2023 Review & A Look In To 2024

Show Notes

John is back this week with another great episode of the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast. This week, John takes a little stroll down memory lane to look back at another amazing year in the great outdoors. From chasing turkeys with a bow in Nebraska to hang and hunts after giant Iowa Whitetails, it was a year he will not soon forget. Though he ended the season with a few tags still in his pocket, John had a great year on his old stomping grounds in Oklahoma. It's hard to complain about a year that involves tagging two mature bucks totalling almost 300 inches of antler.

After a look to the past, John then turns his attention to the future. He has been keeping an upcoming fall hunt a secret for quite some time, but it is now time to let the cat out of the bag. John plans to shift his focus in a slightly different direction in 2024, and a direction he has been pulled in for quite some time. All these plans and more are revealed in this episode so be sure to listen up!

Show Transcript