The Truth- Adios!

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On this week’s THE TRUTH Josh sits down with friend and regular contributor Jed Finley to bid farewell as the show’s host.  The duo discuss all of the changes both good and bad that have taken place in not only the world of competition coon hunting, but their own lives over the last two years since The Truth made its debut.  Josh and Jed both give thanks to the Houndsman XP team, and talk about the path that their area of the sport has taken them, as well as where it is headed.  It is a comical, yet heartfelt farewell that is worth listening to.  So as always, tune in, and enjoy another episode of THE TRUTH, only on the HOUNDSMAN XP Podcast Network!

Show Transcript

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All right, Finley. How's my next P? The truth. The truth, the truth. You couldn't have done that before I started recording. Hey, if we're gonna do something and go outright, we might as well go with the every blooper, everything we've ever done. All right. So big announcement. It's not really that big, but.

Talked to Chris the other day, and I just don't have time to do the truth episodes. I know it's even only, it's like two a month now and I'm late and I get one guest that backs out on me, and next thing you know, I'm missing that week [00:02:00] and Chris has got to fill in with something else. And so me and Chris talked the other day and I'm like, dude, I just ain't got time.

I said Love it. We're still friends. Still a wonderful podcast. Joy's still gonna sponsor him. I'm still gonna talk to Chris. I'm still gonna help promote him every chance I get. But we're not doing any more recordings. Yep. This, this would be it. And I looked before I got here. This is the one, pretty much the one year Ann, or the two year anniversary?

Yeah. Of the first truth episode. Yep. So I've been doing it for two years and the original thought on the truth episodes was I. You get, but you don't have social media much. You're thinking about diving into the world of Facebook. I'm thinking about it. Well, my, I, it's hard for me to jump in. That's like jumping in a damn pool of sharks, I guarantee.

But anyway, one of the reasons we started this is because I was getting on social media and people didn't understand high money co nuts. Well, [00:03:00] and I still don't think they do fully today. Mm-hmm. Um, no they don't. But I think we've made progress. Oh, absolutely. Yeah. I think people got a better understanding why there is the higher end hunt.

Mm-hmm. Um, and they have a better understanding of why there is the levels. Yeah. Because everybody has their own level. Yeah. Some people just like to play on the bigger end of things. Mm-hmm. Some people like to play on the smaller end of things and it, it didn't ruin our sport. No. It's sport. It progressed our sport.

Yeah. It is, to be honest with you, there is more recognition out there. For our sport. Mm-hmm. Because of them. Mm-hmm. Yep. It's no different. A big time athlete getting paid a hundred or you know, a hundred million dollars. Yeah. That don't mean you, I don't mean you can't go out and play 21 in the yard with your kids.

Exactly. Just [00:04:00] because, uh, I don't know who plays in the NBA anymore. That's such a terrible league after Kobe died, but just because one of those guys are getting a hundred million dollars. For flopping every time they get touched doesn't mean you can't go out and shoot freeto at your kid in a drive play.

Absolutely. Yeah. We, and it, it's the same way. We've beat that to death. And I think, I honestly think the format for the truth, which the original format was you were the first guest. Mm-hmm. And that was actually, I was the first guest, uh, Chris done the truth about competition co hunting with me, and then we made it a whole thing where I did it every week, but, The format has always been for me.

Find these guys, find these, Michael Ward, Jason Doherty's, Jess Dickerson's. Mm-hmm. Uh, all these guys, duel Murphy's, uh, I can't remember who. Just the list of guests that we've had on the truth is outstanding. But you find these guys, you sit down and you figure out what makes them tick, how they came up, why [00:05:00] they liked the sport.

And you humanize these guys that are only in magazines on Pro Hound. Mm-hmm. And people don't know 'em. And. It helped. I don't think it did. The best thing is people got to know them. Mm-hmm. It really wasn't. I mean, you can look at somebody and you can see 'em in the magazine. Be jealous. Yeah. And yada, yada yada.

But the, to be honest with you, they are human Findlay. Your popularity amongst coon hunters has been, is at an all time high because of this. Well, everybody hated your gut. Yeah. I mean, but nobody really knew. I mean, people No, nobody actually knew you. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I'm just one of those guys that, you know, I'm.

Quiet. Yeah. Sometimes, unless I voiced my opinion. Yeah. But, um, mainly, you know, at the Hunts, I don't go around talk to a lot of people. I go up, sign up, get out of there, you know, I'm just not a big social butterfly. I mean, that's just the way I am. I get less and less of that all the time. I used to like to enjoy, go to hunts and, and [00:06:00] picking people's brains and stuff, you know, a little bit.

But anymore man, it's show up a deadline and that's probably not the way to be. Yeah. But you know, part of one of the, before I get to my next point, this point was that format sitting down talking with an hour or two hours, sometimes three hours mm-hmm. With one of these handlers. Um, it's kind of run its course as far as there's only so many of these I can do.

Absolutely. You know, when you figure, I've done over a hundred of them now, probably. Yep. Just guessing, you know, around a hundred, how many top tier handlers are there? You know, 60. Yeah. Sixties. You know, some of 'em I've done twice. There's been multiple award I think was on twice maybe. I know Doherty was on twice.

Uh, and then he's done the joy stuff with me too, you know, but he, there's always something good there. I don't, yeah, he can be on there every week and nobody would get mad. The one that I probably enjoyed the most, actually there's three of 'em that really [00:07:00] stick out in my mind, is Jason's. Yeah. The Frank Giddings.

Yeah. And the Kurt airing. Yeah. The Kurt, I mean the Kurt one was just fun to listen to. Yes. I mean, cuz he, Kurt has a way with words. Yes. And he is animated. I mean, if I wish I could have videoed that one. I don't, because I would've laughed. I wouldn't have got a single thing out already said, because just how he moves, you know?

You'd hear him in the mic. He's like,

because his face is going across the mic all the time. Yeah. Because he can't stand still. Yeah, and just talking to Mike, so I'm over here running the dial up, down, up, down, up, down on his volume the whole time and it turned out pretty good. I was actually surprised, but yeah, that was one of the most popular ones.

Then of course Jason's shower shoes in a Bible. That was the second, or no, third one I did. Mm-hmm. Uh, we sat down with you for the opener. Uh, I think Michael Ward was next. His was really good. And then Doherty's came. Yeah, and just actually Doherty was the first one I recorded. Uh, the [00:08:00] audio sucked and then, Uh, I did Ward, I had Ward recorded too, so I ran Ward that week and rerecorded.

Jason. I'm glad we did. Now if you guys get a chance to go back and listen to that, uh, the shower shoes in Bible episode was a good one. Yes, it was very good. Absolutely. And then there's been, I don't know, countless others that were just so much fun to do and. Uh, like right now you got, Bryce is doing the deep and lonely section.

