use those rules to put themselves in those positions to win. Right now, for sure. A hundred percent. And I'm just I'm past, I'm at my stage in life. I'm just past that. I it's it's not something that I enjoy and I don't take it serious enough to go out there and hunt against the BKs and the guys that are hungry, I'm just not, I'm not hungry for it anymore.

Yeah. I really enjoy it. And like I said, I, the, my only problem is I work so much , so I got, so I have to watch how much I do get out [00:36:00] there. But but I, like I said, I really enjoy it. I, in terms of the rules and stuff I agree a hundred percent. Like those guys that are the master of the rule book and know and master of the woods, they know how to maneuver, which way to walk, you all types of little stuff, that that helps them in the long run. And there are some cheaters out there, but just like anything that's taken serious, there's going to be somebody that's not going to do right, but especially with the money on the line that we've got out there today. Yeah. Yeah.

There's some real money on the line in this sport. So I think the rules though, and the registries have gotten to the point where if somebody is legitimately cheating, then that's going to be dealt with, and when you've got a guy that's running the roads and this is his life and his livelihood and his money for one, the guy that's paying the bills for this guy doesn't want him or that dog off the road.

So you get barred or you get banned and you've just taken. You just [00:37:00] derailed the gravy train for yourself there. So guys are more conscientious of that and they just can't afford it. No, I agree a hundred percent. Cause it's, man, it's not cheap to play on that level, no. So you're talking about shooting, spending 10 grand every weekend. It's not hard to do, is it? No, it's not hard at all. So yeah, no, sure. A hundred percent, man. You definitely, those rules and stuff. You definitely got, you have to respect the sport, and that's one thing I've learned to respect it a little bit more than I was at first.

Fun. I was like, Oh, this is cool. This is awesome. Then you start losing a couple of bucks. Hold on, man, let me pick this book up again. Yeah. And I used to know him. I used to know the rules front and back. And but you just, you've got to be aware of going in that, this isn't a hunt with your buddies, you've all paid money to be there and every dog in that cast deserves the right [00:38:00] to be able to be successful that night, and so you've got to, like you said, you got to respect the game. No, for sure. A hundred percent. And then now, always in your mind, the best dog might not win, that night to you, but the best dog that night and best handler to couple the team, they're going to win, it's not who you thought it was.

Oh, that's the best dog on this cast. He should have won. Now that's the other team put on a night, for sure. I want to talk about a couple other things. One, I want to talk about I want to talk about. What your nine to five is and what it's like doing that job and being on the road as much as you are.

And, but that also affects, what you really love to do. And that's run your coon hounds and run another business called coon dog wear. So let's start out with talking about what your nine to five is, because I think it's unique. Yes. Am I not? I know it's unique. I know it's unique.

Yeah you and I have talked a whole bunch, man. Oh, yeah. Yeah. This isn't the first [00:39:00] time we've talked, BK. No. It won't be the last either, right? Nope. Can you, if I flip my screen, can you see? Yeah, probably. Let me see if I can flip this. Oh, here it is. I'm downstairs in my little fake home office.

Yep. And what do you know right there? Oh, a blue book. PKT blue book. All right. So here's This is a platinum album that we had It's called it was called dirty sprite 2 ds2 And this is two times platinum for the recording artist future I like just keep some of my like almost like trophies for me, right?

It's different albums and different projects. This is DJ Esco's too much sauce record. We went platinum. So for my job, I'm a music manager. So I manage recording artists, producers in the hip hop field of music. So I've been doing that since 2011. I started with [00:40:00] actually with Future then, and we've been rolling ever since then.

I had took a little hiatus for a little bit when my daughter was born just cause I was gone so much. The craziest thing, I was in Budapest for a concert with Future. My daughter called and she was screaming, crying. She's probably two years old. She's about to be seven now, but she was screaming.

I just miss you so much. I hadn't been home in over a month, and she was just screaming, I come home, daddy. Come on, man. I had to pack up everything and go home, man. I had to take a little break, but I've done this. I've done this for quite some time and I own part of a couple like restaurants and bars and stuff here in Atlanta, but music management is my main my main business.

