World Champion Bull Rider to World Class Lion Hunter - Kody Lohstroh

Show Notes

PBR World Champion Bull Rider Kody Lohstroh joins Chris and Shorty for this episode of the Houndsman XP Podcast. Kody has been hunting his entire life. His professional bull riding career kept him busy, consuming a large amount of his time and mental focus to rise to the top of the sports world. However, he never lost his spark and passion to hunt. 

Hunting is a life sport. When we train our children and mentor young people into the hunting culture we train them for a lifestyle for a lifetime. Long after a person has to hang up the cleats, put down the ball or hang up the bull rope, hunting can fill the need to achieve excellence. 

Kody will talk about what it took to get to the top of the bull riding world and the crew will discuss the parallels that can be applied to hunting and success with hounds. Having a top hound or pack of hounds to catch large game or win a world championship in the coonhound world the same lessons apply. Maybe you have an up and coming sports star that wants to achieve greatness and needs some motivation and inspiration; get it from a world champion with a great message.

Show Transcript