2023 PA Spring Gobbler Finale - Lessons Learned

Show Notes

On this week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman we welcome back Jason Miller from JMiller Custom Calls.  Jason and Mitch swap stories recapping their season.  If you've kept up with the recent turkey hunting episodes on the show, you know Mitch's season ended almost as quickly as it started, killing two birds in three hunts.  Jason's PA season began on the slow side, but rapidly caught up during the mid season when he punched both his tags in one week.  Jason is an experienced hunter punching a PA spring gobbler tag every year since 1994.  Learning experiences are within the hunting story and there is plenty to take away and use for yourself from this conversation.  Both Mitch and Jason made some mistakes this season, but ultimately the adjustments Jason made led him to some big gobblers!  Each bird they harvested this season was called in with Jason's custom mouth calls.  Be sure to check out JMiller Custom Calls at the links below, they are killer!

Show Transcript