And you travel around the world managing for these artists, hip hop artists, right? I gotta ask you, man, the first thing I gotta ask is what is it like, at the club or setting up? It's man, what do you do besides, besides work BK? What do you do? And you say, I love [00:41:00] to coon hunt.

What, how's that conversation go? Oh, it's funny. I get made fun of a lot, like with my peers at work. What future nearby, like they'll be like, Oh, we're going to go, we're going to go fly to France or we're going to go to the beach, over here, we're going to take a, take a plane out and go have fun and they're like, all right everyone's coming, BK, he's going to be, he's going to be in the woods covered with deer piss all weekend, so leave him alone.

Yeah. It's Hey, let's go out and do this. And you're like, I think I'm going to stay here and look at the standings from last. Last night's pro sport hunt, right? Like on our calendar for our work calendar, it said last week, I had, I took the whole week away and it said automote.

So everybody was like what's automote? So I started explaining what it is and just man, you don't do anything, but that you're either working or, so that's pretty much it. I really don't have any other recreational activities I like to do other than hunting work. That's it. Do you [00:42:00] find that being a hunter and having that well known in that community, has it been a barrier for you?

I think most of us feel like that the entertainment business is full of a bunch of people that, that may or may not, that they don't agree with hunting. Have you seen that? Not so much not agree with her, but definitely not understand the light. So you mean to tell me you have a flashlight, you just walk around the woods at three o'clock in the morning to find a raccoon.

So I'm like, yeah, pretty much, see, oftentimes I have to pretty much just like an educational point where anyone. Quickly on, what it is and why I do it and why I enjoy it so much. And I've had several times where people ask to come, they don't always make it out, but they ask, what kind of things do you tell them to make them understand? What are some of your key talking points that seem to get some traction with these people that don't understand honey? A lot of the, a lot of the guys [00:43:00] in my line of work, as soon as I tell them you can win a bunch of money, they start, their ears perk.

Like I've shown ads for like different hunts where, you know, like a, like bigger hunts and they'll be like, man, really? And then I'll start, they'll start looking into it. Wow, that's crazy. I never knew that, I never knew that was such a big thing. Where they could put that kind of, money or trophies or whatever it is on the line and that's when I get into, the style of the rules or telling them different breeds of dogs are asking questions.

Typically I lead with. What you can win and what you can accomplish in the sport. And then the cadet that perhaps everyone's attention like that. And then I get into, what it takes to have a good dog or what it takes to try and get on ready for a hunt and into breeding and just explaining backwards from there.

Have you found that when they find out that you're not actually killing the raccoon in the course of a competition hunt, that they open up to it and they accept it.[00:44:00] I tell you the truth, I haven't personally noticed a difference in if I was killing it or not killing it, because nine times out of 10, they assume you're going to kill it anyway.

Like the guys that I'm around, I haven't had anyone say, Oh, that's horrible. Or, Oh, this or that. They ask me, in a competition, can you kill it? Of course I tell them no, but I tell them, pleasure hunting we do, but I haven't had anyone look down on it at all so far.

So the mindset is as long as are you selling the values of hunting or are you selling the values of competing with a dog? No, I'm still I'm really, I'm leading with the values of competing with a dog, and then I closed with what it does for me. As a person, like being in the woods and being able to, have moments with my dad.

Like I went hunting last night with my dad last night, it always creates great memories and moments for me. So that's what I close with. Do you ever get into I know what you were doing last night. You guys were doing a nuisance raccoon deal on a club or, a piece of private [00:45:00] property.

Do you get into that side of it with them saying, Hey, if raccoons do this, they cause this damage, they, we've got to manage the resource. You can't have too many of them. They'll get sick. Do you ever have any of those conversations with them and try to educate them on the overall health of wildlife and how they fit, how hunting fits into wildlife management?

Yeah, I do. A lot of times that comes with another conversation that because I do some timber investments and recreational land investments and stuff. A lot of times when I'm speaking to someone about investing in properties and timber, we start getting into how you have to take care and manage the property in terms of wildlife and just your stewardship.

