The Truth About Aggression

Show Notes

Aggression, man made or genetic? Can you recognize aggressive behavior? Why does your hound growl? Have you put your hound in a situation that may manifest itself into full blown fight mode? Heath Hyatt joins Chris for this in depth discussion about dog behavior and how it effects houndsmen. Heath explains the why it is important to be able to identify what type of aggression your hound is showing. Once we know why the dog is being aggressive we can take step to redirect behavior. Heath identifies key areas that are of the utmost concern for houndsmen. Finally Chris and Heath discuss real life situations and how to avoid a reaction to a negative event. There is no definitive answer to how to correct aggression. Each situation is different and should be approached on its own merit. Listeners will have some valuable take aways and will increase their houndsmen skills with this one. Sponsors: Houndsman XP is Powered by Simplecast

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