The Dogs are Treed

Show Notes

Chris is joined on this podcast by Kevin and Nancy Hall of dogsRtreed. DogsRtreed is the industry leader in the highest quality hunting equipment for the serious Houndsman.

As a kid growing up in a self employed, self sustaining family, my grandparents taught me early in life about the value of a dollar. Grandpa would pay for the best tools on the market because those tolls were important to the survival of his business and family. I can remember him and my father saying “You can spend your money now on the best or you can spend your money multiple times later on junk.”

For houndsmen there are some tools of the trade that are essential for our success and the safety and peace of mind for our valuable hounds; dogsRtreed doesn’t sell junk. The equipment you buy isn’t going to break when you need it most. You can sleep easy in camp when you have your hounds on one of their tie outs and the leash isn’t going to fail at the critical moment when you are tying dogs back at a bay up in a dangerous place.

dogsRtreed is setting the standard in the industry for high quality gear.

Show Transcript