And so once I start explaining to them, about, the turkey eggs or deer population and how you keep your eyes on everything to make sure do you have a good ecosystem within your property, then that's like, when I start breaking those type of items down and you say, and oh, by the way, I know a guy that can [00:46:00] come and help you out with that stuff.

Here's my card. I'll be back tonight. When you buy the, when you when we manage this property or you buy this property from me, Hey, just so you know, I got the raccoon population thing under control here, it's like everyone around here now that I haven't deer hunted, man, in two or three years.

That was the time I get rid of my bow yesterday. I've only been coon hunting, and so like my dad, him and his buddy, they don't get good percentage of land. Around here. And so a lot of times my dad told me, Hey, you got a cooling problem. Call my son, BK. Yeah, that's great, man. That's great.

But what's your opinion? Is the entertainment business, you're right in the middle of it. Do you feel like that? Are they just uninformed and they're picking up on the wrong messages or they actively, putting their money where their mouth is and trying to stop hunting in the United States.

I don't see anyone[00:47:00] in my circle trying to stop any honey. I think a lot of guys that I talked to are really interested in it. They just haven't had no exposure to it at all. So yeah, I'll be 44 next month. And I started coon hunting when I was 40 41. So I had no idea about it.

I'm talking about at all. And I hunted, I deer hunted, I rabbit hunted, I did all those things. I had no idea about coon hunting at all until then. How, but when did you start rabbit hunting and deer hunting, things like that. What age? Man, as far as I can remember. So you grew up hunting, you just switched.

Yeah. From, you just added another layer of your hunting experience with Kon Hunt. Yeah, I've been hunting, so I'm probably, I don't know, five years old, something like that, like going with my dad, but, and especially in the music world, a lot of those guys are they just, like I said, they don't have any experience, they don't have any knowledge, they don't have any understanding of why we do it or what we're doing so that's why I try my best to educate people as much as possible.

There's been a few [00:48:00] guys that I know in the music world that just recently started deer hunting and they're slowly starting to get out there a little bit, trying different things, but just the educational aspect is the biggest thing is just people being uninformed. Do you think some of that's coming from like Rogan's very Joe Rogan, he's very open about honey and, his support of honey.

I don't always agree with everything he says because he's a new hunter and he, I don't think he fully understands all the dynamics of hunting, but he doesn't have to at this point. Every hunter goes through developmental stages and for a guy like, like Joe Rogan to be able to, he'll openly talk about it with just about anybody on his podcast.

But when you get a guy like that's openly discussing hunting and the values of hunting and why it's important to him, now he's got people listening to him that he has influence over, like the futures cause I'm sure a future has he been [00:49:00] on Rogan's podcast?

No, he hasn't been on that podcast yet. He does. He's not really a podcast guy, but people. Okay His level have been on Rogan's podcast. So now he's got influence at those higher levels. And I just wonder how much of that is transferable, from guys like that, I've always said, man, like Dale Earnhardt was a huge hunter and he made a couple of videos, but he never really talked about it, Alan Jackson.

A lot of the country music singers are very vocal about hunting or they're, they love to hunt, but they're not vocal about it. And why are they not vocal about it? Yeah, I don't know. I told you, but I'm not sure. I know there's a singer from around, around this way. Raleigh green, he's a avid deer hunter and duck hunter.

And he's, I don't know, he speaks on it pretty well. I don't know, maybe it's some type of thought process of maybe some backlash may be coming from it. That's what I'm wondering, man. Is it the deal where the [00:50:00] managers or the publicists are saying, man, stay away from that's not going to play well for you.

Why? Oh, funny you say that because I had a situation recently to where I was dealing with one of our agencies, right? And it's a massive agency, one of the biggest in the world and they were like film, television, things like that. So I was talking to them about Kuna and they're like, man you can't call it that.

So what do you mean? I can't call it Kuna. And they're like, aren't you afraid of the backlash from it? And I said what do you mean? They're like going into, the whole racial stuff. And I'm just like I don't look at it that way. I said, you made it this, you made this awkward now.

