The Life of a Leopard Hunter with Gavin Lipjes

Show Notes

Gavin Lipjes, Professional Hunter, Xtreme Conservationist and Xtreme Performance Houndsman is back! Gavin will take listeners deep into the bush of South Africa and describe what hunting leopard is really like. Chris and Gavin discuss the styles of hunting leopard and the necessities of for science based management and conservation of this iconic specie.

Houndsmen from across the world will be able to relate to this episode and have take aways to implement in their own individual hunting adventures and training regimes. Gavin lays out the skill and nuances of hunting in a way that showcases the dedication and personal and emotional investments it takes to be a true houndsman.

This is a must listen for every hunter that wants to secure the future of our lifestyle. Being able to talk about why we hunt and use hounds to do so is an important responsibility for every person who wants to call themselves a houndsman.  


Show Transcript