The Perfect Dog

Show Notes

As houndsmen we all dream of the perfect dog. We are striving for perfection from first strike to final tree and everything in between. We want dogs that have high drive but have great kennel manners. We want gritty dogs but not mean dogs. We want top strike dogs but not track straddlers. We are looking for great tree dogs but not slick treeing idiots.

On this episode of The Journey on the Houndsman XP Podcast Network, Heath and Chris dive into this topic of expectations. Are they real or unachievable goals? Whether you are hunting scenting hounds on bear, raccoon, boar or rabbits, sighthounds on hare or terriers. If you want to understand what real expectations are for training your Labrador retriever or pointing dog this conversation will help you set goals for your performance dog and yourself as the trainer.

Show Transcript