Not me. You know what I'm saying? I was like raccoons, and we call it Kuna. They're like are you sure you want to go with that? I said, that's what I'm going with. I said, anyone has a problem, we'll just have to try to sort it out at that time. I said, cause that's what it's called. And I got to ask you though.

Let's talk about the elephant in the room here. VK, your skin tone's a little bit darker than mine.[00:51:00]

Can you get away with that? And I can't. In terms of what? What do you mean? Is it, do you feel like, do you feel like that they're more receptive of you calling it coon hunting because you're African American or you're a black man? They weren't receptive of it at all still.

Were they white? Were they a bunch of white people? No. Oh. I find that there's a lot of woke white people out there that take more offense to some of this stuff than what the African American black community does. No I agree that there, there's a lot of that. I have a pretty tough skin.

No I get into debates a lot about stuff like this, but that's one of the reasons why I like you because you just call it like it is. It's called Kunun. It's doesn't mean anything other than, raccoon. It's called Kunun. We don't say. We're taking a raccoon hound out to go hunt the raccoon.

That's not what we, that's not what we say in that nobody's going to know what [00:52:00] you're talking about. If that's the way you talk about it. And that's how I put it out to them. That's what it's called. And now I'm not changing it. So if y'all don't want to do it because of that, then fine. I said, but I'm not changing it because that's what we call it, yeah. So yeah, cool, man. That is, I think it's important that We had talked about those elephants in the room at times and get them right out there on the table, but the people that were trying to get you to change your narrative or your dialogue to suit their to suit. To soothe their emotions.

Yeah, that was their emotion. And that's why I told him, I said, I said, man, like I'm black. So I'm not going to say anything crazy about, about, the situation. I was like, so how are you going to tell me if I'm this person, I'm telling you this is what we're going to call it.

How are you going to tell me otherwise? That's what I was trying to tap into right there. That feeling that you got about it right there. Yeah. I was pissed, man. Were you? I was pissed.[00:53:00] Did they come around or, how did that conversation end? It ended just like I said, either we're going to do it my way.

We're not going to do it at all. And they decided we'll try and figure out a way to do it. I said, okay, good deal, man. That's awesome. All right. Let's talk about we talked about your, we talked about your day job, so to speak, traveling around the world. How do you keep. Let's talk about where I want to talk about where because you're apparel.

You're it's clothing company by and large for the most part. That's how you. Drove your stake in the ground. But I think the thing that really sets you apart BK is the quality of the clothes that you offer to the public. Yeah. That was pretty much the main, my main focus when I took the company over was to make sure that I maintained a top quality and top level product just that way.

Everyone's happy. I wanted to, [00:54:00] poor business skills of mine is always trying to make everyone please the customer. If I take a whipping on it, I just want to make sure everyone's happy. You know what I mean? So I always try to go with, the a hundred percent cotton stuff or, pre shrunk or what pre grown of material and good quality ink, like I wouldn't just use just any ink for my designs.

Like I went and sought after, a higher level. I feel like that's, I feel like that's, what's going to carry me in the long run. Especially right now, things, in the market space. Things have been increasing everywhere across the board in terms of cost of goods and, trying to make things.

So I hate when I have to pass, pass that cost on because it's detrimental to my side, so I try to hold out as long as possible, but sometimes you have to make certain changes within the company just so that way you can, keep it going. Did you have to, did you have to take a look at the inventory and make some changes there to.

Cause your style, your design your, like the sweatshirts that my wife picked up from you at Autumn Oaks. Those are high end. They have the feel [00:55:00] of high end quality garments and then the art, the artwork and the design on them are great. Yeah. So let's, and specifically with Autumn Oaks this year I jumped out there a little bit in, in, in terms of what my, like the youth kid shirts.

Previously, I was, it was very rare that I carried them, but I noticed that a lot of people were asking for size shirts. This year I made sure I had him, but in that process to have the same quality you shirt with the same design. It cost me the same amount as for an adult shirt, but so basically, long story short, to make sure I had the right product for them at all the most, I lost pretty much like 5 dollars per shirt for the use shirts, just so I can make sure it was the exact same quality exact same design, exact same material.