Um, there's all kinds of others that you know, but like, I can't do the stuff out in Indiana, Ohio all week. Cause I like to do it in person. Yeah, the phone ones. Yeah, we do 'em, but you know, they're not my favorite thing to do. And so yeah, it's, uh, I'm trying to figure out, I'm going through the list now to see some of the good ones.

Wes Hamilton and Brett Meyers. That was a good one. Yeah. If Brett would've talked a little more. Yeah. Brett, you gotta, you gotta really pull it out with Brett. Um, that was done. Let, let's talk about the other things [00:09:00] that have changed in the last two years as far as the dogs. Cuz I remember Brett, I recorded Brett and Wes, uh, down at Shawn Woods at the woodshed.

Mm-hmm. And I was hunting rain down there. Yep. Uh, got her in, got second to Jeremy there in the finals on, uh, Was it Friday or Saturday? I can't even remember. I can't remember either. I lost one night, won another night, and got second when we hunted it off. But Rain's gone. Rain's gone. Shocks. I. Retired.

Retired since too old. Yeah. We've got a whole slew of different dogs. Yeah. Duds is gone. Yeah. You know, he passed away the kennels look nothing like they did. We don't have a single dog in the kennels other than Shock and Con, who are both old and retired. Mm-hmm. Or burnt out and retired, however you want to do it.

Them from our first episode. From our first episode, those are the only two dogs we got. Yep. That are sitting in our Ken on Spot now. We've got Hazel, Brandy, angel, C, vo, and vo. Mm-hmm. Just completely different lineup. Yep. In two [00:10:00] years. That's how fast that changes. We also went from winning a lot to not winning a lot.

Yes. Since March. It's been a struggle since, since since went through that real bad stretch and we never could really get her out of it there after January or February. And then I got her in down, uh, down in March. I got her in at that. Oh, was it March? I thought it was February. Yeah. When I took, uh, rain down to uh, um, Where was it?

Oh, Texas. Texas a and m University and yeah, we had to put her down and that's really the last damage we done. Oh yeah. We haven't even been contended once. Once it got hot since was done. Yep. Uh, we went and our young dogs weren't there yet. We went and picked up Brandy and then we picked up VO and they're gonna patch it and get us through until these young dogs turn out.

And I think we just picked up another one. What's that? Oh, smallpox. Oh yeah, smallpox. I forgot about her. That's a pretty good little dog. Yep. But she's up there in age two. I mean, we only got probably a good one year, good year run outta her. Yeah. So, but we [00:11:00] got, I mean, we got gap fillers. We got two young ones that are coming on and.

Yep. We'll see what happens with them. But no, it is, uh, cuz I'm looking, July 26th was the first truth episode to Air of 2021. Yep. It's two years. Yep. Been a good two years. Absolutely. And I mean, to be honest with you, the number of people it's reached is pretty unreal. Mm-hmm. The only complaint I have is, You know, part of this responsibility to shed coon hunting and not just a positive light, but a truthful light.

Mm-hmm. Actually how it is, and maybe I'm just being naive in everything. Sunshine and rainbows and all this crap, but the competition aspect of it has always been pretty good to me. Yeah. And for me, yeah. And all my friends and family and all that stuff. Well, sometimes not family, [00:12:00] but uh, Some of these handlers are just not getting a memo.

No. And some of these people that encourage, some of 'em aren't getting a memo either. And that is just so frustrating. Yeah. I mean, where, where we've gained, uh, exposure, um, showing these guys and, and not a positive light, but that the actual light, that's why it's called the truth. Uh, we've gained there and we've gained all that, but we haven't really gained.

An awakening amongst some of the people that realize we're just trying to help. Yeah. And some of them don't. They just see what's right in front of them. Yeah. You know, I just lost a major cast and now I'm gonna co complain on Facebook. Or I just did this and you know, now I'm down $15,000. Cuz the judge made a call.

I don't want, well now we've lost quality judges. Uh, we're, we're picking up steam on people talking bad on the internet because of this stuff. And I'm just, this is what we've been preaching for two years and it's just not sinking in sometimes and it drives me crazy. [00:13:00] Well, one thing about it, you can't fix people.

No. Um, that's, that's something that will never be done, and I think a lot of it is. Taking responsibility for your own actions and your dog's actions. Yes, and I mean, granted, I mean, I used to be where if I got beat, I got screwed, yada yada y don't work. Yeah. But, and that's fine if people think that. Right.

But you just don't post it all over the place. But here's the deal, as you grow older Yeah. And you make many mistakes personally. Mm-hmm. Coon hunting, whatever, you learn to take responsibility for 'em. Mm-hmm. Until you can admit that and take your responsibility and get on the right track. Yep. You ain't gonna be worth shit.

No, that's true too. I mean, honestly, if, if I went out there just for example, a hundred thousand dollars hunt and made a bad call, [00:14:00] yeah, it stings. Mm-hmm. But you gotta admit. I shouldn't have done that. Speaking of that quick, quick detour, Casey, uh, was out at the, uh, pro sport hunt. Yep. Casey Stallard, you know?

Mm-hmm. And the first thing he asked is if Doug's is still around. I said, no, he actually just died a couple months ago. Remember that time we was in the world hunting late round. I was like you. He was like 15. I don't think he had a driver's license yet. Doug was what? He was young. It was right after I won the first Trader Youth hunt or Trader Pup Hunt.

Well, that'd been, Bella was two, so Yeah. Or three. Bella was three. Three, yeah. Yeah, so that'd been seven, eight years ago. Nine years, 10 years. I don't know how old it was. It was a long time ago. Casey wasn't very old and I made that. I didn't blame the judge or none of that stuff. I made a terrible call.

Where's calling The history of calls. Mm-hmm. And that's all because I forgot the score. Mm-hmm. I forgot about 50 minus Casey had took early in the cast. I'd done a great job handling before that. I was talking to [00:15:00] Casey. I kept crowbar in the cast walking along with us as a voting member. Got a circle or got a slick tree deleted.

Yeah. You know, I've done all kinds of good stuff in that cast duds. Had treed a couple coons and stayed outta trouble. Uh, Casey had treed two coons or three coons, I think. Image was on his third I think. But he had treated a, he'd left a tree with that was a possum and he'd draw, he drew that 50 minus early in the cast that I'd forgot about cuz the six had caught him.

Yep. And uh, I thought he had be on tiebreaker and I, tree d running with like 22 seconds left to go in the hunt. Yeah. And lose. But, but we've all been there. Yeah. We've all made crappy calls. We've all, yes. And that's the thing is you live up to 'em, you move on. Yeah. And. I think once you start admitting it, it makes a big difference, but it's not always an age thing.

