The Bear Hunting Veterinarian

Show Notes

Dr. Garrett Bailey is a bear hunter and houndsman from Virginia. He is a crucial part of the hunting crew that Heath hunts with. Being a hunter and houndsmen, Garrett understand what our hounds go through and is always there to provide crucial services for the area's hunters and houndsmen. 

Heath spends the evening with Veterinarian Garrett Bailey. Heath and Garrett break down canine pregnancy to included pre natal and post natal care of the bitch. They also go into the details of puppy care, to include vaccination schedules, parasite control and nutrition. They cover proper puppy care and what is important during the different stages of immunity up to 16 weeks old. You get a little extra on heat stroke at the end. 

For those who are planning their first litter of puppies or for the seasoned breeders this is straight talk from a Vet that knows who we are and what we do. Enjoy the ride on the Journey. 

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