The Journey: Deer Down, Now What?

Show Notes

The Journey gets into the heart of deer season and this an episode that every deer hunter should hear. As game (deer) recovery dogs become more and more popular The Journey is giving you real information that can increase your success while deer hunting. After the shot; help the people that want to help you. Recovery is as crucial as tree stand placement, scent control and other Whitetail Deer tactics.

Heath has a great conversation with Shon Butler of Longspur Tracking and Outfitting from Buckhannon, WV. We’ve talked about tracking deer with different types of hounds. In this episode Heath and Shon discuss several ways to help preserve the track, tips on things deer hunters can do when sign is found at the hit location and much more. Shon has over 30 years of hound experience, holds a Masters degree in Biology, and operates his own tracking school for animal recovery. This is invaluable information that may help you assist with the recovery of animal that you have invested so much time and money to pursue. Come along with us on the Journey. 

Longspur Tracking and Outfitting

Show Transcript