I've seen older handlers do the same thing. Well, I guess it's more about being at peace with yourself. Yeah. I guess maybe it is. I don't know. I mean, let's talk about. [00:16:00] Uh, Steve y and Eric Henry are my good friends. Mm-hmm. I love Steve to death. Eric's always treated me like gold and so has Steve and they still are.

Mm-hmm. I like those. Those are good dudes. And they got a good dog. Farmers a good dog. And they didn't agree with the call I made on the panel on the pro sport, huh? Yep. And I still stand by it. I still think it was Eric's gonna disagree with me, and I've talked to Eric and Steve both about it. Eric called me.

Eric finally text me on that Sunday. Normally my phone's off on Sundays. If anybody's trying to get ahold of Josh McKayla through this Facebook messenger or text or anything, my phone ain't on. Yep. And if it is on, I'm not gonna answer you, cuz normally I'm either traveling back from a hunt and I'm haven't slept off for 30 hours.

Yep. Or I'm at home with the kids. Yep. So, but anyway, Eric texted me Sunday night my phone was on, and uh, I just called him and Eric, when me and Eric had a conversation, Eric said, well, you know, I believe you were wrong. And, and I may have been, it was a tough call. Yeah. I may have been wrong. Uh, I still would've made the same call again, but [00:17:00] outta the truck heat of the moment, whatever.

And, uh, Eric said, you know, I think you were wrong, but I don't believe you cheated. I don't believe you were doing it out of malice. Hell, I was rooting for him. Yeah. I wanted Farmer to win that cast. Yeah. But that's not gonna affect the way I, you know, make a decision on a panel or anything. Exactly. And, uh, you know, me and Steve, we visited down at.

We're, we're friends. Mm-hmm. We're still friends. Yeah. And I still like those guys, but they were pretty mad for a while. Yeah. And Steve posted it on Facebook. I don't like that. I just, yep. It gets everybody a bad, bad name and a bad rap, and I get it. That's a hard hit to take. Mm-hmm. $90,000. Yep. You know, and those dogs, I probably would've struck farmer too.

I don't know. They sounded a ton alike. Yep. I mean, a ton alike. But you know, these judges, these guides, these, these are, they're doing it for peanuts. Yeah. Compared to what they should be getting paid. And every time, just like I posted yesterday, I said, look, if one of you guys lose on Friday night, Don't go [00:18:00] home.

Yeah. Pro sport, pkc, even U kc, whatever, they would love to have a qualified judge. There's not enough of them. You want the judging to be better. Go judge some. Yep. I'm not doing it anymore. Really it with people getting on social media and stuff, it makes it hard on some people. Well, what am I gonna do as a representative of Joy Dog Food?

As a representative of Halman xp and as a man that's really made a name for myself on my honesty. Yeah. What? Well, how's that gonna look when someone gets on the internet and starts calling me a crook and a liar? Because even if it's not true, and 99% of the people know it's not true. There's gonna be a hundred people.

That'd be like, that's why I don't buy Joy dog food, or that's why I don't listen to this. And the same reason they called us an elitist and all that other stuff, you know? Yeah, yeah. And so, and if they really knew me, they'd know I'm not an elitist, no. No, no. You should see Jed's friends. You should see whether I wear [00:19:00] 90% of the time.

But it's just we haven't made enough gains there and we're all we can do is just keep trying. Yep. And the thing is, all we can do is try to move it forward and don't let anybody back us up. Yeah. We really, I mean, where we have gained is the youth events. Absolutely. Our youth, the youth events are Yeah.

Absolutely phenomenal right now. Yeah. I mean, there is. Opportunity after opportunity after opportunity for these kids. And the thing is, you're seeing a lot of new faces. Yep. A ton of them. Yeah. Lots of new faces. And that's a great thing for our sport. And people don't understand. You know what? Show up and help out on those.

Yeah. And you'll be amazed on the sportsmanship. Yeah. And it brings you back. I mean, these kids are way better than we were at 13 to 16 years old. Absolutely. Absolutely. But if you look back at like, uh, I'm gonna take the Memphis one. Mm-hmm. For example, Hudson wins his first cast. Every handler in [00:20:00] that cast, one of the handlers that was winning the cast is found.

Found the winning coon. Yeah. You don't see that. A lot of times with the grownups, no. They're not helping to find a coon for somebody, especially when it's for somebody else to win. Yeah. But that kid went in there, found the coon for Hudson, went up, shook his hand. Congratulations, buddy. I mean, the sportsmanship like that is what makes all these youth events worth it.

And it makes, and these kids are learn, I mean, I give a lot of kudos to the parents. Mm-hmm. I mean, really, if you really think about it. Oh yeah. They're, they're raising good kids. Yeah. Some of these kids though, show up without parents. Yeah. Some of these kids have a rough. Home life. Yeah, exactly. And this gives them an outlet.

How many good handlers are so good about taking that local kid to a hunt. Mm-hmm. And getting him in amongst normal folks and Yep. Treating him like his own and stuff like that. They do great. Yep. And then you look at, you take, uh, youth Nationals, another example. Mm-hmm. I mean, I was on all them casts down [00:21:00] there and every one of 'em was a good cast.

Yeah. All them kids were appreciative. They were thanking everybody, you know, that's what it's all about. Yeah. And I think. If you, uh, as a handler in the grownup division, go to a few of those hunts and see what it's like. Yeah. Because it makes a big difference. Oh yeah. You have a different perspective on things when after you do it.

Well, just like this weekend, we got our youth doubleheader there for the Missouri Series deal. Mm-hmm. Uh, it's Saturday night there at Mercer. Yeah. So it'll air, or it'll be the day after this airs, uh, Jace Davis is gonna hunt in it. That's a local kid. Never been in a competition. Coon hunt? Nope. Uh, he hunts, he hunted with me a couple nights.

He hunts with Jeremy every now and then. He's actually gotta lit her mate sister to hobo. Yep. And, uh, she's in heat, so he's gonna hunt Josie. Yep. You know, here's, here's this kid out here with, you know, Josie Wales. One of the top, one of the top reproducing dogs on the planet right now. Yeah. And he's gonna turn him loose in an hour casting his first hunt.

Yeah. [00:22:00] And you know, that's just because the opportunity arose. Yeah. You know that that's a kid that, and he's guided, he guided for us at the pro sport, for us at the pro sport. I mean the, he's a great kid. Mm-hmm. His dad used to hunt with me back in the day. Way back in the day. His dad was a year older than me, Matthew, on our back, we played basketball together on the same teams and everything and had some blue ticks that were junk.

And my dogs weren't very good back then either, but yeah, his dad had hunted back in the day, and now here I am going over to his dad's house to pick up his son, to take him hunting. That's just cool. Yeah. And but, but you remembered from when you were a kid. Mm-hmm. You know, and that's what it's all about.

