The Journey to Building a Better Breeding Program

Show Notes

The Journey takes a trip to Auburn University, Heath chats one on one with Bart Rogers, the Chief K9 Instructor over the K9 performance program. Bart oversees the training and development of their working dogs, the breeding and selection program, validation tests for the puppy and working dog selection, all for their Vapor Wake program. Bart recalls his childhood where his grand dad had redbones and walker dogs and where his love for dogs started.

Heath and Bart break down the breed options, out crosses, line breeding and inbreeding. What to look for in making the different crosses. Some of the things Bart uses when picking the breeding pair, from traits, genetics and deficiency. They break down the two outcrosses Heath has made with his male and talk about the litter he is raising now. Bart gives his opinion on how Heath should make the next cross with the two litters he has. This is the podcast for you if you want a better hound and breeding program. Come join us as the Journey continues.

Here is the inbreeding Coefficient calculator

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