So that way, everyone has the same thing. I'm not taking any more business advice from, BK.

No. So I think consumers, a lot of times they [00:56:00] don't and I put myself in this same category before I started selling merchandise, logo wear merchandise. You're like, man, why does that hat cost 30 bucks or 35 bucks, I'm telling you right now, if you, when you add everything up and you start deciding what your margins are on this stuff, unless you want to do it for free, it's just not a good business decision at all.

It's I've had plenty of conversations where I thought, man, I might not even do this no more. I've had the same conversations with myself. before. We have, we've talked about this, but but I just, man, I really enjoy it. I love being in my booth. I love when people come over and talk to me. I need to meet people every trip, someone new.

And I go to other hunts and see the same people. So it's I get a lot more enjoyment out of it than maybe the average person that's [00:57:00] doing it like strictly business wise, so it's I really, I really enjoy it. So I try to stay on top of it and try and do the best job that I can when I have time.

But you're not there, you're not there to give away free t shirts either, free sweatshirts. No. Yeah, I'm definitely not, but in this particular instance, I had to do it just to make sure everything was uniform and everything stayed properly the way it was supposed to be, but I get really upset when people come to my table and say.

I'll give you, like I said, my hoodies are like 50 bucks. And if it's a three X or something, it's like 55, I'll give you 45 bucks. If I buy two of them and I'm sitting there thinking to myself buddy, I got 40 bucks, 41 50 into this. You know what I'm saying? I get real irritated with people when they start trying to negotiate and we don't deal, which I get, that's part of, part of, someone wanted to say, feel like they got a deal, but I don't, I really don't cut too many deals.

I just, they don't want it. They just don't get it, see, that's the part of the business side that I need more of right there. And I'm not in this business. I'm here to produce podcasts and talk about how we [00:58:00] save hunting in the future with hounds. That's always going to be the main goal, I also carry some merchandise and some different stuff on that side and I'm the type of person too, that I like high quality stuff, it's this Western Rider hat that I'm wearing right now with the stitch leather patch cap. That's got a unique look to it. It's a Richardson's hat. So it's a high quality hat and it's got a high quality patch on it. And I know what that. The hat cost me almost is by the time I pay for the shipping and you got to buy 300 of them to get the price breakdown.

I mean that you're talking about a substantial investment and then I've got to haul them to an event or I've got to ship them or I've got to do whatever and this isn't a set. This isn't a sad story for us. We're making money on them and we appreciate everybody that's buying them. But at the same time, there needs to be a little more of an awareness out there that it costs money to do business and you can't go in the hole if you want to stay in business.[00:59:00]

Yeah, I know. And I think that a lot of people don't realize what vendors in general go through to make these events. It's not a simple thing, you know what I'm saying? Yeah. There's a lot of preparation, a lot of pre planning, make sure you have somewhere to stay, make sure you have the right hands and ability to unload and load in a reasonable amount of time, make sure you have the right products, make sure you have enough inventory to restock products.

It's exactly, it's not some simple, just, oh, we're just going to go today and pop up over here. All the most. Nah, but it just took months of planning. You're right. You got to make sure we had to reorder and have different sizes and designs. Everything was stocked and ready to go. We came back and I'm, I've got a, haven't gone through my inventory yet, but I know that I sold out of a couple sizes of different things I'm going to have to reorder.

And again, it goes back to, when you're figuring out your inventory to get that price break for me to be able to sell this t shirt at this price, how many am I going to have [01:00:00] to order? Where's my price cutoffs? It's not just let's, like you said let's go and sell some t shirts this weekend.

It's not that simple. And they don't realize too that when you're shopping for price breaks. You're doing it for them really, they don't, a don't realize it because you're not wanting to go up on prices on your customers because you want everyone to be happy. So it's you're really putting yourself in a hole like for all the most, I ordered a thousand hats.