Yep. So we've made progress there. Uh, we've made progress in the exposure, so, Of these big events, but there's still a lot of work to do. Oh, absolutely. There's, and it's, it's never gonna stop. No, no, no. Nothing is ever gonna be perfect. This guy's gonna stop one of these days. One of these days, Josh McKayla is gonna delete all his social media, switch phone numbers, get a, [00:23:00] uh, what's them old people phones.

A jitterbug. A jitterbug. I'm gonna get a jitterbug with the big numbers on it that you can't even text on. Yep. You can either call me, which I probably won't answer unless it's my kids or somebody. And then, uh, I'm riding off into the sunset. Yep. Done deal. Jerry Mall's posting a lot on Facebook lately, and I think he's wanting to come back.

I'm not gonna be Jerry Mall. No, when I'm done, I'm done. Yep. I mean, I'll coon hunts and pups for fun and I may go to a hunt every now and then, but I'll be like, uh, you see them guys that enter and you never actually see 'em at the hunt. Yeah. That'd be that guy like Doug Jackson or somebody like that.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Meet him at the Casey's at 10 o'clock. Yep. Yep. That's gonna be me. Yeah. And I, you know, I've. Gotten to that point. Yeah. You know, I don't go to the hunts like I used to. Um, part of it I didn't have a damn dog worth. It is cyclical. That means [00:24:00] that it comes and goes. Oh, okay. I was gonna say, what in the hell are you talking about?

It goes in cycles. Yeah. Uh, the drive to hunt every night to, for a lot of us. Mm-hmm. You know, there's, there's Zack Mcbe. Yeah. And there's Lane Denny's, and there's these guys that are gonna hunt six, seven nights a week no matter what. Mm-hmm. But 85, 90% of us are. We're we, we have ebbs and flows. Mm-hmm. It comes and goes.

Yep. Uh, right now I'm hunting really hard. I'm enjoying it. Yep. Uh, I love brandy much more than you do. Yep. Um, I like my young dog. Uh, I want to get back in the winners circle. Haven't been there for a while. Yeah. And so we're working at it. Yeah. You know, but who knows what's gonna happen at this time next year.

Right. That's exactly right. You know, am I always gonna koon hunt? Yes, I think I will. But we've had a lot of, in two years, we've had a lot of stuff change in our lives. Yes. Yeah. I mean, we have, we both have had obligations that we had to fulfill and, you know. Yeah. And that's just part of it. Well, [00:25:00] you know, now I'm in the situation where I'm not single, but I'm a single dad.

Mm-hmm. Me and Stacy don't live together. Mm-hmm. Um, the kids, I've got two children that I wake up, I get dressed, I braid, treat's hair, I get 'em to school, I get jaed to work. I'm taking 'em to juujitsu practice, I'm taking 'em to softball. Mm-hmm. I'm doing all this stuff with them. Uh, I've got a, a job that's not demanding.

Uh, I love my job. It's enjoyable, but it's a busy job. Yes. You know, uh, and I want to be busy cuz Wade treats us so good. Mm-hmm. And it's a company I believe in and I love working for. So I'm, I'm wanting to put forth all that effort with them. And you know, something, you can't just do everything right. You also gotta take care of yourself.

Yep. You know, you gotta sleep, you gotta eat right. You gotta do all that stuff to keep yourself physically and mentally in check. Yeah. And it's, it's, uh, it's quite the tap dance to pull sometimes. Absolutely. You know, and I mean, here. The sleep portion. I mean, when you're getting dogs ready and getting 'em right.

Yeah. It's tough when you got two kids to wake up at 6 45 for school. Mm-hmm. It's hard to [00:26:00] hunt until two or three in the morning. It is, you know, and then go to work after that. Yeah. And do we do it? Yeah. Not healthy, not good for you? Well, I don't know if, uh, if I was necessarily say I had to go to work after that.

No, you don't. You wake up at 10, you're like, man, I didn't sleep night. I always got up with the kids and took 'em to school if I could. Mm-hmm. But I mean, that's one thing about it is, you know, we've had other obligations. We've slowed down a little bit. We didn't hunt as hard as what we probably should have, but up until what, when did we get Brandy?

March. March. Yeah. I've hunted pretty steady since March. Absolutely. Was hunting. And was hunting, but really I didn't have anything to hunt until we got her. Well, we didn't after Rain died once. Once Scent went back. Yeah, scent went back. You know, at nationals, after nationals. Yeah. You know, that was it. But I don't know.

She's got me pumped up. I just like all the heart dogs got heart and space. Well, I can tell you right now, I got [00:27:00] one out back. That has heart and has a decent mind behind her. We don't know about the heart part yet. We cut her loose and her foot was swelled up. How big? And she went, oh, VO you're talking about Oh yeah.

No, VO does have, cause she's got plenty. I thought you was talking about sea. Oh, no, no, no, no. You don't know if them P'S got any heart yet or not? No, but I mean, they may have all loads of talent, but they ain't had a rough night. It's all fun and games right now for 'em. Yeah, but you look at vo, I mean that foot was swelled up that night and you're like, don't cut her loose.

I cut her loose and she was a, what was she? One point something? Yeah, she was over a mile. She's all the way up there by the hay shed. And we cut loose on the south end. Yeah. So I mean, she got the heart to get going and get going. No, I like that dog. I do too. Yep.

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I use that for big game hunting. Finding tracks, just uh, general use. If I need a light on my head, I'm grabbing my micro gator. I've looked for bear tracks in that thing. Lion tracks, cat tracks. Coon, hunted with it. Hog hunted with it at night. I've even used it to work on the plumbing in the house. Super bright, super dependable.

Everything that LW sells down there is high quality, and the customer service is second to none. Every week I'm getting notifications that they're adding new items to their store. They've got Briar proof clothing coming out. They got a jacket out right now. That's really nice. I put the. Best through the paces This last bear season and coon season.

Couldn't be happier with that. I can't find anything there that I, that I don't like, and I like dealing with lw Nixon and [00:29:00] Cajun lights. So check 'em out. You can go to hounds man You can follow that link to Cajun Lights right from our website. Check 'em out folks. As competitors, we're always looking for the next thing that can give us an edge to reduce those variables and increase our.

Chances of success getting our picture taken in the next big payday. OnX maps can help you do that. OnX is packed with features, including their detailed mapping, showing terrain features and landowner information. You can actually use OnX to scalp for your next big event. Lock down your own permission from those landowners and guide your cast.

I always like to guide a cast if I can go and pre hunt those areas. Know what my dog's gonna do, where he is gonna be, where the dent trees are. Everything's there, folks. You can go to, use the promo code HX P 20 and get 20% [00:30:00] off of your next subscription for OnX. Know where you Stand With OnX, we were able to find a couple dogs that don't, no, nothing's ever gonna suit us completely, but a couple dogs we can get along with.

