Whitaker Brothers Hunting Company with Josh Whitaker

Show Notes

Josh Whitaker is the kind of guy you just immediately like. He is fun to talk with, he is a hard hunter and dedicated Houndsman. He and his twin brother Jason co own Whitaker Brothers Hunting Company out of Trinidad Colorado.

Josh and Chris talk lion hunting, how he and Jason got their start and styles of hounds they prefer. They hunt diverse terrain from high mountain to high desert, from dirt to snow. Josh shares his philosphies and experience with HXP faithfuls without hesitation.

Chris and Josh wrap up the conversation with discussing Josh’s experience in Denver last week. Josh and hundreds of other houndsmen were joined by ranchers, trappers and hunters to make a solid stand opposing SB22-031. This bill would have made it illegal to hunt mountain lion, bobcat and kill any future hopes f hunting Canadian lynx in the mile high state.

Houndsman XP is excited to share this success story and we applaud Colorado Houndsmen for organizing and standing up for freedom and science based wildlife management.







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