And I know I'm not going to sell a thousand hats, but I know in order to keep my price where everyone finds it affordable and happy to pay it. I have to order that book where that thousand hats going to last me for a while, but it's like. It was like, they don't realize like I said, they don't, people don't realize how much goes into it, not only how much planning goes into it, but a thousand hats, Richardson hats aren't cheap. No, not at all. You're out thousands of dollars with overhead at this point that you're hoping to sell down the road. Yeah. Tens of thousands of dollars. Yes. Yes. And yeah I'm the same as [01:01:00] you.

It's yeah, I don't want to spend that much money on a hat. It's okay. Thanks a lot. Appreciate it. And sometimes I get a little in my head, I get a little snarky. It's like our dog box, that we designed, I know what's in that dog box. I know how it's built.

I know it's a great box. I know the price is high, but if, but At the same time, go design your own dog box. If you don't want to spend that much money on it, if you're going to have a cut custom dog box built, you're not going to be able to get it for cheaper than what I'm selling our dog box, don't go complaining all my, I hate my box and my box does this, my box does that.

Like I was telling you the other day when I saw your boss, I was very impressed by your boss. And I was like, man, my buddy, one of my buddies the other day called me about my box that we carried, the Coondogware box. And he was like, he's man, I really want it, but it's expensive. I was like, okay.

I'm a man of faith. We have, I'm going to shoot you the text message. And then he was like he went and bought a used box and then called me back to, to help, have me help him get one of my boxes again, because he was [01:02:00] unsatisfied with the used box. Yeah. That's buy something, you want to buy it one time.

That's it. Buy something quality one time and not have to buy another one. Buy once, cry once. Whether it's a dog, whether it's the quality of the firearm you're going to carry, whatever it is, buy once, cry once. Because, and I don't know why that's so hard. It's that way in everything.

I get... Tunnel vision on the hound hunting community because that's who we deal with every day, but it's true and everything, when you're, whether you're putting a roof on a house or playing for a plumbing job, you get what you pay for. And if you pay for quality, the 1st time, that's the last time you're going to pay for it right now.

For sure. The 1 that really gets me going is the whole dog food conversation. About You can pay one price for a bag of dog food, or you can pay a third of the price for three different bags of dog food and spend more feeding the cheaper stuff than you do if you just fed them the good stuff [01:03:00] to begin with.

They're going to pass it. They're going to, their body's going to pass it all day long. Their body's not going to retain anything from it. So it's you're going to feed three cups or four cups of a cheaper brand. If you could have fed one cup that was healthier and the dog stuck to the dog. And we're asking the dogs to perform.

That's the thing. It's not like we're just trying to keep them alive. We have performance expectations out of these dogs. And that's, I thought I don't know, that's a complete different subject, but yeah, we can go off on that and talk to you on that. Yeah. Can you, I'm big in like the whole nutrition stuff and all that kind of like feed in and stuff, just because when you're acquired so much from a, from an athlete.

You gotta put into the, into their body what you're taking from it, like a lot of people don't realize within that first hour after a hunt to two hours, their body's pulling, pulling from all that muscle muscles trying to pull, good fats and getting good things for a dehydrated dog, whatever.

So it's I just don't know. I get irritated sometimes thinking about it, but there's a [01:04:00] lot of stuff that goes into that nutrition thing. I feel like a lot of people don't realize, yeah, there, there aren't any Olympic athletes that are bragging about their diets of fudge rounds and hot dogs, they're eating to perform.

And when we have so much we, like I said, we go down this road, but when we depend so much on the performance of our dogs, sometimes I just scratch my head and just leaves me perplexed, man. I'm like. The reason your dog's not running or the reason you're not doing good in the late round, look what you look how you're feeding your dog.

Look how you're catching a bear, falling out of bear races or whatever it is. And people don't realize too, like after you depleted dog's energy in their body so much on a big hunt or like just one of your pleasure hunting, like you have a there's actually a time window after that hunt to where your dog body's going to start pulling from its muscles or its fat sources within the body.