Oh yeah, and I think, I think by the time we're done, I think. I'm positive Vos gonna suit me. Yeah. Because I've seen things outta her that remind me of her daddy of rain, you know, all that other stuff. They, they just got that, that thing that triggers you. We also have another thing that's gonna keep me pumped up.

Is Hazel's in heat right now? Yeah. I'll bring Colin over on Friday. Yep. Uh, I need to call Brandon and tell him we're gonna making that cross. It's his dog. He don't even know we're doing it yet, but I know he don't care. Uh, he's gonna want a pup or two, I'm sure. Yeah. But. Cons had one litter. Mm-hmm. And he had one male dog outta that litter.

Yeah. Who was a coon tree and machine, but I was going through the divorce at the time. Yep. Uh, he was what, six months old? Yeah, six, seven months old. Yeah. [00:31:00] And I, I was hunting him. Yeah. I was hunting pretty hard up until I realized that, you know, I'm getting ready to sell half my stuff. Yeah. And so I called you and I said, Jed, I don't want to get rid of this pup, but I can't do nothing with him.

And they were kind enough to take him down to Oklahoma hunting for us. Yeah. Uh, you took him down there for me. And then when we got him back, he just, He wasn't there yet. I went to hunting him and got the tree and coons by himself and the dog covered too much. Mm-hmm. Yep. And I don't know if genetically, I don't think that would be an issue.

It was probably something to do with that time that he was done. And nothing against those guys. They done as huge, solid hunting that dog. But they probably do it a little different than we do. Mm-hmm. And, uh, So I sold him only male pup outta con and that's five generations of that stuff coming from Skipper.

Mm-hmm. You know, you're looking at skipper, deuce, duds con and then son. Yep. And I want another great big, pretty loud male dog out con. I gotta have one. I just hope it's white. It ain't gonna be white, you know, it ain't gonna be white coming out of them too. [00:32:00] They didn't, I guess we got some white ones coming outta her and, and she threw white.

In her first litter too. They said, yeah, I'm telling you there's gonna be a white one. White and blue eyes. It's, it ain't staying at my house. It ain't coming here either. Yeah. I got my hands full with what I got. So we got that coming up. That's gonna keep me excited. And we know she's a producer because I mean, the litter outta shock's doing real well.

Yeah. Um, and I, she is a natural kund dog. Absolutely. She's, she's, She ain't a competition dog. She can't, she would've been, yes. But at her stage in her life, yeah. She is more of a let's go out tree coons and have fun dog. Yeah. Um, and youth hunts. I mean, she doesn't, Denver fair share of winning. I mean yeah, she does well in the youth hunts and stuff, but I think to get to the, you know, for what we're, what we do.

Yeah. You know, with the higher end entries 10 years ago, total different dog, that dog. Hazel right now, [00:33:00] 10 years ago is gonna win half her casts. I would say probably more or better than that. Better? Yeah. We're better. She's, she treats a lot of kons. She's a 30, $40,000 type dog winnings. Mm-hmm. She's a platinum champion.

Yep. Uh, she's fairly accurate in a cast. Uh, she treats coons as she comes to 'em. She gets struck pretty good. Mm-hmm. But she's gonna make an extra tree. Mm-hmm. And then she's gonna take some time that she shouldn't be taking. And right now the level of competition has changed. Absolutely. These dogs are too fast.

They're too good. They're too quick and she can't keep up. Yeah. And I mean, a little bit of it's her age. Mm-hmm. She ain't no spring chicken. It is. And I mean, she's eight years old. She's, uh, dynamic tree dog. Mm-hmm. And no, that'll fly or fly. Oh yeah. Ghost through spells. You know, her heat cycle. Ever since her heat cycle, she's never went through a spell of inaccuracy.

And you can always tell when Zel don't have a coon. Yeah. She treats the same way, but how she moves the track and how she treats it and stuff like that without even pulling her off a tree, she knows when she don't have Yeah. She knows she's, it's kinda brandy when [00:34:00] she treats a possum. Yes. We were hunting brandy's treated one possum when I was with her and two.

When you were with her. Yeah. And two skunks. And two skunks. So I think it's just when you're around. I, I tell you what, I don't have to be around her. I, but it was a huge tree. Oh, ginormous. Yes. Josh searched that thing for hours. I've searched it and looking through the thermal, and J goes, it's this possum right here, and it was on the limb that come off that tree, you know, way out here, you know, off.

I'm like, I'm making sure there ain't a coon up there first. And I look and look and look and look and look and I said, oh, you're right. I think it is the possum. And I immediately, as soon as I took my leash off to go leash brandy, she quit treeing and laid down. Yeah. And was trying to get outta there. I'm like, definitely the possum.

Yeah. Yeah. Sad part is the dog knows when she does wrong, but she just, She can't help her. That's heart. Oh yeah. Sometimes they would just rather take the corrections cuz they got heart. Oh yeah. Extreme. I call that idiot. [00:35:00] But no, it's been a good. Two years with Hounds Man xp. Mm-hmm. And I've no doubt that these guys hounds, xps gonna be just fine without Josh PERAs.

Oh yeah, absolutely. Yeah. They're doing a fantastic job. I mean, I mean you're an elitist and everything else. Yes. So you, I mean, hey, the ratings will probably go up. Yeah, they probably will. But you look at, cuz when we first started, it was me, Seth, Lauren. Chris, that was it. You know, and we'd done two episodes a week.

Mm-hmm. It was the Monday podcast and the Friday podcast. Yep. It was the Homan XP on Monday and the Tru or the Truth on Friday. And now they're doing podcasts, I don't know, like three or four days a week. They've got a full staff, they've got a guy doing, you know, all their media stuff. Mm-hmm. And their social media stuff.

And they're doing great. It's impressive. Yeah. You know, you got Seth's still there? Chris is still there. Uh, Lauren's gone, but you know, Heath doing. Heath does a fantastic job on Wednesday. Bryce is chipping in. I mean, they're, they got plenty of [00:36:00] help. Chad Reynolds, all those guys, shorty Gorham's. Mm-hmm. You know, back.

Yep. And one thing that I do appreciate about Hessman XP is all the cool friends we made doing this. Yep. You know, I can text Shorty Gor right now. He's going to, he's gonna call me right back. And he's cool guy, interesting guy. Good dog, man. Mm-hmm. I had no idea he was even like a thing. I didn't know shorty was famous.

You know, I'm over there talking to him on the phone at camp one time. Kevin's like, who's that? I'm like, shorty Gor. He goes, what Shorty? Gor the bullfighter. I said, I don't know. Did he do that? But yeah, I mean it's been a wonderful experience. Chris has been really good to us. Mm-hmm. Uh, We really appreciate the platform that he's gave me and you.

And you know how many of our friends have been on this podcast? You know, you look at Zane and and John Brookman and Yeah. You know, all these, I forgot about the Brooky one. God, that was a good one too. I got a Brookman update. Uhoh. So Brookman. One of the best storytellers [00:37:00] that's probably ever graced this earth.

