The Warrior Class Bulldogs

Show Notes

Mike Cauley has been breeding and hunting with bulldogs his entire life. For more than forty years Mike has been using American Pit Bull Terriers as the clean up crew for his hog hunting adventures.

Chris and Mike discuss the history of bulldogs from the farm, working free range livestock, to the marsh, catching wild hogs. They talk about game bred pits, hunting stock, socialization and training. Mike discusses the prime age to introduce bulldogs to training and hunting, how to handle bulldogs at an early age and throughout its entire life. Finally, Mike gives us a peak into the sentimental value he places on his bulldogs and this is not to be underrated.

The American Pit Bull Terrier is by far the most controversial breed of dog in the history of mankind. Their traditional uses have been outlawed in most countries but their practicality still lives with hunters that need this warrior class canine to catch and anchor dangerous game.

Mike Cauley is an experienced dog man with decades of experience in dog training and hunting.


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