The Journey: Understanding Hound Thyroid, Nutrition and Supplements

Show Notes

The Hottest Health issue for Houndsmen???  Thyroid. Heath talks with Dr. Jonathon Bradshaw who specializes in sporting dogs.

Jonathan Bradshaw is a University of Georgia graduate. He owns and runs two veterinary clinics with his wife. Dr. Bradshaw focuses on hunting dogs and their health. The Bradshaw Veterinary Clinic located in the heart of Little Rock primary focus is on hunting and sporting dogs, while the South Arkansas Veterinary Animal Hospital focuses more on companion animals.  

Dr Bradshaw discusses the Thyroid issues that seem to be a hot topic in the hound world. He gives his experience and take on what is going on with it and steps to eliminate it through panels of bloodwork. We look at other factors and how to combat it. We dive into the myth of too much protein, and helping the hound prevent joint issues. Hear it from a vet that runs in the sporting dog world and is an advocate for hunting dogs.

Show Transcript