And I didn't do a big outline of Brickman on how I was raised coon hunting in Brickman. I remember the first time I went coon hunting without my grandpa, Chuck. I think I was like nine years old, and Brickman threw me in the trunk or through the dogs in the trunk of an old Ford l t d or the backseat or whatever.

We drove out there and turned loose at the concrete bridge below Hartley's and Tree, along that slew and. And you know, I grew up around him. Yeah. And so I don't think much of John, but he's such an oddity to everybody else. But he was living in Jeremy's uh, shed out there where he is got that living quarters and, uh, helping Jeremy with farm work and doing all the stuff that Brookman has always done.

And, you know, he is always came and gone. We'd go two, three years. Remember we had the John Brookman memorial hunt. Yeah. Cause we thought he died that one time. Yep. And then he showed up to the next year's John Brickman memorial cuz we had ribs. But, uh, He just left a note for Jeremy said, don't call, don't text, leave me alone.

And he wasn't mad. Yeah. He was just going off grid again. Yep. Gone. That was, I don't know, six months ago. Yep. No one's heard or seen from [00:38:00] me yet, so we may have to fire up the old John Brookman memorial again and bring him back. Bring him back. I can tell you right now, he's, he's a good one. He is a good one.

I'll never forget that time he come to your house and need to, need to use your debit card. Oh yeah, yeah. My then wife was in the, cuz Brooklyn's Brookman ain't no thief. No, absolutely. He wouldn't steal a D from you now he he'll bum off of you. Mm-hmm. And uh, I don't really ha, I think he's paid Jeremy back everything, you know, and he's paid most people back.

I don't know if he still owes me money or not. Frankly, I don't care. But, uh, John shows up and I'm just in the house, watch tv, and he comes in and what John does, he comes in, he tells you how good you are, everything. And I was the greatest directional driller of all time at that time, and probably one of the best coon hunters and probably the best bird dog man.

I think by the time John got telling all the stories great about me and asked if I could spot him a hundred. And I said, yeah, John. I said, here's my card. Uh, go up to Casey's. And I said, [00:39:00] just get it outta the atm. I don't have no cash with me. I said, just get it outta the ATM and bring me back a coat. And he said, all right, I'll be right back.

And as he was walking out the door, he peeked his head back in. He goes, the pen's still 80, 90, right? And I was like, yep, that's it. He shut the door. My ex-wife was sitting in there with me, we still married at the time. She looks at me, she goes, Why does John Brookman know the pen to my tier, to our debit card?

I said, don't worry, John will come back with $98 and 77 cents in his pocket and a dollar 23 off of that For the drink. Yeah. And a receipt. I said, you don't have to worry about John, but he can remember everything. Yeah. If it's a number. Couldn't remember it. Yeah. He went up, got his a hundred bucks, brought it back.

Yeah. Not even a problem. Yeah. But no, we've had all kinds of characters. On this. Mm-hmm. And some very informative podcasts too. You know, you're talking to, when we're talking about shorty, about how the differences between how we start pups out west and here and all that stuff. [00:40:00] Um, how you get a dog ready for an event.

Yep. You know, all, all the great stuff and tactics and, but, and we've also, you know, discussed how a friendship starts from coon hunting. Yeah. You know, like with Kevin and I, and you and everything. If it wasn't for coon hunting Yeah. We'd have never had half the stuff we do. Yep. And I mean, what we may add twice the stuff we do.

Well, that's probably true. That could be a very, I mean, yeah. But I mean, it's, uh, it's a small world for us. Mm-hmm. And from outside people looking in, they don't really understand it, but I hope they got a better understanding of it. Yeah. Because coon hunters, if something happens to another fellow coon Hunter, like 'em or not, everybody steps up to the plate.

Yes. You know, my best friend right across the table from me. Yep. I met because of duds and trader. Yep. Who were buried right next to each other [00:41:00] out the cabin right now where we held the first trader pup hunts. Yep. Um, you know, me and my brother can call and talk on the phone about coon dogs. Yep. When we have nothing else in common cuz I hate horses.

Uh, we've met all kinds of, just like Kevin down at camp. Yep. You know, all kind kinds. I mean, they raised me. Oh yeah. They ain't got you raised yet. Miss Karen's still working on that. Hey, they're trying though. They're trying, but we want to give that to everybody else too. Yeah, absolutely. And it's just, Jason's talked about it numerous times on podcasts about how it kept him outta trouble and mm-hmm.

How these dogs have been gifts. You know, that we've been given and they are. I know it doesn't seem like last night when I was trying to get through that Blackberry thicket to get to Brandy and it took me 200, or to go 200 yards, took me like a 45 minutes. Mm-hmm. You know, I wasn't, didn't think it was a gift then, but they are, you know, they give.

Time with families. Mm-hmm. You know, we just finished the Joy Podcast with Chuck and Don and Colton Dunlap. Mm-hmm. And [00:42:00] how close knit they are because not just because of the hounds, they probably would've been anyway, but it gives them an outlet and something to do together. And I suppose it's the same with all sports, maybe.

I don't know. But I ain't calling any of my old basketball teammates to help me fix a flat. No. You know, it's just not the same. I mean, if you look, look at what you grew up with and then you look at where you're at now. Mm-hmm. There's a different bond between the people you have now than what there had when you grew up there.

Yeah. And I don't, people say, do you go to your class reunions? I haven't been to Warren. I haven't either. Um, but I mean, it's, it, it's a different, I don't know. I don't, it's hard to explain. You can't really explain it. It's a, it's a community. Yeah. And a culture combined mm-hmm. I think would be one way to explain it.

But when you're inside of it, you, it's different than looking in from the outside looking in. Yeah. And you know, these guys, and we love pleasure hunters. Mm-hmm. And we love guys that don't compete at the events that we do. You know, we want all them guys to, [00:43:00] to enjoy their part of the sport the way we do ours.

Yep. But there's not a difference between them and us really. Absolutely not. You know, the, the difference is not as big as people think. No. And. And we'd still, I mean, if it's a local pleasure hunter, we'd still help 'em out. Oh yeah. If something happened and we do and we do it. I mean, anything anybody needs, we'll do.

One of my best friends is a local pleasure, honor Mike Noey. Yeah. Who's a joy distributor who absolutely won't hardly go to a hunt. Yeah. And has one of the better coon dogs in the county. He has a good one. He's actually up north. Old oddball is they got some guy cuz no, he won't hunt in the summer. Yeah.

And that guy I guess was texting him here a while back and asked what he'd done and you know when the weeds or something like that. No, he's like, hell, I don't know. Dog's never been hunted between, you know, may and October. Yeah. Dog don't get hunted. Nope. He likes that winter. But he's got, I think he made him a PKC champion.

