The Not-So New Guy with Trevor Wade

Show Notes

The old rule of thumb for new employees until there is someone hired after you - you are the new guy. Trevor Wade has crossed that threshold and is the not so new guy now. By now you have heard of Trevor, from Trevor, or met Trevor. Hired by UKC in 2019 as the Coonhound Programs Manager, Trevor has made a huge impact on the coonhound program at the United Kennel Club. Chris caught up with Trevor for a sit down at the Grand American in Orangeburg, SC. Anyone that spends more than a few minutes with him sees that he is a dedicated, hardworking young man. With down home roots and values to match, Trevor is easily likable and he is quick to talk about his love of family and his passion for coonhounds and hunting. #youfollowyourhounds #fueledbyjoy Houndsman XP is Powered by Simplecast

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