The Huntsman: John Broadhurst

Show Notes

John Broadhurst joins Chris in this historical and highly informative podcast to discuss the traditional hunting techniques from the Old Country-Britain.

John grew up hunting in the countryside of the Lakeland District on England. He got an early start in life hunting fox and mastered the art of both hounds and terrier work. He was a professional huntsman and terrier man for with fox hunting clubs. He has written two books titled Terriermen and Terriers Volumes 1 and 2. John also was one the only Redcoat houndsmen hunting hare with Beagles in his professional career. He also was a judge for terrier trials and shows, which he continues with toady in the U.S.

John moved to the United States approximately 25 years ago and lives in North Carolina. He has multiple terriers that he hunts and breeds. He has Plott hounds that he hunts Black Bear in Coastal Carolina near the Dismal Swamp.

This is a good one folks and we don’t even scratch the surface in this interview featuring John Broadhurst.