And he's got three or four wins towards his five for the tournament champions. Yep. That's a good dog. Yeah, [00:44:00] that's, he is a good dog. That's one of one of the better dogs I've been with as far as consistency. Yeah. Now that supper will walk you to death sometimes. Especially if you send something behind him barking uhhuh.

I remember one night he went, he was over four miles from where we turned him loose and, but when he does it, you just don't know why. Yeah. I mean, there wasn't a dog anywhere near him that night. Yeah. And he had an opening and straight line. Four miles. Yeah. And we turned him loose at the south end of the hay shed or north end of the hay shed.

And he was all the way over there on like two black tops over along e by Jared's house. I mean, just. No. He goes, I don't know what he did. Heart. Yeah, yeah. He's got heart. I'll give him that. But no, there's the only other thing I can think of and I have a hard time appreciating the position that I'm in, cuz what would we have done 20 years ago when we were kids 25 years ago to be in the position that we're at now?

[00:45:00] I think it's the path you walk. It may be, but I mean, you look at guys that, you know, I go to the pro sport hunt and even if I'm not in it and I'm not competing, which I'd rather be competing, um, I get to go out and watch the best dogs in the planet. Yeah. Hunt for a pickup every time they do it. Yeah. I get to sit behind the camera and watch the top handlers, top dogs.

Mm-hmm. Best of the best. Live. Yeah. And I have, every time I'm strapping the boots on, it's just like, oh, this is gonna suck. Yeah. But it shouldn't be that way. Well, I think w with the recent events of my life you come, I have come to a appreciate, I'd appreciate if you'd turn your phone on silent instead of vibrate.

I thought it was on silent. Is that yours? No. Mine's on silent. Oh. Anyway, but I've, I've become to appreciate, be more proud of myself. Appreciate, you know, it's, there's a lot of little things in life that you take for [00:46:00] granted. Mm-hmm. And I think one of 'em is just like we talked the other night when we go cut a dog loose.

You appreciate, I appreciate it more now than I ever, I mean, yeah. I have for a long time. But that, and taking, you know, your accomplishments and being proud of what you've accomplished and not looking for, you know, I gotta win another truck, I gotta win another nationals. Yeah. There's so many people who haven't done that.

You gotta be proud of that and appreciative of it. There's guys, but I've never, there's guys that just still are, are at the stage of their career where they just wanna get their 501 on their dog. So it's got a title. Yep, yep. And that's just as big a deal to them. Yes. As it is for me to get into the.

Finals of the, the wife appreciation hot down Kentucky. Yep. But I mean it just as big a deal. Yeah. But I mean, to me it's, you gotta appre, I think our appreciation levels change and you gotta have something happen to make you appreciate it. I think we go and we just keep I [00:47:00] reaching for which that's what makes people good.

You know, like what drives Dustin Weed? That is the winningest handler of pretty much all time money wise. He is Amy. Yeah, he has to be. Has to be, yeah. A young man too. Well, but to go in there, I know when it's all, you know. Yeah. I mean, money drives it. That's his living and stuff. Yep. But that's a guy that still coon nuts through the week and does all the hard stuff and, you know, but I mean, what, that's his job.

Yeah. I know it's his job, but there's days I don't want to go to work. Well, yeah. And so that drive to, to keep. You know, when have, when have you made it? You know, the, when is, when does someone decide that they've made it? Because if I'm in my position that I'm in now, 20 years ago, I'd been like, I've made it.

Yeah. My, my living is coon honey. That's what I do. Yeah. Uh, I cover coon hunts, I participate in coon hunts. I hunt dogs for people. That's what I do. Mm-hmm. And it's a, [00:48:00] that was always my dream. Yeah. And I knew I would get there someday, and now I'm here, but now I kind of still want more. I want to get back in the winter circle, I wanna do this, I wanna do that.

But you gotta have some sort of, You know, there's gotta there be some, there's gotta be some balance there too. Yeah. And you gotta appreciate, last night I sat in the yard and ate with the kids off the grill. Yeah. And you know, you gotta appreciate that stuff too. Hey, it might be as simple as waking up and making a coffee in the morning.

Oh, I appreciate that. Every morning. But I mean, you should see my coffee making process though. I'm, I'm a coffee. I am a coffee of it. But I mean, it's, there's lots of little things that once you start appreciating them, Everything else is, you know. Yeah. It's all minor. Yeah. You know, then nothing's the end of the world.

I preach that to Stacy all the time too. She worries about everything. Well, one thing, one thing about it. Money doesn't fix happiness. No. No. And you know me, I've never really been driven by money at all. I don't care. Nope. I've never cared if I had a bunch or a little. Nope. [00:49:00] Um, so I think that's one of the reasons that I am satisfied most of the time.

Mm-hmm. So as long as I got some place to sleep where it ain't raining on me. Yeah. And it's warm in the winter. And my kids are healthy and happy. Yep. I don't really care about nothing else. Yeah. You know, if they shut the lights off tomorrow when I had to switch to kerosene, it wouldn't bother me. I got a wood stove, you know, I'll be all right.

Yep. And so, yeah, that's part of it too. But money drives this sport. Yes. But it ain't everything. No, it ain't everything. And what people don't understand, I think, is these handlers like myself and you, um, Anybody that's in this, they're not in it for the money. Absolutely not. You're, you think Raey needs that money?

No. It's, you think John Strickland or Jed Finley or any of these guys really need that money? It's it's not about the money. No. If Gerald Yoder and Burdens don't win another cast, I bet Gerald still fine financially. I can tell you what, what it is the competitive side of a human nature. It [00:50:00] is, and it's prestige you want, but I mean, you know what?

I really don't give a shit if I'm. You know, if everybody, I don't, I don't at this point in my life, but I, I, I was at one point. At one point, yeah. I wanna see, I wanna see my name in the lights. Well, yeah, but at one point I was, but I mean, anymore, it's more about me going out, testing my dog. Yeah. Against the best.

In best of the best. And it's gotten to where I want to. Just like, I'm hunting with Cody Stallard, uh, Saturday night, and he's got some dog that I've, nobody's ever heard of. And it is just like every other dog I've ever seen a stalled turn loose. Mm-hmm. It just flies around at Trees Coons, it does its job.

It had a little more flash and dash than the other ones. Huge mouth, big locate, all that stuff. Good dog. But I've hunted with Shot through the World. I've hunted with Osage, I've hunted with Joe, I've hunted with Image, and now I've hunted with Willie and they all do the exact same thing. Mm-hmm. And I'm thinking, [00:51:00] how does this guy do that?

They find the right dog for 'em? That may be, or do they make that dog for 'em? They could, yeah. I mean, either way. Either. Either way. That is impressive. Yeah. You see these guys that have the same style of dog, same kind of dog. Mm-hmm. And they do the same thing. And Jeff's, Jeff's in the semifinals too, with Hooker, and he was bragging on her about how he liked her.

