The Journey: Devil Dog to Hound Dogs

Show Notes

Ariel Peldunas was a USMC Military Working Dog handler, private contractor working a cadaver dog overseas looking for remains of fellow service members. Once, back, state side she received her degree in biology and minor in neuroscience. She worked for Tarheel K9 and Logan Haus Kennels implementing puppy programs and working directly with detection dogs. She continued her training experience opening her own K9 training facility and working for Ridgeline K9. Ariel has extensive background in the olfactory system our dog use. 

Ariel discusses her beginnings as a bear hunter and houndsman. As a new hunter she talks about the terminology and compares it to her working dog experience. She also discusses her early impressions of hounds and hunting. 

Heath and Ariel dive into some of the testing exercises they use to select pups they have not raised and work are some things to be aware of. They talk about what experience they use from the Military and police training to help them select and train their hounds. Ariel talks about what got her into hounds and the gaps between the two disciplines. This is a part of the Journey you don’t want to miss. 

Show Transcript