The Enemy Of My Enemy

Show Notes

If you enjoy freedom, if you want to sustain your lifestyle, if you believe in science based wildlife management, this is a must listen episode. With the recent assault on hunting freedoms and the attempt by the animal rights zealots to divert wildlife management from a science based model to an emotional anthropomorphic model, the hunting community needs friends and we need them now. Protect the Harvest is a strong organization that has taken the fight to the animal rights movement effectively. Focused mainly on the Farm and Ranching community, Protect the Harvest has also fought and defended the rights of dog owners all across the country. Chris is joined by Theresa Lucas McMahan joins Chris for this in depth discussion about Protect the Harvest and its work in defending freedoms across the globe. Listeners will be introduced to the Global initiatives to end traditional farming, ranching and animal ownership. Hunters should take note that these initiatives include the end to hunting and self sustaining lifestyles. #youfollowyourhounds #fueledbyjoy Houndsman XP is Powered by Simplecast

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