Now she treat that house cat for 200 out of the truck. That hurt. But I'm thinking this dog's probably the same as his last dog. Mm-hmm. And his dog before that. And his dog before that. But if you look at everything that I've ever turned loose Yeah, they're always the same. They're always the same style of dog.

Quarter strike dog, uh, be alone. Yep. Tree one more coon than everything else. Yeah. But I mean, that's, that's my style. That's what I gotta have. That's what I look, I don't know what my style is yet. Dud duds is my style. Yeah. Duds is action packed. Big mouth. Yeah. Bells and whistles. He just didn't have the right mentality for it.

Mm-hmm. But that's the kind of dog I'm looking for. Yeah. Track talent, accuracy. Big cake. [00:52:00] Just that bra and the whole world knows that sucker's tree. That's what I want. Yeah. When duds came true treat the world knew. Yeah. There were people waking up in China going that dog's tree. I don't know if they heard him that far, but it was close.

It was close, but that was, that's the style I want, but I, I'll take anything. Brandy's not that style. I don't even know when. Brandy's tree, no, I do better than you do with it. Oh man. You treat her running all the time. Would've been pleasure running. Oh no, he started on that dog. This is our last one. Let's make it pleasurable.

I love her. She's my baby. But no, there's, I mean, I think everybody has their own style of dog, and that's another thing. What makes you happy? Keep it. Yeah. Don't try to change. You know, there's a lot of people you know that had a certain style and now they've changed with the times. Mm-hmm. I'm not changing with the times.[00:53:00]

I'm staying with what makes me happy, what I can go out and pleasure hunt with, you know, and enjoy. Yeah. Stick with your style. Um, obviously they still win. Oh yeah. They still win. Dogs of Tree coons are always gonna win. Yeah. No matter how they go about doing it. Yep. Um, you can, you can dive deep. You know, if a dog's a really good strike dog, it's gotta make one less tree with the coon.

If a dog's a poor strike dog, it's just got a tree, that extra coon, a dog needs this, a dog needs that. They just gotta go out there and tree coons with the distractions around them. Yep, that's it. You go out there and Colton Dunlap uh, said it best when he said, A dog's just gotta be focused on Tree and Koons.

Mm-hmm. And that's what made Conn so great as a one-year-old. Mm-hmm. Not the most talented dog. Nope. But he was focused. But he was focused. All he wanted to do was go Tree Koons. Yep. That's what make Bella great. Mm-hmm. Bella was not always the most talented dog, but she didn't care about nothing but Dre and Koons most of the time.

Mm-hmm. Sometimes she wasn't as good at it. Yes. Sometimes she's focused on running in a bean field for four hours. Yeah. But she [00:54:00] was trying to raccoon. Yeah. She just didn't know how to go about it. Yeah. That's for sure. Since the same way. Yep. You know, and those dogs have been really successful throughout their careers, business mentality.

Yes. Businesslike. I always say Bones was like that for a while. Mm-hmm. You know, he just, he wasn't the best dog, but he was just, he'd go out and treat you a cup of coons. Mm-hmm. You had to treat three to beat him. Yep. And that was a, that's tough to beat. Yep. But I don't know, Jed, we've come a long ways.

Hounds. My xps been really good to us. Uh, I wish Chris and the gang the best and I'm sure I'll be helping them however they need help. But it will no longer be with The Truth Podcast. I'm guessing this is the last Hounds Man XP podcast you'll hear me on. Yeah, I'm guessing so. I don't know. I bet if I call you need you.

No, I think I, I tell you what, these podcasts, these are rough. Yeah. I mean, they, they take a lot of time. Yeah. Cause you don't have much of that. No, but I mean, No, it's been a great, I mean, yeah, I appreciate everything Chris has done for us. And one thing that Hounds and XP does that we [00:55:00] lack on as a community is the, the fight for our rights.

Absolutely. They do such a fantastic job. Mm-hmm. You know, when a new bill comes out that's anti Hounds Man or something like that, they're right on top of it and they get in front of the people. Yes. Uh, they have a great listenership. Mm-hmm. Uh, one other thing we did want to do was bond. All Hounds men, you know, through the truth episodes and through Hounds men xp.

And I think we've done a pretty good job of that. Absolutely. You know, the bear hunters are kind of getting us, uh, the big game hunters are kind of getting us out west and we're kind of getting where they're coming from. Yep. You know, my, my thoughts have shifted a little bit on all that stuff too. Mm-hmm.

And, you know, it takes a talented dog and a talented animal and the love of a sport to do anything. Right. Right. And do it well. Mm-hmm. And those guys do that just like we do. Yep. And so every day, I do still think that our dogs are better.

Just had to throw that. I just had to throw a dig in. But no, them guys, them guys out west and up north and out east Bear hunting and the [00:56:00] lion hunters out west. Those guys are good. Yeah. You know them guys that take it seriously and and work on their dogs and do it right, they're good too. One thing I do want to mention is those guys that aren't good, those guys that don't do it, It's 365 and concentrate on it.

Those are true hounds men too. Yes. If they hunt, absolutely. If they hunt one night a month. Yep. If they let their bear pack, get fat all summer and come training season, they hunt one day a week and they're just there for C. Those are just, those are just as much a hounds men as me and you are. Oh, absolutely.

Or any of these other guys that are hunting every day. Yeah, and so that's one. The different, I mean, the thing about Hounds is you either love 'em or you hate 'em. Yeah. And if you love a hound, it don't, I mean, you're always gonna have one on your place. Yep. And that guy that's got some old blue tick laying on his porch that mm-hmm.

May run out at night and tree, tree some game, you know, and he'll go out there and his boxer shorts and holler at back or whatever. That guy's just as much a homan as we are. Absolutely. And I hope he's listening to this and know that we don't think any less [00:57:00] of him because he doesn't do it as hard as we do.

Yeah. And anybody that does think less of someone like that has their own issues. Absolutely. You know? Absolutely. I hate those. A true hounds man. This or a real, A real dog man. This a real dog man. Takes care of his dogs. Absolutely. And enjoys 'em. However he feels like enjoying them. Absolutely. That's it.

Yep. And you have no business telling anybody else that they're a true hounds man or not? That's correct. And with that, we're gonna sign off. We are leaving Hounds Man xp. Uh, thanks again to Chris Powell, who's a good friend of mine and always will be. Uh, I appreciate everything he's done for me and for Jed and for Yeah, absolutely.

And for the hound hunting community. You guys make sure and stay tuned to these guys every week cuz they're the best in the business. Yep. Thanks Chris. Appreciate it all and uh, good luck to you. All right, this is the final truth with Josh. Michaela only on the Homan XP podcast network.[00:58:00]