But that way it could replenish the muscles. So it was like, if you miss those [01:05:00] windows, you're really doing more damage than good. That's why we've had. Yeah, exactly. That's exactly why we've had guests on like Dr. Earler Reynolds, Kevin Hall with the dogs are hydrated. Hydration is one of the most overlooked things that, that we look at in our dogs.

We overlook it. And. There's times to hydrate and there's times for optimal hydration. And I'm telling you, man, that can give you an edge, even in competition hunting, if you understand it and you know how to get on, get in front of that thing. And there's also going to the hydration part.

There's also periods of the year due to weather where too much hydration is bad. But like I said, we can, that's a whole nother. Yeah. Yeah. So anyway, Coondog wear, how do people find it? The website is coon. ware. com we have Instagram, we have Facebook Katie Millwood, she helps with, she's really good with the like social media stuff, so [01:06:00] she she's on board with us, and yeah, we're pretty, we pretty much try to make it to all the big hunts that we can, that's what events you got coming up, BK that you're going to, I know for sure. Grand American, a little grand American. I like winter classic. I'm going to try my best to try and hit some of the like PKC world hunters and like some of the world hunts and stuff like that. All that for those to get to see if there's a available space, but I know a hundred percent grand American Walker days and and when a classic a hundred percent.

Yeah. Nice. Make sure you guys stop by the booth and check out the quality. I'm my wife likes your stuff. And yeah, she loves it.

Do what? That's the, every time I see her, she's just always smiling. I'm, so I'm not sure. Fine. Cause she's nice and likes me or she's, or it's because we're, come over here, get big bag of free stuff. No that's what she's always that way. Everybody that sees her, everybody that meets her.

I'm about the only [01:07:00] person that sees her when she's not smiling. And then buddy, stay out of the way. She's got this, everybody's got this idea. It's Oh, Carrie, she's so nice. And she's so sweet. And it's you have no freaking clue. She's always super nice, man. Oh yeah. Yeah. Now, she had a big time at automobiles, probably the 1st event that she's gone with me in years and definitely the 1st event that, that she legitimately had a good time.

No, that's good. That's good. Yeah. Yeah. Hey, man, I think we probably ought to wrap this 1 up and unless you got something else that. But you need to spring on us, big K. Oh, no, nothing really to spring on you guys, man. Just hopefully help us, get out and get to see more people and meet new people and keep this thing rolling, yeah. You wear the coon dog wear when you're on the road with future. Oh yeah, for sure. I got pictures of paparazzi and magazines and all types of stuff with coon dog wear hat on. Awesome. That is so funny. That's great. All right, [01:08:00] folks. Big K I appreciate your time, man. I more Portland lab. I've always appreciated your friendship.

You've always supported Houndsman XP you guys can actually go to the Houndsman XP website and go to our sponsor page and click on friends of Houndsman XP and it'll take you to BK's site at Coon Dog Ware. We don't. Worry about affiliate sales. It's just, BK is a good dude. It sells a quality product and he's always been a good friend to me.

And so that's how you access it, but you can go to coondogware. com. So make sure you're checking out the Houndsman XP podcast. Join our Facebook groups. Houndsman XP podcast is our page, the group. We have the group Houndsman XP podcast group and checks out on Instagram. Visit our website. Make sure you're shopping with our sponsors because they keep the lights on here.

And keep us bringing guests like [01:09:00] BK and telling the story of the American Houndsman and keeping that sport alive in the good old U S of a there it is. There it is. All right. Thanks for tuning into the Houndsman XP podcast. This is fair chase.[01:10:00] [01:11:00] [01:12:00] [01:13:00] [01:14:00] [01:15:00] [01:16:00] [01:17:00] [01:18:00] [01:19:00] [01:20:00] [01:21:00] [01:22:00] [01:23:00] [01:24:00] [01:25:00] [01:26:00] [01:27:00] [01:28:00] [01:29:00] [01:30:00] [01:31:00] [01:32:00] [01:33:00] [01:34:00] [01:35:00] [01:36:00] [01:37:00] [01:38:00] [01:39:00] [01:40:00] [01:41:00] [01:42:00] [01:43:00] [01:44:00]