Where Did the Scent Go???

Show Notes

On The Journey we cross paths with people who put us on certain paths. In 2009 Heath started with a new line of hounds he wasn’t familiar with, Topper Again. Mike Leonard was the one that pointed him in that direction. Mike has been a horseman and houndsman for more than 5 decades. From bird dogs to hounds Mike has spent the majority of his life following game all over the West. Heath and Mike talk about a training method Mike told Heath about 14 years ago that Heath still uses today. They talk about what Mike thinks the differences between a good Lion dog and a good bear dog is. 

Heath asks Mike the infamous question, can a lion shut off its scent? The two discuss theories, science, and what the heck is actually going on. The Journey is just getting started, listen up this is the diamond in the rough.  

Show Transcript